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Our spine is the perpendicular male axis and the horizontal forehead is the female aspect of the " T bar ". The polarities are becoming more flexible and are starting to "move about", seeking oneness with one another as their superconciousnesses (superconsci) remember that they can't move forward in evolution unless they are in harmony in their physical aspects. The male vertical axis moves north just as the horizontal position of the female aspect moves south towards the male centre, becoming "heavier" and astrologoically more masculine. The T bar is henceforth transmogrifying into a + as the two polarities seek unity; this completion is indicated in the form of the cross (+) : perfect harmonization or union of the two aspects of individuals in their physical form as they rotate about and emanate from the central, immovable core of Truth or God, represented in Roman Numerals as IX or XI, i.e. 9 or 11.

At this juncture in evolution the male and female aspects of the soul are seeking unity, just as the earth's poles are moving towards one another. When they meet they will stop moving in different directions and will just "be" with one another as their epicentres join and perfection is attained - the ultimate physical "high". The four equilateral triangles of 90 degrees {x} are encircled {0} as they move about the Staff of Truth {1}. Perfected completion is attained in the 360 degree whole and gender becomes irrelevant as everyone remembers we are all each other and absolute physical oneness - equality - is achieved. Evolution moves up to a higher state or chakra centre as the sacral (sexual) centre becomes closed, as in "the chapter is closed", the river has moved on past the blockage and we can move to a higher spiritual, soul evolutionary path. This is reflected in the symbolism of the Minor Arcana cards of the Tarot: the line/staff = Earth/Universe/Nature; sword/cross = fire; circle = air and cup = water.

Having worked through to beyond the emotional plane our inner self becomes aware (or remembers more) of its soul and the corresponding sensitivity, perspicuity, perception and innocence which serves to guide us in our evolutionary journey as human beings if we only choose to use the attributes we all have.

Being thus relieved of the emotional, sexual heaviness of humanity and recalling our lightness, we feel and perceive so much more of nature and the Universe. We feel the real joy of true love for the universe - the love/eroticism which previously we felt only on the emotional/sexual plane (ie. in the last dimension, that being the 3rd dimension).

The feeling of oneness with the Universe and nature is a deeply erotic and profoundly ecstatic and light sensation. When we completely transcend all earthly desires or forsake these to "be" at one with the Universe and God we experience on a lighter scale the emotional "passion" which we can feel for another. It is the mirror image of the sensation achieved through certain drugs, sex, exercise, etc. it is a pure, intense and sharp pain.

Human beings' dual nature of Ego and Soul are in conflict with one another. One is the physical manifestation of the reflection. Our purpose in life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom in order that we may learn which one is our true nature, which consciousness we choose to be.

The point of return to the Source comes when we reach the place of God within ourselves, are able to step outside of our bodies and "see" our dual nature of ego and soul. We are faced with the choice of continuing on the fear/ego/manipulation/ material path or renouncing that path and all the emotions that accompany it, choosing instead to use everything we have learned on that path for the advancement of the Universal Soul. As the return journey commences the consciousness and personal reality of the individual shifts from Ego to the Soul. The human being is now devoid of the shackles of ego, fear of unknown and fear of 'physical' pain (as opposed to spiritual pain), etc and is able to know freedom, working totally from within, perceiving what the Soul/Universe is telling this individual spark of Light, the Spirit. Complete union with the source of all living entities and Light and Bliss is the outcome.

Addictions can be the result of habits and attachments to (outer) sense-induced pleasure. It is the result of being stuck on the same path, doing the same things over and over. We need to develop other aspects of our whole being - be more creative, seek variety in our lives. Addictions indicate we have been on the same tangential path for too long: the pendulum has swung too far in one direction and we need to find a new path - our spiritual aspects are bored and need to develop other facets of the whole.

Whilst on the earthly journeys many of us get "high" on drugs, sex, food, alcohol, exercise; spiritual highs from music and from being Physically & Spiritually Co-ordinated; ego highs off our 'outer' or 'other' selves, each other/violence, greed, addictions to sex, food, etc.

Anorexia can be another way the human being living as close to his/her spiritual state - weightless and light - whilst on earth. The individual is free of the bondage of human flesh and is that much closer to his/her core being.

Bulimics divest themselves of their personal power. Extremely dangerous form of self-abuse - to self-respect and to one of the most important centres of personal power - the solar plexus. Necessary to look at the intent behind all actions.

Looked at another way the spirit or the ego (opposite end of the spectrum) of the person is tapping into its Soul or Universe, it's trying to find its way home.

Whilst on the ego or human path, we think that the only way to gain pleasure is through the outer sense-induced pleasures. If we transcend these we raise our vibrations and thus live on a lighter, freer path where we are a witness to what is going on in the macro and micro worlds around us but are ourselves free of any sense attachment. By living in this vicarious manner and attuned as we are to the subtle vibrations of the Cosmos, we are able to live by our inner senses and know total freedom, knowing we are utterly detached and able to dictate to out habits/outer sense pleasures instead of being controlled by them.

The pleasure we get from the above is merely the outer vibrations (depending on which "high" we're experiencing) is the intense, exquisite pleasure we actually ARE as spiritual beings. We're tapping into Heaven ( or Hell, depending on the nature of the habit and the intent behind our indulging in it ).

To be as close to our spiritual state whilst on earth we need to be as "aerodynamic" as possible, keeping our lives as simple as possible, so that our bodies become a manifestation of our mind and serve their purpose as a mode of transport for the inner senses ("innocence") and Soul.

The dual nature of all beings is reflected in the nature of pure Bliss. When we return to the source our dual nature becomes one and we cognise that pleasure and pain are but different levels of the same pure Bliss/Ecstacy. We experience pleasure and pain before we return to the state of Heaven and God.

The pinnacle of life and pleasure is the coruscating intensity which we know as pain (speeded up vibrations). It is the apex of the triangle, the centre of the circle, the eye of the storm. When we are in a situation where our bodies are enduring so much pain that we think our consciousness can endure no more, we reach a threshold where we feel nothing at all, our life stands still. Then we shift to a point beyond our consciousness, we move through the "veil" separating our human nature from our spiritual nature and start to vibrate with the waves of the Universe: intense, unadulterated bliss. It is the sensation we experience just as our earthly lights go out; it is our last conscious experience on earth and our faces either light up with joy as we realise our single nature and oneness with the Universe, or freeze with fear as we realise our true dual nature and instead of pure joy we are faced with our earthly conscience: acknowledging the wrongs we have committed and the hurt we have perpetuated upon others during our lifetime.

By having the purest intent, by living on the highest spiritual path that we can aspire to, we can transcend our human body and live as our spiritual nature in this dimension.

See and Feel and Universal Truth by enlightening your body, drink plenty of water; eat natural, "initial" (fruit, vegetables and pulses) foods and exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) regularly to work through any blocked emotional areas.

The whole universe turns on a microcosmically small jot/piffle of light. Light is beamed from it centrifugally, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Look at a rose, become the rose, see the light, this is your soul.

The gateways into other dimensions are all around us in the triangular/hexagonal/ pentagonal shapes made up with myriad pinpricks of light.
Having transcended (through whatever means) all thought, matter and gross vibrations we perceive these. We can transcend unaided (by external means) by living on as high an earthly level as we can, by following right living, right thought, etc. or with the aids afforded us by nature or mankind. The pinpricks of light all around us are what we are in elementary form. We absorb information from other people's worlds and from nature. Quite how much we absorb and from where is our individual responsibility. Other people's learning may become our learning the more we integrate with them. To maintain one's own identity may become increasingly difficult the more we coalesce with each others' worlds.

Each person is a stargate to other stages of evolution. Nature is many stargates.

Films and music open doors to dimensions of Universal Truth and Reality.

Spirituality was being practised by native people everywhere - American Indians, Africans, Aborigines, Asian Indians and people from the Far/Middle East and north Europeans - until those who control the direction of world affairs came upon information about our true twin natures: inner and outer selves. Instead of sharing it with EVERYONE they kept it for themselves and for a self-elected, self-appointed "elite" sub-section of society. We are now in the situation where spirituality (and the denial of spirituality) is being used to ethnically/economically cleanse the world of all countries' undesirable people. The spiritual mantle once held by native people of the now 3rd world countries has been taken up by the New Age Movement in the West. Individuals in the "progressive" first world are teaching one another about the "new" religion of inner peace and spiritual insights to be gained only by living in Truth, integrity, honesty, justice and brotherly love ……. In microcosm; the native people who don't "fit the bill" (i.e. in terms of money, property, family 'connections', class or ego) all over the world have been left to degenerate in a soul-less world: a dark pit with imaginary lines of credit the only seeming escape route; widespread social and emotional problems such as alcoholism, sex abuse and drugs endemic; gambling caused largely by lack of employment, poverty, homelessness (his land has been taken from him) and no sense of life purpose - unless 'shopping' can be viewed as an all-encompassing life purpose ……

To access our spiritual nature or inner senses we need to transcend outer sense desires, this is the key to non-attachment. Once you have done this you "travel" faster, able to see everything that goes on within many dimensions. A goldfish feeding on initial food ( plankton ) eats only what its body needs. Feed a goldfish man-made fish food and it will eat until it reaches saturation point, its intuitive balance of "knowing' has been knocked off centre.

Man is by nature is a herbivore: dairy products and meat/fish increase impurities in the body and cause it to produce excess mucus in all body passages in order to eliminate the effects of eating animal produce (the symptoms of which are cold/flu). All non-natural materials absorbed by the body (preservatives, additives, flavour enhancers, colours, chemicals, vaccinations, drugs fed to meat that humans eat) serve ultimately to break down our immune system and render us more susceptible to disease and illness. The cells of the body are "asphyxiated" by the heavier, artificial chemicals which they absorb before they reach the life-giving oxygen and other essential natural, lighter elements. One of the results of this process is a slowing down of the body and its physical/psychological reflexes.

By eating genetically modified food we are allowing our own genetic and chemical makeup to be altered. All food consumed in the western world today is irradiated and this destroys any goodness in the food; most of the food grown/produced in the world today is GM food. It is cheap to eat unhealthy food: the stronger flavours and colours which the supermarkets tell customer s/he wants serves only to kill off our inner senses of intuition, knowing and recognising the difference between truth and untruth. Can you differentiate between the hard, plastic feel of the non-fragrant supermarket variety of flower and the fragile softness and delicate fragrance of the flowers growing in the field? The antiseptic world (eg stronger-smelling, germ-killing disinfectants and kitchen utensils) we are rapidly moving into will further sever the ties between our Inner and Outer nature/senses. The supposed threat of germs provides another reason to genetically modify food, as does the supposed threat of mass-starvation in 3rd world countries, e.g. Africa and India: wot about the food mountains and wastage in Europe/America caused by set-aside and refusal by authorities to use food grown in own country and to import it instead?

"Sensitive' people suffer more from eating western, refined, GM, irradiated food (eg. lower level of resistance / they age faster )

Living in areas of Geopathic stress (eg. near factories, electricity pylons, microwaves, nuclear power stations, contaminated land, chemical outlets etc.) also contributes towards debilitation of immune system.

People are supposed to be free to pursue their creative instincts, seeking variety in the world at large (macro world) instead of escaping into the micro world of outer sense pleasures. Our inner senses die if we don't develop them through use/experience ie. live holistically.

We can bypass the need to relinquish certain habits in order to access the inner/psychic senses by taking drugs (including alcohol). The downside of this is that once the effect of the drug has worn off we come back "down' into our own toxin-ridden muscles and tissues: flesh, aching and hungover and this downer can last for 24 hours or more - hardly worth the relatively short time spent up in the High Lands of Euphoria. When you live in a state of heightened awareness it is as if you were 'on the other side of the mirror" e.g. drinking alcohol brings the person down from the heightened state, eating low-vibration, refined food results in a hangover, lethargy, demotivation and depression.

We are becoming more aware that we have less now than we used to.

There is less work hence less money at the lower end of the economic scale. Where is the investment in sustainable / renewable energy sources and alternative technology ? Invisible inflation and visible or publicised inflation ( not only is the price of food and all consumable goods rising but the quality of all items is diminishing ) is far higher than most people's salary increases will ever be. More people are having to make do with less and worse as the money supply is drawn upwards by those at the top of the "power/control" pyramid system which they created for their own benefit. We are being controlled increasingly by transnational food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, security companies and media. The governments of the world are controlled by the banks (ultimately the World Bank and the IMF). People behind these (supposedly secular) banks are attempting to align the concept of MONEY with all things Good and Spiritual, e.g (1) creating young music bands with corporate names/logos; (2) the identification of money with the soul-based, largely impecunious creative arts sector - theatre productions sponsored / funded by big business; and (3) in Turkey the roads leading to exquisitely spiritual and holy places (in towns) are lined with banks: these exact banks/World Bank/IMF manipulate Third World countries through usury. They loan money to these countries on condition that the governments of these countries buy armaments/consumer goods in return for the loans. Alternatively (or in addition to) in return for the "loan" the countries must cede ownership to the western banks of the country's natural resources eg. diamonds, labour and water. Farmers in these bankrupt countries have to buy their agricultural seeds from biotechnology companies in the West every year (the seeds are genetically programmed to last only one season). The farmers are instructed to grow cash crops for export to western markets in order to repay the interest on debt, thus the villagers go without food. The only "opportunity" to work for many of the young people is provided by the country's army which gives them a uniform, food and the chance to kill other equally poverty-stricken young people. Those native, indigenous people who are able to find work on Tourist Compounds (eg. game parks/hotels / casinos) are fully aware of the economic situation but are not allowed to talk about it for fear of losing their jobs.

Many companies are themselves indebted to investment banks; before you can say "Emperor's New Clothes" company employees and individuals will "own" through shares these bankrupt companies. People are becoming immobilized through fear of scarcity and violence. How do people feel when they realize that they are indirectly responsible for killing others - or don't they, thanks to their financial advisors? In order to earn the optimum return on investment the money in, for example, pension funds is invested in armaments companies (guns to 3rd world countries - growing market), companies that use child labour (lower labour costs = higher company profits) and casinos (desperate people chasing the elusive one absolutely correct number). People's homes are becoming their cell blocks, neighbours spy on each other and their TVs spy on everyone.

Owning a home (mortgage-free) will never be a reality for most people. Before long we will be paying for the basic essentials in life - clean, pollution-free air and water. There's a lot of money to be made by cleaning up a world intent on war, devastation, poverty and refusal to use non-fossil energy (Tesla, solar, Tachyon, photo-voltaic, water and wind). Many of these pollution-free energy sources (eg. Bottled water companies) are already owned and registered in Switzerland by those at the top of the pyramid and the power companies are majority shareholders in wind farms.

Give the masses as much rope as they want, wait to see how much of the slack they take up then pull the rug from under them and take away everything they depend on - their belongings, homes, freedom. Instant slave labour to work for the Capitalist / Fascist machine or to join the World Army (Peace Keeping Force ?) to kill our brothers and sisters.

By abolishing cash and replacing with universal credit / ID cards / microchips the people who determine the direction of the world economy wipe out millions of people at the lower end of the economic scale who depend solely on cash, who have no home (no address, no credit), no job (no recognized qualifications) and hence no right to live. There is more than enough land in the world for everyone to have a home, grow food, learn and practice different jobs and explore their higher creative aspects.

The United Nations / World Bank regulates/manages volunteer organizations and all applications to work as a volunteer must be approved: they have a vast supply of university degree'd candidates looking for "work experience" hence have no requirements for willing, unqualified people. In addition, individuals can no longer volunteer "for free": they have to pay a weekly stipend to a volunteer organization if they want to work ( for free ) for them.

We hear none of this on TV, in newspapers or in magazines. No schools teach these lessons. Why not?

Money = Control = Power

From birth we are bombarded with propaganda about the course our lives should take. Instead of being taught about our spiritual nature in schools, we are taught that the ego (the lowest chakra point) path of control, violence, sex, manipulation and power over others is the only one there is and that only the strongest survive in the human jungle. We absorb this propaganda from those around us (who also believe this to be true) and food / chemicals / drink / polluted air we absorb which have an effect on our bodies ( by polluting the circulation ) and by extension our brains (thus our THOUGHT PROCESSES - most important), eg fluoride in water, toothpaste ( used in tranquillizers, is a chemical waste product of the steel industry and was used as rat poison ), additives / preservatives in food. Instead of being encouraged to raise our awareness through purity to its highest spiritual level in order to access the inner senses of intuition, insight, wisdom, Universal Knowledge, etc we are told that there is no truth other than that which is to be found at the lowest chakra point (base of the spine), the sexual/anal centre; when attention is centred on this lowest point of our
nervous system the Truth which manifests (in speech, physical behaviour,etc.) is one of hatred, violence, self-pity, jealousy, greed, selfishness and perceptions of false power – i.e. ego.
The inner senses (innocence) are the key to the door of inner consciousness or universal knowledge, which ridicules the idea of linear/3rd dimensional living. These inner senses tell us all we need to know about
living in this conscious world and our true purpose for being on this earth plane. Everyone is a free spirit in this inner world, free to
play any part he/she wishes, free from manipulation/control by others. No slave to money as money serves its true single purpose as an interest-free means of exchange and not as a store of value. This inner world is supposed to manifest in this world as our creative/higher self – where we can act out our inner feelings and inclinations without harming anyone else. These days it is only those with no financial demands (i.e. mortgage, family, etc.) who have complete freedom to do with their lives whatever they wish.

The sea of universal knowledge or energy informs us of our Soul Nature. It is a higher state of cognitive awareness and its vibrations are the laws of nature and the universe, which contain all the light and sounds of knowledge that we could ever wish to tap into. When we tap into this knowledge, which is our Inner Self, we recall our spiritual nature and Absolute Oneness and Integrity. When we come into the conscious world we bring all knowledge acquired from past incarnations and from our spiritual being in the form of our DNA. As we grow and learn the linear path of human beings we move exponentially away from our Core: our Soul or Inner Self. By connecting with or coming back to our Soul Nature we recognise all Universal Truths such as laws of probability, time and motion efficiency, the significance of light waves and particles, the sea of energy we swim in throughout life and the preposterous idea of
having to use an exchange system (money) based on debt which means there will always be losers. The idea of having to be taught basic knowledge and how to live is absurd. If you choose the positive, spiritual high path throughout life you will be self-governing.

Which Universe do you want to live in ?

Soul Truth, Integrity and Higher Consciousness, or

Ego, Lies, Manipulation and Destruction?

2 + 2 = 4 or 2 + 2 = 5?

Illusion and Reality

Everything is a mirror image. Reality is actually our imagination and we can learn much from fiction (including cartoons) such as Jungle Book, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Gulliver’s Travels, Batman, The Simpsons, Wizard of Oz, Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Star Trek, much poetry and books and all films. There is no “new” knowledge in the world; the states of higher (and lower) consciousness have been written about by Socrates, Whitman, Blake, Thoreau, Milton, Shakespeare, Emerson, Coleridge, Tennyson, George Orwell, HG Wells and are evident in the Major Arcana of some Tarot Cards. Actors/actresses play the parts of Truth; films
are reflections of reality and life. Musicians have sung about Truth for decades (and if money hadn’t been reduced to the lowest level that it has been, people wouldn’t be so jealous of others’ wealth). Cartoons and comics deal with Truth; the transnational companies own the media, the owners of which decide what should be ‘news’. Politicians, directors of world affairs and their spin-doctors weave a duplicitous web of delusion and lies. The fairytale is that we are all ‘shiny, happy people’ who live in a ‘Pleasantville’, Disneyfied world, when in fact the majority of people in the world and even in the supposedly affluent societies are on the borderline of poverty: subsist by barter, credit unions and trading tokens; selling whatever they can make money out of and elevating actual money (i.e. ‘cash’, not credit/fictitious money) to an ‘iconised status’, or worshipping it due to its scarcity – when all it is supposed to be is a means of exchange. We all prostitute ourselves to the moneylenders/Mammon. If you are employed in a job you do not enjoy, whatever you earn will NEVER be enough. You will see that when it’s too late to do anything about it: when your life is almost over; so follow your heart and intuition and forget the money – you’ll enjoy life more and your conscience will leave you alone.
The illusion is the lives we are leading here on earth – the parts we are individually playing. In terms of evolution our vibrations are speeding up as we travel faster towards the apex of this triangle, the confrontation between our dual nature of ego / human and God / Soul is closer. This is not a case of one side winning, the other side losing. Both sides will peel off and transcend or descend to other dimensions. Many people here at present have already lost their souls - they are automatons for whom nothing means anything. All they are interested in is the fruits of ego - control over others, manipulation and the ultimate power of playing God.

Think of the physical body as the manifestation of all thoughts, habits and emotions, which we as aspects of the Soul experience whilst on our earthly journey and you will see where you are in terms of Soul evolution. Body awareness is mind awareness. To be able to free the mind from the weight of human emotions ( including attachment to money and other people ) and flesh is to know absolute freedom. The mitochondrion is the energy center of each cell. It is powered by the mind - by Higher Will and Intent.

The Holy Grail is the individual's face regarding its illusion / reflection through the mirror.

The May Pole - highly symbolic for the workers for the world ( and the Capitalists for whom they work ): it represents not only the male phallus, but the Core of our being (the wand / staff = Mother Earth / Universe in the Tarot), the inner knowing and Constant of Soul / God, about which flow / dance two streams - anticlockwise and clockwise, anti-matter and matter, spirit and flesh.
Fleur de lis - Sanskrit / Spiritual symbol of the lily ( also Spiritual 3 ) appears on many coats of arms and in the corporate world.

Spiritual 3 - ( Om sign ) the M in McDonald's is one upturned at 90 degrees.

Blue Circle - cement company; Mercedes Benz logo; Isle of Man flag/sign.

Many companies use spiritual symbols ( circle, triangle, hexagon ) in their logos to attract people to their products.

The Fasces = Bundle of Rods, the symbol of ultimate magisterial power. Power to represent whose Truth? Also Rods and Cones in the eyes: key 2 seeing inner and outer - like the double diamond in the eyes.

Fasces = magistrates……….. Faeces = excrement ……. Fascism = dictatorship and control of many by few …………… FASCES : FAECES : FASCIST

Freemasonry : No-one in the world moves into a position of power without being a freemason or a member of an aligned, male dominated sect ( eg grey wolves ).

The Turkish word for diamond is ELMAS. Also spells MALES and SALEM ( witch trials in 17th century )

The Corporate and Legal World is claiming ownership of the souls / identities of people by denying them the opportunity to go out into the world to find out for themselves who they are, what they want from life - through experience and experimenting with different types of work/occupations including their creative sides, and travel. Instead young people grow up as material- and logo-obsessed hollow shells, robots who believe they are more worthy than the next person because their T-shirt which bears a certain logo cost more than their neighbour's T-shirt, which doesn't have a specific logo.

The Capitalist/Fascist/Legal state is in the process of expelling the concept of God, Universal Goodness or Higher Being from people's minds and replacing it with the idea that a Duty of Care / Civic or Civil Duty towards our neighbour is sufficient: after all, how can God allow such mass devastation and killings through wars and poverty ?

An understanding of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot cards should form the foundation of all spiritual work / studies in spite of the fact that the Truth in many of the Tarot cards has been inverted, eg in Crowley's Thoth Tarot, the 8th card representing Justice has been removed and replaced by a card called "Adjustment". This suggests there is no universal JUSTICE issue that needs addressing urgently. Additionally, the Staff or Universe / Earth ( the Core of our being ) has been replaced by the male phallus - thus deifying the male instead of the Soul (hermaphrodite), our Core of Truth and inner senses.

Allow people to have their own money systems, based not on a negative ( 0 or lower - usury or the charging of interest and leads to reactivity ) but on the positive ( starting from +1 which leads to proactivity ) of productive creativity which should be universally recognized, thereby giving everyone the freedom to enjoy their own lives.

Isn't it time for those in power, those responsible for distorting the rhythm of natural harmony in the world, to be sucked into their Black Hole of Negativity which they created for mankind, where they can play their perverse power, killing and sexual games on each other. Leave the rest of mankind to live as they choose, not dictated to by the appetites of others.

Durban, SA - A major shipping port.
1. The Reserve Bank is in the shape of a cube (Reality a reflection of Spiritual?) and is situated opposite the shopping complex called "The WorkShop", comprising 96 shops: get the masses to produce the goods very cheaply (i.e. pay them a pittance) and then get them to consume what they produce - at very high cost, except food (comparatively) because it's 'good for business' - i.e. ethnic, physical and economic cleansing - to contaminate their physical bodies, make them sick because their spiritual and physical bodies are out of alignment and become pharmacologically lobotomized as a result of dependency on expensive drugs. The Serpent is eating its Tail : Using the masses as money-making fodder.
2. Botanic Gardens, Durban - Highly spiritualised/high vibrational area. Close to the Port Natal Masonic Temple. Next to Fire Station (earth-fire-water) and Royal Durban Golf course and Race course
Established 1849 = 22; Medley Wood Gate (MW) and Old Manor Walk (MW). Bound on one side by St Thomas Road. Some of Spiritually Symbolic in nature present = bamboo; lily pond = rectangular pool = two diamonds side by side; lilies represented by a 'w' or 'm' = OM sign or spiritual 3 = inner core of truth and the two directions of good and evil/light spirit or heavy ego spinning out from it). Beneath the lily pond = Durban's first reservoir. Pure water essential for maintaining optimum health; for ensuring spiritual and physical are in alignment - keep the blood and lymph as pure as possible (blood and lymph = red and white of English flag).
Natural Herbarium - traditional and medicinal herbs - before our bodies became so contaminated and out of alignment with our spiritual self herbs were all we required to maintain good health; sunken garden - underground knowledge.
Lake with ducks on it. Birds talk to each other in secret language; secret language = spies = 007 = symbolism. Fishpond - goldfish. Palm trees = a monocotyledon. Trees from all over the world - the hair of the world, essential for clearing pollutants. Forests of old trees cut down to provide paper for newspaper and magazine industry.
Monocot Garden - plants called monocotyledons. Features = floral parts in 3 or multiples of 3 (core and two paths); parallel veins = spiritual and physical run in parallel as if railway track; micro and macro; as within so without. Also they have fibrous roots = we need deep roots/foundations/beliefs (based on a core of Truth) around which to build our lives. Other Monocotyledons are aloes, grasses, bananas and palm trees.
Tea Garden: importance of getting the micro, small ceremonies and rituals in our lives right and use them as purification processes. Tea ceremonies = cleansing ritual and returning to neutral and balance. To get out of the pit and a foot on even the first step of the Balance Ladder we need all our basic needs in life met: a home and a living allowance to ensure daily needs are seen to. Then we can go out into the world free of worries about money, and travel and try different career paths to find out what we want to do in life - with no financial pressures on us.
Garden of Senses. Silver steel sphere partially immersed in H20 - dome or hemisphere only visible; embedded in oblately spheroidal, eye-shaped garden of grasses (monocotyledon). All-seeing eye. Third eye (Pineal Gland) is one eye - represented by sinuses ( Sinai - Sinai Desert in Egypt ) : Many people have sinus blockages.
Security company "protecting" Gardens called "ET Security Systems" and logo is a spider's web.
Garden 4 the Blind - opened 1984 = 22 (Geo. Orwell): texture- and fragrance-rich 4 those unable 2 see - see with the Third (or One) eye, the point between the eyes (Pineal gland) and 2nd highest point of our personal evolution (crown of head = highest). See Reality and People and Manipulation of others: OPEN YOUR EYES.

Philadelphia - ancient Greek name meaning "brotherly love".
- Huge problems of crime, poverty and slums : most of city's poor are blacks / spanish speaking people.
- " Liberty Bell " - The inscription " Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof " , is from the Bible ( Leviticus 25 : 10 )
- Liberty for all, including sick and poor and economic prisoners ?? Or just a small, rich, self-appointed group ?
- Do we now have 2 ( two ) kinds of liberty ? For the poor and those at the lower end of the economic scale, liberty is in the form of death ( New Religion : death = life ). For the self-appointed controllers in the "top" of the pyramid there's complete freedom to do whatever they want with their lives and the lives of those "beneath" them : Playing God.

London, UK - Many symbols of spirituality and its opposite - money: Bank of England on Threadneedle Street. The Thames = River that snakes through outer and inner London: has eye and belly and other organs appointed along its banks. Cleopatra's Needle.

Already ICONS in music/film/theatre and sport are being lined up for the jobs going. (ICONS-COINS-SONIC.) So the Illusion becomes Reality (of mythical figures like Odysseus, Jesus, disciples, Apostle Paul; the latter very important in Christian-based religions because he is a link between Judaism and Christianity [which both service one "religion" anyway]; the Jewish Saul converts to Christianity on the Road to Damascus and becomes Paul). Those who work in the highly spiritual/creative and high speed (high vibrations) fields of music, film, theatre, dance and sport, or "Art", will either make known to the masses the truth about everyone's spiritual nature and Right to explore their creative aspects and Life Purpose or they will become the new dictators and will tell all the workers/those without a surplus of money - or their "fans" - that they should thank God and the abundant Universe for their unfulfilling, menial, low paid and soul-destroying jobs: in fact they should be grateful to have any proactive occupation of any kind and to be allowed to be productive at all: they should feel honoured to be chosen to work for the great beast of Globalisation/consumerism or World Army in return for a handful of tokens which will allow them to gamble in the local casino. For instance a haberdashery will have to use "synthetic" cotton instead of the real thing, i.e. "natural" cotton, but sell it at "natural" cotton prices and label it simply as "cotton" - not divulging to the public that we now have two kinds of cotton and rely on their ignorance (i.e. their belief that 'cotton is cotton, isn't it?) to sell substandard material at inflated prices. This gives a "squared" result of (1) increasing the company's profit margins and (2) causing more chaos to the wearer's physical body as synthetic fibres suffocate the body's cells. Lovely.

We now exist in a surreal landscape where everyone knows the Truth has become the UNtruth and the Lie is portrayed as Truth. Those in power speak lies ( or omit to tell the truth ) and the only way we can know Truth is when we come face to face with it in works of supposed fiction: films, music, books, philosophy, comics etc. We know we have found the Truth in whatever we see / hear because the Truth without resonates with the Truth within and when this happens there is Harmony and we know what the next step must be.

We are at the merge stage if actors / actresses / musicians ( all creative people ) and politicians, they become one before they cross over and become each other.

Fact and Fiction : Actors and Politicians
Whose truth do you want to believe ?

Those people is the eye of the public ( in the creative / artistic fields of music / film / theatre etc ) have the power and opportunities to enlighten others.

Or they can climb on the bandwagon

Rain Man - Ego and Soul. The clues to "Raymond" being in his superconscious / soul state evident in his behaviour, drawings, observations etc.

2001, A Space Odyssey - HAL the computer develops human dimension, ie. thinks / consciousness / premeditation. Controls humans. Hibernations, human beings kept alive by reducing them to lowest common denominator ( freezing them / withdrawing them from sensory stimulation - no food / drink / absorption from external sources ) . Minimal metabolic rate. HB accesses forward / backward dimensions. State of near death where HB sees himself as purest form of living sentient matter - a fertilised ovum as a microcosm of the Universe. What the viewer sees as "space" is actually the womb of the mother. The journey made by the ova as it is released from the ovum, down the fallopian tubes into the womb where it is " sparked / fertilised " by the sperm is analogous to the space man's journey through space to the earth dimension. Explosion of birth is extremely powerful and takes place in the embryo's eye. The Universe is macrocosm ( spaceman ) is the Universe in microcosm ( embryo ). Journey by HB's to other dimensions through walls of light / neon lights - Las Vegas / New York horizons. The tarot staff and cross ( IX ), Mother Earth and Fire. The Core / Soul of our being and the two streams of energy are projected clockwise and anti-clockwise from it. Everything emanates from the centre point of God, the Black Universe.

By attempting to destroy women and the sensitive / spiritual aspect of human beings the Ego aspects are destroying themselves, for they know that they emanate from the maternal womb of the Black Universe, the same Black Madonna that gives birth to each and every spark of Light, regardless of gender, race, creed or "social class".

The Serpent is Biting its Tail

Batman - Bat symbol is the fascis. Fasces = symbol of crescent moon; also bundle of rods / symbol of ultimate power of magistrates. Faeces = excrement. Fascism. Axis Chemicals, Axis = turning point, i.e. pivotal ( axis joint at human neck - pituitary gland: endocrine system): crossover point from human or illusory dimension to spiritual or foundational dimension. Esoteric names and words such as Alicia (girlfriend who splits her time being herself, and when she wears the phantom's mask, being someone else / playing a part and Viki Vale as in Elysium, Aloysius, Siva, Avon, Aleutia, Alonquin, Avila, Veil. At the end of period a charity ball is given, the Capitalist Machine steals ( freedom, labour ) from those at the lower end of the economic scale, changes its name and as an act of benevolence returns it in the form of charity. At the 200th birthday party Joker gives a street party where the supposed saviour of human race ( evil in guise of hero ) gives as a goodwill $ 20 million in notes, poisoned food, water, body lotions for free to populace - unbeknownst to them all the foregoing poisons their mind, body and being. No 8 is the first number on the baccarat table ( at start ). This number is the first number of the next evolutionary phase for the human race. No. 22 is the Fool / Joker in the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards. People unable to see him as he really is; he is able to see them as they are and knows the secrets of the ways of the world. The BAT is on the cusp of three living kingdoms ( animal, reptile and bird ). Three the a number of sides in a TRIANGLE and a profoundly important number. Sign on Axis door ( i.e. logo ) is 69, which among other things is a major feature of the 10th card of the MA in Tarot - Wheel of Fortune, clockwise and anti-clockwise. 69 or 96 when placed together = 8 or when circles together = eye of the storm and tail of hurricane, or two forces flowing out from eye of the storm: negative and positive. Life spins out in two directions from the core. Good against Evil.

The Time Machine - The pure, Aryan race of beautiful, doll like beings are one-dimensional robots or clones, having never developed their core aspects. They are controlled by the reptilian creatures which live underground, being too ego-deformed ( who are destroyed by the God-giving natural light of the Sun ) and ashamed of what they've become to live openly.

Fight Club - Man's alienation from his Inner Senses / Life Purpose and his reaction to society's rules that tell him he must deny his sensitive nature, deny his feminine side, reject sensitive people as being weak and regard women as appendages / chattels / means to an end. Instead men must find an outlet / release through killing others, abuse of women / sensitive people, alcohol, drugs, cars and perverted sexual acts. By establishing a means by which men can "respectfully" ( i.e. amongst one another, with complicity, integrity and respect for each other ) release stress and find their own inner peace they circumvent the need to release result of repressed feelings / anger on innocent bystanders. Means of retaliation against those who dictate to us the course our lives will take. Soap = glycerine = sugar = human body = explosives. Bodies in most reduced state = glycerine.

Flintstones (film) - Ways in which money ( and its scarcity except at the top ) creates a vacuum in which festers distorted truth, ruined friendships, lost integrity, false pride and abandoned self-respect.

Dead Presidents - Blacks fights white man's wars and are left displaced and rejected by society.

Se7en - The outer limits of the Outer Senses = Chaos: individuals have travelled so far from Inner Senses ( through gates of the outer senses ) along a tangential path that they have reached saturation point and are controlled totally by the sense pleasure. On a deeper level the soul is seeking a way "home" through absolute alienation of the outer senses from the inner senses, manifesting as an "explosion". In this way the spiritual aspect returns to the Soul / Core of God, the sun has set on the wretchedness of this conscious life / tangential path ( one of alienation from the Soul ) and with the dawning of a new day the person will wake up ( into his conscious state), brand new, fresh and pure and can start all over again on the intended Spiritual / Life path.
Head in box (box = XII and IIX = 12 and 8 squared, equals 28 which is supposed to represent unity: instead it symbolises death) represents separation of Life and Spirit from body. Here the box represents death because it has separated the head from the body - brain needs heart to supply it with O2. Electricity (pylons) = Life Force: electricity gone from person = death. Electricity all around, but not in the dead head.

Escape from L.A. - The inner cities become centres of poverty, violence, destruction and death, inhabited by those unable to escape the downward spiral of no money or home, e.g. L..A., Johannesburg.

Courage Under Fire - Drinking own urine a cure for ill health, different people's perspectives on the same situation.

Get on the Bus - different personal agendas of all participants.

Taxi Driver - Boredom. We need variety, change, different external landscapes, situations, etc to evolve. If this is lacking we become more deeply entrenched in the groove we're in. The behaviour and habits we know become more exaggerated, we become obsessive and lose the objectivity we have when our souls are continually active. We start to move along a tangential path. Our souls are bored and are looking for variety. We need to experience with our bodies different situations and the different vibrations / energies of the world. We cannot do it vicariously, we cannot do it by watching TV and films. We need the 360 degree experience. The physical body is the outer manifestation of the inner soul - micro and macro. It will serve us well if we follow nature's (our inner, and Mother Nature) messages.

MSGE = The Matrix, Strange Days, Gattaca, Existenze - Profound "message" in these four films about the future of mankind.

The Fan - Tunnel vision. Being stuck on the same path - that of linear living. When an individual is told throughout his life that this is all we've got, to believe what the people who raised us and the education system tells us about our supposed mortality and duty in life to grow up, get a job, get married, have a family and retire, that we must look up to achievers, or those at the top of the Capitalist hegemony, it's not surprising that he sinks deeper into the groove / rut he's in. When he devotes so much time and money in looking up to an idol he expects something in return. Why can't he do it himself ?

Jerry Maguire - Control that money has over people and pure intent versus impure intent - which one succeeds ?

Chain Reaction - The energy and power in water. Conspiracy to conceal the Truth.

Lawnmower Man - The weak, mentally different lawnmower man gained intuitive powers and strength. This is a living truth and actuality and can be done simply with pure thought, intent and action. Also different dimensions entered through beehive hexagons. Life is a hexagon: birth, maintenance and death - mirrored.

Grosse Pointe Blank - The main character has been earning a living by killing others for so long that he's unaware of the seriousness of what he's doing - totally cut off from his conscience / inner self that others' lives are as meaningless as his.

Lost Highway - Husband and wife team have been together on other lifetimes and in other dimensions which they access in they subconscious states.

Eyes Wide Shut - The manipulation / power / sex games played by those in affluence and power. Power derived from those beneath them who they profess to serve. Two contradictory notions , caring about others / using them to satisfy your own outer sense pleasures - is it possible to live in two completely separate universes? One must be a lie. The power of the mind to "imagine" ( in a dream ) feelings toward an imagined, or briefly met, person so intense and passionate that they drown the dreamer's "real" feelings for her husband for a while.

Music of Chance - Finding the comfort / satisfaction of your life's path, even if one of work. By speeding up our vibrations, working as aerodynamically and effectively as possible we transcend the work and access the ethereal vibrations of pleasure to be gained by working as effectively as possible. We attain previously unknown heights. If because of constraints ( such as money ) we can't do what we want e.g. travel around the world / explore our creative aspects through acting / art, we have a choice of moving higher or lower on the spiritual path, do what's right, or what's wrong. So to derive pleasure from doing the right thing we create variety in the mundane work, in the microcosmic world of tiny places of good feeling derived only from the knowledge that we're at one with our conscience and God. All based on scientific principles, but then science is all about God and the Universe. Science is simply Spirituality by another name !

What dreams May Come - Insights through colours / dreamstates / art, of other dimensions / states of being accessible in parallel universes to each person's current conscious life. Wife denies existence of afterlife / spiritual state when dead husband and children speak to her from the place beyond. She is sucked down in vortex of misery, depression and negative thinking / refusal to look up to the light or believe inklings of insight she has. Commits ultimate sin of suicide thereby finds herself stuck in hell state of dark denial and shadows along with other lost souls ; she will stay here until she does a U-turn in her mind, acknowledges her spiritual being and life ad infinitum, starts to believe in the continuum of life, sees the Glorious Light and Effulgent Brightness up above, along with all her heavenly friends / family who have been up there just waiting for her to look up and see them.

Toys - War games and playing with people's lives, big boy's version of children's war games.

Sleepers - Natural justice / karma. Whatever we give out comes back to us.

Natural Born Killers - The abuse suffered by children impacts on later life. The unintentional killing of good spirituality ( Native American Indian ) for which they are truly sorry.

"Outbreak" and "Twelve Monkeys" - Biological and chemical warfare. Infect sections of countries' population with toxins and disease-inducing drugs / gases / viruses and hand them over to the pharmaceutical companies to use as guinea pigs for "new" chemicals. Treating human beings as fodder.

Jacob's Ladder - Experimenting with drugs and chemicals on soldiers in Vietnam. Why should we play other people's games ? Manipulation. The soldier was dead even at the start of the film.

Bob Roberts - Satire on political machine. Presidential candidate presents manufactured public persona. All a mask.

Dead Man - The name of the Indian is Nobody - No Body, i.e. spirit and "Nobody", i.e. his name / who he is in physical form is irrelevant. Quotes William Blake, prophetic, enlightened poet and artist. White man cannot see or feel his soul because he has immersed himself in human and material things as ways of escaping the life he hates and the person he has become - filled with desire for alcohol, sex and hatred of non-whites and women.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - time travel.
Truth spoken by Socrates and other people in history. Recalls our ability to move backwards and forwards in time and into different dimensions. Allusion to few having lots and masses having TV sets and fast food.

Unbearable Lightness of Being - Man experiencing the multi-dimensional and sublimely individual and different worlds of different women: no two experiences the same. Non-attachment and objectivity.

Hackers - Good fighting Evil. Using enemy's tools to fight him. The web of knowledge that exists outside of the prescribed means of communication.

Event Horizons - Ultimate Evil and loss of soul: gouging eyes out of others' heads - trying to claim their souls. No ultimate satiation experienced by the soul-less who have to mutilate and eat each other to get a high. They have lost their own soul so try to claim others' souls. As we move to the next dimension we face our conscience unless we are already so far removed from them that we are on a single path. With this paradigm shift we reach the crossroads of our dual nature. We finally see through the mirror. We find the Holy Grail.

The Mission - Soldier felt such remorse at killing his brother that he felt he had to do penance by carrying the heaviest load that he was physically able to, around with him. He finds transcendence by doing this and by assisting the priest in helping the villagers and moves up to a higher plane/dimension.

Talk Radio - The DJ tells people to look to themselves and is shot dead for suggesting that people have only themselves to blame for their misery: they're looking at the dirt and scum around them instead of reaching for the stars. Wake up people!!

Weapons of Mass Distraction - Keep the consciousness of the people in the world on media instruments whilst their lives and future are decided for them and their freedom is taken from them.

Albino Alligator - media portraying facts/news/reality as entertainment only.

LA Confidential - corruption, greed, money, sex violence and a handful of men with integrity and desire to do what's right.

Desperately Seeking Susan - Two parallel lives/universes intertwined. Married woman afraid of stepping out of comfort zone of safe husband, income, home scenario crosses paths with risk-taking, free spirit who lives on the edge: day/night : virtue/vice : attachment/non-attachment.

Fargo - Dead souls. Killing others leaves no imprint on our conscience - individuals have fallen into a wormhole. When we intentionally kill others to appease our own desires we kill our inner senses and soul.

U Turn - The central character continues to choose 'the low road'/negative/downward options throughout the journey, hence the situations he finds himself in become worse; if he'd chosen the Higher, positive path at any point, karma and natural goodness would have ensured that the positivity of the Universe would have come in to assist him in dealing with problems as and when they arise.

9 Queens - Scam between 2 Argentinians, Marcos & Juan-Sebastian - who is scamming whom? BRINKMANSHIP ………. The Art of Game Playing and being one step ahead all the time. Lines and points. Selling stamps (the 9 Queens) : Marks and Stamps ('SandS' : sand-glass-mirrors) ….. of ownership: who owns whom?

Hijack Stories - Story based in Johannesburg - Soweto/Rosebank. After disintegration of apartheid. Black actor has to go back to SoWeto, his childhood, to "rediscover" his true self/soul or Blackness, or who he really was before he grew up and adopted the mannerisms, dictums, rules, hollowness, shallowness, emptiness and absolutely faux persona of the Ego Aspect: the essential prerequisite for acceptance into the "civilized", advanced and supposedly all-knowing First World.

Ivan's XTC - Dearth of spirituality in professions in film industry, etc. Cedars Hospital. Religious thread throughout; how addiction to some religions can blind us to the true meaning and intention of our higher, creative abilities. Hell hole of sucking nothingness of vacuum except meaningless sex, drugs, alcohol and ego. Lowest form of spirituality.

The Bourne Identity - Jason Bourne (JB) = two important letters in Egyptian knowledge and Tarot cards. JB found floating in Mediterranean off Marseilles (double M) with 2 bullets in back. Has insomnia and can't recall who he is or what he's here for. Has killer instincts/reflexes and gradually, as each day passes, recalls/realizes his identity and purpose and he is forced to protect himself from the enemy (CIA - supposedly on his side); all he wants is out and to escape their grasp. He finds out he's involved in shipping - definitely shipping; he knows how to tie knots - the spiritual 'bow'/knot or ankh / anchor. Or pretzel. Many charities have logos based on this form. Knots in rope = string; let out as much string as they want then start to pull it in; string quartets. JB has many passports: many facets to his character. The cube comprised of lines on walls of Paris apartment. Lines leading to points and angles (or corners, depending on which side you're on) and realizations. Black and white floor tiles: everything can be reduced to black and white: good or evil; there are no grey areas. Black diamonds on white tiles = floor, foundation. Chess boards. Micro/nano technology enables authorities (CIA - whose side?) to know everything about individual's past, present and likely future life. Those who we think are on our side (US embassy) turn out 2B the enemy: use embassy photos to try to kill JB and Maria.
Red bag and Red Mini : "The Red Shoes" = Universal Will and revelations - can't escape our Universal (Macro) or personal (Micro) Destiny: Our life's path of ultimate good or evil, depending on which road, which side (good or bad) we choose.
At end he does escape those trying to control him and joins G/friend on Greek Island (windmills = core and two forces of good and evil traveling out from it). At end, view of Washington DC and Capitol Building = Dome - where American Congress meets and Cenotaph (obelisk/needle) - Male and Female. Those in control of our lives USE the Spiritual to promote their own agenda of death and destruction; of playing God - the ultimate evil; death of the female aspect (except in its most perverse form) and Mother Earth and her inhabitants: economic and ethnic cleansing.
Actor Brian Cox in film "The Lost Language of the Cranes". Crane = bird (aerial) and mechanical (earthly) - used for transporting bricks for building. Cranes-birds-singing. Aerial birds talk to one another in own language which cannot be understood by humans. Mechanical cranes used by people who hold secrets of destruction and rebuilding, i.e. use terrorism/wars as means of destroying form (building) in order to REBUILD - and make money for companies "winning" tenders.
The story of "The Bourne Identity" can be seen as an allegory for life purpose (every individual has a destiny), reincarnation. (Why do we keep being reborn? To develop different aspects of our person/character and ALSO to have fun exploring the higher creative/spiritual aspects of our selves and the universe [micro and macro]). Wizard of Oz's Yellow Brick Road (Oz = oxygen = 02 = essential gas for life and Australia, the opposite side of the world: the opposite side of our earthly characters/personas. The Greek Myths are inherently spiritual (Mediterraneans = a very old aspect of the human race) and not specific to any particular "section" of people. Actor Matt Damon = MD (Mom and Dad). 'm' squared and 'd' squared = double diamond and d/music notes and eye of storm/hurricane. 'a' and 'o' in above = alpha and omega (2002); 'n' = aleph.
Odysseus - Greek hero who wanders world for ten years and discovers his true nature through different experiences. At end of ten he sees that it's time to go back "home" to his wife Penelope: to teach others about the things he has discovered. Is he going to tell them the Truth about our inner and outer natures, the higher level of spirit and the lower end of evil? Or will he just toe the authorities' line: say what he's told to say (in return for being named, by the authorities, as the New King of the World)? So which of the two Sons of God will we follow: the Official one who speaks the Authorities' version of Truth (i.e. lies) and the unappointed, unofficial but REAL King, who doesn't speak with a forked tongue? CHECK MATE.

Cocktail - Sight of Twin Towers in New York at start. Twin Towers (when viewed from above) are two squares, or two diamonds : a double diamond. Bryan Brown character ("Less is More") called Douglas = capital of Isle of Man (UK): together with Isle of Wight constitute MW of double diamond. Elisabeth Shue character called Jordan = very spiritual area of mid east and J in Egyptian Knowledge and Tarot; surname = Moonie (Moon); Tom Cruise character called Brian = B in Egyptian Knowledge / Tarot. Jamaica = home of Bob Marley: highly spiritualised/perceptive musician whose song "Exodus" was a major hit for Marley and the Wailers. Exodus = Children of God (Africans) led out of True Zion (Ethiopia/Uganda/Kenya) to the rest of the world. Mahogany. Rust.
Lecturer in TC's business class talks about the 'Multiplier Effect' / 'Fractional Reserve Banking' : key to understanding laws of current iniquitous money system: financial institutions are allowed to 'create' money by lending out a multiple of the money they actually hold as cash, this cash being earned by charging interest on money loaned out to customers (M0, not M1, M2, M3, etc. - i.e. credit or fictitious money). M0 : MO equals spiritual "OM" backwards.
Bar = Cell Block. Alabama Slammer; Ice T. Logo = Cocktails & Dreams = CD = Direct Current = Washington DC = music CD = Titanic and theme song by Celine Dion. The letters DC = 8. When interlinked form the "stirrups" of one of the 3 bones (others are hammer & anvil) of the middle ear: LISTEN ….. to the ways in which the Universe is showing us the ways in which our lives are being manipulated. Interlinked circles (8) = credit card logos. Also countries Switzerland and Austria with Lichtenstein forming the interlinking sector. Lichtenstein represents wealth, money, secret banking, secret knowledge.

Serendipity - Soul Mates meet. If we all follow our creative/higher instincts and desires (felt most intensely and purely as children, before puberty) we will be on our true spiritual path and if we stick to it we will be drawn to experiences we are truly supposed to have to develop our characters/personalities - our true spiritual path; we will also be drawn to soul mates from the same spiritual family/part of the universe and are more likely to find true spiritual (and earthly - unless we sell out to the Ego) happiness than if we follow a linear, left-brain path that others want us to follow or which we feel we should take (e.g. for money). True love conquers all - except poverty which debilitates every living thing.

About a Boy - Young boy whose entire family consists of his mother who finds life and her emotions very difficult to deal with. Her son comes to realize how much little things mean to her, like favourite songs: puts himself "out there" by getting up on the school stage in front of many people, to sing her one of her special songs.

Vanilla Sky - Times Square: visually two crosses XX or a cross x and plus + which equals M and W = a double cross = XX in roman numerals, or a double diamond; two diamonds (squares) connected by lines equals the CUBE: the physical reflection of the spiritual: geometric/geophysical form of gems, stones and diamonds. In roman numerals the cube is IIX plus XII or 8 and 12 (or 12 and 12 / 8 and 8). 12 squared plus 8 squared = 144 + 64 = 208 or 28. Four times seven = 28. Two plus Eight = Ten. Ten:neT = tenet : Mirrors and Double Diamonds - possible to see (with the third - or one - eye) the double diamond in certain people. Masonic logo. Secret Societies claiming ownership of spiritual knowledge which should be shared by everyone.
Horizons/perspectives. Brooklyn. Ferrari. Crossing Bridges.
Theme running thru = wot's real and wot's not? Individuals morph into each other/ all same person expressing different facets. Express (as adults) facets of people we admire as children - before Ego gets foot in door and distorts purity and Truth. Monet's ("Ten & Om") Vanilla Sky artwork. Jules Verne's 'Revolution of the Mind'. Cameron Diaz's initials = CD. DC = direct current/alternate current: Washington DC. 'DC Comics' responsible for "Batman"; Penelope Cruz = Sophia (Ain Soph/Hagia Sophia, the profoundly spiritual churches/mosques in Istanbul, Turkey). TC wears mask/has two faces: we all have different masks to wear for different situations. Who is the True Self? "It's the little things that count - there are no bigger things". The once beautiful, god-like and rich David becomes physically disfigured by car accident - falls from great height: has to develop other aspects of his character to deal with new situation and new feelings e.g. rejection, negativity. At end on roof he chooses to fly off = we all reach the centrepoint of X - the crossroads where spiritual meets earthly and we have to choose between our Higher Path/listen to Conscience and which manifests through dreams/nightmares/ voices/visions we experience in life - or continue on the low path of ego or compromises, work we hate or families we can't stand; lives we loathe and mirror images we detest …….. Death and Disfigurement.

Titanic - Won Oscar same year as "As Good as it Gets" (Actor/Actress) - In terms of Reality that 'era' is as good as it will ever get: hereonin = downhill, insofar as real "money" is concerned. The companies which money is invested in = non-profitable because of diminishing returns on investment (interest payments or "servicing debt", the ultimate, eternal prostitute, outstrips all profit margins). The stock markets of the world become Global Casinos. Corruption in all sectors endemic: stockbrokers promote certain stocks/shares in return for a 'kickback' from the company concerned, irrespective of whether the stock is any good/profitable. Companies hope that with 'kickstart' from stockbroker investors will buy shares and make buoyant the otherwise debilitated, downward-spiralling loser of a company!
'Titanic' lead actor/actress = Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet : Leo = sign of the Zodiac : initials of actress = KW = WK = MK : actor / actress = one person ? : MK Ultra = mind control organisation : Military Wing of ANC - Umkhonto we Sizwe shortened to "MK" : MK Gandhi : Milton Keynes (MK) = one of first New Towns in England. New Town : New World Order : New Rules : New Leader, Mustafa Kemal = revered Turkish leader.The letters MK symbolically represented by 3 triangles or one diamond and one triangle.
The story of Titanic (90 years from 1912 to 2002 - symbolism of number 9 ) is one of domination of entire world population by the self-named "Golden Section" or "Golden Mean" section - tip - of the triangle (or pyramid when viewed in 3D) of the human race (see US Dollar Bill). Due solely to the fact that they hold the secrets of mankind's human and spiritual nature : Ego and Soul - the twin strands of our DNA and thus know intimately how to control mankind. On the 'Titanic' the few lifeboats that there are = used to rescue the upper classes/first class passengers; the second and third classes perish. Some "Love Story".

Minority Report - Sci-fi/Brave New World. Dystopian future. Thought crime.
As people are put under more pressure in their workplace (to produce more goods/services public doesn't need) their stress manifests/is released through externalization, e.g. shopping, violence (domestic/other), drugs, drink and pressure in the knowledge that there's nowhere to hide from the all-seeing eye of Big Brother. Precogs = spiritually/etherically and psychically attuned to vibrations of universe and future events; they are able to move (mentally) backwards and forwards in time and are owned/used by the State (Big Brother) for their own purposes. Some spiritual beings unaware that there are mental states other than their own micro worlds. They are used to anticipate criminal acts. Authorities' knowledge of individuals' life continuum used to manipulate them. (Reading of Iris/ DNA). Those who act against interests of State are given false, incriminating computer records. Bankruptcy will become a criminal act - for individuals only - NOT for companies which are elevated to a position above the Rule of Law which dominates every individual's life (other than those in the "Golden Triangle" or pyramid - see Dollar Bill).

Great Expectations - (Film) Magwitch the convict is the benefactor of Pip's wealth; Pip wishes to believe his benefactor is Miss Havisham because of his "relationship" with Estelle - he 'creates his own reality' because he WANTS it to be her, because she fits into his perfect picture of a perfect life for himself. We all have an absolutely "right", pivotal place in the universe which we find when our physical self is in absolute and total alignment with our spiritual self: when that happens our world, our universe and all the people who inhabit it are exquisitely beautiful and perfect. (This place can also be accessed through drugs, including alcohol … unfortunately we come back down from here.) Pip doesn't want to acknowledge that someone less than beautiful has brought wealth/money - i.e. precisely what he needs - into his life. Sometimes we have to dig deeper than the superficial veneer of outer beauty to find exactly what it is we need to evolve or to find truth and wisdom. Joe Gargery is a blacksmith - hammer determining form/shape of subject placed on anvil. Hammer, anvil and stirrups in middle ear - Eustachian tube leads from middle ear to mouth ……. LISTEN and SPEAK!!

X Men - Humanity is saved from death caused by the enemy (ET's?) by the saviour race of genetically "superior" beings who have extra 'knowledge' and 'intuition' marked in on their genes. This is a very dangerous lie: no-one is genetically superior to anyone else; we are the sum total of all previous experiences (in this life and past lives).

Purpose - We need to know the nature of the enemy: to do this we need to know exactly who and what we personally are - we require an inherently personal belief system: The Universe and God. Without an inner core of beliefs and Truth which can withstand the most violent of emotional, metaphysical and personal storms and attacks by those who ALSO know the truth but who don't want others to know the Truth, a person will wither and die, like a flower with no soil to grow in, no sun to bask in and nurture it and no water to sustain it, it will surely die - the life force severed from its being as absolutely as if it were struck down by an enemy's bullet. Reality and Illusion are being distorted to such an extent that they are becoming each other and people ACCEPT this because of our spiritual nature - our inner core that BELIEVES in superstition/luck/fate/cards/fortune and misfortune: the belief that "Things will Never Really Reach Rock Bottom" because someone, somewhere, will SURELY come and save us from the terrible predicament in which we find ourselves. A more serious and darker version of voting for the "other" political party when "your" party doesn't deliver (until you realize all the political parties have the same agenda/come from the same place : keep the voters' eyes off what is really going on). Does the New Messiah have all the answers to poverty OTHER THAN credit or fictional money? Nothing real, solid or permanent can be based on a money system borne out of a debt-based financial system, Fractional Reserve Banking or creating money by multiplying ("Times Square"??) the cash reserves actually held, by a given number - issued by the banking authorities and "spending" or lending (credit cards) it into existence.
As the computer company in the film spirals out of control/loses its grounding (founded on real money) - or prepares to go public and be listed on the local stock exchange it sheds the good, honest people who helped start it with vision and hope and good intentions. The stockbrokers dictate to company personnel the exact nature of products/services to be offered by the company to sell itself to the public - to make money. 'For instance a haberdashery will have to use "synthetic" cotton instead of the real thing, i.e. "natural" cotton, but sell it at "natural" cotton prices and label it simply as "cotton" - not divulging to the public that we now have two kinds of cotton and rely on their ignorance (i.e. their belief that 'cotton is cotton, isn't it?) to sell substandard material at inflated prices. This gives a "squared" result of (1) increasing the company's profit margins and (2) causing more chaos to the wearer's physical body as synthetic fibres suffocate the body's cells. Lovely.

Anyone threatening to divulge the secrets of our ……. of everyone's ….. Spiritual heritage and knowledge: our inner and outer natures, will be killed either through latent means, e.g. manipulation of electro-magnetic fields/viruses or if that doesn't work, then hiring someone to do it and making it look like an accident.

The X Files (TV programme) - Directed by Chris Carter, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder & Scully (M&S - Moon and Sun). Episode in which Skinner is infected with a few microbes/viruses which are absorbed through his skin (contact with another); once the bacteria/viruses are in his blood stream and lymph (transported to organs and glands/endocrine system) they are MULTIPLIED (Times Square??) by use of an external device by enemy and used to control him and/or determine his level of health: whether he lives or dies. This can also be done by host ingesting foods/liquids containing a few of these contaminants which lie dormant in the host's body awaiting activation by external means. Infecting the blood and lymph, ensuring no pure nourishment reaches the cells (thus tissues, muscles, organs, of the human body) or the brain - most importantly.

Books - 'The Chosen Race' by Ed Bulwer Lytton. About a future race whose spiritual and earthly aspects are in harmony: thus they can see the past and future of any present situation/ can see both sides of the story/ spectrum (light and dark). This can be achieved ONLY by living the Tightrope of Absolute Truth, Integrity and Purity. It is NOT inherited or 'owned' by any particular or 'chosen' race or sub-section of society.

Lord of the Flies - by William Golding - Is this the Reality people want to live in?

"1984" - by George Orwell : "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever".

Two Plus Two ??

Talking to God is called Prayer : listening to God - or listening to the Devil (i.e. Good or Evil) is called schizophrenia.

Sian Jones
Copyright: Sian Jones, March 2000/November 2002

Acknowledgements: (1) Symbolism of Minor Arcana (Page 1) from Ivan Fraser of The Truth Campaign (E Mail (2) Mike Rowbotham, Author of "The Drive Behind Globalisation" - The Debt-based Financial System and the Growth of Wasteful Trade; "The Invalidity of Third World Debt"; "The Grip of Death" - a Study of Modern Money, debt-slavery and Destructive Economics (Jon Carpenter Publishers); and other books/publications.

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