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from Exo-Psychology by Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D

Exo-psychology suggests that there are as many realities as there are neuro-anatomical structures for transceiving signals.

As the seven neuro-anatomical circuits unfold,
so do seven broad classes of reality¹.

1. The First Reality, Bio-cellular, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the infant perpetuated in the viscerotonic survival techniques of the adult.

2. The Second Reality, Locomotor-muscular, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the crawling, brawling, walking child perpetuated in the emotional-political techniques of the adult.

3. The Third Reality, mediated by the left cortex, is the imprinted-conditioned world of the child learning to manipulate langyral-manual symbols and perpetuated in the linguistic-technology of the adult.

4. The Fourth Reality is the imprinted-conditioned world of social-sexual, domestic responsibility.

5. The Fifth Reality, Body Consciousness is the reception by the body of direct, natural signals uncensored by survival imprints and selectively aware of the demands of gravity.

6. The Sixth Reality is the imprint of the nervous system of and by and unto itself. Einsteinian consciousness no longer frozen to larval circuits or to the body. Brain reality is a relativistic, changing Niagra of millions of bio-electrical signals flashing around a thirty-billion cell network. The statement "consciousness is no longer frozen" is not metaphorical; it refers to biochemical-electrical changes at the synaptic level which liberate the flow of signals from routine patterns. The term "static, imprinted-conditioned world" refers to neural-wired programs hooked to reality-islands.

7. The Seventh Reality is the reception by the nervous system of RNA signals from DNA molecules within the cell. Genetic messages leading to symbiotic interspecies telepathy. Since reality is energy registered by neural structure, we can "see" only what we are ready instrumentally and conceptually to receive. At the Seventh Circuit DNA-RNA signals are monitored.

¹ The Eighth Reality is meta-physiological, meta-biological and involves contelligence projected out from the Quantum Projection Boooth. See the publications of the Physics-Consciousness Research Group by Sarfatti, Sirag, Herbert et al.

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