whadda universe

Practically every image you'll see here is created or heavily modified specifically for your enjoyment exclusively as part of The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension (details and credits) using Photoshop-Kai, HomeSite and Wacom type tools.

Any similarity to other websites indicates unscrupulous activity hopefully at least reciprocated by a link back to deoxy (!) in order to build the network and push that AltaVista reading UP :-) Hypertexts credited as anticopyright may be freely copied but deoxy would appreciate a link.

JUST DON'T USE any stuff on this website for any commercial or other purpose unintended by the creators and everything will be magnificently splendid.

If you like please make graphic links to somewhere in deoxy.org with these images.

If you need public domain artwork for your website check out the extensive list at Yahoo or Netscape's public material.