Placebo - A pill or other preparation containing no medication and administered to humor a patient; from the Latin Vespers of the Office of the Dead; literally: 'I shall be pleasing or acceptable.' The Catholic Eucharist is a placebo sacrament, in that it is merely an inactive symbol of the primordial Element in communion - the entheogenic plant or potion.
1993 Ott Pharmacotheon 60. It bears witness to the sincerity and integrity of the New World Indians that they braved torture and death to continue with their ecstatic religion - they must have been bitterly disappointed in the 'placebo sacrament' of the Christian Eucharist, which is a placebo entheogen
1994 Ott Ayahuasca Analogues 90. We must repudiate religions which defend against religious experiences, wearily celebrating communion with a placebo sacrament, which requires faith and gives none!
The Age of Entheogens & The Angel's Dictionary
by Jonathan Ott