The Symbolism of the Green Triangle

         During Nazi rule those thought to be a threat to the 
          Fatherland were taken  prisoner and placed in con-
           centration camps. These prisoners were from many 
            different social and cultural backgrounds.  To 
             distinguish between the prisoners, the Nazis 
              used a system of color coded cloth badges.  
               Jews were given yellow stars;  half-Jews 
                were given yellow triangles; feminists 
                 were given black triangles;  Gypsies 
                  were  given  brown;  and  gay men, 
                   pink.   The  green  triangle was 
                    given to `common criminals' or 
                     those who had been convicted 
                      of minor crimes, including 
                       drug law violators.   At 
                        the time of Nazi rule, 
                         a very stringent set
                          of anti-drug  laws 
                           was in effect --  
                            laws that were
                             very similar
                              to   those  
                               used now 
                                in the