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Hooray for the Devil

A. Fry

In a nation with hundreds of thousands of pulpits using the devil for a whipping boy, it's probably madness to be a devil's advocate...yet it seems a bit unfair to blame today's chaos and problems on a personage who was supposedly once next in brilliance to the creator himself. Someone with Satan's credentials would need to be stark raving stupid to cause all this chaos on purpose. Lets look at a slightly different scenario which seems to escape the "fire & brimstone" set. First, lets find out who the Devil really is.

We all know what the Hebrew's history had to say about the subject, yet the Christian Bible was in part taken from older records - from civilization earlier. Any bible scholar with access to The Book of Enoch and The Book of Thoth can see how much of the earlier records were carried over. All of the great scholars of ancient times were well aware of the many foundation works and only with the advent of the later church censorship did they get ignored. Enoch was popular during the time of Christ and both the Jewish & Christian bibles contained Enoch - until the church noted some things in it conflicting with their doctrines and pulled it. The books of Thoth and Hermes were well respected in Egypt and later Greece. Along with ancient Sanskrit records...and even myths, they told a more detailed outline of the "gods."

The "gods" or "watchers" as Enoch calls them, came from distant dimensions or origins. The leader of the first gods was called various names by various cultures. His mate or female counterpart was mentioned less, but known as Isis in Egyptian records. Many accounts told of the Immortality if the first gods and a few of a later time when the gods lost their immortality. Later Egyptian priests used the immortality theme in a distorted form to later keep their position and the people's loyalty. What the records clearly show, is that the exiled "gods" set up ingenious domination systems to ensure the allegiance of the less intelligent "homo sapien" species here at the time. At first, they used brute force & fear. Later, when they lost their regenerative abilities, they had to be reborn again themselves, so they gave humanity a sudden shot of knowledges and sciences...so they would have a better environment to come back to themselves. They invented languages and built awesome repositories for their knowledges across the entire face of the globe. Even with thousands of years of concentrated censorship and destruction of such records by later priests and religions, much of the evidence remains.

Before this time of course, humanity was in complete innocence, ignorance...and used instinct and tribal laws to govern themselves. Humanity was in a "Garden of Eden" sitting under banana trees relying on nature. As the "devil" came on the scene there was a sudden change. The brain circuits were suddenly altered by the racial interbreeding. The Egyptians recognized the superior intelligence of this new "hybrid species." The subjects of the first King or "god" (King Menes) were called men. The progeny of a mating between gods & Men were called HuMens and only a Human was appointed to tasks such as record keeping by the later Egyptians.

As thousands of years have spread genetic intelligence to every race and culture, we can clearly see the difference between our "cursed" species and the "animals" around us. Animals remain in paradise and perfection. They have inbuilt species knowledge that guides them to act for their survival automatically. If a dog's food source or master is about to drown, the dog will pull their master out of danger, automatically, not because of any thinking or choice. Only we humans have choice. When the gods of intelligence were exiled to our planet, they enslaved our species and later contaminated us. Under the Creator's laws of choice, our species now has the ability to rise up to the level of the gods who wrenched us from perfection. Many of the great spiritual teachers have outlined this goal and philosophy. The trick has always been to retain enough balance and self-control to handle the resonsibility. Gods who dominate other life forms for their own convenience are abridging the laws of choice and will not keep their power. By following the "golden rule" and remaining ethical and open minded, the brain circuitry can slowly adjust to the higher wattage of inspired thought. The intellect that we inherited from the devil, can then be bypassed by the inner inspiration of our soul and choice granting creator. Most persons have always rejected the responsibility of such self-control of course, they have preferred to live under such domination masters and "Devils." They have preferred to allow others to think for them and make up state rules for them to follow. They have never understood what CHOICE and DOMINATION are about. Such persons have been in a classroom called life and have been given an unparallelled opportunity to become as "gods" or...sink back to an "animal" state again by their inaction. It is the devil's doing that we are in such a situation. Yet while the domination systems of the world continue to tempt us and teach us it is the only way most of us will ever gain a true grasp of ethics & choice law. In such a sense...Hooray for the devil...!


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