Perceptual Revolution
by Sharon Gannon in SEMIOTEXT[E] USA

All forms of expression have become displays. Actual experience in the moment is hardly allowed in the capitalist state. Dis-play means NO-play, and it implies the stoppage of movement. Nouns once again dominate. How are our consciousnesses formed?

      The pleasure principal is instrumental in the manipulation of consciousness development at its earliest stages. A child is rewarded for its abilities to respond to certain specific stimuli. The controlling force of the adult world coerces and molds the desires and needs of the new member, hoping for an educated, WORKING member of the society, who will carry on the work begun by the adults.

      Visual perception, and the ability to differentiate one thing from another is first on the agenda of perceptual development. Mamma, Dada, finger, foot, kitty, bottle.... and so it goes. And the new one is rewarded for each separation they make. This educational process, this reduction into objects of all, that is the first education. Usually any attempt by any adult member to activate other how those separated pieces work together and transform, yes loose one form for another, is kept from the young mind until "it is ready" to grasp the ideas. The concept of reality as changeable might be too frightening a truth to permit the "young" mind to wrestle with. Not until they are fully indoctrinated into the grips of reification are they allowed glimpses into the processes of life. And then usuallly they have developed within themselves a heavy-booted troop of mind police which will keep them as viewers as observers. For the ultimate validation of reality is dependent (or so they have learned) on its solidification on the description of its form, on its measurability, its existence within a specific linear time mode. Life is a moving flux of processes. Capitalism relies on the denial of this and an adherance to the separate descriptions and fixed-framed representations of this process. What is real or the realness of something is dependent on how well it can be described (measured, put into a frame-work of time).

Language dominates as the preferred method of communication. The left-hemisphere of the brain dominates the right.

I am calling for time into space.

Only as a band of armed poets are we to
overcome every day fascism.

Thought Crime
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