Robert Anton Wilson (1932-NEVER) One of the most profound and important scientific philosophers of this century, Wilson has written many very important works of fiction and non-fiction. His vast intelligence and sharp wit are sufficient to shock and enlighten even the the most heavily imprinted domesticated primate nervous system.


Reality is what you can get away with Interviews

Richard Metzger and Genesis P-Orridge interview Robert Anton Wilson in a 2-part Infinity Factory on Nov. 7, 1997, 1.5 hours.

A short clip of RAW on the Art Bell Show

2001 Speaks With The TVI Times
2000 Speculates On Government
2000 Current Events and Activism
2000 DangerMedia Innerview at DragonCon
1997 The F Stops Here
1997 High Strangeness at Omni
1995 Hawk interviews Robert Anton Wilson
1994 Chromosome Damage
1992 Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters
1990 KBOO-FM Interview
1990 Talks about the Nature of Reality w/audio
1988 Aquaboy interviews Robert Anton Wilson
1986 Compuserve Conference

Playing Kickball With Chaos by Faustin Bray
Paradigm Shift Interview by Philip H. Farber
Firing the Cosmic Trigger from Mavericks of the Mind
The Roc Interview


Up, up and away!!