Alan Watts Bibliography


The Spirit of Zen1936
The Legacy of Asia and Western Man1939
The Meaning of Happiness1940
Behold the Spirit1947
Easter - Its Story and Meaning1950
The Supreme Identity1950
The Wisdom of Insecurity1951
Myth and Ritual in Christianity1953
The Way of Zen1957
Nature, Man, and Woman1958
This Is It1960
Psychotherapy East and West1961
The Joyous Cosmology1962
The Two Hands of God1963
Beyond Theology1964
The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are1966
Does It Matter?1970
Erotic Spirituality1971
The Art of Contemplation1972
In My Own Way (autobiography)1972
Cloud-hidden, Whereabouts Unknown1973
Tao: The Watercourse Way1975

Monographs and Pamphlets

An Outline of Zen Buddhism1932
Seven Symbols of Life1936
The Psychology of Acceptance1939
The Theological Mystica of St. Dionysius1944
The Meaning of Preisthood1946
Zen Buddhism1947
The Way of Liberation in Zen Buddhism1955
Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen1956


Om: The Sound of Hinduism1967
Why Not Now: Dhyana, The Art of Meditation1969

This bibliography doesn't include the numerous books of essays and lecture transcripts published after his death.

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