Mark Jacobs' Video Favourites

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Hale and Pace World of Saville Sketch (2 L's - what is going on?) (MP4 53.9MB)

Hale and Pace Bomb Disposal (MP4 4.42MB)

Cancer, the Forbidden Cures (MP4 376MB)

Sex Pistols God Save the Queen (MP4 33.8MB)

The lyrics are still as intriguing today as back in 1977 when this was done.

Clear, Concise and Informative - The Hemp Revolution (MP4 375MB)

Our Genes Reveal the Truth about our Origins as a Species (MP4 21.1MB)

The Complexities of Earth's Orbit (MP4 31.7MB)

Excerpt from Family Guy Season 2 Episode 21 (MP4 2.51MB)

The Consequences of Electing Obama (MP4 11.4MB)

What Religion really amounts to (MP4 3.8MB)

The truth about our pissy skies - Chemtrails (MP4 58.8MB)

The short version of Scarface (MP4 4.3MB)

IKEA Advert (MP4 1.08MB)

Harry Hill's "Baldies Unite" (MP4 1.92MB)

How not launch Doves of Peace (MP4 4.35MB)

The British Army at their best (MP4 4.26MB)

Japanese Talent Show Winner (MP4 2.43MB)

The fastest gun in the West? (MP4 924KB)

The deadliest thing in the West? (MP4 1.68MB)

Bill Gates gets a taste of his own medicine (MP4 1.19MB)

Alas Smith and Jones Rarity (MP4 5.01MB)

Real Life Quake 3 (MP4 4.86MB)

Women in Islamic Communities (MP4 53.5MB)

** Warning - this is extremely upsetting **

Apollo flyover of the moon's surface (MP4 25.7MB)

Strange moonship embedded in the moon's surface, and it has craters in it!
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