by George Farquhar


Covert terrorism is rife in the western world today, particularly in the UK and the USA. This terrorism is not of the overt kind, where for example, a bomb may be exploded in a public place, killing and maiming innocent people and blamed (rightly or wrongly) on political extremists or 'lone' psychopaths.

This is covert terrorism where, on a daily basis, countless numbers of innocent people are being systematically attacked, physically and psychologically, individually and en masse, from a remote location, by the use of Neuro-electromagnetic Frequency Weapons. The main power that these weapons have, is that while victims are being attacked the largest majority are totally unaware of the fact that they are under serious threat from an outside source, and therefore have no means whatsoever of self defence.

These attacks can cause a vast array of symptoms in the unsuspecting victim, such as:

Mild to severe headaches; burning sensations within various parts of the body; nervousness and irrability; lethargy and fatigue; stress; nausea; insomnia; eye damage; paralysis; aggression and rage; paranoia and panic attacks; hysteria; schizophrenia; hallucinations; memory loss; disordered thoughts; uncharacteristic thought processes and emotions; obsessive behaviour; confusion; hopelessness; brain and nervous system damage; heart attacks; fast-acting cancers and severe depression leading to suicide.......... to name but a few.

Virtually every mental, emotional and sensory perception has been synthetically reproduced. Specific frequencies can then be laser directed to negatively manipulate any person, remotely, whatever their location.

So, who are these terrorists that deploy these frequency weapons to covertly torture, terrorise, maim and kill innocent members of society and why is it that these terrorists and the use of their weapons are not public knowledge? The answer is simple. These terrorists are in fact working for and within the UK police and military intelligence agencies.

Yes, that's correct. These are the same intelligence agencies that supposedly exist to protect our society from attacks of terrorism. As illogical and unbelievable as this may first appear, it is a fact, that these weapons do exist and are being used against our society for the purpose of:


These facts are backed up by an abundance of well researched, scientific evidence as well as from a vast and increasing number of testimonials from individuals who claim Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency attacks on their being.

In the UK, MI5/M16, MoD, GCHQ and the US National Security Agency, based in Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, are the main organisations perpetrating these vicious and cowardly attacks on the British public.

Frequency weapons are known within the "trade" as non-lethal weapons or silent weapons. They are also referred to as: Synthetic Telepathy, Silent Sound Hypnosis and Voice to Skull Technology.

These weapons are not new, they have been operational and used in warfare and on innocent members of society for over 50 years. According to U.S. intelligence the Russian military were the original leaders in "Psy-Ops Warfare", as it is now called, during the fifties, designing the technology to a very high standard. These 'silent weapons' were developed by the Russian military for the defence of their country but perfected them by experimenting on their own unsuspecting people. The 12 year long 'microwave zapping' of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is also well documented by the U.S. Intelligence, 'Project Pandora'. Although the U.S. intelligence had direct knowledge of the U. S. embassy being 'zapped' for many years, they failed to inform any members of staff, so they could monitor their own studies of the horendous effects of microwave on humans. Understandably, many embassy staff died from microwave induced cancer.

Another example is the well-known atrocity against the Greenham Common women, who were protesting against nuclear weapons in the eighties. It has been scientifically documented that they received an array of symptoms, including; burns, severe headaches, eye damage, temporary paralysis and contracted cancer by microwave radiation during their peace protest. This extremely negative and authoritarian mentality still exists today within the freemasonic hierarchical structure of the British and US military and police intelligence agencies, who are now the world leaders in 'silent weapons' technology and have developed them to an almost unbelievable degree of sophistication. (

Today, many innocent and unsuspecting people (en masse and individuals) suffer the consequences of this brutal mentality by being used as Remote Mind Control behavioural modification experiments, and also for the assassination of anyone upsetting the status quo and therefore causing problems for the freemasonic run 'establishment'.

ANYONE can be targeted for Remote Mind Control Experimentation by the intelligence agencies, yet there are specific types and groups of people that have been labelled by the establishment as 'undesirable' and are therefore, dispensable.

These "targets" include, but are certainly not limited to, ethnic minorities, foreigners, the psychologically imbalanced, prisoners, criminals, ex-criminals, sexual deviants, drug addicts, the homeless, the terminally ill as well as low rank military personel and their families.

Assassination attempts are also a major use of these silent weapons against anyone that may be upsetting the status quo of the freemasonic establishment. This includes Human Rights, Animal Rights and Environmental Activists who are finding that they have become 'Targets' of these Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency weapons. 'Targets' can also include anyone who researches and expounds into areas of "sensitive" information and knowledge that would not normally be expressed within the Freemasonic controlled mainstream media.

Assassination "targets" may also include politicians, military and police intelligence personnel and 'black' government project workers, who may begin to understand a little too much of their organisation's true agenda, and start to question their motives.

Take for example, the 22 Marconi scientists who all "committed suicide" or died in "mysterious circumstances" within a very short time-span. A number of researchers believe these scientists were in fact working on a "black" government project aimed at perfecting Remote Neuro-Electromagnetic Mind Control Technology, which was to be used against society toward behavioural control. It is believed that these scientists started to question their hierarchy on the true agenda of their project, fearing for the drastic implications it could have for humanity. Ironically, they were systematically assassinated by the same Frequency weapons they had themselves been designated to perfect.

By far, the REAL power behind the use of these frequency weapons is the fact that the general public at large are totally unaware of their use against society toward behavourial control experimentation and murder.

The intelligence agencies know this fact well, and will therefore do everything in their power to keep this knowledge from public awarness. They will also attempt to discredit anyone who tries to expose this truth.

For decades, military and police intelligence have deceived the public by denying the existence of Remote Mind Control Weapons technology. It is now becoming clearly evident to society, via the mainstream media (Discovery Channel), that the U.S. Military used Remote Mind Control Weapons en masse against the Iraqi troops during the Gulf War. More importantly however, a Channel 4 documentary (For the Love of ...Big Brother), aired on April 98, recently exposed the fact that the U.K. intellegence agencies are targeting our society, individually and en-masse, with these same weapons.

As this microwave, ELF, radio and acoustic laser technology, is now presently being released for positive commercial applications, the intelligence agencies can no longer deny the existence of (so called) non-lethal weapons technology. Although they will certainly continue to deny that they are perpetually and increasingly using these weapons apon the U. K. masses for: REMOTE MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTATION, BEHAVIORAL MANIPULATION TOWARD SOCIAL CONTROL AND ASSASSINATION.

This will continue until each and every individual begins to accept the reality of this Human Rights Atrocity. When the majority of our people eventually acknowledges and accepts the reality of this truth, only then will we be able to stop, once and for all, this cowardly, authoritarian and brutal mentality of the Freemasonic military and police intelligence hierarchy, to covertly manipulate and dominate our society.

As the truth has now come to light on the existence of Remote Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Technology, the truth is also coming to light regarding this technologies use against our unsuspecting society.

It is only a matter of time before we ALL know the absolute reality of this truth.


Sincerely, Toward Love and Peace, George Farquhar

All truth goes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed,
Then it is violently opposed,
Finally it is self-evident.

UK Government Communications Remote Mind Control HQ, Cheltenham, Gloustershire.
U.S. National Security Agency Remote Mind Control HQ, Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire.

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