by George Farquhar

Diagrams courtesy of David Icke.


People who believe that there is no major world conspiracy which involves a small number of people manipulating humanity through a hierarchical structure of control toward a New World Order, all have one identical factor in common.

They have, in actual fact, not looked genuinely into the abundance of well-researched information on world conspiracy to see if there is one!

Many of those "non-believers" may well say: "It's just not possible, far too complex a plan for the world's population to become manipulated and controlled without everyone knowing about it."

Others may say: "It's just not possible that so few, immoral and unbalanced people can be in total control of our world society."

Others may just be in denial, because to realise such a fact would immediately crush the false security of their belief system, financial investments or employment situation, etc.

It may be that others are simply too afraid to allow this fearsome truth into their reality.

Whatever the reason, none have genuinely looked. They have not looked with an open mind, an open heart and with the honest intention of finding out the absolute truth.

With this powerfully focused attitude, anyone can find out, undoubtedly, whether or not there is a major world conspiracy.....

or even discover the answers to the Universe!!

See the truth and the truth shall set you free.


Contrary to common understanding, most human beings (unless we are extremely enlightened) have desires consciously or unconsciously to manipulate others to some degree or other. However, very few people are immune to this conditioning.

It is important, therefore, when pointing the finger at the major manipulators and controllers of our planet, for us to be as fully aware as possible of the depth of the motivation behind our own desires.

Truly desiring to be totally free, for ourselves, as well as for all of humanity makes for an immensely powerful and focused energy toward exposing the major controllers so that every human being will become free. Free at last.


The Elite World Government, controllers of our society, have (in certain aspects,) great intelligence - but they have no wisdom.

Intelligence without wisdom can be a very dangerous mindset, and they are the epitome of this fact.

It quickly becomes obvious to those who personally research into the hierarchical structure of world conspiracy, that the major manipulators and controllers of humanity are the ones with the largest accumulation of wealth, the owners of the banks and multinational oil, pharmaceutical and food corporations etc. These are the people who run the world.

Not surprising really, is it?

These same people own and dominate the military, police and intelligence hierarchy and, of course, all the political pawns that society has been brainwashed into believing are the most powerful people in the world.

They have also systematically created - and they orchestrate - the brainwashing structures of the media, education and dogmatic mainstream religion to imprison our minds within the logical, reasoning, left hemisphere of our brain.

These structured systems have been covertly designed to cut us off, as much as possible, from activating the intuitive, creative, right hemisphere of our brain, which is connected to our "heart mind" and therefore to all the knowledge that exists.

Once the individual has accepted the reality of this world power structure, they have just taken the first step toward freedom for themselves and for all of humanity.


Fig 1: The Elite Government system seeks to imprison the human psyche in the left brain, the "rational" intellect which only believes what it can see, touch, hear or smell. The education system and the media are structured for this and most teachers, lecturers, scientists and journalists are left brain prisoners themselves. Fig 2: When we open our hearts and minds we actviate the right brain, the intuition and insparation that connects with the cosmos.
The left brain prisoner is a minipulators dream. They have YOUR power in THEIR hands The equally balanced right and left brain person is a manipulators nightmare because.... YOU ARE IN YOUR OWN POWER!!



It is very important to understand the "mental attitude" of the individuals who are within the apex of the hierarchical pyramid structure of control over the human race. Being totally devoid of any humanitarian qualities, they are immensely different to the average person, and basically do not think in any way similar to us.

They think and act from the reptilian (ancient and animalistic) part of their brains.

It has been documented by science that the reptilian part of the human brain - known as the "R Complex" - is the source of the following behavioural traits:

An obsession with ritual; cold-blooded behaviour; territorialism ("This belongs to me" mentality); obsession with "top-down" hierarchical structures.

The more that this "R Complex" is activated in the individual, the more these negative traits will be manifested more profoundly.

It is also important to understand that they do not "feel" in any way similar to the average person either.

Many people are guided by their emotional feelings, which can manifest positive behaviour such as moral judgement, compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others.

Within the "R Complex" mentality there are no such emotions, therefore qualities such as moral judgement, compassion, empathy and kindness towards others are non-existent.

Another important factor, is that the highly activated "R Complex" person has no deep concept of "self".

Because of this lack of inner knowledge of "who they really are", their motivations are directly based in fear. This very deep subconscious fear of not being truly in control of themselves, manifests with the powerful desire to control others, by using fear as their weapon.

This is the "R Complex" mentality.

This is the mentality of the individuals within the Elite World Government hierarchy, who covertly dominate, manipulate and control humanity toward the agenda of their New World Order.


The reptilian mentality have imprisoned so much of human consciousness within the dimensional prison of fear, guilt and frustration. Only by opening our hearts and minds can we escape and reconnect with our infinite self.

Love is the answer.



The Elite World Government hierarchy control society by blinding us with ignorance and fear through their structured mind-control systems of the media, education and dogmatic religion. They know very well how the human mind works, and they use this knowledge to their advantage.

By keeping the masses of the human race in ignorance and fear we become an absolute cakewalk for domination, manipulation and control. Like taking candy from a baby.

Although, amazingly enough, stepping out of this pyramid of ignorance and fear is so unbelievably simple.






All the major institutions and groups that affect our daily lives connect with the Global Elite, which decides the coordinated policy throughout the pyramid. People in the lower compartments will have no idea what they are part of.


Knowledge is in the hands of the few and the rest are kept ignorant. The classic structure for manipulation and control.



Presently, the greatest majority of people in the world are imprisoned within this structure of ignorance and fear.

They are ignorant of the big picture - of what is really going on, and also, who we really are - our immense capabilities as human beings.

Ironically, the "power" that the controllers have is an absolute and total illusion. They in fact have NO POWER WHATSOEVER.

Their illusionary power exists only because each and every human being who imprison themselves within the pyramid of ignorance, are giving their own power away to the reptilian mentality of the major controllers within the Elite World Government.


We, as individuals and as the human race, can immediately be free of this controlling structure by genuinely looking at and seeing the "big picture" and therefore stepping out of the pyramid that has kept humanity enslaved for such a long time. Many people all over the world are waking up to this fact and are now free, simply by seeing and acknowledging the bigger picture.

Knowledge is power and the power of knowledge can set us free.


Once enough individuals around our beautiful planet begin to see the big picture, step out of the pyramid of ignorance, take their own power back instead of giving it away directly to the Elite World Government, their controlling pyramid structure will collapse and will be no more.

Humanity will be free, free at last. Free to build a better world, by "giving" - from the immense power of love, instead of "taking" - from the energy of fear.


The knowledge that is now amassing within the human race is the understanding that the greatest power in creation is the power of love.

Everything in creation, everything we can see and understand, and everything we cannot, is a manifestation of this immense and wonderful power. Fear is just one of the many manifested energies created from the immense power of love.

It is important to realise that when the energy of fear is deeply understood, it can be used as a powerful catalyst for guiding us as individuals and humanity as a whole, toward love, truth and courage.

Fear is an energy that is implosive, ever-contracting and "self" destructive. It exists within the realms of time, is finite and therefore eventually dies.

Love, on the other hand, is a power that is explosive, ever-expanding and "self" empowering. It exists within the realms of time and timelessness and is therefore infinite. Love can never die.

The time is drawing near, when all of the human race will no longer be within the pyramid of ignorance and fear. We will be back where we belong, in the arms of LOVE, PEACE and FREEDOM.

We can do it. We will do it. It starts with you.