A Project Freedom Campaign

October 2001



Project Freedom and its associates have thoroughly studied the terrorising and torturing experiences of Marina Findlay by the Intelligence Services via the use of Neuro-Electromagnetic/Frequency Weapons.

Project Freedom is convinced Marina is a victim of this major human rights abuse and she will therefore be given 100% support by us. This support includes the production of a 3 hour video documentary exposing the terrorising, torturing, murdering, raping, paedophile mentality of specific cores within the Freemasonic run Intelligence Services who are presently torturing Marina.

Marina has agreed to participate extensively in this production which will be distributed and viewed world-wide. This documentary will fully cover Marina's experiences as well as expose those who are directly and indirectly involved in her torture. Marina's case of pyschotronic torture is classic, due to the fact that she has endured over many years, a full array of torture, mind and emotional manipulation, behavioural modification and assassination attempt techniques, by the (so-called) "Security Services" These techniques are being perpetuated against Marina 24hrs a day, which are exposed within her following report.

The reason she has become and continues to be a "target" of psychotronic harassment is the fact that Marina is a very powerful environmental campaigner and activist, exposing to the public the "Establishments" power mongering deeds. Also, by being a very strong and independent young lady, with powerful mediumistic/psychic qualities, she is a dangerous threat to the misogynist, paedophile "core" within the Masonic run intelligence services.

This "core" is presently attempting to destroy Marina's natural self-empowering qualities yet cannot touch her infinitely indestructible spirit. She is a true warrior of the heart, living her life from the centre of truth. Beings of lesser strength may not have survived the horrendous torture she has and is enduring daily.

Project Freedom and it's associates will relentlessly pursue the "Free Marina" campaign until she is totally free from her cowardly tortures and is fully compensated for the inhuman treatment she is experiencing.

George Farquhar. Project Freedom.



The shocking truth about why and how the Secret Services are making Marina's
life a living hell. The following report includes details of some conspiracies
she is exposing and classified military information to which she is privy
and therefore viewed as a threat to National Security.

Marina Findlay

In 1996, I was an outspoken and quite successful environmental campaigner. I was discrediting and speaking out against the Forestry Authority and the Scottish Natural Heritage and challenging landowners’ outdated financial and property rights. In the underground media I was dismantling State propaganda while providing information that empowered others to actively protect native woodlands. I was involved in persuading the East Lothian council to put a precedential blanket Tree Preservation Order on an ancient wood, giving rights back to Nature and the people. Conservation put before exploitation.


Around this time, the Secret Services decided to neutralise me by typical means and sent in one Graham White, an MI5 saboteur and one Geoff Colhoun, a provocateur. Graham destroyed our legal case that would have facilitated the protection of the majority of our threatened wildwood remnants, and attempted to subvert the campaign into a platform for peddling Forestry Authority greenwash. Geoff made confrontational statements to the press that were used to fuel £5000 of legal harassment against me. Even though I had publicly disassociated from him, I was still viewed as guilty by association. Consequently, I was severely restricted and excluded from vital aspects of the decision making process. This did actually cause the entire downfall of the campaign. He also alienated the previously entirely supportive local community and helpful conservation organisations. Both Graham and Geoff waged psychological war against me, spread slander and practised many MI5 techniques used to prevent democratic resolution of conflict.

Then into more hot water. I uncovered a national scandal which involved, indeed was initiated by the Royal Family. They basically conspired to break international laws and stole and destroyed much of the little that remained of our country’s natural heritage. Many ancient woodlands protected by the Habitats Directive were completely clear-felled so that suitable trunks could be used for the rebuilding of Windsor Castle after its 1992 fire. A more sinister and occult aspect of this deliberate and militaristic anti-Nature offensive relates to the fact that connection to Nature leads to the development of natural, unabusable psychic abilities and is vital for Wiccan initiation. The Royal architects worked with the Forestry Authority (set up by the MOD in World War 2 to replace torpedoed timber imports) and 2 or 3 major timber companies to target and take out the most sacred ancient woods. Inventories drawn up to ensure conservation of this habitat were used to locate valuable sites whose owners were then approached and offered tens of thousands of pounds by agents for the timber companies.

Also very relevant is the fact that at this time I discovered and started to use mediumistic abilities. For 100s of years, social leaders have burned and murdered mediums to prevent public understanding of sacred knowledge.

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 30:
Abstract from recently declassified records on Project Pandora released on 19Dec 1994.

"In 1961 Alan H Frey provided evidence that the perception of sound can be induced in normal and deaf humans by irradiation of the head with low power density, pulse modulated UHF (ultra high frequency) electromagnetic energy; a type of radiowave.....In 1973 S.M. Baldwin et al provided further evidence that brainwaves can be inhibited or enhanced by low power VHF energy. The ability to modify behaviour with auditory-cortex stimuli, peripheral heating, brain rhythm modification and many other biological applications of microwaves has been repeatedly shown since the 1950's. The energy in question is used in radar.....It is therefore possible that the biological application of radar could be used as a weapon on an individual or mass basis for sociological or political purposes."

I live alone in a small country cottage and am therefore a sitting duck for technological and psychic attack. MI5 started forcibly blasting me with toxic radiation. At this stage I didn’t realise that they were using remote control frequency weapons that had their sights set on my physical body. I wrongly imagined there must have been machines planted outside my house. They radiated me sometimes directly into my head, sometimes in a line down the centre of my body, and sometimes just completely. Frequently I was made to feel like my body was being dragged to the ground by a great weight. Obviously, I was terrified, and assumed I would be badly physically damaged. It was their intent at that time to simply run me from the country but for some unknown reason they changed their mind about that and instead, chose to attempt to torture and blackmail me into submission using Remote Control Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT).

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 36
Although difficult to produce, ELF (extra low frequency) waves make use of the electrical capability which exists between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth and, unlike the usual radio-communication waves which dissipate their energy over a relatively short distance, ELF can travel right round the world with very little loss.

Since the 1950's it has been known that very small electrical signals applied to the brain can affect consciousness, produce mood changes and alter sleep patterns. The frequency of the signals required to produce these changes are in the very narrow band 0.1-10Hz, these being the electrical frequencies which occur normally in the brain. It was thus a simple step to put these two things together, to amplitude modulate an ELF radio wave with brain type frequencies to produce a device of brain control.

The State's remote control of human electromagnetic technology connects onto the frequencies of radiation emitted by the brain and body. Electricity can be further directed to specific points in your person via the neural network. There is a USA patented (#2,995,633) technique for communicating verbally directly into the brain of an individual located at a distance. Officially it is described as a means to make deaf people hear. This widely used phenomenon (predominantly for subjecting targets of induced experiences mimicking psychosis to "voices in the head") is known as synthetic telepathy.

MI5 came out to me speaking via such codings onto microwave transmissions, pathetically referring to themselves as the "Windsor gang". They intimidated me verbally, then, in conjunction used remote physiological control with electro-magnetic manipulations to demonstrate their technological capabilities - these they described as "mentally sophisticated". They needed me to take their threats seriously. What followed was a week’s worth of routine, soul destroying relentless torture. The first of much to come. Daily, for a week, two agents took approximately 6hour shifts in intensive and brutal attempts to dominate me and break my spirit. The first had the voice of a man, the second, a woman.

The man’s job was mainly to shut me up about Windsor Castle. He terrorised me by causing cutting sensations at the base of the middle of my brain that I could feel and hear, while repeating verbally that I was having a lobotomy. Over and over again he was saying, "Never mention Windsor Castle, only on that (the thought) level, you’re having a lobotomy, say you will be normal". (Having done research into my personality, they were attacking that which is most important to me, my mental capacities.) Since they were clearly able to access and physically effect the inside of my head, I believed and still do, that had they so desired, they could have gone through with it for real. They were just mimicking but how was I to know? I was crying and screaming, absolutely petrified that they were going to give me brain damage. Using magnetism, the man also dragged mucus and moisture up to the top of my head, moving my brain, causing pressure and using this to manipulate tubes in my forehead. Doing so he caused much pain and said that he was going to burst my "clairvoyant bubble". He did eventually burst something that caused my right eye to be closed for several days.

The woman’s torture was designed to stop me from developing further my psychic abilities, practising Earth energy magic and Druidism. She yelled commands constantly, psychologically draining me. She asserted that I wasn’t allowed to do basically everything that I live for. She exhausted me.

My response to that horrific experience was to publicise the Windsor story throughout the underground environmental scene for protection and to deepen my resolve to fully answer my spiritual calling. The left hand way involves exposing and eradicating injustice.

Now I was in more trouble than ever, knowing classified military information relating to the nature and capabilities of the technology used against me.

For the next few months they distracted me with RCEMHBT experimentation and obstruction. Lots of blasting with radiation, filling my body up with electricity and manipulations of my energy body. They did one particularly crude experiment that involved sedating me and then making four electrical connections around the corners of my parietal lobe. They joined these points vertically with two currents which penetrated my head by about 2cm then slid the currents horizontally, blowing the neural network in that part of my brain. This cut off two of my senses, taste and smell. (They told me they were experimenting on me and that if I spoke to anyone about it they would kill me instantly.) I was still trying to campaign to protect woods in my area. During the three days that one powerful landowner, Lord Balfour was doing illegal clear felling, I was sedated so extremely that I couldn’t get out of my chair. I did manage to send out letters detailing RCEMHBT abuse.

Next, they decided to take me out once and for all. I was already quite frazzled and tired from their ridiculous, unending attacks and persecution. I was sitting in my living room when electricity started to enter my body at four points - over my ovaries and into my temples. This was a carrier frequency over which they directed a damaging form of radiation very like or definitely microwaves. They were targeting my front brain and my ovaries. Those internal organs started heating up and hurting. I was being cooked, sterilised and administered a very large dose of something similar to electro-convulsive therapy. In vain I tried to get out of range and drove 10 miles to a friend’s house. Distance seemed to make no difference, so I had to minimise injury by attaching my head and back to a radiator that attracted and drew the radiation from my body. During this assault they said to me, "We don’t like druids and we don’t want any more." They increased their own enjoyment of this sadism by tarting it up as a Satanic ritual. (The Secret Services are deeply Masonic.) Grievous Bodily Harm doesn’t count if there’s no broken skin. Very luckily for me the ECT backfired. Being a medium, (because of my astrology) I am a member of the minority of the population who respond unusually to ECT. For us it serves to speed up rather than slow down the thought processes. However, and I have evidence in the form of ultrasound photographs to back this up, they succeeded in sterilising me. The Secret Services have made me barren. Three conspirators to this attack are Kenny Curran- a child molester and murderer (based at WhiTtinghame, East Lothian), Marcus Findlay (based at Little Spott, East Lothian) and Stephen Johnston (based at 26 Hillside Street, Edinburgh).

Roodlands Hospital Scan of Marina's damaged Ovaries after this particularly
intense electromagnetic assault by the Freemasonic Intelligence Services

I kept protecting myself by sending out lists of RCEMHBT crimes committed against me, naming some of those responsible. For the next couple of years (whilst experimenting), the Secret Services tried to coerce, blackmail, condition, brainwash, discredit and (faking accident or suicide) kill me. I was tortured daily, often psychologically. e.g. Using information about my past they tried to traumatise me about having been child-molested. They also used rape experiences against me. Often they would combine emotional engineering, frequency assault, para-psychological engineering and subliminal suggestion.

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 34:
Cloning EEG.

The latest development in the technology of fear and mind control is the cloning of human EEG for the purpose of controlling the mind of any targeted victim, or groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anguish anxiety, contempt, despair, dread embarrassment, envy, fear, frustration, grief, guilt, hate, indifference, indignation, jealousy, pity, rage, regret, remorse, resentment, sadness, shame, spite and terror have been identified and isolated from the EEG, as (electronically specified) emotion signature clusters. Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured, then the very frequency/amplitude is synthesised and stored on another computer, each one of these negative emotions properly and separately tagged. "They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being."

They have got straight torture programmes that were applied when I was trying to write about them and also when I was doing spiritual work. Sometimes, when they wanted me to stop what I was doing, they did an electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) that stopped me from being able to breathe in. They only permitted me to breathe when I obeyed them. I was constantly bombarded into the head with high frequency sound waves that is very wearing. The forms of attack are too numerous to mention but are recorded in several detailed diaries.
I've lost track of the amount of times they have tried to kill me while driving.

Diary extract. 22nd Aug. 98.
"Someone was really badly and scarily trying to murder me last night when I was driving. All the way around Glasgow and back home.....Somehow they were 1) making me hallucinate. 2) making me nearly pass out. 3) putting pictures into my head other than the road and totally changing my focus of attention i.e. taking my mind out of the car. I kept jumping back into the here and now and driving and wondering how I had managed to stay on the road. All the way home, pens, envelopes, thinking about and looking at something completely different :(They can subliminally suggest By shifting their centre of consciousness into you.).....I had to drive because at home I was being molested by the machine, radiated into the legs, clicked, weird gaga frequency into my head again, and to top it all off, triggering the happy part of the brain. Very bad torture."

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 30.
By 1974 Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer at Stanford Research Institute in Melano Park, California, had developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind. It correlates brain-waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands.
Major Edward Dames of Psi-Tech said in April’ 95 on NBC’s "The Other Side" programme: " The US government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people." Dames would not comment any further.

I will now illustrate a common brainwashing technique:-

Diary Extract.
"I was getting horribly brainwashed by some bastard yesterday. Trying to tell me it (my torture) had not happened in physical reality. Someone who continued taking constantly and didn’t allow space for my own ideas and memory. I knew I was being brainwashed so set off to Glasgow. They write an alternative theory then hammer it into you for however long they are paid, then stop. I instantly forget their line because of memory wiping and return to inner knowing and memory flashes for confirmation of the truth. Truth was confirmed by driving because it was one of the most serious nights of attempted murder ever. Eyes closing, losing this centre of consciousness, passing out on the edge of the road for goodness knows how long....."

I was distributing my book "An Archetypal Representation of the Unbalances in Modern Society" in which I expose several state secrets and out the main Secret Society (an Arch-Masonic insidiously organised institutionalisation of witch-bashing) of Europe and Canada and the related scandal (and most common use of RCEMHBT, induced experiences mimicking psychosis). The Secret Society is organised by use of telepathic communication, all those "initiated" are given this ability. When they join, they are bound to never speak or write about anything they learn telepathically. It is designed to oppose the evolutionary forces of natural magick and to block the spiritual energies of deliberately excluded natural psychics and witches by abuse of psychic skills, RCEMHBT and Empire Magic such as sectioning. Its structure necessitates spying on the thought level. This is not morally justifiable, and deprives those excluded of basic human rights relating to privacy. It is completely unspiritual and doesn’t work towards the real magickal aims of following higher guidance, dissolving ego and acting according to your conscience. It gives you unnatural psychic abilities independently of the required increased awareness which ensures you only use them ethically. Psychic abilities should only ever result from completing internal alchemy: this way you first deal with your karma, and your doors of perception are opened by pure soul energy so your power will not be abused. Nature gives you psychic gifts when you are evolved enough to use them only for good. This is why Nature is said to have guardians, and only the pure of heart gain access to the true magical realms. If you are a member of the excluded minority, and if you develop natural psychic abilities, you will inevitably discover the Secret Society. To maintain their power and pretend they are needed, state leaders spread the false belief that you can’t psychically evolve yourself, be independent, responsible, and have a fulfilled life in which you find and express your creative centre.

The label of "schizophrenia" has long been used to control freethinking individuals. All non artificially induced experiences mimicking psychosis cases of "schizophrenia" are actually misunderstood instances of shamanic initiations. i.e. Kundalini activity resulting in the release of karma and blocked traumas (if you have any) required for the completion of internal alchemy - doors of perception opened by pure soul energy. One should be taught to embrace rather than suppress the experience. The Arch-masons know this, this is why they organised sterilisation programmes of so called "schizophrenics" and their families. Thus they bred out hereditary witches.

The Masons wage war against the Witches because Masons abuse their ill gained power while Witches work to eradicate misuse of sacred knowledge. Originally, the Witches and the Masons both worked ultimately towards "the manifestation of soul" but the Masons chose to omit dealing with karma, bypass nature’s guardians, get psychic abilities the quick way so have become perverted and degenerated into the mob. Their sickness formed out of denial and psychosis has developed into a form of sadism, connecting with purity only through violence. (Hurting someone is an unwilling form of intimacy.)  The Secret Services really do cover for and work with international paedophile rings and the Witches quite rightly try to stop them.

I was exposing this sort of thing so, to neutralise me, my "controllers" decided to deny me rights no one ever imagined would need protecting and effectively killed me without leaving a body. Straight mind control, blocking me off from everything that gave my life meaning. It was the closest they have ever come to killing me. One moment I had a strong intellect and personality, the next they were gone all that was left of me was memory, rational thought and awareness of the external. There has been an electromagnetic block in my brain since summer 1999 which prevented me from having any feelings, sensitivity, imagination, intuitive awareness and psychic abilities. At first, every waking moment was alarming, I could not speak and had a blank space where my thoughts should be, since then, some of my energy has been freed so MI5 can study how the block effected me. I am becoming horrendously normalised to the torture; this makes it easier to bear now. The minimal level of thought I have and with which I write this, is jammed by radiation and expressed according to an external rhythm. This restriction leaves me unable to read books. The block prevents me from being able to do all the mental exercises I used to practise or appreciate art and music. Since I have no feelings, emotions or sensitivity I cannot love. They have used additional torture programmes on top of the permanent setting. They want me to suffer, and if they get their way, will never let me be a practising medium or Druid. One day, I and others like me will get our lives back – consequently, we will be much better at protecting and honouring Nature.

Secret Service "Car Crash Techniques."

Using psychotronic devices there are many ways the Secret Services can remotely interfere with your mind or body to induce a fatal road accident. The most popular choice is simply to knock you out instantly. They can cause you to lose your accurate perception of time, so that while on a country road you may feel like you are driving at 50mph when in fact you're at 80mph. You will likely come off the road at a corner. Your sense of balance can be disrupted so you find it hard to steer. This is caused by auditory system manipulations. They can put pictures into your mind's eye so you can't even see the road, and will subliminally suggest related thoughts to move you into a separate reality. By altering your vision, vehicles can be made to appear to jump between 10metres and 30metres so your sense of distance is very distorted. Fatal when overtaking.

If a friend or relative dies in a car crash after acting in some (probably honourable) way against the State, you should likely blame the Secret Services.

Project Freedom Report.

Induced experiences mimicking psychosis is given a cover of "schizophrenia" in current standard medical textbooks. "Schizophrenia" is officially defined as:-

1) Saying you are persecuted by freemasons.
2) Harassment by neighbours.
3) A feeling of being controlled by external forces.

The freemasons monitor and wire up aspiring adepts to remote control technology. They pay your neighbours to wind and set you up, and manipulate you by abuse of psychic abilities and behavioural, physiological and parapsychological engineering. They can make you ill or unbalanced by influencing parts of your body via electromagnetic interactions with biological systems. Also on the subliminal or spoken level they can play live or recorded messages and play them directly into your brain - either you are being framed (if you are excluded from the Secret Society) or they are trying to terrorise you with the "voices in the head" which are in fact created by synthetic telepathy. (Devices for the implementation of which are proven by US Patents #5,159,703 Oliver Lowry, Oct. 27, 1992, #4,877,027 Wayne Brunkan, Oct. 31, 1989, #2,995,633, Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence, Aug. 8, 1961, #3,170,993, Henry Puharich, Feb. 23, 1965 and #4,858,612, Philip Stocklin, Aug. 22, 1989.)

Stimulating induced fear can make you appear paranoid. They can simultaneously disrupt your motor co-ordination, increase your heart rate and make you hallucinate to imitate a severe panic attack. Subliminal suggestion through the machine can provoke corresponding behaviour. What appear to be irrational thoughts can originate entirely from the computer operator who is trying to misrepresent you and make you seem confused. Gestures can be artificially induced making you feel not to be yourself and many emotional responses can be manufactured by activating the appropriate centre in the brain (ESB) or by directing electronically recorded emotion signature clusters on a silent sound carrier system.

Feelings such as nausea, boredom, frustration, murderous anger and depression, physical and energy level sensations can all be channelled through you. You could be bombarded with toxic radiation most frighteningly, and a conspiring Masonic doctor could diagnose you as a psychosomatic psychotic to confuse, disinform, and get the State off the hook. The aim of induced experiences mimicking psychosis is to imprison, discredit and unevolve outspoken or active individuals who are taking the responsibility entailed in acquiring increased awareness often through self initiation. In relevant cases, they try to catch you before you discover the Secret Society, so they can block you with so-called anti-psychotic drugs which inhibit natural psychic abilities.

Sometimes a victim ignorantly believes they are going mad; otherwise, if you aren't phased by the standard psychomimetic effect, the Masons will terrorise and blackmail you. e.g." Go quietly to a mental hospital or we will sterilise you, blow up your brain, give your cat a terminal illness or murder your mother." They can cause extreme pain in any part of your body, so can beat you up until you give in. A highly suggestible trance state which can be caused by increasing the frequency of your sensory apparatus puts you in a mental state where you are far more likely to respond obediently to their commands.

In combination they will disturb you with infuriating behavioural engineering whilst using one of their latest torture programmes, clicking and crunching in and around your head (a sort of "anti-music") in opposition to your natural rhythms. Also they may try to upset you using research into your history and personality as ammunition to put you down, stimulate your tear gland to turn on your sad emotions adding more behavioural engineering to make you become depressed and lose control. This helps them secure their aim of forcing you to attempt suicide. Either you die, or you are sectioned (placed by the police in a mental hospital against your will) now that you can be classed as a danger to yourself.

Once captive, you will be assaulted with poisons made specifically to cut you off from your imagination, decrease your insight and block you. Memory wiping will be combined with brainwashing by sadistic nursing staff or through the frequency weapon to rob you of understanding and mental evidence concerning the subject you were confronting, discovering or exposing. This will ensure completion of your normalisation and social conditioning. Institutionalisation in the full sense of the word.

"Schizophrenia" has long been used to control freethinking individuals. All non artificially induced experiences mimicking psychosis cases of "schizophrenia" are actually misunderstood instances of shamanic initiations. i.e. Kundalini activation resulting in the release of karma and blocked traumas required for the completion of internal alchemy - doors of perception opened by pure soul energy. One should be taught to embrace rather than suppress the experience. The Arch-masons know this, this is why they organised sterilisation programmes of so called "schizophrenics" and their families. Thus they bred out hereditary witches.

The Masons wage war against the Witches because Masons abuse their illgained power while Witches work to eradicate misuse of sacred knowledge. Originally, the Witches and the Masons both worked ultimately towards "the manifestation of soul" but the Masons chose to omit dealing with karma, bypass nature's guardians, get psychic abilities the quick way so have become perverted and degenerated into the mob. Their sickness formed out of denial and psychosis has developed into a form of sadism, connecting with purity only through violence. (Hurting someone is an unwilling form of intimacy.) The Secret Services really do identify and use international paedophile rings and the Witches quite rightly try to stop them.

Meanwhile, there was another sinister development in my own constant persecution around Christmas' 98. Too many people (for the liking of the military) were aware of the constant psychotronic and psychic attacks I was enduring. I was classed as a threat to National Security due to my knowledge of the technologies used against me, so :- Frame, discredit and eradicate. I had to be neutralised, primarily as a witness of covert, unacceptable "social control" methods and of Military experimentation. Those I was accusing were proclaiming their innocence and smearing me as "mad". There was mounting pressure and Masonic string pulling to have me officially so defined. A threat to the Royal Family is seen as a threat to the Freemasons, so that scandal also had to be concealed. Also, I had developed natural psychic abilities through connection with Nature - this meant I could find out things I wasn't supposed to know, nor was I allowed to be evidence of independence or true magick.

Drugging me with "anti-psychotics" was the best method of destroying increased my awareness. Not to mention that the local powers that be and the Forestry Authority needed to get rid of me so they could decimate the forest I had been fighting to protect for three years. The psychiatrist assigned to cover my area heard about my story from the GP who was involved in helping me get the ultrasound photographs which proved my sterilisation. He knew that I was a genuine psychotronic target and wanted to help. He visited me in my cottage, interviewed me for an hour and concluded that his professional opinion was that I was of "sound mind". I had no further meetings with anyone from the health services, yet, out of the blue, a Section Order (prescribing the maximum sentence of one year) was delivered through the mail. The Section Order was entirely illegal - not properly stamped, nor based on the two required medical reports.

I was arrested in London and flown to Edinburgh, then ferried to a hospital in Haddington where I was to be imprisoned for four months. Even during that period I was remote physiologically controlled and experimented upon. Fortunately, the staff in the hospital were well aware that I was completely sane and actually risked their jobs to avoid injecting me with the horrendous mind control drugs with which they were supposed to poison me. I was even allowed use of office facilities to raise awareness about induced experiences mimicking psychosis. I also finished writing my second book, "The Anti Wicca War" during my stay. As my release date approached the Secret Services psychotronically induced a nervous breakdown in an attempt to persuade my unwilling torturers that I needed their protection. Thankfully, I was respected and released as soon as possible, my physical freedom retrieved. I am presently working to expose the corruption behind my sectioning and should one day receive compensation whilst regaining the credibility required to campaign against the Secret Services.

As soon as I was free, my "controllers" decided to deny me rights no one ever imagined would need protecting and effectively killed me without leaving a body. Straight mind control, blocking me off from everything that gave my life meaning. It was the closest they have ever come to killing me. One moment I had a strong intellect and personality, the next they were gone. There has been an electromagnetic block in my brain since summer 1999 which prevents me from having any feelings, sensitivity, imagination, intuitive awareness and psychic abilities. At first, every waking moment was alarming, I could not speak and had a blank space where my thoughts should be. As they are studying, my brain is adapting to counteract the torture, to which I am becoming normalised; so it is slightly easier to bear now.

They have used additional torture programmes on top of the permanent setting and are still experimenting while trying to condition me. They have succeeded in their stated aim of turning me into a "bimbo", have stolen my soul and trapped me in external reality. I'm beginning to forget who I used to be and am afraid they want to keep me like this for the rest of my life. They want me to suffer, and if they get their way, will never let me be a practising medium or Druid. They have also secured their aim of preventing me doing Earth energy Magick - I have no access to my subconscious. The only reasons I stay alive are positive vision, and the need to fight for freedom for everybody from State abuse of remote mind and body control weapons. One day, I and others like me may get our lives back: consequently we will be a lot better at protecting and honouring Nature.

I am organising an official campaign to MP's, the MoD, and international human rights organisations asking for justice for all those effected by remote control electromagnetic weapons. The Secret Services do no service to this country and must be dismantled - many members should be arrested. All those who have experienced torture, induced experiences mimicking psychosis, obstruction, blackmail, coercion, conditioning (by the psychological enforcement wing of MI5), experimentation; and the families of those murdered should all be given compensation. Anyone who wants to help, even just by signing a petition, can contact me through Project Freedom Scotland.

  • Update on my situation. 22nd April 2001.

  • Persecution by social and psychiatric services.

    Presently I am on what is known as a “leave of absence” from a typically prison like mental hospital. This means that if I don’t turn up for a monthly injection, or at the whim of the doctor - I can be locked up indefinitely.  Forcibly incarcerated by the police. I am drugged with anti-psychotic depots which block dopamine and reduce personal energy thus disabling natural psychics. They reduce sensitivity, feelings, imagination and motivation. Side effects include substantial weight gain and interference with your hormonal balance.

    A social worker is checking up on me, prying into my home life and financial affairs, and I am obliged to see the state psychiatrist presently once every three weeks.

    Mail Interception and theft, phone interference, theft of property and theft of money.

    By breaking into the bank computer system, over the years,MI5 have disappeared over £10000 from my account. They have broken into my cottage and stolen bank statements whilst planting false statements, stolen a report, 400 copies of my book “ The Anti-Wicca War”, copies of my new booklet “CLOU”, a diary detailing terrible torture, evidence of illegal actions taken against me, legal papers relating to the protection of privacy and conservation e.t.c.

    They intercept my mail and steal much of it including pin numbers (repeatedly), letters from activists, insurance documents (to prevent me from taxing my car), and book arrival forms.

    They interfere with my phone, stopping me from calling particular people e.g. the police, reporters and activists.

    Presently , I am having to sue “The Big Issue” for disclosing private details relating to my involvement with a hospital, and for making public reference to what the state alleges to be connected to my mental state.

    Mind control – the four permanent settings.

    1.     The electric electro-magnetic bar blocking almost all of my mental awareness and feelings. Depriving me of any imaginative capacity and depth of thought, sensitivity, motivation, metabolic rate and natural psychic abilities.

    2.     Block in channel which allows the passage of energy which gives a constant flow of thought.

    3.     The sensory apparatus at my temples is clamped on the lowest possible frequency, sticking me in the mundane, disconnecting me from Nature and drastically changing my personality to the detriment.

    4.     Block in memory.

    Projects I’m currently working on.

    Creation of a port folio for PhD in Druidism, writing a book which expresses long censored Magickal secrets, and trying to expose MI5 at every available opportunity. Laughing, looking forward to my attackers arrest and constantly focussing on reducing suffering caused by the electric electro-magnetic bar which blocks my astrology, reality and energy of spirit.

  • Doing the Devil by Marina Findlay.

    The barriers of Anti-evolutionary magic are maintained by remote control effect and manipulation of human being technology (RCEMHBT). MI5 are masonic and Satanists who channel Devil energy. Using the aforementioned classified military technology, they attack good people who are acting most common sensibly to heal society. Healing society involves exposing injustice and sharing truth. If RCEMHBT were eradicated, the Secret Society would collapse since there would be nothing to enforce the "kickback"- torture to force suicide, causing car crashes, brain hemorrhages, heart failure and fake mental illness.

    RCEMHBT is used to murder, torture, terrorize and do induced experiences mimicking psychosis on empowered people. These people wish to do only what they know is right by doing internal alchemy which involves purifying and freeing up your personal energy and therefore developing natural psychic abilities, sharing insight or manifesting criminal conspiracies organised by masons and MI5,6 and foreign intelligence agencies. There is an undercover police operation to identify and collect evidence of MI5 agents committing crimes. Once the police infiltrators arrest most of MI5 (as well as many of their own bosses), everything that the Masons oppose can be liberated. Blocks in the collective unconscious due to social oppression can be cleared by understanding the negative social energies and rejecting them consciously. This can be turned into healing by connecting instead to that which was oppressed - namely nature, alchemy and sacred knowledge. There would be a beautiful social catharsis, a big facing of daemons, then Hod and Netzach can balance so we can move up the Tree of Life to Tipareth - higher feelings. Witches (Netzach) live to be as constructive a force of good as possible.

    The masons (Hod) originally had the same aim but became corrupt when they refused to ground their spiritual ascension and therefore formed and control the Secret Society. The masons have excess karma; hence they are perverted, psychotic and sadistic. They deliberately attack Witches because they know that a Witches' initiations involve having to take on and defeat (ultimately with the help of a third party) the corrupt powers in society. This form of initiation is sacrifice and you can only ever sacrifice yourself. Sacrifice means to make pure and whole i.e. The Witches soul has to be free from socially created diseased energy which is banished through their manifest reality and replaced with Natures' energy - the living soul energy of love, the forces of good. Sacrifice is associated with death and suffering because Witches risk their lives and go through hell (in this age) for the greater good because the authorities cause many problems for responsible people, and MI5, rapists and pedophiles are very dangerous. MI5 run Britain, they and corrupt masons are most of the diseased energy that Witches have to banish i.e. banishing the Devil. The way to banish the Devil in 2000 is to put most of his workers in jail. The way to heal MI5 and the Masons is to expose their perversions in the mass media to make them see themselves through the eyes of the innocent general public.

    Background Information Relating to Covert Attacks
    on Marina L. Findlay by the Secret Services.

    What MI5 do with Remote Control Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT), magic and abuses of psychic abilities.

    by Marina Findlay.

    RCEMHBT abuses - This technology connects onto frequencies of radiation emitted by the brain and body, electricity can be further directed via the neural network. Electrical stimulation of the brain and body is pinpoint accurate on a microscopic level. It can also be used to cook and burn internal organs by directing powerful radiation into specific areas. There are many other increasingly sophisticated ways by which the technology can influence you.

    Experimentation - Experimentation on innocent members of the public is carried out by MI5. Fields they explore include manipulation of the energy body, emotional engineering, blocking the mind, disrupting the mind, para-psychological engineering, blocking parts of the brain with Electro-magnetic barriers, electrical stimulation of the brain and body, sterilisation, causing injury, incapacitation, causing pains, torture, induced experiences mimicking psychosis, murder and other RCEMHBT related activities. With subtle experimentation, MI5 will trick you into thinking that the effects of the experiments are the results of other occurrences in your life. Eg. Headaches as a result of caffeine withdrawal or swollen breasts due to a hormonal unbalance. More serious experimentation will usually include memory wiping and brainwashing that it was all imagined or symptoms of madness. Communicating via normal or synthetic telepathy and broadcasts on the speech level, subjects may be blackmailed into silence about it. They will often be sectioned (detained in a mental hospital against their will), for discrediting and mind destruction – thus they are unempowered from exposing the injustice they have experienced. Frequently experimentation is simply followed by assassination.

    Torture - MI5 have actual torture programmes like causing clickings and crunchings in and around the head which work against you sense of natural rhythms (like anti-music). They will often combine these programmes with induced anxt, depression or infuriation caused by electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB). They psychologically torture you using synthetic telepathy, broadcasts on the speech level or using normal telepathy (research into your history and personality will be used against you).

    Expressing their perverted nature, MI5 indulge in sexual torture. Eg. They will stick spikes of radiation up your anus or do induced sexual responses whilst stimulating induced happiness (trying to make you act as though you like them raping you), or molesting your private parts with different forms of radiation.

    MI5 often cause terrible physical pains in your body and do evil acts like making you feel as though razors are revolving in your testicles.

    Less extreme long-term torture involves generally negatively interfering in your life. Eg. Causing you to need to urinate at embarrassing or inconvenient times, or knocking you out just when your favourite TV programme is about to start. They also frequently bombard their targets into the head with high frequency sound waves.

    Blackmail - Using the usual covert methods of communication, MI5 will tell you that you or someone you care about will be murdered, grievous bodily harmed or tortured for years. Or less seriously, that you will lose your job or unnatural psychic abilities.

    Coercion- This involves subtle undetectable RCEMHBT interference confusing and misleading you to make you act other than you normally would to suit the ends of your controllers.

    Murder - There are 3 main areas in MI5 murder.

    1. Induced suicide - They may simply tell you that if you don't take your own life MI5 will, but very painfully, gorily and degradingly. They torture you by typical means whilst giving ideas and images psychically on how to kill yourself. They persuade you that it's better to be dead than revolting, evil or useless etc., depending on their psychological torture angle. Obviously, they can make the torture so unbearable that death seems like a better option.
    2. Induced car crash - The most popular method of inducing a car crash is by knocking you out when you are going fast- They can cause you to lose your accurate perception of time, so that while on a country road you may feel like you are driving at 50mph when in fact you're at 80mph – you will likely come off the road at a corner. Your sense of balance can be disrupted so you find it hard to steer - this is caused by auditory system manipulations. They can put pictures into your minds' eye so you can't even see the road, and will subliminally suggest related thoughts to move you into a separate reality so you forget you are supposed to be driving. By altering your vision, vehicles can be made to appear to jump between 10metres and 30metres so your sense of distance is very distorted – fatal when overtaking.
    3. Fatal injury - Using ESB they frequently mimic heart failure by stopping your heart completely, or heart attack by speeding it up. Also using ESB they can stop your breathing to mimic dying from the likes of a panic attack. Also, quite easily they can give you brain damage by causing pressure electro-magnetically. If they murder you carelessly they blackmail (or use conspiring) police or doctors to cover it up.

    Grievous bodily harm - Frequently used to shut up intelligent outspoken people is the cooking of the front brain (a more serious form of Electro–convulsive therapy). Also, the sterilisation of hereditary witches and mediums.

    Induced experiences mimicking psychosis (IEMP) - This involves the use of normal and synthetic telepathy and speech level broadcasts as the "voices in the head" to make you think you have gone mad. Also applied are many combinations of technological interference. RCEMHBT influences constitute the "external forces" symptom of the recently redefined (for social control) "schizophrenia". This symptom is listed in current medical textbooks – yes MI5 really are hiding the truth of IEMP in the open.

    Spying - It is possible for the person operating the technology connected onto you to hear vocal expression, the normal thought level and deeper subliminal levels of thought.

    Magic - MI5 often give their enemies the Devil. This makes you encounter a murderous energy which can be survived. They also give you Death – this only comes out as physical death if you aren't aware of the real symbolism (ie. In the Tarot) which is actually positive transformation. They also give you the 10 of swords which results in being stabbed in the back very seriously and carefully set up.
    MI5 also send energy forms into your soul which comes out in your life eg. An illness, years of torture, rape, sodomy, being sectioned or a car crash.
    They also use ritual magic for evil – particularly Egyptian magic.
    Using techniques originally intended for healing, they kill.

    Psychic skills - MI5 abuse many psychic skills to spy, manipulate, dominate and control you. In particular they use the ability to shift their centre of consciousness into people, and all that that facilitates.

    Induced experiences mimicking psychosis (IEMP) and getting you sectioned.

    Marina Findlay.

    IEMP is used to section (hold against your will in a mental hospital and force you to take poison) and therefore subsequently destroy natural psychics, magicians, mediums who try to purify their soul and therefore be accurate, those who work with higher (more connected) spirits and tellers of truth about child molesting, abuses of psychic skills and state control.

    This common form of brutal torture (apparently used on 1 in 100 people) is given a cover as "schizophrenia" in current medical textbooks. The so-called symptoms are:

    Saying you are persecuted by freemasons.

    Harassment by neighbours.

    A feeling of being controlled by external forces.

    The masons (I know there are some good masons, but I refer only to corrupt ones) organise witchhunts of their enemies including bureaucratic harassment and slander. They persuade some of your neighbours to harass you by stressing you out, setting you up and sabotaging your life. Unfortunately, there are many willing "bashers" who conspire against IEMP subjects. The "external forces" are remote control effect and manipulation of human being technology (RCEMHBT) and psychic manipulations. The technology will be used to inflict emotional engineering (one method to induce feelings involves using previously recorded emotion signature clusters and directing chosen ones on a silent sound carrier system to connect with the brain of the target), thought interference, Electro-magnetic blocks in the brain, electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) and body, mimicked "voices in the head", para-psychological engineering and lots of blasting with radiation.

    IEMP is used against individuals who the masons want discredited, unevolved (to rob you of energy and psychic abilities) or locked up. Usually the subject is supposed to think they are mad but often they know full well what is happening but appear to act in unusual or worrying ways in front of those ignorant of the state persecution of good people, who could contribute to their getting sectioned. The masons use the technology to torture "those in the know", and blackmail them to hand themselves into a mental hospital. They force you to take the drugs prescribed for the illness they are feigning. (Torture is diagnosed as psychosis, synthetic telepathy as schizophrenia, thefts of money from your account or documentation of insurance or finance etc. as paranoia, grievous bodily harm, a psychosomatic episode.)

    This paragraph relates to those who "fall for it" but all techniques mentioned can be used on more informed subjects. Psychic and technological manipulations are often combined. Most psychic manipulations are caused by a person who has shifted their centre of consciousness into you, they can take over your body substantially and will use subliminal suggestion to influence you. The classic "voices in the head" are usually synthetic (USA Patents 5,159,703 Oliver Lowry, Oct 27 1992, 4,877,027 Wayne Brunkan, Oct 31 1989, 2,995,633, Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence, Aug 8 1961, 3,170,993, Henry Puharich, Feb23 1965 and 4,858,612 Philip Stockton, Aug22 1989) and can be on the speech or telepathic level. For those on the lowest level of society, the "voices" will sometimes just be caused by normal telepathy. Along with these voices with which they torture you, combinations of the following will be used. – Putting you in a highly suggestible trance state by increasing the frequency of the apparatus at your temples, causing induced fear, doing ESB to make you hallucinate and/or speed up your heart rate, technologically inducing hyper mania, disrupting your motor-co-ordination, influencing your mind to alter your thoughts and making you urinate. In this way the masons mimic panic attacks, or thus influence you over a long period of time to make you believe you have "paranoid schizophrenia". Sometimes, what seems like a psychotic episode can be caused by emotional engineering making you feel frustrated or murderously angry. Also, your actions will be directed by subliminal suggestion or the "voices" to make you smash windows or do other "mad" type things. Induced suicide attempts (if survived you can be classed as a danger to yourself and be sectioned) involve emotional engineering for causing depression etc., stimulation of the tear gland, psychological torture and psychic manipulations.

    Experiment subjects will often be sectioned. They will have their memories wiped and will be brainwashed by hospital staff who will willingly, due to blackmail or through ignorance try to tell them that their experiences originated from their imagination. You could be grievous bodily harmed yet diagnosed delusional when you talk of it. If you try to get medical evidence of your injury, the nurse doing the scan will be got at in advance and will lie to you and probably place false pictures in your medical records.

    Once the masons decide to get you sectioned they will pull strings within the medical profession. Doctors will suddenly turn up at your house and the remote controllers will set you up in front of them. Legal notices of having to be detained in a mental hospital for up to 6 months (this can be repeated unendingly) will suddenly come through your letter box.

    If they have had their eye on you for a while, they will use their horrible magic to send an eventuality that they hope will lead to your incarceration into your soul that manifests in your reality. E.g. A mason may say that a friend "spent time in a mental hospital" while directing energy into you through the symbol of the phrase. Or they may say "I’m psychotic" while directing their magic into you – this may manifest as conspiring evil people accusing you of being psychotic, or if you are an IEMP subject, those who aren’t aware of IEMP believing you are psychotic, or as you being officially so classed.

    Once you are trapped in a mental hospital you will have your mind blocked, be tortured by the prison regime and be degraded by being treated as though there is something wrong with you. You will have rights removed because you are classed as being unfit to make rational decisions. As a result you will experience bureaucratic, financial and driving problems and will likely be harassed by the psychiatric services for the rest of your life. The anti-psychotics you are legally forced to consume as part of the official "treatment" of "schizophrenia" include olanzepine, depixal, risperodine and closapine. These mind destroying pills pricks and potions have terrible and seriously dangerous side effects and rob you of intelligence, awareness, motivation, imagination, a fit body, psychic abilities, feelings, sensitivity, a sense of responsibility and your personality.

    Why Hod (corrupt masons) feel the need to sadistically, psychotically, schizophrenically, perversely, egomaniacally and satanically, rape, murder, molest, torture assault, degrade, traumatise, imprison, manipulate, coerce, steal the energy of, take the piss of, and slander Netzach. (Witches)

    The Masons delusion.

    Masons kid themselves they are entitled to abuse you by eg. Saying their religion is fulfilling and entertains you, gives you physical pleasure, escapism, lazy making technology, dangerous forms of transport, pharmaceuticals which make you more diseased, unhealthy and diverted from real medicine. The corrupt masons deliberately disconnect you from yourself and living reality, progressing towards increased suffering and eventually global destruction. They deny that Nature once supported harmonious, creative, peaceful communities. They pretend to be needed and have a desire to be useful, so they brute force you into dependency, put you down which blocks, impose standards on you and make you aspire to them. They censor the true metaphysic, and brainwash a fake religion into you, which is designed to favour the corrupt and control the innocent. They take you out of your natural habitat and make you into a slave for capitalism, to earn money and social status, to survive from industry and agriculture as a consumer and parasite of your own mother and father. They deny you your rights to express your creative centre, and then delude themselves that we are perfectly happy just living for them.


    Otherwise they think they are useless, so they like to fulfil the role of strong provider who you can’t survive without. – A God, i.e. Knowing best, better than Nature

    Smashing the mirror.

    They smash anything that reminds them of the karma or trauma or perversion which will make them see anything about themselves that they are not strong enough to change/ deal with/ stop. I.e. Stupidity, cruelty to nature, child molesting, rape, subliminal suggestion, centre of consciousness into you manipulations, astral directions, providing a false façade, brainwashing, drugging, lack of natural psychic abilities, inability to appreciate / communicate with Nature spirits, murder of Witches or those child molested and trying to testify, or murder of those exposing corrupt masons. They will take out on you what they cannot face about themselves , but that you bring to their conscience or awareness. They intuit what you would think, knowing the truth.

    Refusing to take on board the curse.

    ( A curse involves sending back negative energy sent to you, backed by a pure love energy, which should be incorporated, into the masons personality.)

    The mason won’t take on board the curse that the one(s) they respect make them dislike about themselves, banish that energy, then replace it with the one they attack through denial. Shooting the messenger, deflecting an incidental curse.

    Laughter is expressed so they undermine the seriousness of their evil. Really, the corrupt mason is shocked at himself. Together, they are deluding each other that life, rights, pains etc., aren’t valuable when they apply to those who threaten their insecurities, rejecting the curse of the targets spirit being recognised.

    Sadism in a relationship and taking the curse.

    The mason wants to block his girlfriend out of her mind. In this way he avoids facing his daemons. The disease takes over the mind, and instead of healing, he fixates to blocks thoughts and avoid the truth about himself. He will be jealous, possessive, sadistic, degrading and controlling to cover insecurity. He knows that by respecting what it is he can’t face that his girlfriend tells him, he will banish the diseased energy he channels. If he replaces psychotic fixation with spiritual, pure love, ready to take on board what she teaches. He can replace the disease with pure soul, get increased mental awareness and sensitivity, and be closer to completing internal alchemy.


    The psychotic refuses to think naturally to block karmic awareness or traumatisation. They should be thinking rationally with pure energy. They distract themselves by plotting and acting with diseased energy. This is because, what happened to them is to heavy and they are to weak to deal with it, or what they did, to bad for them to take responsibility. They must deal to heal.

    Their thoughts run too much because their subconscious is trying to manifest awareness of the karma or trauma. They may be in denial of the immorality, perversion, irrationality, cruelty, brutality or sheer seriousness. They will also be subconsciously worried about consequences if taking responsibility such as prison or public shame.

    They actively through negative direction of energy (actions and thoughts) block their conscience. They are constantly in denial of what they know to be the truth and cling to delusional theories to justify their expressions of personality, and selfish jobs and hobbies.

    Hurting someone you aren’t strong enough to respect/ love purely, is a form of intimacy. The only way the psychotic can connect without listening.


    The inability to work with thoughts, feelings and actions in harmony. The schizophrenic channels diseased energy, having karmic and/ or traumatic issues of which they are in denial. There is one public identity, which is good, and one evil identity, which is private or shared with criminal conspirators.

    Child molesting.

    Many people child molest who were child molested themselves. Out of denial, they try to prove to themselves it is harmless. Some people child molest having done something terrible, trying to reconnect with innocence. They may be jealous of the child's innocence, so feel like polluting them.

    Adjusting levels of karma.

    The mason may think child molesting and rape is o.k., but however not murder. If they get drawn into a criminal conspiracy which also supports murder, they can be corrupted to support that too, in denial that their friends are evil. The masons believe in a fake religion which is based on sadism, brutality and murder.


    The rapist is shooting the messenger, they try to ignore their mind and focus sadistically. They want to connect but can’t do it respectfully, so they subconsciously keep their awareness reduced, rather than learning and healing, taking on board what it is that your nature makes them nearly think about. Rape is a form of murder that can be repeated on the same woman.

    Mass Murder.

    The mass murdering mason will be deluded and an egomaniac, believing he has rights to take lives for his false religion, for Satanism, the greater evil. The masons plan to wipe out existence having had a kick, being too pathetic to deal with karma, and conning themselves they can feel happy due to power, ego and control. – escapist indulgences of those suffering from inferiority complexes.


    The mason must banish his diseased energy and replace it with pure forces. He must face the truth about what has happened or he has done. He must be strong enough to deal with it or with karma. Dealing with karma requires taking responsibility for and accepting the seriousness of diseased actions. They will be attacking or destroying what should be incorporated into their personality..

    The European paedophile ring, protected by the Intelligence Services. By Marina L. Findlay.

    The paedophile rings are Masonic, as members are promoted, they earn psychic skills that can be used to manipulate children and other people, primarily Witches. The Intelligence Services are also the same masons.

    Ideally, the masons are supposed to child molest those identified early as Witches. This is to traumatise them and prevent their spiritual evolution. (All part of the anti-Nature war.)

    Cover memories are used. Two masons work together, abusing psychic skills to give a child a cover memory. One mason is in the childs centre of consciousness, presenting an alternate reality to the childs mind, while the man that's there physically, child molests the unlucky Witch.

    These Witches will be put down by their mason relatives, set up and excluded from the Secret Society because the initiation sometimes unblocks a cover memory, and to keep them vulnerable to psychic abuse so they are easy to bash.

    If a Witch remembers and wants to arrest her molester, she is classed as mentally ill. She will be blackmailed by threat of use of RCEMHBT or simply have IEMP done on her. This is where MI5 and the other European Intelligence Services come in. Sometimes, they will simply murder the Witch, forcing her to commit suicide, brain haemorrhage, or car crash assassination.

  • Witch-bashing.

    Advice – see “The European Paedophile ring backed by the Intelligence Services.”

    If you are an unlucky enough Witch to be born into or to be “adopted” by the main European paedophile ring, you will be assigned “Witch-bashers” to control you, and to sabotage your calling and your career. They keep you socially unacceptable so you don’t get initiated into the secret state, to keep you vulnerable to psychic abuse. They get you onto drugs to drain your finances and for the previously stated reason.

    You belong to the paedophile ring, and any non mason who wants into your life will be blackmailed away from you, and depending on their determination, they could be tortured or killed.

    Personally speaking, I have never managed to have a relationship with anyone for whom I had real respect or love, and had to accept the best of a bad lot when necessary, with my Witch-basher options.


    1. Marcus Findlay.

      He child molested me, got me sectioned, caused problems between me and my mother, tried to be my grown up sexual partner and Witch-basher and tortured me for MI5.

    2. Andrew Hobson.

      Autistic rapist and violent controlling coke head.

    3. Adrian Fox.

      MI5 agent, agent saboteur and provocateur, rapist, brainwasher, psychological basher and inferiority complex feeder.

    4. Gary Copland.

      Psychological basher,  sexual conditioner, drug provider, resource drainer, bully, sadist.

    Why the bashing?

    If encouraged, the Witch would contact and follow higher guidance. She would campaign for Nature and human rights successfully, would do High then Pure Magick, prove natural psychic abilities, expose corruption, expose MI5, solve crimes, uncover conspiracies, heal other bash victims, and enlighten IEMP subjects. (see “Induced Experiences Mimicking Psychosis.”)

    Techniques used to prevent a Witch from evolving.

    1. Traumatisation. You will be identified at an early age due to your strength of character, individuality, confidence, imagination, preferred literature, psychic experiences, inner knowing, astral travelling, having a love for Nature, innocence and beauty. If possible, you will be child-molested.

    2. Exclusion from the secret state. Coercion into drug consumption, smear campaigns, provocation into rebellious acts, and guilt by association with subversive individuals.

    3. The blocking of your calling. a) They get you pregnant so you are too busy to evolve. b) They get you into a dead end job and force you to stay there. They take away your ambitions and undermine your confidence in being able to make anything of yourself. c) Sexualisation, to drain your spiritual energy. d) Getting you in debt to restrict your life.

    The basher will put down your work when you deserve praise and encouragement. They will pick on your weaknesses and insecurities, e.g., by saying they fancy your sister, while in reality, choosing, preferring and sleeping with you. The basher will brainwash you that you are too undesirable for any man to want to love you, and will put down your previous relationships to the man having only been after your money for example. They will naturally assume superiority over you, treat you like a child, tell you off, give you rows, weakening you for you will not have done anything deliberately wrong. They will use their size and potential for violence to control your expressed respect for and obedience to them.

    As you discover truths, work out metaphysics and encounter MI5, they will try to brainwash you you are mentally ill. They get a bonus for getting you onto anti-psychotic drugs which block natural psychic abilities and prevent spiritual evolution. The majority of non MI5 Witch-bashers get paid in psychic skills, and by being taught tricks of the trade.

    They will put you into debt, stealing your money, encouraging reckless spending and claiming fantastical debts. They will try to prevent you from getting out and about, encase you make useful contacts or, as Witches do, learn from experience. They will get you into drugs to make you unrespectable and to spend all your money. (and to share the drugs with you.) (Those who are known to take drugs are not permitted entrance to the secret state.)

    They will make you insecure, pretending affection to be them simply playing the game, doing what’s required to get sex.

    They will work very hard to discourage your true vocation – acting as one or another form of a healer. Society does this also by not recognising internal alchemy, nor levels of natural initiation. The Mystic Way is misrepresented and psychiatrists accuse spirit guides of being hallucinations. Your basher will diss you and e.g. claim that Mysticism is a form of escapism from reality, when in fact, it introduces you to just that.

    You will be constantly bullied, preoccupied with petty, unnecessary personal arguments, they will inflict on you genuine sadism. They get off on hurting you, and achieve a feeling of power when you are afraid. When involved in a dispute in which you have been wronged, they won’t defend your honour, and will leave you to fend for yourself.

    Once firmly by your side and in your life, all praise will cease, and the basher will show no interest in your interests, not want to know who you are and what is important to you. They will put down previous work and successes, and show no awareness of what is special about you, and what you have to offer. Their topics of conversation will involve stories which imply that nobody could ever have fancied you, and which are designed to demotivate you.

    Importantly, they oppose the Magickal practice of celibacy, by coercing you into a requiredly sexual relationship. They aim to repeatedly drain your spiritual energy, which also reduces imaginative capacity. If they know what they are doing, they will always make you come. They like for personal reasons to reduce you to a sex object, which also has detrimental effects on your self-image, and causes you to waste time with degrading pursuits.

    Female bashers also exist. They have to dominate mentally rather than physically, but can be very efficient.

    The basher will terrorise you, dominate you and condition you into a subservient mental state. They will feed you up to make you fat thus easier to keep away from non-bashers and they also benefit from your consequently lowered self-esteem. They will argue against and ridicule your ideals, pick on your weak spots, and when you make the slightest mistake, will e.g. accuse you of being cruel to your familiar (cat).

    At his best, the basher will have you poor, wounded, drug dependant, sexually drained, beaten, raped and abused. They will engage you in psychological warfare while maintaining physical control.

    Witches have a lot to contend with, and I hope this article arms them. Also, understanding is the key to healing. You were abused because you were good, and not because you deserved it.

  • The True Story of Marina Findlay.

    She was brought up on a farm, is vegetarian and has a strong love for Nature. After studying philosophy at university, she became an environmental campaigner and was unfortunately targeted by MI5.

    She discovered a criminal conspiracy involving the illegal mass felling of ancient oak woods to supply timber for the rebuilding of Windsor castle. MI5 used Remote Control, Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT) on her and tortured her into silence.

    She was set up in the media as having spiked a wood. She did not. But MI5 put a “terrorist tag” on her which  broadcasts what she hears, her thoughts and speech to members of the Secret State within a 2-mile radius.

    MI5 were using the technology to take the piss of Marina, and enjoyed it so much they decided to get it “stuck” on her. This backfired because eventually, Marina learned to use it to raise awareness about MI5. So they tried to kill her about 80 times while she was driving, gave up and sectioned her to class her as mad so she had no credibility.

    MI5 also set her up on the broadcaster with synthetic telepathy (ST), pretending the slanderous nonsense originated from her mind and not as it did from MI5.

    They then mimicked her psychiatric breakdown and gradually blocked her energy of imagination and feelings. She has no feelings and thoughts only as a reaction. They also blocked her constant flow of thoughts.

    She adjusted to this new mental state and started an official campaign against MI5, writing a report of her treatment. (including sterilisation and experimentation.)

    MI5 told her she had gone too far and that she was to be publicly murdered. They did mock executions on her and blackmailed her to go back into hospital or die. In hospital she hit rock bottom and ran to London. MI5 freaked out and set her up beyond belief 24hours a day. She has not had a moments peace since then. There is always an MI5 agent in her centre of consciousness pretending to be her thoughts to cover the mind control. They like to be in charge of everything that is transmitted. ST is transmitted while she is awake. Usually repetitive nonsense to a rhythm. 

    MI5 torture her for her campaigning by trapping transmissions of ST in her centre of awareness, preventing her from focussing on anything else.

    She is physically and mentally remote controlled, and MI5 want rid of her at the first available opportunity. This is why she chooses to live in a highly populated area where suspicion would be aroused if she had a brain haemorrhage or heart failure. Even a driving accident would be quite obvious.

    For more info. Phone her on 01620 823012.

  • Update. 21st Jan 02.

    Successfully, fellow revolutionary Fabian Tompsett countered blackmail and hosted for me in the Isle of Dogs recently. We spent the whole time exposing MI5.

    MI5 blackmail all non-agents away from me since decent people tend to be good for my credibility when it comes to public perception of me via the thought broadcaster.

    With the electric electromagnetic barrier in my brain, I need human company to give me energy, and was basically bullied into having a relationship with a semi-decent “If I don’t do it, someone else will worse.” agent, who was posing as a schizophrenic to set me up as guilty by association. Anyway. He was paid to get violent, beat me up, trashed my flat, and got me evicted. I have been reliant on MI5 for crash pads ever since, as I wait my turn in the council housing queue.

    Next, MI5 wanted me set up as a junkie and sent in a new agent – Gary Copland. Gary is a heroine addict, and because I suffer due to torture, I took some to ease the pain. MI5 wanted to condition me to take it regularly, so, when I took the heroine, they released more of my energy. This increased my mental awareness from 1/8 to 1/3 which makes a phenomenal difference, changing me from having no thoughts to having thoughts practically constantly. To undermine the junkie stereotype I am taking a prescribed morphine substitute and hope that today, my GP sees sense and prescribes it to me legitimately.

    Previously, when in a public area, an MI5 agent in my centre of consciousness had to pretend using telepathy to be my thoughts. This was to cover the barrier and to control what was transmitted. After doing this 24hrs. a day for over a year, MI5 got fed up with this job. Another reason they put me on 1/3. I still can’t dream or imagine, but I now have slight feelings and don’t suffer so long as I am busy.

    I had a medical check up and discovered that my bones, blood, eyes and ears are suffering. I need this thing off me!

    Having to run away from Gary at 3am was very dangerous. I had to visit Edinburgh to announce that I was going to inflict the broadcaster on them for 2 weeks, for protection. Unfortunately, the friend I was going to stay with got blackmailed, so now it’s Dunbar that’s expecting me in about a week.

    MI5 don’t like me to appear mentally capable of doing a job, so blackmail all my employers to sack me. Luckily I am able to be self-employed as a professional spirit medium, (They can disconnect you from guidance by fully blocking your energy with the barrier. I had that for 8 months.) and writer.

    Gary bullied me into serious debt – paying for his heroine, so did a good job of restricting my freedom and mobility. Despite having a cooked front brain, I still drive very well, and use the car as a “microwave station”. I expose MI5 and teach Magick as I drive through towns.

    I get tortured when in the middle of nowhere. Mock executions involving pressure in vessels in my brain as if they’re haemorrhaging me. MI5 have been fucking with my energy, putting me down to 1/8 when trying to slow my campaigning down. I’ve been forced into a cottage in the countryside with a man with a reputation as an alien buff and conspiracy theorist. At least he is allowed to appear to believe me.

    So, a 1/3 of a mind, a new, additional campaign “Justice for Pressmennan” which focuses on the police for ignoring the fact that landowners get paid by government bodies to break the law, by felling internationally protected woodlands. Also my website, and my business – Tarot, health checks, mystery solving and selling books which raise awareness. I’m constantly surrounded by theatricals i.e. MI5 agents pretending to have the same brand of “madness" that I’m supposed to have but relating to a different subject. Or, visiting me to brainwash the locals that child molesting is good and natural. This is for Marcus.

    I have been doing lots of earth energy Magick to organise my next life, get my mind back, and be free. It has been manifesting since they released more of my mind.

    From the 11th of Feb. I am officially sane, so am choosing to voluntarily see my blackmailed psychiatrist, and take the drugs which I know to be placebo, to protect myself from being sectioned again. MI5 can easily set me up on the broadcaster with synthetic telepathy.

    In Dunbar I will be more independent, so I will be able to focus on my favourite occupations – saving woods, taking power away from the masons, and giving it back to Nature.


    This message is to certify that Marina Findlay senses, at the present moment she is under direct threat of assassination by MI5. This is due to her recent activities in self-empowerment.

    This is also due to her recent public disclosure of the anti-evolutionary magic, rape methodologies of the secret service hierarchy as well as exposing some of the perpetrators involved.

    If Marina does have an “accident” or is yet again forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric unit to shut her up, this will be the direct engineering and creation of MI5s’ “CORE OF RAPE”.


  • An Objective View of State Psychiatry.

    Unfortunately for students of Psychiatry, the text books are written by anti-Wicca masons who lie about the nature of the mind and spirit, the contents of anti-psychotic drugs and “schizophrenia”. They are told that “schizophrenia” results from a chemical imbalance, not as it does from IEMP or internal alchemy. Students are not taught to be holistic and remain ignorant of the Quabala and the Tree of Life. They do not learn that we have different mental locations in the energy body. They are not told of astrological influence on the mind or indeed the brain.

    State psychiatrists are not taught to identify the root of a disease and to banish it through the manifest level, therefore, they never heal patients, only treat them. When a psychiatrist views as “schizophrenic” someone undergoing internal alchemy, they prescribe them anti-psychotics which block the rising energy that is causing the problem. The patients evolution is suppressed rather than aided by understanding the active karma or trauma and discharging it appropriately. Obviously, the cure for IEMP is to take the technology off the subject, and only the police can do that. IEMP subjects are usually chosen because of natural psychic abilities hence anti-psychotic drugs are designed just for them. This helps maintain the power of the secret society.

    In medical textbooks, the effect of anti-psychotics is to block dopamine, this is only one minor property of these evil poisons. Primarily they block kundalini. Their side effects are also deliberately horrific since the inventers were sadists. Indeed, anti-psychotics are so dangerous that to begin treatment you have to be hospitalised so your biological reactions can be monitored.

    State doctors are easily blackmailed by masonic superiors so are very easy for MI5 to work through. The Mental Health and Welfare Commission, the patients “defence”, is in place specifically to cover IEMP. It is entirely corrupt.

    State psychiatrists are not trained in psychoanalysis, so never “council” you, never ask about your childhood or traumatic experiences so can’t heal you psychologically. They see everything as biologically based, never treat patients as individuals, nor seek the patients views or input.

    Only 2 types of drugs are available for state psychiatrists to prescribe. Anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. Both are dangerous and destructive. If the state views you as mentally ill, you have to take one or the other, even if you are neither psychotic nor depressed.

    For the state, the mental health system is used to discredit those exposing crimes of the masons or the state, to disable natural psychics and to imprison activists.

    Sadly, real healers of the mind are themselves locked away in mental hospitals. This leaves the general public deprived of any assistance with their minds.

    A New Development in Mind Control.

    MI5 have learned how to block natural psychic abilities independently of anti-psychotic drugs or traumatisation. Using RCEMHBT, they suspend an electric electro-magnetic barrier at the middle of the base of the brain blocking a chosen amount or all of the energy of the spirit. The spirit carries all non-biologically originating thoughts, feelings and sensitivity. To block only natural psychic abilities is not too incapacitating, the only other noticeable effects are a reduced imaginative capacity, an inability to perceive beauty or to love with intensity. The barrier thus applied makes the subject like a typically naturally blocked Daily Mail reader.

    Sometimes, the “barrier” is used specifically for incapacitation or for torture, for these applications, most or all of the spirit energy will be blocked. The torture accompanying major blocking is severe. Discomfort, subconscious strain and a need to escape will be experienced. It can be compared to being in a prison of the mind, suicide would be considered if the torture subject had the ability to think. They are shut off from the internal, unable to feel joy, sadness, anger, or even the cold. They won’t be able to bear being alone, even the company of a rapist is preferred to solitude. They can’t be creative, appreciate music or understand books. Eating is a good distraction, but weight-gain will occur since the barrier also effects the metabolic rate.

    Completely blocking a spirit medium will disconnect her from her spirit guide – this is parapsychological engineering.

    Although better than anti-psychotics because you can recover quickly from it, the barrier completely knocks you out of the running. Complete blocking is a form of murder which leaves no dead body.

    We the undersigned request that all Nuero-Electromagnetic/Psychotronic and frequency weapons abuse of citizens by the Secret Services be stopped. These weapons are designed to remotely damage and effect mind and body. The applications include microwave assault and injury, physiological control, electrical stimulation of the brain, behavioural engineering, synthetic telepathy and spying to name but a few. All associated victims of induced experiences mimicking psychosis, experimentation, torture, blackmail, coercion etc. must be given justice and compensation. This should also apply to the families of those murdered.

    Marina Findlay

    Correspondence from Marina
    to the Ministry of Defence

    It has come to my attention that many innocent members of the public are being tortured, assaulted, experimented upon, coerced, blackmailed framed as mentally ill and murdered by the use of classified frequency and Frequency Weapons. Responsible for this are the Secret Services who target those who threaten their power-mongering hidden agendas. We ask that all such immoral technologies be completely exposed and eradicated, and operators brought to justice.

    All victims must be given proper support and compensation. The Secret Services, particularly MI5 should be investigated - if this is done properly, many will be arrested. Please honour the responsibility that goes with your position and help put an end to this atrocious abuse of human rights. Please state your stance relating to this issue. I look forward to your response.

    yours sincerely, Marina L. Findlay.

    Marina's book, CLOU, can be viewed here in PDF format.

    Visit Marina's own website or e-mail her at