at Glastonbury Festival 2000
for confronting undercover
government agents selling  hard drugs to children.

The following report highlights incidents at Glastonbury Festival 2000, 25th June, where Human Rights Activist George Farquhar directly witnessed and confronted an undercover government agent selling hard drugs to young children of about 15 years and over.

Along with confronting several other agents and shouting out publicly regards the Freemasonic Intelligence "Core" who are involved in the torture of innocent members of the public with Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons and running their own Paedophile organisations, George was subsequently arrested and jailed. He was released the following morning 15 minutes after requesting to see a Non Freemason Solicitor, and Psychiatrist to obtain a clean bill of mental health, and to write a full written statement.

No charges were made!

Injuries sustained during arrest

This expose includes details of legal action which is presently being taken against the Government Security Services for "doing their job" of selling hard drugs to young children as well as the Yeovil Metropolitan Police for wrongful arrest and police brutality.

George has seen a medical practioner regarding the injuries sustained during his arrest and police brutality tactics. He is presently receiving alternative treatment for his injuries.

I had been at Glastonbury Festival since the previous Tuesday evening. On Sunday night, the last night of the festival, I was watching the David Bowie concert.

After the concert had finished, in the area around the front of the main stage, many people were building small fires with the paper that was trashed around. I was standing around and building one of these fires with some other young people. After about half an hour we were approached by a large man about 5'9"-5'10", overweight, podgy, dark hair, baby face.

As he approached the fire, I was watching him and immediately became suspicious of his motives. At this point, there was a young man and three young ladies sitting and squatting around the fire. The youngest was about 15. As he walked up to the fire he asked "Does anyone want to buy any pills?". A few of the group said no and I didn't acknowledge him at all. I just gave him a casual glance because of my suspicions of who he was. He then turned away and walked about 30 meters to the main path where he stopped, turned around and looked directly at our group again. There were many, many groups around lighting fires. He had already been told that nobody around our circle wanted to buy 'his drugs', yet his attention was continually directed towards our small group. I was becoming even more and more suspicious of this man as he kept turning around and staring in our direction. My initial suspicion about this man, I believe, had now become clearly apparent. He was an undercover government agent trying to entice people to buy his drugs, hard drugs.


I promptly stood up, walked over to him, looked into his eyes from about 12 inches away, and told him that I knew he was an undercover police agent. He promptly denied this and said "Don't be stupid, I'm not a police agent, what makes you think that?" I said " I know because of my past experiences with the establishment when people including myself are being watched". I told him my name and also about the Project Freedom network which I run, which is to disseminate information to the public about the atrocities of the establishment against society. I asked him his name and he told me it was "Spud". I asked him if he had a family, he said "Yes, a wife and two children". I asked him if he cared about his wife and his family and he said "Yes". I said "If you fully knew what your hierarchy do towards society you would not do the job you do". I told him I knew he was, in essence, a good man but was an undercover police agent as I could tell that he was not coming from truth, but from total insincerity.

I know when people are insincere especially when I look directly into their eyes and I know when people are telling the truth. I knew absolutely and categorically that Spud was a government undercover police agent/drug dealer.

We had a discussion for about 10 minutes and during his this time Spud continually denied that he was an undercover police agent. I was telling Spud about some of the atrocities of his establishment which I expose on my website, giving him my website address at least a dozen times to make sure that the address stuck in his mind so that he would check it out for the benefit of himself, his family and society as a whole.

At one point, very early on in our conversation, Spud put his hand into his left pocket, and pulled out some pills. He said "Would I be a copper if I had drugs in my pocket?" I said "Yes, of course you would." He went quiet. I don't know what the 'pills' were but they were very small, mostly white, a few blue and yellow ones, about 10 in total. He then, after realising that I know about undercover police tactics, put the pills back into his pocket.

He then promptly said "I have 2 warrants out for my arrest", watching me while he said this obviously hoping to convince me that he was not undercover police. I promptly told Spud that because the 'establishment' control the computer industry (the internet etc) it's not difficult for an undercover police agent to have a 'fake' warrants out for his arrest. I went on to explain to Spud that because of my past experience of being in prison, I also know categorically that undercover police agents also work within the prisons as 'prisoners', infiltrating the so-called criminals that are in prison. After about 10 minutes of this back and forth conversation of my telling Spud that I knew categorically that he was a police officer and Spud's response of denial, I did start to get a little bit angry as he wasn't admitting it - yet.


Spud said at one point that society needs to be controlled as people were 'bad' (or words to that effect). I promptly told Spud that society is not 'bad', society is innately pure. What is 'bad', is the authorities that attempt, and generally succeed, in brainwashing the people through all their propaganda mediums (mainstream media, education etc), to keep people in fear and ignorance, and therefore easy for the Establishment to manipulate. Spud obviously believed this propaganda bullshit, as most people do. I then forcibly told Spud that if he really, truly cared about himself, his wife, his children, he would look at my website to understand fully who his hierarchy are, and that their whole intention is not about protecting society, but about controlling, manipulating, deceiving, lying, and terrorising society, towards social control. Spud still denied he was an undercover police agent. I started to shout at Spud, I told him he was coming from lies, deceit, corruption and bullshit, just like his hierarchy. I told him he was not coming from truth, and if he was coming from truth he would not do the job he does. Spud could no longer take the facts being presented to him and he walked away.

I then walked back to the fire where the young people were still sitting and I briefly chatted to them from time to time, mainly about societies controlling establishment. This subject normally crops up when I converse with people because the subject is so close to my heart. This is due to my direct experiences of being harassed, intimidated and terrorised by the authorities over many years for no other reason than to use me as an 'experiment' along with my knowledge of many other 'experimentees' who have encountered similar or worse treatment than myself. Those of us who have been targeted can presently do very little about it because of the "sleeping consciousness" of the large majority of the masses who do not really care as they are not really interested in 'truth', and therefore standing in their own power. Those who are not standing in their own power are unconciously giving their power away to those who wish to control others.

After about 10 to 15 minutes sitting around the fire with these young people, they stood up to go home. As I said goodbye, I told them who I was and about the work of Project Freedom. I gave them my website address which has been created to inform people of the horrendous atrocities that are being carried out against society by the authorities, to control the human race. They said they were very interested and would look up my website. I sat around the fire for another few minutes when I noticed Spud had returned and was still standing around about 30 meters away, on the path. I was watching him intently, watching his mannerisms, his body language, his energy. He was shifty and nervous, continually standing in the one spot and he knew I was watching him. After a few minutes, I stood up and walked again towards Spud.

Immediately, I started to tell Spud that there was no way he could ever stop me from knowing that he was an undercover police agent. There was nothing he could do to change that knowledge, and understanding that I had. Spud then very nervously kept on shouting for his friend, "Joe, Joe, Joe" Eventually he said "I have to go and find my friend Joe" so I said "Fine, I'll walk with you", knowing that his friend was also, most certainly, an undercover police government agent who was also possibly involved in selling drugs to young kids. I was very interested in meeting as many of Spud's 'friends' as possible so I decided to hang around with Spud. He didn't like it but he had no choice.

I was on a mission. A mission to expose the truth within the darkness of the 'establishment pawns'. I also wanted to 'see' directly into the darkness for myself, as I have done a number of times in the past, to gain a deeper undertanding of how the "Establishment network" operates, to control others.

We walked towards a small outdoor dance stage about 300 meters away from the fire that I was standing around, where Spud had introduced himself as a 'drug dealer'. As we were walking towards this dance area, Spud was very nervous and he continually said I must find Joe': I must find Joe" I was also very interested in meeting Joe.

As we were about to reach the outdoor dance stage, another man came up and started walking alongside Spud. I gave the man a casual glance but didn't give him any attention as I didn't want him to be scared off. Spud said "I need a light" to the man. The man handed Spud a light. Spud gave the lighter back to the man and as the man walked off he glared directly at me as he walked ahead of Spud and I. I knew this was one of Spud's accomplices, but kept quiet about it. Spud then introduced me to Joe (who was lying on the grass next to the dance area), and who I strongly felt was already expecting me. "This is my friend Joe". Spud said as he lay down in the grass and pulled his hat over his eyes. I knew by this time that he had had enough of me. I squatted down, I looked into Joe's eyes from about 12 inches away, who had a glazed look on his face, a look of, 'what's going on here?'.


I said to Joe "I know who you are, I know you are an undercover police agent". He laughed and laughed. Joe told me he was 44 years old. He was a broad Cockney, from East London average build, very rough looking around the face, as if he had a very harsh life. I then started to tell Joe about who I was, what I do, my website, repeating my website address to him very closely, over and over and over again. I did this in the hope it would stick in his mind so he would possibly look it up when he went home to his family and have second thoughts about the job he was doing. During our conversation Joe continually denied that he was undercover police, yet always being friendly, never being angry. Of course, I could see right through Joe and Spud like a sheet of glass. They were clearly lying, clearly deceitful and clearly government undercover police agents/drug dealers.

At one point, a Land Rover full of uniformed police pulled up alongside the dance stage, about 10 meters from where Spud was lying (with his hat pulled over his eyes pretending he was sleeping), and Joe and myself. Joe promptly spoke up "Ahhhhh, these wankers, these bastards, I hate these bastards, wankers, scum, I hate them, I hate them". As Joe said this, I looked directly into his eyes. I could tell Joe was lying. I said to Joe "Is that your mates then Joe?". Joe panicked "That's not my mates, I hate these bastards, I hate them, they're wankers" and on and on.

All this time I remained very quiet and very calm but very intent on letting Joe and Spud know who I was and that I knew exactly who they were and there was absolutely nothing they could do to change that knowledge and understanding that I had.

I then realised that it was time for me to move on, I felt that I had had enough to do with Spud and Joe at this particular time and I had given them enough information to think about and to realise, so I walked off, towards the dance stage. I was very much enjoying myself, as one normally does at festivals, apart from undercover police agents who are there not to enjoy themselves, but to watch people and to sell drugs to people. Because of this 'attitude' that government agencies have of watching other people, they are outstandingly obvious. There are two types of people at festivals, in particular at Glastonbury Festival. There is the person who comes to enjoy and just be themselves, and there's the person who comes to 'watch' those who are just being themselves. They are distinctly different. They are distinctly different to the point where they are very, very easy to recognise, especially to someone like myself who has direct experiential knowledge of being under overt and covert surveillance by government agents over many years. I very aware while in the presence of undercover police. I am becoming more and more aware, very clearly, very quickly who is 'watching' and who is, "just being themselves".


Within the next hour I had spotted at least 10 undercover police agents around this outside dance stage amongst a crowd of about 200 - 300 people. At one point, I noticed two couples pass me as I was standing looking towards the dance stage. As they passed one of the ladies glanced at me. She had a very wide-eyed, nervous look on her face. As she passed, I turned around and looked at her. She then started to dance. (People don't normally dance when they are nervous.) She turned around and looked at me as I was watching her. I knew that she and her three friends were government undercover police agents. I then walked a little bit away but continued to watch the four of them. There was one couple who didn't seem to be aware that I was watching them. The other couple very quickly became aware, the girl was dancing, or trying to dance, but she was very nervous. Her 'boyfriend' accomplice was lying down in the grass about 10 meters away from his 'girlfriend', the other couple were lying close beside, pretending to snog in the grass. The man, who was lying in the grass, was watching me, watching his 'girlfriend', he soon became very nervous also.

I was squatting down watching him and watching her at the same time, looking back and forward, back and forward just trying to feel their vibes, getting to know exactly where they were coming from. I knew because of their false body language and false energy that they were undercover police agents. I went up to the man and sat down beside him. By this time, he was very on edge. I looked into his eyes very closely from about 12 inches away and I said "I know you're a cop". He was in shock, he'd been found out. Of course he was in shock, undercover police intelligence agents aren't supposed to be recognised and confronted by members of the public. They are undercover police, their disguise is supposed to be impenetrable.

Their disguise may be impenetrable to some people, but to others their 'disguise' is a dead give away because they're not coming from truth, they're coming from lies, deceit, corruption and ignorance, just like their hierarchy. Their deceit shows very clearly in their body language, mannerisms and especially in their eyes.

I spoke to this man very closely, very quietly explaining who I was, explaining about the Project Freedom website and about the fact that Project Freedom exists to expose to the public the atrocities of the establishment against the people. This man was very much more aware, intelligent, and open than his friends Joe and Spud. Although he never admitted at any time that he was an undercover police agent, he was very genuinely interested what I was saying. At one point his girlfriend came up and asked if everything was all right. She had obviously seen that there was something important happening between the two of us and wondered what was going on. He promptly said "It's ok, no problem honey, everything's fine". She walked away a little bit and we continued to talk. I can't remember this man's name but he did seem like a very nice man, a genuine person, and I told him so.


Throughout our conversation I continually expressed that I knew categorically that he was a govornment undercover police agent, yet he only denied this once, at the very start of our discussion. I also told him that he has been bullshitted to, and brainwashed by his heirarchy that society is innately 'bad' and needs to be 'controlled'. I said the true reality of the situation was, that we are ALL brothers and sisters and do NOT need to control each other, but just for every one of us to live from the center of TRUTH. If and when everyone lives their life from the cenre of absolute truth there will be no necessity whatsoever to control others. Obviously the reason he was doing his job was through ignorance of the big picture, ignorance of what his hierarchy are really up to.


I told him briefly about the engineered atrocities by the Freemasonic-run intelligence services to create fear and ignorance in society which includes their involvement in 'zapping' people with Neuro-electromagnetic Frequency Weapons for the purpose of mind control experimentation, behavioral manipulation towards social control and murder. Also the fact that the 'core element' within his hierarchy are deeply involved in organising their own pedophile rings. This man was shocked but he was very intent in listening to what I had to say. I was speaking to this man for about 10 minutes when his accomplice 'friends' came up to say they were leaving. This man then stood up and promised me he would look up the Project Freedom website. As he walked away, he turned around and said "What was your web address again?". He was obviously genuinely interested in looking up the Project Freedom website.

I sat for a few moments on my own, feeling quite content that I had spoken face-to-face to some of the 'pawns' within our 'system of control' and I was hopeful that they may wake up to see the truth of the reality of the job that they are doing, which is to further advance the manipulation of society into more fear, ignorance and destruction, towards social control.

After a few minutes I then walked towards the main stage again, where people were dancing. I was not particularly looking for undercover police agents. I don't have to look as they are blatantly obvious with their false mannerisms and their false and insincere energy.

At one point I went to the loo, which is very close to the dance stage. As I came out, I noticed a very large man about 20 stone, very well built, dark complexion, dark hair, who gave me quite an intense glare as I passed him. I immediately felt something was not right about this man. I walked a little bit into the crowd, again not particularly looking for anyone, just waiting for 'them' to manifest. After about a minute, I saw the same very large man walking towards me. I had a bottle of water in my hand, went up to him, and genuinely asked him if he would like a drink of water. He looked at me as if I had two heads and said "No, I don't want a drink of water", very defensively. I immediately became even more suspicious of this man. I watched him for a little while. He was very nervously walking about watching everyone.

His accomplice, another man who was much smaller but still very well built, then joined him. I approached the two of them and said "Are you security?. I believed that they were plain clothed private security at first and not actually government undercover police. At this remark, he glared at me and said "No I am not", with an aggressive voice. It was obvious to me now that this man was not even plain clothes security, he was undercover police. He'd given himself away through his nervousness, through his insincerity, through his ignorance. I started to speak to him about his family, he became even more nervous. He didn't like me talking about his family but I continued to do so. I told him if he really cared about his family, he would not do the job he does and if he had any sense, he would check out my website and inform himself of the dirty deeds that his hierarchy are up to against society.


This large man was from Wales and a rugby player. I asked him, and he told me. The smaller man said very little, he was just staying quiet but very intently listening to what I had to say. They both said that they would look up the website address to inform themselves further.. The large man was still very nervous and angry with me as I kept on repeating my website address and the fact that their hierarchy are rapists, terrorists and murderers. This made the large man even more nervous, and he said. "If you don't piss off, you will be in big trouble". I said "Is that right, what kind of trouble will that be then?" He said "You'll see". I replied "No, you will see, you will see the truth when it's too late unless you look up my website Again I repeated my website address many times to these two men. They had had enough by this time and walked away. As they walked away, I shouted "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom" at the top of my voice.

Again, I just started to walk around the edge of the dance area, not particularly looking for any undercover government police agents, as they just appeared to be manifesting in front of me very easily. I did see a few others that were looking very suspicious but I felt it was time to go back to see my 'friends' Spud and Joe. As I walked towards where they were originally laying around, I saw them walking away, down the path in the direction where Spud and I had originally come from, toward the main stage area. I approached Spud and Joe and said "Hey guys, I'd like to talk further about your "establishment" and hierarchy and what they are doing to society. Can I buy you a beer?" Spud and Joe were very nervous, Spud angrily said "if you don't fuck off, you're gonna be in big trouble". I said "Why will I be in big trouble? I haven't done anything wrong. I only want to buy you a beer".


Just as I said that, Spud who was on the left side of me came around to my right hand side. As he moved around behind me onto my right hand side, Spud grabbed my right arm and Joe grabbed my left arm and they proceeded to drag me off the path towards a large metal gate. As I was being dragged towards this gate, which is the entrance to a security compound, there was a uniformed security officer standing behind it. He was ready and waiting, swinging the gate open for Joe and Spud to drag me through. This was obviously a premeditated plan to stop me from further confronting and exposing the truth to any more government agents.
The security compound where undercover government agent/drug dealer Spud and his accomplice Joe attempted to drag me into during the 'illegal arrest'.

At this precise moment, I thought there was a possibility my life was going to come to an end.

The reason being that the 'authorities' have previously tried to manipulate me into death in one of their 'experiments' in the past. Since I now widely expose this incident as well as countless more horrendous atrocities of the Freemasonic Establishment via the Project Freedom Network and website, I cannot fully expect to live to a ripe old age.

The 'Unelected Ruling Establishment' do not like people like me, who expose their disgusting, cowardly and brutal tactics to the public, so deal with them, by creating 'suicides' or 'accidents' to solve the 'problem'. A perfect example is Phil Schneider who was tortured to death by his own hierarchy for exposing government secrets to the public. Phil's story is exposed on the Project Freedom website.

I did not believe I was getting pulled into the compound just to get physically beaten up. Being beaten up means very little to me because I have been physically assaulted and beaten up many times in my life before, but the thought that my life may quickly end that night was a little disconcerting.

However, I did manage to break free from the grasp of Spud and Joe before being dragged into the compound and took a few steps back. I then took my jacket and my t-shirt off. I wanted it to be very clear to the undercover police and private security that I didn't have any weapons on me. I was also bare foot at the time as someone had stolen my shoes earlier. All I was wearing now was a pair of jogging pants, no top, no shoes and was obviously therefore an unarmed man, which was what I wanted to make very clear to those I was addressing. The only weapon I had was my voice and I intended to use it.

I had no intention of causing anyone any physical harm whatsoever. My only intention now, was to speak my truth regarding the engineered atrocities of the Unelected Ruling Government heirarchy against the people.

I then noticed reinforcements had now arrived, plain clothed government agents, as well as uniformed security, about a dozen in all.


This 'illegal arrest' incident had made me very angry (understandably so) and I started to shout very loudly "Ok you fuckers, kill me now, you've tried to kill me before now's your chance. Go for it, let's go for it, come on, go for it". I was provoking them as I wanted them to make a move. I also wanted people who were passing to see what was happening. Because of this attempted 'unofficial arrest', I now decided to attract some public attention to this diabolical situation, for witnessing and confronting government drug dealer Spud and his associates, 'doing their job'.

To attract public attention I proceeded to kick a few 45 gallon dustbin drums over and the security gate. Joe and Spud and everyone else stood their ground while I was pacing up and down shouting the abuses of the authorities against society. I was shouting about the fact that the Freemason Heirarchy and the 'Core of Demonocracy' within their compartmentalised structure, are paedophiles, murderers, terrorists and rapists. I then walked up to Spud and shouted loudly in his face from about six inches away "Who the fuck are you?". Spud coolly replied "I'm just doing my job". I then shouted to him "Just doing your fucking job. Your hierarchy tried to rape my seven year old daughter, my seven year old daughter, my seven year old daughter".


Spud couldn't take it any more. He backed off about six paces and turned around. He couldn't face me. Around this point I felt the dozen or so uniformed and undercover police that surrounded me, were getting too close. I then backed off from the gate area and back onto the main path. I was very upset at this one point about the whole situation. At this time a young man and young lady were passing by. They came up to me and asked "What's wrong, what's wrong" and I basically just fell into their arms. I felt very close to these people, they had obviously seen my distress yet at the same time, seen that I was not a violent person. We embraced very tightly and I said "Thank you brother, thank you sister" several times because I felt so indebted to them. I felt they were like an island in a hurricane at sea. I had reached the island but I knew I would soon have to leave the island again and go back out into the hurricane. I told them briefly my story, what was going on, what I had witnessed, who I was, my website address and I asked them to look up my website which I hope they do. This young man and lady were only about 17-18 years of age and were very compassionate, unlike many of the pawns within the establishment that I was confronting.


I was talking to these young people for a few minutes when two older men approached, who had been standing watching us from about 10 metres away. These men were about late 50's, both of them small in stature and quite effeminate, certainly not your average undercover police agents. I felt these men were somehow more than just 'surveillance' agents. As I was telling them about the paedophile involvement of the Freemasonic hierarchy the older men tried to push their way in between myself and the young lady and gentleman who had come to my aid. They physically pushed the young people apart from me and one of them put his hand on my shoulder, pushed me and said "Calm down, calm down". The irony at this moment was, that I was actually calm and quiet, yet they had butted into our conversation, telling me to calm down.

It was very obvious to me then that these undercover police agents, were more than just your average undercover police agents. I felt very strongly and believe these men were possibly involved directly in the organising and running of the paedophile rings themselves, within their organisation. I had a very, very strong sixth sense intuition (no proof of course), that these people were very possibly involved in having sex with children. My two young friends and myself realised that there was something very insincere about these two older men.

The young man pushed the men away physically and said "Go away, it's none of your business, leave us alone". The two men stepped away a couple of paces intently watching, intently listening to what I had to say. I again started to talk to my friends about the Establishment's paedophile involvement as the men were still standing close by and listening. I then realised I didn't want these men listening to what I had to say. My conversation at that precise moment was between myself and my two young friends who had basically, just come to help me. I then turned around to the two older men and shouted several times "Fuck off'. I did not want them hanging around hearing what I had to say in front of the two young people. I repeated it very strongly so they backed off and stood about 10 metres away to where they were originally standing, watching and listening.


As I continued my conversation about the establishment paedophile rings, I saw an unmarked yellow box van coming from the distance, down the public path, until it was very close to my friends and myself. My young friends had their backs turned towards the van so they didn't see it coming. As it came towards us, the van accelerated, hitting the young man on the back and pushing him forward. This was obviously another police hierarchy tactic to break up the conversation between myself and two innocent members of the public. The last thing the authorities want is for me to start speaking my truth out to the members of the public in a situation like this. Although he was hit by the van, my young friend was not hurt. I realised immediately what this tactic was for, so I slammed my hand very hard against the side of the van shouting "Fuck off you bastard".

I knew categorically that this was yet another police hierarchy tactic to try and break up our conversation therefore I was not going to let them get away with it. I then realised after these two incidents, first the incident with the older men and now this incident with the yellow van, that my friends could be in danger. I then said "You must go, you have to go, please look after yourself and please look up my website". They promised that they would, turned and went on their way. They were very concerned about me, they realised that something was going on between myself and the authorities but obviously there was nothing they could do. I was very concerned for their safety and I had to tell them they must leave. This situation was now something I had to get through myself without any more help.

I then went back from that point to again confront Spud, Joe and the other undercover police agents as well as the uniformed security, again continually shouting out my website address and more about the horrendous atrocities against humanity by their hierarchy. I was mostly shouting out about the fact that the establishment hierarchy are directly involved in running and organising paedophile rings, therefore having sex with children. Everyone around looked astonished, understandably so, because the masses, including the 'pawns' of the Freemasonic run 'establishment', do not realise that this is going on. But because I DO know what is going on, categorically, from direct experiential knowledge, I have no fear in exposing this truth to the public. Whether I may be ridiculed, condemned, abused or murdered, it does not matter to me. The truth is coming out, it will come out, and nothing will stop the truth coming out.

Everyone will eventually know the truth of what the Unelected Ruling Elite, controllers of our social system are REALLY up to. EVERYONE will know exactly WHO they are and what the are doing. It is only a matter of time.


As I repeatedly shouted out my website address, and also details regarding the atrocities of the hierarchy within the establishment and their involvement in paedophile rings etc., there was one govornment agent who didn't look so astonished. He was about mid-forties and had a smaIl wiry buiId. He was watching me very, very intently, and he had rage written all over his face as he was watching me, intense rage. Everyone else appeared to be a bit shocked and bewildered, yet only this man I noticed very clearly, was in rage.

He knew what I knew and he was angry that I was exposing it to the public. I therefore directed my attention towards this man. I started to shout paedophiles, paedophiles, paedophiles, paedophiles, paedophiles very loudly as I was pointing towards this man. He became more and more enraged.

Although I have no proof, I believe this man was very possibly involved within the 'core element' within the Freemasonic structure, of the organisation of paedophile rings and therefore, obviously involved in having sex with children. As I was shouting "paedophiles, paedophiles, paedophiles," and pointed my finger at this undercover police agent, I was jumped on from behind by about six uniformed security officers and was thrown to the ground. My legs were twisted up behind me so I could not move them. There were a number of bodies on top of me, my arms were pinned to the ground, their knees were on my elbows.

I felt a hand on my head, ramming my head to the ground, another gloved hand was put over my mouth, stopping me from shouting 'paedophiles, paedophiles.' I had a distinct feeling that this 'paedophile' undercover police agent was possibly the one who had his hand on my head and hand over my mouth, but of course I don't know as I couldn't see. I know that those who jumped on me had no idea whatsoever about the depth of the atrocities that I was shouting about. They had obviously been 'informed' though, at this precise moment, to shut me up as I was going too far with my statements.

I believe it no coincidence that as I was shouting out about the worse atrocity that any human being could ever commit (which is to be involved in having sex with children) that I was jumped on and had a hand put over my mouth to shut me up. When they were on top of me holding me down, I could tell that they didn`t want to do me any harm. I did not feel any malice from them at all. At the most, I felt they only wanted to make sure that I was down and I was going to stay down until the police arrived, which they told me was going to happen and that I was going to be arrested, and charged with breach of the peace.

Soon after being taken to the ground I expressed several times, very loudly and clearly to the security guards as well as to the public that were passing by, that I was a non-violent man.

As I was lying face down on the ground, people were passing and I was saying hello to many people because I am quite a friendly, as well as a non-violent person. I was also speaking to some of the security who were holding me down. One man in particular I spoke to, his name was Mark from what I remember, seemed like a very nice man. He obviously didn't have a clue what his hierarchy were up to and seemed to be very interested in what I had to say.

We spoke for some time about my experiences and what I am doing regarding the Project Freedom network and about the Project Freedom website. I mentioned the reason why my website exists is to inform the people of the atrocities of his hierarchy. He appeared very friendly, very genuine and also was very interested in what I had to say. I did say to him at the end of our conversation, that he should not look at the website for my sake, but for himself and his family. He promised that he would do so and I believe that he will. After about 20 minutes of lying face down, pinned to the ground, Yeovil police had arrived in a Land Rover, although at this point in time I did not know it was the Yeovil Police, and felt it possible that they could be military.


Yeovil Police took over, holding me down and the uniformed security let me go and backed off. My hands were taken from the front where they had been spread out in front of me, placed behind my back and was promptly handcuffed. I was lifted onto my feet, officers beside me and behind me and I was walked towards the back of the Land Rover. As I was walking, a flash came through my mind that there was a possibility that I may not make it to a police station and that in fact I may be taken to a military base. This kind of treatment does go on from time to time and hence why some people mysteriously go 'missing' and are never found again. This particularly includes people who are human rights activists and are directly involved in exposing the atrocities of the 'establishment'. They can quite easily 'go missing', have an 'accident', or 'commit suicide', as in the case of Phil Schneider. I thought yet again, maybe this was my time. I therefore decided I was not going to go quietly, I was going to go speaking my truth.


I started shouting "Leave the children alone, leave the children alone, leave the children alone, leave the children alone", over and over and over again. I want the authorities to leave all the children alone. I want them to stop selling drugs to young children. I want the 'Unelected Ruling Government' to stop raping our young children within their paedophile organisations.

The police tried to get me into the vehicle, feet first. I put one foot on the step into the vehicle, I put my other foot onto the back of the roof of the vehicle so they could not push me in. I was shouting my truth, "Leave the children alone, leave the children alone, leave the children alone". I then placed my other foot on top of the back of the roof so that I was virtually vertical, looking up towards the sky. I then kicked back, doing a somersault and landed on the ground, face down, still being held by the police officers, who then grabbed my body, grabbed my legs and threw me head first into the back of the van, as I was shouting "Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom". The police officers then jumped into the vehicle, closed the door and we drove off. As soon as I was in the van I immediately stopped shouting.

I did not see any cameras but I know of sleazy undercover government tactics. I know there will be cameras all around Glastonbury Festival watching the activities of everyone, therefore I know that there is film and audio evidence of this incident and I intend to legally obtain a copy.


The police officers were kneeling on top of me, one rammed my head down to the floor as I tried to keep my head up but I couldn't. He kept ramming my head down to the floor, repeatedly telling me to keep my head down. By this time I was exhausted and I couldn't keep my head up, so I relaxed but he still had his hand on my head, pushing my head into the floor which was totally unnecessary. I told the police officer to get his hand off my head. I had no intentions of starting any trouble. All I wanted to do was to speak my truth. I started swearing at him to get his hand off my head, yet he kept pushing my head into the floor, again and again. I kept on repeating "Get your fucking hand off my head, get your fucking hand off my head, get your fucking hand off my head", over and over again. "You can't even look me in the eye can you, you can't even look me in the eye can you". He said "I can look you in the eye" and I replied "Well let go of my head then". He then let go.

I turned around and looked him right in the eye. He looked me in the eye and he had a look of smugness and malice on his face as if he was really enjoying the process. The other police officer was a bit more subdued. His name was Duncan and he seemed like a reasonably intelligent, friendly chap so I started to discuss with him about his hierarchy. We discussed their involvement in zapping innocent people with Neuro-electromagnetic Frequency Weapons and about their involvement with paedophile rings etc. I proceeded to tell him about some of my personal experiences and how I got involved in Project Freedom to expose to the public the atrocities of his hierarchy against the people. He seemed quite interested in what I had to say. As I was discussing this with Duncan, I would hit on some very hard core topics, for example his hierarchy's involvement in paedophilia.

While I was talking about these subjects with Duncan, it would seem as if his attention was going somewhere else for a little while and he would then interrupt what I was saying. I then realised that his hierarchy were manipulating him through his earpiece to change the subject that I was talking about. I mentioned to Duncan if he was getting instructions through his earpiece. He said "No", took it out of his ear and said patronisingly "Would you like me to take it out, would you feel better if I took it out". I said to Duncan "I don't care what you do", and I didn't. Whether he gets instructions from his hierarchy or whether he deals with the situation from his own mind did not interest me. The only thing that interested me was that I had to speak my truth to anyone who was willing to listen and in this particular case, those who were not willing also.

Whether that be a police officer, an undercover government agent, uniformed security or just a member of the public. Whoever, whenever, wherever, I intend to speak my truth, about what I know, about my direct experiences regarding the Unelected Ruling Goverment's horrendous engineered atrocities toward social control.

Duncan was a bit patronising from time to time but I did see decency in him and he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. The other police officer was not so friendly. In fact, he was quite a brittle man and I did experience police brutality tactics by him in the back of the van. A number of times I asked for the hand cuffs to be loosened as they were very tight and cutting into my wrists, as I was lying, on the floor in the back of the van, face up with my hands underneath my body. I just wanted the cuffs released a little bit as my hands were swelling up and going numb because there was no blood getting into my hands.


As I was asking Duncan for the cuffs to be released slightly, the other police officer bent over toward me, which I believed was a compliance to my request. However, he started to twist my hands and wrists around the cuffs, pretending to alleviate the suffering that the cuffs were creating. I turned round and looked at this officer in the eyes and could see malice, absolute malice in his face. He was purposely twisting my hands and wrists around the cuffs so that they would cut into my wrists. I shouted to him "I know what the fuck you are doing, do you think I'm fucking stupid". He then, yet again, pushed my head against the floor, pushing my face away from looking at him. I then repeatedly shouted "Let go of my fucking head" over and over again. I said "I know exactly what you are doing, thank you very much for that experience, I have never experienced police brutality in my life before. I have heard of it many times, but have never directly experienced it. Thank you very much for that direct experience of police brutality",.He then let go and sat back with a glazed look on his face. At about this point Duncan said to his accomplice "I think we might just put him in the 'Cage', what do you think?" I quickly said, "The 'Cage' - that sounds good to me - I'll take that." I don't know what the Cage was, but I was very willing to experience these further police intimidation tactics. The 'bully boy' police officer now realised I was not going to be manipulated by any of their pathetic and cowardly harassment and intimidation tactics, and he moved from sitting by the side of me to the back of the vehicle, opposite Duncan, towards my feet.

By this time I felt that the two officers realised I wasn't stupid and that I was just standing in my truth. They now both appeared more complacent and relaxed, listening to what I had to say. We eventually came to the police station and I was quite relieved, as I wasn't very sure initially, where exactly I was going to be taken. However during the conversation between Duncan and myself, I did realise they were Yeovil police and not military.


The police officers got out from the back of the vehicle and I shuffled along to the end of the vehicle to get out. By this time, I felt Duncan and the other police officer had realised I was not going to start any trouble, they knew I was just speaking my truth, and they now seemed to be quite relaxed about how to handle me. On arriving at the station, Duncan and the other officer each told me twice "Now make sure you keep your statement to the duty officer very short and concise". I was told this four times within about one minute. I obviously realised that this was just police psychological manipulation tactics so I would give as few details as possible on the events of my arrest therefore making their job easier.

This understanding only prompted me to make sure I was going to give as long and detailed a report as possible from the events of 1994 where I first encountered police harrassment and intimidation tactics (which I expose on my website) right up to the present moment. I was soon to find out I was not going to be allowed to do this. I was taken into the station, to the Desk Sergeant. One of the police officers started to tell the Desk Sergeant about my situation implying that my situation was possibly due to the fact that I had an excess of drugs in my system. I objected forcefully and said "What a lot of bullshit. My actions tonight were nothing at all to do with any substance at all and it is totally irrelevant." I was told to shut up which I did. The Desk Sergeant then asked me what led up to this situation that night. Rather than start from the point when Spud attempted to sell his drugs, I decided to go back to the point where I was first harrassed by police intelligence before being arrested for a simple fraud offence in March 1994.

After about one minute, I realised that the duty officer who was supposed to be listening to my statement was not interested. He was writing his official form regarding my case, speaking to the police officers, listening to what they had to say while I was explaining my statement. I therefore stopped talking and said abruptly to the Desk Sergeant "Are you listening to me?" as I felt he was being quite condescending. He looked up at me, then looked backed down at his paper and said, "Go on". I continued my story. After a few seconds he said he had had enough of listening to me and I could give a full statement later on. As I am not very aware of arrest procedures, I actually believed it was possible at that time to give a full written statement at a later point that night. I now realise that this was a blatant lie.

The cuffs had been taken off very soon after I got into the police station. My hands and my lower arms were blue and swollen and there were cuff cuts into my wrists where they had been placed tightly and my wrists twisted severely around during the police brutality incident in the back of the Land Rover. The Desk Sergeant said a doctor would visit me to examine my injuries. No doctor came. Another lie.


The police Desk Sergeant asked me if I had a lawyer. I replied "Yes, I have a lawyer, George Moore from Edinburgh but I want to see another lawyer, a non-Freemason lawyer. He looked at me, he looked at his colleagues, he smirked and put his head down to his paper again and said "Freemason lawyer, non-freemason lawyer, you will get whatever". This made me quite angry, so I said "No, I do not want a freemason lawyer, I want a non-freemason lawyer, there is a major difference, I want a non-freemason lawyer". He looked at me and said nothing. I was then taken to a cell on my own and locked up.

The condesending nature of the police officers within this situation was diabolical and I knew that what I witnessed was just the tip of the iceberg. I am very pleased though that I have directly witnessed such an event. These police officers are so deep in ignorance, they have not got a clue what is really going on. I just hope that a few of them will have the sense, to at least visit the Project Freedom website. It may help to open up their mind a little bit.


Early in the morning, a police officer came into my cell and he asked me "What created the incident of how I became arrested that night". So rather than give him a small part of the story which started from when Spud tried to sell his drugs to the group of young people, I started way back with my experiences of when I started to be harassed by undercover government agents in March 1994 through until the present moment. The officer who was obviously well up in the Freemason hierarchy, (had a lot of shiny buttons on his shirt), promptly said, before I had even started to get fully into my explanation, "I'm not listening to this, you will be released when you come to more sense". He walked out the cell and closed the door. Several hours later another police officer came. Another Freemason, (more shiny buttons). He asked me if I was ok, I said "Yes I'm fine but I would now like to see a non-freemason lawyer, a non - freemason psychiatrist and I want to write out a full written statement." He looked bewildered at my request and within 15 minutes I was out on the street. No charges had been made and I was not in the least surprised.

I hitched a lift from Yeovil back to Glastonbury Festival where I immediately started to do a little bit of investigation. I went back to the original place where Spud and Joe, the undercover government drug dealers tried to drag me into the security compound. I managed to get someone to take a photograph of me standing by the gate of the compound. I asked a number of people including uniformed security which organisation the undercover police belong to. Nobody seemed to know anything. My investigations still continue here.


It's plainly obvious to me that the undercover police government drug dealers are in total collusion with the Yeovil police heirarchy as well as the uniformed private security company. When Spud and his accomplice Joe tried to drag me into the security compound, the gate was being opened by a uniformed security officer. They are obviously in collusion with each other and they know what's going on. What they intended to do when they attempted to drag me into the compound I am not really sure. Beat me up to scare me? Bump me off to shut me up for good? I don't really know. I intend to try and find out who Spud and Joe are and which organisations they work for. I intend to find out and I intend to expose this truth to the public so the people can become aware that we are being manipulated to a massive degree. If we do not fully realise this and take action against this, our children and our children's children, will suffer the consequences.

I have since been to see a medical doctor to check out my injuries and to explain my situation, briefly, regarding the police brutality tactics.


I'm also seeing a solicitor to take legal action against the government undercover police for selling hard drugs to young children. These potential child-killers must be stopped. I am also taking legal action against the security company for aiding in the wrongful and illegal attempted arrest when Spud and Joe tried to drag me through the gate into the security compound. This uniformed security company, Specialised Security from Main Street, East Calder, Midlothian, Scotland are also involved, albeit indirectly, with these government sanctioned drug dealers. I'm also taking legal action against Yeovil Police for wrongful arrest, without being charged, and police brutality in the back of the Land Rover when my hands and wrists were twisted into the cuffs to intentionally create more damage to my physical body.


In essence I have been arrested for witnessing and confronting undercover government agents selling hard drugs to young people at Glastonbury Festival 2000, as well as publicly stating that the 'core element' within the Freemasonic structure are directly involved in REMOTE MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTATION, MURDER, TERRORISM, AND THE STRUCTURING AND CONTROL OF THEIR PAEDOPHILE ORGANISATIONS - ALL IN THE NAME OF SOCIAL CONTROL.

Once the people become fully aware of what is REALLY going on, those involved will pay for their crimes against humanity - in no uncertain terms. EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!


Correspondence to Michael Eavis, owner of Glastonbury Festival:


Michael Eavis
Worthy Farm


Shepton Mallet


Dear Mr Eavis, 15/7/2000

I would be pleased if you would inform me of the name of the government undercover police agency that was involved in surveillancing the Glastonbury Festival 2000.

I directly confronted several agents, one in particular, whom I witnessed selling hard drugs to young people from the age of 15 years. I was subsequently arrested for this confrontation yet never charged. As I am presently taking legal action against this atrocity, I would be pleased of you would inform me of the agency/agencies involved as soon as possible.

For full details of this incident please view the Project Freedom website.

Yours sincerely


George Farquhar

Correspondence to uniformed security company, Specialised Security:


The Managing Director
Specialised Security
Main Street
East Calder
Midlothian Scotland

Dear Sir, 15/7/2000

I shall be pleased if you will inform me of the undercover government agency/agencies involved in surveillancing the Glastonbury Festival 2000, along with your organisation.

I directly witnessed and confronted an undercover government agent selling hard drugs to young people of around fifteen years old. An attempted illegal arrest was then made on me by this particular agent and his accomplice who attempted to drag me into one of your security compounds. This event was being aided and abetted by one of your security guards who had been pre-informed to open the gate during this ‘arrest’, which he complied with. Full details of this event are exposed on the Project Freedom website.

Please supply me with the above information as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely


George Farquhar

To date still no response!