A message to the 5 spineless, low life, ‘paedophile protecting’ government agents from the 'Core of Rape' who wish to have a ‘go’ at me.

On Wednesday evening 13th February 2002, Marina Findlay was in the Maltings Pub, St Leonards, Edinburgh to do her weekly performance of anti-mason/anti- MI5 poetry reading.

At one point during the night, she overheard 5 ‘tough looking’, ex-army type men who were discussing me, out aloud.

The name George Farquhar was mentioned several times by 2 of the 5 with aggressive, threatening overtones, and talking about me as if I was “infamous” to them.

As I have only recently returned to Edinburgh to live after 20 years, these “tough guys” could only be associated with government authorities I have “pissed off”, so to speak, since my return in the last 5 months.

As, under normal circumstances, I am an extremely amicable person and have no enemies, bar EVERYONE  involved in the Masonic Government Intelligence’s Core of Rape, I deduce that these “tough guys” were “sent in” to be in clear earshot of Marina.

It is also clearly obvious to me that these government agents from the ‘Core of Rape’ were contracted to be at the Maltings Pub in an “attempt” to intimidate me, via Marina.


If you want to intimidate me, try coming to the pub when I AM GOING to be there.

Alternatively, come to my home address – you know exactly where I live – you gutless scum of the universe and a danger to all-decent men, women and innocent children.

Marina told me by phone of this ‘engineered’ encounter the Saturday night after the Wednesday she saw them.  Within 1½ hours, I was in the Maltings pub to see if I was going to be “confronted” by any government agent saboteurs, which I have experienced countless of times in the past.  However, although there may well have been low life, spineless, ‘paedophile protecting’ scum agents in the pub, I was NOT confronted.  Pity – maybe next time!

P.S. You 5 so-called tough guys have not got a set of balls between the 5 of you – you cowardly parasitical scum!     You WILL be held accountable ,it is only a matter of time.

Subsequent enquiries from a very reliable source says that the ‘Core of Rape’ agents were from out of town.

George Farquhar – Project Freedom Human Rights Watch