Extract from: Truth Seeker Magazine.

The following was extracted from a report prepared by Attorney Paul Wilcher, a report based on eyewitness testimony. The members of the very assault team mentioned in the following report had indeed been in contact with Paul Wilcher, via a third party, and given immunity from prosecution they had been prepared to testify.Even though these were hardened professional killers, what they had been ordered to do and actually done at Waco had deeply disturbed them.On May 21st,1993, Wilcher went to present the following to US Attorney General Janet Reno, on June 23rd Wilcher's badly decomposed body was found in his appartment.Upon discovery his appartment was sealed and searched and all documents removed.That indeed might have been the end of the matter but Wilcher had given a copy of his 100 page report to Sara McClendon, a senior White House corrospondent, shortly before his death. Wilcher had made one critical mistake in presuming the innocence of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, it was a mistake that was to cost him his life.

In mid 1999 the report re-emerged, whereupon the four members of the Delta Force assault team involved at Waco all died in training "accidents".The fact that they are not named in this report had probably allowed them to live so long.However as soon as the report re-appeared the "accidents" occured, effectively "silencing their testimony forever."

"What actually happened in Waco, according to the information I have been given is as follows:

1) As early as Sunday afternoon or evening, April 18th (shortly after your conference with President Clinton), calls went in to the Parkland Hospital in Dallas--the very same hospital where President Kennedy was taken after his assassination in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963 -- again, at the hands of CIA professional killers -- to be prepared to receive a large number of serious burn from Waco the following day.

2)On the morning of April 19th, the same Delta Force commando team -- actually, a select group of the CIA's top professional killers -- which would have carried what I have referred to above the the "penultimate plan," had it been approved -- was on the ground in Waco to carry out all aspects of the "wet" operation planned for that Monday.

3)This mass murder was then to be covered up and made to look like a "mass suicide" -- just like Jonestown -- thereby layering one monstrous CIA lie upon another -- since both Waco and Jonestown were CIA mass murders,and not mass suicides.

4)This Delta Force was composed of 15 men in all, headed by a Lieutenant Colonel who was a CIA liason officer. The group flew into Texas on their own C-130 transport plane , parked it at the Waco or Dallas airport all day, then departed once their "dirty work" had been completed. The plane belongs to Triangle.

5)Among the 15 men in this larger group, there were two (2) smaller operational teams -- thr 4-man team which actually made the insertion into the compound, as described in detail below, and a back up team, which apparently was never used.

6)These were all dressed in black -- black pants,black shoes, black jackets, black gas masks, black gloves -- very poetic for a black or wet operation -- and were dressed to look like all the other FBI officers on the ground -- probably even wearing jackets with FBI insignias on them (though I am not certain of this), so that to any outside observer, there would have been virtually no way of telling these four men apart from any of the other federal officers on the scene at the time.

7)The whole nation watched on TV that morning as the FBI used M1-A1 tanks to punch holes in the exterior walls of the compound's living quarters. We were later told that at the same time they had battered down these walls, the tanks had also lobbed massive quantities of a very virulent form tear gas into the compound.

8)This tear gas had been designed to be used for crowd control -- i.e, it was so virulent and irritating that even in a fresh air out of doors situation, it was guaranteed to cause people to flee from its presence simply in order to be able to breathe.

9)Now, it was being used in a closed, indoor, living quarters situation where 95 men, women and chidren were trapped inside. The logical expectation would have been that all 95 of these persons would have fled out-of-doors instantly, just to be able to breath.But strangely, not a single person came out of the compound -- even after this noisome substance had been poured into the compound in enormous quantities over a period of several hours. 10)The logical therefore arises: Why? Why did not ANY of these 95 men, women and children -- particularly the women and children -- instantly flee for fresh air into the out of doors? The answer we have been given by the news media and the official FBI spokesman is that David Koresh and his cult members had stockpiled and outfitted themselves with gas masks

11)The real truth, however, is much more sinister and cold blooded.For what actually happened here is that the tear gas -- as virulent and noisome as it was -- was only the mask or cover for the real active ingredient being propelled by the tanks into the compound.

What was actually propelled into the compound was a nerve reagent -- a neuro toxin -- NERVE GAS a virulent poisonous substance like curare -- which instantly paralysed and rendered totally helpless and defenceless all of the 95 men, women and children inside the compound -- except for those 9, later rescued, like David Thibideaux, who were on the 2nd and 3rd floor with their windows wide open on both sides, and who were thus spared the deadly effects of this tear gas/nerve gas combination. For all the others, they could no longer coordinate their muscles in the effort required even just to get up, much less flee to the life sustaining fresh air outside, only a few feet away. This is an extremely serious matter, Attorney General Reno. For it means that here the U.S. military, the FBI, and the Justice Department -- directed by the CIA -- used nerve gas on innocent men,women and chidren in our civilian population -- and then proceeded to murder them in cold blood, as is set out in detail below. This clearly rises to the level of War Crimes on a civilian population during peace time, an unspeakable human rights violation.

And it was committed by our inteeligence community against innocent men, women and children -- simply to bury the truth concerning the CIA's criminal use of mind control programing to "manufacture" "Manchuian Candidate type" robot assassins whose very existence is an unspeakable outrage,in and of itself.

12)After this deadly tear gas/nerve gas combination had had time to do its debilitating and paralysing work on all the men ,women and children in the compound, 4-man "Delta Force" team -- actually some of the CIA's top professional assassins -- made its entry into the compound. Fittingly for a black operation, they were dressed all in black, from head to toe, as stated above.

13)They were dropped onto the roof of the compound by one of the several low-flying,heavily armed military helicopters which hovered overhead throughout much of the day -- while all of the television cameras were focused on the outside of the building at ground level -- for example, focusing on the tanks which had just lobbed the tear gas/nerve gas combination into the building.The actual insertion into the building came at approimately 10:25AM. 14)Before they entered the compound, however, this four man team of assassins had received shots of atropine, the antidote to the nerve gas, so that they, too, would not be overcome and paralysed by it.

15)According to the testimony given before the House Judicary Committee on the day of your testimony, Attorney General Reno, the fires in the Branch Davidian compound did not become visible until approximately 11:45AM that morning. This means that the team had something in the neighbourhood of one(1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes, or so, in which to do their "dirty work", and then to make their escape.

16)The murder of David Koresh :
One of the first things they did, obviously, was to go into the so-called communications center, just off the kitchen, where they found, and quickly subdued and killed, David Koresh, along with any of his close associates who were nearby. David Koresh was killed with a single bullet to the middle of the forehead , about an inch above the eyes, fired from a distance of about four inches away.

In this regard, an article on page A-3 of The Washington Post, on Tuesday, May 18th,1993, is directly rellevant. It quotes noted forensic pathologist,Dr Cyril H Wecht of Pittsburg, who had recently completed an independent autopsy of the bodies of David Koresh and Steve Schneider, one of his cheif lieutenants, as saying that the gunshot wound in the middle of the forehead, which killed Koresh, and the gunshot wound in the back of the head, which killed Schneider, are "not typical of suicide." And no wonder! They were, in fact, NOT killed by suicide at all. This was a calculated, carefully planned, cold-blooded mass murder...

17)From the communications center, the "wet" team then fanned out throughout the rest of the compound, and methodically "took out"(i.e. murdered) all of the other six (6) CIA "sleepers" they would have murdered earlier, in what I have called the "penultimate plan", had that plan been allowed to go forward, plus a number of other persons along the way....

18)The remaining task for this"wet" team -- after the multiple murders, described above , had been carried out -- while they were still inside, was to place 3 or 4 cannisters of "Willie Peter" (White Phosphorus) in strategic locations throughout the compound in order to start the fires.

These canisters were all equiped with delayed timing devices, all set to go off simultaneously -- apparently at or before 11:45AM, that's when the fires were actually sighted by outside observers on the scene.

White phosphorus is one of the most fearsome incendiary devices imaginable, and is therefore a favorite of the CIA's "wet" teams. It ignites instantly, immediately burns with white hot intensity, and consumes, beyound all recognition, everything in its path -- thereby destroying all possible forensic evidence -- and covering, as well as one can possibly imagine, the trail of assassins (like this particular "wet" team) who want to try and claim later that their actual mass murder was merely a "mass suicide"or a "tragic accident."

CIA "wet" teams have also been known to corner their intended targets into a closed quarter, and then throw "Willie Peter" into their midst, so that these victims are instantly immolated right before the teams eyes.

The fire which "Willie Peter" produces is so intense, and the combustion so complete, that victims -- as was the case here in Waco -- can only be identified by their dental records. But here, because the team itself was inside the closed quartes, they had to use delayed timing devices on the "Willie Peter" cannisters -- to give themselves time to make their own exit before the entire compound was consumed in the monumental conflagration we all watched in horror on television. 19)Notice that this explanation of how the fires started comports with the observations on the scene -- with what the television cameras at ground level recorded, and with what the military helicopters and their infrared cameras overhead observed -- i.e., that 3 or 4 fires started simultaneously at different places in the compound. And then these seperate fires spread rapidly (because of the wood construction, the straw which was everywhere, the high winds, and the white hot "Willie Peter"incendiary devices which had started these seperate blazes in the first place), until they became united into a cohesive whole, involving the entire compound, which became far more destructive than the sum of of these seperate smaller fires, until it ultimately became a massive conflagration which consumed eveything in sight.

One possible contrary explanation, which has been offered by commentators and the "tragic accident theory" advocates, is that the tear gas sprayed into the compound by the tanks...(ignoring the fact that what was injected was NOT just tear gas but a tear gas/nerve gas combination) was itself a combustable substance, that one of the tanks, in punching holes in the exterior walls, had accidentally knocked over a kerosine lantern or container, and that the kerosine had then ignited the tear gas, which resulted in the conflagration.

This "tragic accident" theory, however, simply does NOT square with the known facts, preserved on video tape, because the compound did NOT explode into a massive fireball all at once (as would have been the case if the tear gas itself had been combustable, and had ignited by a torch, like lighted kerosine). 20)The other point to be made here is that, while the "wet" team did kill many of those inside the compound prior to setting the fires(by means of the "Willie Peter"canisters on delayed timing devices,discussed above)

they apparently did NOT murder (at least, directly) ALL of the 86 men, women and children who ultimately died in the tragedy -- meaning that many of those who died were left paralysed by the nerve gas, unable to get up or free themselves from this disaster in progress, and were thus consigned to being consumed alive in the giant conflagration brought on by the white phosphorus. And those consigned to this horrible fiery fate -- being burned alive -- apparently included men,women and children.

21)The bottom line here is that 86 men,women and children died -- i.e. they were murdered -- in the Branch Davidian compound on Monday, April 19th, 1993 -- ALL at the hands of the 4 members of this CIA "wet" team, operating under cover of the "Delta Force". 22)The bottom line is also that high ranking officials in our goverment...

-- though NOT yourself, Attorney General Reno, and NOT President Clinton -- ...including senior Reagan and Bush Administration holdovers in the Justice Department, the FBI, the BATF, the Pentagon and the CIA -- all knew in advance of this Waco operation was designed from the start to be a mass murder in which only those few individuals whom the CIA had targeted in advance to be saved would be allowed to survive -- and that ALL of the other 86 men,women and children in the compound would be murdered in cold blood by these CIA Delta Force assassins.

23) I mentioned on page 30 above that one of the uses the CIA makes of its mind control sophistication is to implant memory blocks into the subconscious memories of its top professional assassins -- in order to allow them to live with what they have done, and NOT to be overcome by flashbacks and nightmares of their "handiwork."

Note Well: But I have been informed that those memory blocks are NOT holding very well in this instance and that some or all of the four (4) members of this particular "wet" team are sickened by what they were ordered to do, and what they did, in fact,"acomplish", in Waco on April 19th. To these hardened, seasoned professional assassins, it was all "too easy".The people inside the compound (as a result of the nerve gas) simply "never had a chance."

Postscript to the Wilcher Report

On July 1,1993, Gunther Russbacher smuggled the following information out of the prison where he was being held. Russbacher, a top CIA pilot and marksman, was the son of one of the organisations founders and consequently privy to many of its secrets. Significantly he was also a client of Attorney Paul Wilcher and a close confidant. At the time of writing we do not know whether he is still in prison, or indeed whether he is even alive.This is the story of the last day of Paul Wilcher's life, obtained from a hand written note smuggled out of a high security jail by Russbacher's wife.

Paul Wilcher Story 1. Paul was picked up at his apt., taken to Vienna, VA where he was questioned as to the Bush, Webster and Carter accounts with London S.W. BCCI 2.He was questioned for approximately 2 hours at which time he was fed pizza. At 3.40 PM on the 18th of June, he was administered .025 mg of Curare via DSMO (as stabiliser).It was applied to the coating of a Pepsi bottle. 3.At the point of death he was beaten to the face to make it look like a mugging...He was then taken to his apt. and as he was in rigor mortis, he was placed on the toilet. He emptied his bowels in another location. The bowel was removed and disappeared. Autopsy serology will show Curare/DSMO in the cardio vascular sack.(peridenum)

The judge in Chicago died the same way Wilcher did. Judge Parsons was being primed and readied to accept a civil RICO filing.
We were scheduled for a filing 6 - 30 - 93. All documents have disappeared!!!

Several others have died because of these issues.Primary causes of death.
a. Bush/Russbacher video of the return flight from Paris in the SR-71.
b. Documents of the BCCI and BNL moves.
c.Audio tapes of interveiws by CIA covert operations...65 tapes, 92 hours.
d. WACO and the CIA, Delta Group involvement.