By Dr Armen Victorian

Extract from: Lobster Magazine.

'Isn't it true that when those poor devils stop suffering
it is through a loss of what you call psyche?'

The psychotronics era

The former Soviet Union had a long history of programmes in energetics and psycho-energetics technology, known to the West as psychotronics. Until recently, the bulk of the initial work on the science underpinning this technology had been done in the West and smuggled to the Soviet Union. For decades the scientific community of the West ignored the work of people like Moray Abrams, Hieronymous, Tesla, De la Warr, Down and Reich, giving the Soviets at least 30 years head start to build and consolidate their position in psychotronic weaponry. When Brezhnev suggested at the 1978 SALT negotiations banning weapons 'more frightful than the mind of man has ever conceived', President Carter had no idea what he was suggesting.

Project Pandora
The U.S. government woke up to the reality of psychotronics when from 1960 to 1965 the American Embassy in Moscow was targeted by a mixture of electromagnetic and microwaves causing a wide range of physical and mental illness among U.S. personel serving there, including the eventual death of the U.S. Ambassador. Dr Stephen Possony, one time Science Advisor to the Department of Defense, now retired, said to me:
'After the death of our ambassador in Moscow, due to contracting leukaemia, and a couple of other employees, it suddenly dawned on us to have a real careful look at what was happening there.'

A huge project got underway. Overall it became known as Project PANDORA, and it included a number of parallel projects, such as Projects TUMS, MUTS, and BAZAR, involving the CIA, Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), the State Department, the Navy and the Army. They were tasked to study the effects of the emitted Soviet microwaves on animals and humans. The electromagnetic signals, which were subsequently named the 'Moscow Signals', each day targeted the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. These signals in the short 'S' and long 'L' spectrum had complex modulations with a pattern of variations, some of which were random. A Top Secret-Eyes Only memorandum, dated 20 December 1966 from ARPA shows the significance of this project.

'The White House has directed, through USIB [U.S. Intelligence Board] that intensive investigative research be conducted within the State Department, CIA and DoD to attempt to determine what the threat is. The national program has been coordinated by the State Department, under the code name "TUMS". ARPA is represented and is conducting research on a selective portion of the overall program concerned with one of the potential threats, that of the effects of low level electromagnetic radiation on man. This memorandum summarises the initial results obtained from this program called PANDORA.'

In April 1976 the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent the following telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow which summarised the conclusions of the study of the Moscow signal.

Subject: Radiation and UHF and Electromagnetic Dangers 1.
On April 6 AFSA president John Hemenway submitted the following report to AFSA's governing board:
'Beginning in 1960 the Soviet Union directed the high frequency beams of radiation at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow which were calculated not to pick up intelligence but cause physiological effects on personnel. The effects the Soviets calculated to achieve in the personnel serving (at least as early as 1960) included (A) Malaise (B) Irritability, (C) Extreme fatigue. At this time the Soviets believed that the induced effects were temporary. Subsequently, it has been verified that the effects are not temporary. Definitely tied to such radiation and the UHF/VHF electromagnetic waves are: (A) Cataracts, (B) Blood changes that induce heart attacks, (C) Malignancies, (D) Circulatory problems, and (E) Permanent deterioration of the nervous system. In most cases the after-effects do not become evident until long after exposure - a decade or more.'

In 1974 V.P. Kaznacheyev demonstrated that death could be transmitted using ultraviolet rays, at a distance. In the same year, Robert Pavlita, a Czech engineer, showed how he could kill insects at a distance by psychotronic devices. It has been reported by U.S. intelligence that Pavlita developed two psychotronic weapons -- one effective at 320 kilometres, and the other effective at any distance, capable of inducing powerful and uncontrollable emotions, seizure, paralysis or death. At that time Pavlita reportedly had thirty years experience of building psychotronic generators. Anecdotal evidence of similar work continued to emerge in the West.

'An American biophysicist who participated in an exchange program at the University of Prague in 1979 told me not long ago, "Just prior to my arrival an East German graduate student was killed there while working on a project using a superconducting waveguide [a cryogenically cooled device that aligns and aims radio waves with great precision]. What is surprising is what happened next. The Soviets had the entire wall of the physics lab ripped out and all the cryo equipment, wave guides, and other gear shipped to a castle near the Czech-USSR border." The biophysicist said, "I learned from other professors who helped with the project that after a few months Soviet scientists were able to kill goats at ranges beyond one kilometer and to cause disorientating or incapacitating effects depending on the aspect angle of the goats' heads at well over two kilometres."'

The Soviet 'Woodpecker' signal After the 'Moscow signals' the next Soviet activity which caused alarm in the United States was the so-called 'Woodpecker' signals, first detected in late 1975. These high frequency signals which could be picked up on domestic radios at 21 MHz, had a repetitive sound like 'tock, tock, tock' - hence the name 'Woodpecker'. Their source was eventually tracked down to three stations in Riga, Latvia. The emitted signals could be 25-30 times as strong as the earth's natural background electro-magnetic field which is 7-7.5 Hz. The brain of mammals on earth are naturally entrained with the 7-7.5 Hz frequency. But 25% of mammalian brains could be affected by 10 Hz modulation of the Woodpecker signals. In turn these modulations could be adapted to carry any type of message which could be pumped directly into the brain.

The frequent changes in the characteristics of the transmitted pulse, as well as the frequency of the transmission, suggested to some that it was used for remote control or telemetry. However intelligence gathered by the Defense Intelligence Agency showed that the 'Woodpecker' was the Soviet Union's first attempt to develop over-the-horizon-radar (OTHR). The first radar site was constructed in 1975. Shop tests were begun and were conducted for several years. It turned out that the electromagnetic signal was being attenuated while passing through the Polar Ionosphere. Of ten missiles launched, the radar could only guarantee detection of some. 'Woodpecker' was the brainchild of F. Kuzminskiy, the chief designer, who later became the Director of NII (Scientific Research Institute). An internal power struggle between Kuzminskiy and Vladimir Ivanovich Markov, a Technical Scieence Advisor, brought the project to a halt. Despite apparently solving the system's problems, Kuzminskiy was unable to obtain the backing of the Soviet regime and his system was never completed.

Although the DIA report on the 'Woodpecker' system makes repeated reference to Kuzminskiy's work as a 'weapons system,' it is now clear that the 'Woodpecker' was not deliberately designed to tamper with the brain. Yet upon its its discovery it was presumed to be a means for 'controlling the world's weather, or creating physiological or psychological effects on people outside the USSR.'

Similar attributes are now being applied to the U.S. Department of Defense's HAARP program, under construction in Alaska, USA.

The Department of Defense's programmes
Trying to play catch-up, the U.S. Army and Navy embarked on intensive re search programmes in electromagnetics, micro-waves, radio frequencies etc. Most of these programmes were, and remain, highly classified. Some sections which had not been initially classified were reclassified in the late 1970s. Wherever and whenever there were areas of interest in these programmes, the CIA stepped in and, by funding them, extended the research dimension, and shared the results. Laws were introduced to curtail any enquiries made by the public, and university authorities were banned from questioning the members of their own academic fraternity engaged in such programmes. Educational values and ethics became irrelevant. A similar situation pertains on the campuses of some British universities.

The results of some of the experimental programmes were shocking. Various military and intelligence establishments did have suspicions about the possible harmful effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and microwaves on humans. The Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA and the Army had been monitoring the progress made by the former Soviet Union and its satellites for decades. Despite the intelligence reports on the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and micro-waves, they decided to try to establish the facts themselves. The PANDORA programme was in effect a stepping-stone. Extensive testing was conducted in the Army, Navy, Air Force and CIA, either through contractors or in their own laboratories. Contractors provided them with non-volunteer human test-beds. Several military contracts involved working in highly dangerous environments. Some still do. At times, their employers were aware of this, and yet allowed it to continue. There were two main reasons: (a) to comply with the terms of the lucrative contracts; (b) to gather data about the effects of irradiation on humans. Years later a flood of court cases brought by unwitting victims once more raised the serious question: does the end justify the means? After all, those responsible in several cases were indeed aware of the harmful effects of EMF, and yet they had deliberately concealed the facts from their victims or employees. Several lives were lost, yet no liability has ever been admitted by the establishments or their contractors. The situation remains the same today.

U.S. military interest in electromagnetics is now well established. The Tri-Service Electromagnetic Advisory Panel (TERP), represents the interests of all three military services in the U.S.

TERP's Memorandum of Understanding of 1990 states : 'PURPOSE: This Tri-Service Panel is re-established and re-chartered to ensure a visible, effective co-ordination of efforts by the military departments, each possessing common and service unique requirements to conduct research and development on the biological effects of non-ionizing Electromagentic Radiation (EMR) on man.
'OBJECTIVE: a Identify and periodically review those medical research and developments regarding biological effects of non-ionizing EMR which are common to the three military departments and those requirements which are mission specific to a single department.

b. Identify medical research and development objectives which are responsible to the needs of the military operating forces, systems developers, and the military scientific and technical community.

c. Coordinate utilisation of facilities, material, personnel and funds to accomplish the required research and development in a timely and effective manner.

d. Develop procedures for continuing interservice exchange of information on all aspects of ongoing research and develpoment on the effects of non-ionising EMR on man.

e. Develop procedures for the coordination of research and development in this area by the three military departments with other agencies.' TERP consists of three full-time military or civilian employees who are selected by the Army, Navy, the Air Force and the Marine Corps. The panel regularly calls in distinguished members of the scientific community for further advice and progress. TERP serves as an advisory body to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and other offices within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD). TERP does not limit its research to within the milit Dary and has an active interest in national research. TERP's research covered a wide area in 1990. For example, the Army's interest in the bioeffects of non-nuclear electro-magentic pulses led to study and research in areas such as:

* human dosimetry and bioeffects of high peak pulsed electro-magnetic fields, · the development of an occupational and environmental non-nuclear electromagnetic injury data base.

· To achieve these it is vital to learn the effects such fields have on humans. Already a number of civilians have been the target of covert experiments in this field, both in Europe and the U.S., but they have failed to identify the source of their mistreatment. Their efforts to obtain support from their politicians or from various international victim support organizations, such as Am-nesty International and the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture have produced no results.

The U.S. Air Force has been conducting research into: * Ocular injury by exposure to millimetere wave system * Bioeffects of High Power Microwave in low microwave regions (S band) The 'Minutes of the Tri-service Electromagnetic Radiation Advisory Panel (TERP)', held in the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, in Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, on 27/28 October, 1987, show the significance attached to behavioural control. On page 2 we find this: 'The Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) behavioural program at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) is considered high priority.'

The use of High Power Microwave (HMP), developed at Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore or Sandia laboratories, by each of the military services seems to be commonplace. A letter dated 18 March 1986, concerning the TERP meeting of February 10-13 1986 noted that, 'The Army will take deliver of a 2.5 GHz system developed by Sandia on 3 March 1986.' The same letter noted that 'The biological studies will emphasize the eye, heart and behaviour.' The Department of Defense keeps track of medical research in this field. Minutes from TERP's 1 May 1989 meetings recommends that 'any medical surveillance criteria' on the 'vulnerability, survivability and Effects of Electro-magnetic Beams' would play a crucial role in the outcome of research.

The U.S. Navy seems the most interested of the services. The list of progammes released by the Office of the Chief of Naval Research (OCNR) on the biological effects of electro-magnetic waves is monumental. The index alone in April 1989 was in five volumes.

These programmes vary from the use of body current to assess absorption rates of Very Low Frequency (VLF) and High Frequency (HF) transmissions, biological effects of magnetic fields, the development of effective electromagnetic field surveillance, and the effects of EM on genes and DNA - to topics akin to science fiction, such as Electroportation (a synonym for teleportation).

The scope and results of these studies, while scientifically invaluable, could have far-reaching and frightening implications if they are further modified to be used offensively.

By taking advantage of the Electro-magentic Field (EMF) technology, various intelligence agencies, have developed enormous capabilities. The NSA has shown great interest in developing technology to remotely monitor the evoked potential from EEG. Should such techology be developed, and the EEG of the targeted individual decoded, it would enable the agency to not only study the thought processes of the targetted individual, but might be able to influence the thinking patterns of the decision-making processes of such targets. Already preliminary progress has been made. Seeking to help strike victims who have lost their speech powers, Dr. Donald York, a neuro-physiologist, and Dr. Thomas Jensen, a speech pathologist, from the University of Missouri, have been able to identity and decode 27 words and syllables in specific brain wave patterns. They have been able to correlate these EEG patterns with both spoken words and the silent thought words in 40 subjects. They produced a computer programme with the brain wave vocabulary.

At the height of the Remote Viewing programemes, several intelligence organisations with the U.S., such as the CIA, the Army and the DIA, embarked on intensive study of the EEG of their remote viewers. The idea was to try to ascertain how information is obtained by the viewers, and whether, by reversing the process, information given to the viewer could be passed on to influence the target. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) conducted extensive research programmes in this area.

'Modern electromagentic scattering theory raises the prospect that ultrashort pulse scattering through the human brain can result in reflected signals that can be used to construct a reliable estimate of the degree of central nervous system arousal. The concept behind this "remote EEG" is to scatter off of action potentials or ensembles of action potentials in major nervous system tracts. Assuming we will understand how our skills are imprinted and recalled, it might be possible to take this concept one step further and duplicate the experience set in another individual. The prospect of providing a "Been there-done that" knowledge base could provide a revolutionary change in our approach to specialized training. The impact of success would boggle the mind.'

In recent years a number of mind control programmes have been developed to be incorporated into the non-lethal weapons concept. Among the candidates for such a role are Infras-oundweapons which incorporate a Very Low Frequency (VLF) or Radio Frequency (RF) modulation to cause nausea, abdominal spasm and vomiting. A confidential report prepared by the U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, Fort Believer, Virginia, as early as 1969, detailed the effect an infrasonic system would have on humans. These effects range from disruption of nervous systems to death.

Records show that Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1994 conducted a research and development programme with the support of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) on the design and performance of microwave weapons.

Some of these weapons might have been previously used by U.S agencies and departments covertly in the U.S. and U.K.. Furthermore, in a recent letter from the U.S. Department of Defense, in response to one of my Freedom of Information Act requests, pending since 1994, for acoustic generators (anti-personnel, anti-materiel) high-power microwave generators, neural inhibitors, and wireless stun technology, I was informed that the information I sought is now in the purview of the previously unknown Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.

At a classified conference organised by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, with the support of the American Defense Preparedness Association on November 16 and 17 1993, the following speakers presented papers on different topics of mind control, as part of the new, non-lethal weapons concept:

* Dr. George Baker (Defense Nuclear Agency -- now Defense Special Weapons Agency, DSWA): 'Radio Frequency Weapons -- a very attractive non-lethal option'. · Dr. John Derring (Scientific Applications Research Associate -- SARA): 'Acoustic Technology'.

* Dr. Clay Easterly (Oak Ridge National Laboratory): 'Application of ELF Fields to non-lethal weapons'. · Ms Astrid Lewis (U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Command): 'Chemical/Biological Anti-Terrorism'.

In the U.K.
The United Kingdom, too, has played a role in the study of microwaves in relation to defence matters. Professor E.H. Grant and Dr. R. J. Sheppard from Queen Elizabeth College have been working in this field. Grant has done an enormous amount of work commissioned by the U.S. Air Force, as has Sheppard for the Navy. Grant has delivered several lectures as the principal scientist at the NATO Advanced Research Group. During 1983-4 Sheppard was working with the U.S. Air Force, Torry Research Station and GEC Ltd. My inquiries to GCHQ about their current programmes concerning the use of pulsed micro-waves in defence matters was answered after a long delay by Vthe Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who informed me that such programmes have been granted to various universities and that GCHQ does not conduct any independent research into these matters.

'Zapping' peace campaigners at Greenham Common At the height of the deployment of Cruise Missiles in the American bases in the U.K., women peace campaigners staged a series of peaceful protests outside the American bases. In late 1985 the women living in the peace camps at Greenham Common began to experience unusual patterns of illness, ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times, or after the onset of menopause, to bouts of temporary paralysis and faulty speech coordination. There were also two late - at five months - spontaneous abortions, Suspicious of the possible use of electromagnetic biological weapons, they looked for help. Electronics Today magazine carried out a number of measurements and in December 1985 published their report which concluded: 'Readings taken with a wide range of signal strength meters showed marked increases in the background signal level near one of the women's camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects.' They noted that if the women created noise or a disturbance near the fence, the signals rose sharply.

In 'Peace Women fear electronic zapping at base' in the Guardian, 10 March 1986 Gareth Parry reported that, 'The American military [at Greenham Common] have an intruder detection system called BISS, Base Installation Security System, which operates on a sufficiently high frequency to bounce radar waves off a human body moving in the vicinity of a perimeter fence.' In a Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, U.S. House of Representatives, on Military Construction Appropriations for 1985, General Schneidel made an indiscreet reference to the possibility of the use of microwave technology at Greenham Common.

'The concept of our operations is to protect the highest value resources on the base...We have a set concept that provides for security while in garrison and certainly in wartime, when it deploys off the installation and into the operational mode.... Whatever the case may be, where the system is not full up with all the required sensors, fences and lights, people will be assigned to compensate for those shortfalls in the equi˙pment.' (emphasis added)

After the deployment of the microwave security system, the number of U.S. personnel guarding the installation fell dramatically. The deployment of this security measure was further indirectly confirmed through the year-end Report of the Department of the Air Force Headquarters 501st Security Police Group: 'The Greenham Common by-laws went into effect, the superfence was constructed....' (emphasis added)

It is not clear whether the Greenham women were targeted by a microwave weapon or were irratiated by prolonged proximity to a microwave security fence. But since the US authorities at Greenham did not alert the protesters to the dangers of such a fence, it comes to much the same thing. The effects of non-ionizing radiation on humans were well-known to the U.S author-ities.

The late Kim Besly, a veteran peace campaigner and frequent visitor to Greenham Common, in the conclusion of her report on electro-magnetic radiation radiation, written on 30 October 1986, asked, 'Do we have to wait three generations for "hard evidence"?'

Liz Westmoreland from Peace and Emergency told me recently that several women peace campaigners from Greenham Common are suffering from various types of cancer.

Is it possible that the U.S. passed lessons learned from a Cold War adversary on to the citizens of one of her closest allies?

Silent Sound - Voices in the Brain For many hears the technology of altering and or influencing the human mind with the help of new electronic techology, has been the subject of several projects and programmes by military and intelligence organisations in the west, especially the U.S.. Here are some examples.

The Psycho-Acoustic Projector
'Broadly this disclosure is directed to a system for producing aural psychological disturbances and partial deafness of the enemy during combat situations. Essentially, a high directional beam is radiated from a plurality of distinct transducers and is modulated by a noise, code or speech beat signal. The invention may utilise various forms and may include movable radiators mounted on a vehicle, or means employed to modulate the acoustical beam with respect to a fixed frequency.'

The idea of this weapon is to provide intense aural and psychological disturbance in the target, thereby immobilising him.

Methods and System for Altering Consciousness
The Department of Defense through various projects and programmes has already acquired this technology. The abstract from one such programme states: 'A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferably sounds, having different frequencies and wave forms.' From another: 'Researchers have devised a variety of systems for stimulating the brain to exhibit specific brain wave rythms and thereby alter the state of consciousness of the individual subject.'

Silent Subliminal Messsages
Dr. Oliver M. Lowry has done several classified projects for the U.S. Government on what is termed in the military and intelligence world Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called SQUAD. The system was deployed against Iraq. 'According to statements made by captured and deserting Iraqi soldiers, however, the most devastating and demoralizing programming was the first known military use of the new, high-tech, type of subliminal messages referred to as ultra-high-frequency "Silent Sounds" or "Silent Subliminals". Although completely silent to the human ear, the negative voice messages placed on the tapes alongside the audible programming by PsyOps psychologists were clearly preceived by subconscious minds of the Iraqi soldiers and the silent messages completely demoralized them and instilled a perpetual feeling of fear and hopelessness in their minds.'

Oliver Lowry provides a more technical description of this system from his patent:
'A silent communications system in which non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conviently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.'

Sound could also be induced in someone's head by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 to 10,000 Mhz, that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform con-sists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uninformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nano seconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to one microsecond. The bursts,are frequently modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

Cloning EEG
The latest development in the technology of fear and mind control is the cloning of human EEG for the purpose of controling the mind of any targeted victim, or groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anguish, anxiety, contempt, despair, dread, embarassment, envy, fear, frustration, grief, guilt, hate, indifference, indignation, jealousy, pity, rage, regret, remose, resentment, sadness, shame, spite and terror have been identified and isolated from the EEG, as 'emotion signature clusters'. Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured, then the very frequency/amplitude cluster is synthesised and stored on another computer, each one of these negative emotions properly and separately tagged. 'They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurence of the same basic emotion in another human being.'

Many victims of mind control, claiming to hear voices in their heads, are dismissed as needing psychiatic help. But evidence in hand suggests that the technology to produce 'voices in the head' exists. What I have described here is surely but a fraction of what the military have developed or are developing. It is up top us, each intelligent individual, to wake up and acknowledge the facts. The age of the true 'Manchurian Candidate' is already here.

I thank Judy Wall of Resonance for her support and some pertinent material which is included in this essay.

Dr. Walter Freeman, the first person to practice frontal lobe lobotomy to alter minds. He conducted over 3,500 lobotomies. Lobotomy is still very much in use to today, in Scotland and Sweden in particular V.P. Kaznacheyev et al, 'Apparent Information Transfer Between Two Groups of Cells', Psychoenergetic System, Vol. 1, December 1974, and 'Distant Intercellular Interactions in a System of Two Tissue Cultures', Psychoenergetic System, Vol. 1 no. 3, March 1976.

John Alexander, the founding father of the non-lethal weapon concept, also has a keen interest in this subject. Several of his on the record conversations with various American researchers, examining the possibilities of inducing illness from a distance, are in my Defense Intelligence Agency Report DST-180S-387-75, 'Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research,' 1988.

4 The Atlantic , Vol. 259, March 1987 p.
The 'Woodpecker' signals started operating at the start of the eleven year solar cycle, when sunspot activities, which interfere with commerical radio systems, are at their peak. Whether it was an attempt by the Soviets to hide the 'Woodpecker' with the solar activity, or the solar activity playing the role as catalyst in increasing the effects of Woodpecker, is unknown

5 Defense Intelligence Agency JPRS Report, Soviet Union; Military Affairs, 3 May 1991 F.C. Judd, 'The Russian Woodpecker: Has it become an extinct species?' in Short Wave Magazine March 1991 Oddly enough, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL) also has a highly classified programme called 'Woodpecker', though LLNL's programme seems more in tune with their efforts in the development of non-lethal weapons, some of which do effect the human mind. (Various correspondence with Lawrence Livermore For more details on the activities of the British military in universities, see The Campus Connection -- Military Research on Campus by Rob Evans, Nicola Butler and Eddie Gonsalves, Student CND, London 1991

The Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida, in the course of their tests carried out in Project SANGUINE, in Clam Lake, discovered that exposure to the magnetic field component in the SANGUINE antenna - within ELF field of 45 to 74 Hz. - produced stress identical to gross alcohol consumption. Records released by the U.S. Navy on Project SANGUINE to the author. See also Robert Becker, Cross Currents, Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc., Los Angeles, USA, 1990, p. 202

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When the TERP was established, the respective memorandum, dated 21 July 1980, was signed by military representatives including Major General John W. Ord, USAF, MC, Commander, Aerospace Medical Division of Air Force Systems Command; Brigadier General Garrison Rapmund, MC, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command; and Captain John D. Bloom, MC, USN, Commanding Officer, Naval Medical Research and Development Command

I have corresponded with the Home Office, Amnesty International and the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture without positive results. My archives contain several files from individuals of high intellect, who have been, and in some cases still are, subjected to daily torture by electromagnetic means. To date no organisaton has admitted responsibility for this, nor has their plight been listened to by any victim support organisation Meeting Report of TERP, 1 May 1989, p.

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Example of one sci-fi type project is Project Code 441k708-04. 'Electroportation: Theory of Basic Mechanisms - Progress: the quantitive theory successfully describes reversible electrical breakdown of a bilayer membrane due to large electrical pulse and passive charging with the retention of the charge due to small pulse.'

'The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, a centre of nuclear research, talk about such things as brain bombs - being able to take energy of a nuclear weapon and focus it into a selection portion of the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and being able to use that energy to affect the enemy's brain. The idea would be to have enemy soldiers drop in their tracks.' The Atlantic, Vol. 259, March

'An Infrasonic System', U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, Fort Believer, VA, 1969. See section on 'Effects-Human'. In his forthcoming book The Future War, John Alexander, one of the supporters, forerunners and founding fathers of the the non-lethal weapons concept, tries to legitimise the acquisition and deployment of these destructive weapons

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Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre, USN, in one of his lectures in 1986 on the effects of microwaves stated: 'We can alter the behaviour of tissues, cells, organs and whole organisms.... you can cause up to six times higher foetus mortality and birth defects in laboratory animals, and these fields are so weak you can hardly detect them...You can do genetic engineering with ELF [extremely low frequency] weak magnetic fields without micro-surgical techniques that are currently employed to do genetic engineering. It is known how to induce malignant diseases in human cells and how to cure them. You can entrain human beings' brain waves across a room with a very weak magnetic field.' Taped lectures in author's possession

Preliminary Report - Background information Microwave/Electromagnetic Pollution: a little known hazard, October 1986, updated June 1988

Besly died of cancer in 1996.
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