6 - External and Internal Faces

All the Circuits involve open and hidden aspects. But what is a hidden aspect? The hidden aspects are modes or techniques which may be viewed as extremely negative by our culture. CyberCraft is a continuation of knowledge which was not received well by our contemporaries. Consequently any practice which may bring prosecution or unusual persecution should be considered an internal aspect. This is to protect the CyberCraft.

As examples--followers of Lyndan Larouche have already penetrated certain neoPagan and Magickal computer networks, gained information and published pamphlets publicly branding the networkers as Satanic devil worshipers utilizing a nationwide Satanic computer network designed to help facilitate the stealing of innocent children from the Christian enclaves. Is it presently rumored that some reportedly armed right-wing organizations are collecting names and addresses for their databases. The South Western Radio Church has long been on an anti-newage campaign and can't be far behind. Some federal agencies have penetrated networks of pedophiles and gathered names of suspects from the owners and users of the network.

Under no circumstance is a public access computer network to be considered secure. Use encryption programs that are DES based to provide the needed security. Pass the keys by first class mail. Code the keys in questions or stories that only CyberNauts would understand.

The external face can be discussed freely in public environments. The hidden face should be discussed only between members or between members and trusted inquirers. And then only the knowledge needed should be exposed.

For the internal faces written and electronic telephone line or air radiated communications should be encrypted in such a way as to provide a reasonable measure of security. Leave no unencrypted internal face material open to accidental discovery by children or neighbors.

This author's experience with government agencies is that some 1700 governmental agencies keep and maintain information on individuals. Once these agencies acquire negative information much time, money and effort is required to purge their records. Even then one is never sure an agency has not simply refilled the information in different areas to retain the disputed information.

Privacy is a vital practice. This may seem paranoid but a general practice of privacy can only benefit us.

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