by Mike Morgan

WARNING: The Reality Master General has determined that this manual may significantly alter your reality. Usage of the knowledge in this manual may be perceived as dangerous and subversive by those in authority. Proceed with caution. Don't be alarmed when things start changing. Don't panic. The fun has just begun.
My special thanks to: Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. John Lilly, Dr. William Glasser, and Antero Alli. These are the brave humans who offer us guidance through exciting and troublesome times. They point to a better world for all humans and especially for the Changelings.

Introduction To CyberCraft

Up to this point in human history WoMankind has taken itself to the brink of doom and returned with most of our parts intact. That is our physical members are somewhat healthy. But our minds, our psyches have suffered. And we are racing toward the time of mutation. Some of humanities minds are mutating already. These minds and the resulting bodies will offer us a map into our future.

      The future calls us. It calls us in a silent voice from the primordial deeps of our genetics and minds. The very chemicals which make up our minds and bodies are signaling a nearing of the time of transition. It will be upon us soon and if we aren't prepared for the Changelings to manifest some humans may well start another series of witch hunts to eliminate these precious few new humans. Indeed it is in the best interest of Four Circuit humans to stifle the advantageous mutations. Otherwise Four Circuit humans will be quickly overcome.

      Already the Changelings may be about. Their wisdom has alerted them to the possibility of persecution. The Hidden Ones do well to keep their existence unknown until the time of Knowing has been reached.

      But we all won't mutate together or at the same time. We have a responsibility to those that will follow us to create a framework in which they may progress toward positive results. It is to these ends that the authors are creating a framework to take Eight Circuit humans into and beyond the time of transition.

      With a small electro-chemical voice we are being urged to communicate with you the possibilities of the current mind mutation. From this brief amateurish work we will develop a framework to help assist all inquiring Four Circuit humans on the path to the next stage of transition. CyberCraft is a path toward the transition. It is not the only path either. And indeed we will probably discover competing organizations. Some may hinder, others may assist the transition. From our pursers we ask only to be left alone in peace. We are not going to harm, only progress. Peace to you and yours.

      Hence we present you with a viable framework to approach the transition. That framework is CyberCraft. The craft of piloting oneself through troubles to reach the point of transition.

      This is the first printed introduction and explanation of CyberCraft. In Colorado Springs on October 6th of 1987, I was initiated into an eclectic coven of Witches. Previously I was an ardent Born Again Christian from the Bible Belt of the South. Over time I came to discover the Christian Belief System, the CBS, didn't satisfy my personal needs. However after personal searching and synchronous meetings I was accepted into an intimate group of exciting and very wonderfully witchey people.

      Two years later in 1989 I felt that the most important and life changing aspects of Witchcraft were being misrepresented. American Witchcraft, among many other things, is an adaptation of a primitive form of group therapy, of extending one's immediate family, of resource sharing and most importantly, a better way of thinking. But even after many years of practice, longtime initiates seem to not understand the basis of American Witchcraft.

      Herein is the first publication of CyberCraft, an addition and update to American Witchcraft. CyberCraft is not meant to replace Wicca or the Craft. It is meant to interpret the metaphor further and provide the needed time and energy for other deeply needed works.

      That's at least what this author perceives. I'm sure I'll receive some criticism for trying to add to or improve American Witchcraft.

      Which brings up the very valid question. Why attempt to update American Witchcraft when it seems to be doing so well? There are many reasons. Some of them are:

These are just some of the reasons. We also have a duty to align ourselves with the future, to protect and nurture the new arrivals. Among our children will come the Changelings. And if we gain the power to reincarnate purposefully we ourselves may indeed become The Children of the Changelings.
  1. The first chapter is the proposal. This has been published in draft form on several national computer networks as Cyber Wicca. However after some lengthy discussion with my partner we came to the conclusion that Cyber Wicca was too limiting and not descriptive enough of our efforts. The real commodity is now in your hands as CyberCraft.

  2. The second chapter is a description of the lower four biocircuits as talked about by Robert Anton Wilson, a.k.a. RAW. These bio-circuits are extremely important when considering CyberCraft. I feel it of vital significance to begin to understand how and why we think what we think, which of course, causes us to do.

  3. Chapter Three is Darkmoor. Previously written about as Chapel Perilous we find it more interesting to call it Darkmoor.

  4. Chapter Four is of the upper four circuits. These are the modes or circuits which we are all progressing toward. For once I feel we have an intelligent and useful map of our futures. History will be written in reference of what Leary and Wilson have framed it in. And because of the Semantic-Time Binding nature of the written word, we'll all benefit.

  5. There are other articles beyond these. Their purpose will be apparent upon reading them.

    Welcome to CyberCraft. We hope that the tradition will solidify in a satisfying way, offering the participants many advantages and insights for piloting their little ships through chaotic seas.

    Abbreviated table of contents

    The Eight Circuit Model
    The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension