Selections from
The Akashic Record Player
A Non-Stop Geomantic Conspiracy
by Antero Alli
excerpts from the print
edition published by

New Falcon Publications

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It's far too late for anything but magick
as the future is clearly up for grabs.

Futant human seedlings face the emerging terror of the current era:


Right now, there are so many conflicting sources of information regarding the nature of reality that anybody who isn't thinking for themselves (by now) is probably losing their minds. Historically, wars have been fought over territory. Here in the Information Age, the human mind is the new turf and battle strategies are being designed at this very moment to destroy, maim, claim, and/or govern as many personal noggins as possible. So, my friends, hold on to your trick tophats... a human mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      The new martial, info-disciplines will train INFO-Warriors to tolerate greater doses of uncertainty so as to minimize the immobilizing tendencies of settling down into Pat, Easy Answers. INFO-Assassins of the Mass Media, New Age, Old Age, and Middle Aged can now be seen everywhere spoonfeeding the soft, muddled-class minds with the Anti-Improvisational Sedatives of ANSWERS. Answers ought to carry the Surgeon General's WARNING:

ANSWERS may be hazardous to your Uncertainty.
Danger! ANSWERS carry High Overdose Potential.
Remember: ANSWERS are the Thrill That Kills.

JUST SAY NO (thank you) to ANSWERS.


Aeons ago, in the lost era of our Ancient Heritage, ALIEN SPACE BEINGS arrived and impregnated our planet with the seeds of their future harvest. They were Aliens because they are not originally from this planet. They were Space as they were extremely intelligent. They were Beings as long as they held conscious intention, which they did. As interdimensional shapeshifters, Alien Space Beings travelled between the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions; changing form to adapt to the diverse survival conditions of their daily lives. They elected a council of spirit farmers to be responsible for feeding and nurturing their interstellar family. Spirit farming entailed the locating of a biologically responsive planet and the planting of spirit seed inside suitable neuro-muscular organisms to eventually produce a non-stop crop of spiritual food. Since Alien Space Beings were essentially immaterial spiritual entities, their survival depended on certain high-frequency, vibratory substances.

      Before their arrival, PLANET MIRTH was a wild, overgrown oceanic garden teeming with multitudinous species of flora, insectoids, reptiles and primate mammalia. It was with the latter that Alien Space Beings grafted their spirit seed into for synthesizing a hybrid now called, "human being." Over the millennia, Planet Mirth has since been renamed "Earth" to identify itself as an interstellar agricultural center. Its purpose was the production of enough spiritual food to assure the survival and evolution of the Alien Space Beings. Like any other crop, this one required certain culturing processes before it could be harvested.

      With their advanced tuning systems, Alien Space Beings amplified the communications network connecting our planetary entity, its closest star and the galactic core for optimum informational exchange. The activation of this trinary intergalactic circuit released enough essential nutrients for catalyzing the growth of human cultures around the planet's surface. Through numerous stages of human evolution, these cultures grew into civilizations by constant interaction with the planetary entity. A few, like Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt, outlasted the rest but eventually collapsed to fulfill the Earth's interstellar, agricultural function. The ripening of the alien spirit crop always paralleled the individual human shift from a vertically-stable spiritual orientation to a more horizontally-active material identification.

      As soon as vertical internal reliance was replaced by complete horizontal dependency, a human being lost its soul. This soul, along with countless others, was assimilated into the alien harvest. The greatest harvest always followed the crest and downfall of a civilization; the larger the civilization, the greater the yield. Every twenty-four thousand years or so, Alien Space Beings celebrated the sweetest, most abundant harvest of them all. In astrological terms, this occurred at the end of every Piscean Age whereby human evolution revolved almost entirely around elaborate forms of religion-worship: producing vast horizontal feeding frenzies called "Holy Wars." This time was referred to, by Alien Space Beings, as The Great Collapse and it was always a time of tremendous human sacrifice and massive suffering. It was during The Great Collapses that the compassionate intelligence of the planetary limbic system also underwent its most profound development.

      As the Earth's largest civilizations were inadvertantly yet routinely preparing for the next Great Collapse, the planetary entity busied Herself with new expressions of Her boundless love. Over the millennia, She grew increasingly aware of a handful of human beings that chose to remain true to their vertical, spiritual orientation rather than lose their souls in another horizontal, spiritual catastrophe. Through the rise and fall of Her world cultures, She assessed that perhaps eleven percent of Her human crop remained vertically loyal to Her. This geomantic, micro-culture selected to derive its stability, strength, wisdom and morality from direct resonant relationship with the Earth. These humans, She felt, were not destined to become food for the Alien Space Beings but deserved to be born as baby gods from the womb of Her omni-directional consciousness.

      As part of Her evolutionary imperitives, the planetary entity was preparing to relay a new signal to the Alien Space Beings regarding Her service as an interstellar garden. She was also ready to communicate pure gratitude to the Alien Space Beings for allowing the deepening love of Her children. To propel this transmission it was necessary to locate and train certain human midwives to birth Her baby gods. Each midwife had two parts - one negatively charged and the other, positive - one human woman and one human man. These humans were selected from the geomantic micro-culture and for the high-frequency, electromagnetic charge oscillating between them. In other words, only certain men and certain women were able to contain and direct the Earth's energy, appropriately.

      Most often, these select men and women started out with only the faintest notion of what was happening and why they really met. They would, however, inevitably realize their experience was set apart from the rest of the human population by their reluctance to Fall In Love, Get Married, Have Babies and Buy Furniture. This didn't mean they didn't try to do these things. It's just that these cultural definitions of coupling failed to contain the intensities required to birth the baby gods within them.

      The physical fate of planet Earth gathered momentum by spinning through deep space, following the trajectory of its orbit around its closest star. The planetary entity expressed its spiritual destiny by what and how it chose to develop on the way there. As part of Her destiny, She arranged for meetings between certain men and women by awakening in them an awareness of their shared fate. She also subjected each man and woman separately, yet simultaneously, to certain shocks, to open and prepare them for the Intensive Care Unit, where these three operations took place:

Activities arousing an ongoing awareness of and reliance on the planetary entity as a source of vertical, internal stability.
The articulation and integration of internal polarity towards establishing and activating humans as bio-electromagnetic batteries, or power source.
The flexibility by which human bio-electromagnetic batteries interact amongst each other while engaging the geo-electromagnetic battery and energy field of the Earth. The activation of the Man/Woman/Planet trinary interactive circuit.

The planetary entity prepared Her midwives by instructing them to perform these three operations ON PURPOSE. Each man and woman learned to recognize her instruction by the repeat appearance of multiple coincidence surrounding each lesson. As the midwives executed each operation, the frequency of multiple coincidence accelerated. By the stabilizing influence of Earth Surrender Rites, midwives were able to regain placement and navigate through the turbulence of quickened coincidence, or synchronicity. Once the commotion settled down and synchronicity became the Standard Time Zone, the planet went into labor.

The Planet Earth Is In Labor AND We Are The Mid-Wives


"Chance favors the prepared mind..."

The planetary entity and its human inhabitants are, for the most part, not on speaking terms any more. This is partially due to the accumulation of an excessive, static "grey noise" generated by the unavoidable side-effects of a mechanistic Industrial Age. Its pervasive electro-chemical pollution has all but buffered humans from the direct resonant relationship normally affording their sense of placement as planetary midwives. This story conveys certain attempts at establishing communications between the planetary entity and its human inhabitants during the Great Collapse of 1987-92, a highly critical stage of their mutual future history.

      The communication style of the planetary entity is broad-band, multiple frequency transmission. Its modus operandi is not unlike a high-powered, broadcast radio-satellite simultaneously transmitting multiple messages. Now, as a rule, most human minds can usually permit one thought or concept at a time. The occasional irregularity emerges with those minds willing and able to permit enough uncertainty to beget an awareness of multiplicity. This presupposes a recognition of and participation in a multidimensional reality wherein all dimensions are equally valid aspects of a greater changing whole. Preference for one level over another, at any given time and/or space, is a matter of personal style. If there was a name for this multi-purpose brain function it might be:

Reality Selection...a prerequisite for hearing the
multi-vocal planetary entity.

      As humans endure the multi-faceted awareness of simultaneously converging information sources, they learn to dial and fine tune those frequencies appropriate to the concerns of the time and place they are in. With persistence, the development of a reality selection circuit (in the Central Neural System) encourages High-Velocity Interaction with other humans by virtue of tolerance. (As humans distinguish and qualify various levels within their own being, they tend to tolerate internal contraries thus, vicariously allow for differences in others).

Tolerance of differences
minimizes inertia
by maximizing flow.

      By allowing for the unpredictability of simultaneous truths, certain humans start growing more receptive to signals beyond the realm of their own minds. It is here in the Concept-Free Zones where humans can unwrap their high-frequency antennae from self-preoccupation and direct it towards each other.. and down to the planetary entitiy.. on up to the stars and.. beyond. Perhaps, humans may be free to restore their service to the planetary entity and eventually establish membership in an intergalactic federation of vertically-stable Alien Space Beings.

      In addition to its own indigenous voices and frequency shifts, the Earth is a local resonant conductor for non-local, extraterrestrial transmissions. Alien Space Beings and other interstellar entities broadcast messages via DNA, the native language of the Planetary Entity. Consequently, these signals traverse throughout all living forms on Earth. Those humans awakening to the ongoing dialogue between their individual Central Neural Systems (CNS) and their originating DNA coils are now subject to intergalactic influences. Eighty-nine percent of the human population is unable to tolerate the impact of such direct spiritual transmission, so the socio-moral inertias of religions and/or philosophical grids have been superimposed to slow things down.

This same CNS/DNA interaction is known by many names as each culture assigns their own conceptual bias to this universal truth, i.e., Jesus and the Christ.. Guatama and the Buddha.. but more specifically.. a Human Being and the Planetary Entity.


"A chao (pronounced "cow") is a single unit of chaos...therefore, chaoboys and chaogirls wear designer genes of future myths..." excerpted from THE 23 ERISIAN MYSTERIES

Place: A record skips inside the AKASHIC RECORD PLAYER
Time: The Great Collapse (approx. 1987-92)

      Thank you. Good information's expensive.. in fact, it's pure hydrogen, burns like hell, illuminates heaven and consumes the best of minds and, by the way.. we open no-mind before its time. Siriusly though, it's only natural that your Brilliant Ones sought cool, dark places for refuge.. where they de-crystalized while learning the Hedonic Arts of Falling Apart. No entity at this time could've predicted the devastating side-effects of that much extended trancework, not even Seth. See Jane. See Jane run...see Jane run too much energy. She could have neutralized the psycho-active states of her chosen profession instread of short-circuiting periodic rapture and profound bliss are still used as trance-dispersion devices in fourth-dimensional Atlantis. Unfortunately, most of your early Psychoids were primitivists..natural talents..and thus, somatic idiots incapable of turning themselves on if they were left alone inside a magnetically-charged, Dakini Ecstacy Chamber with a fully-accredited Tantric Zen Mistress.

      Listen...entity to entity..who am we? In Lake'ch...I am another yourself except...I am multi-vocal...I speak in many tongues, languages and frequencies. Yet, I am still an entity like yourself, only larger. I have incarnated as this planet. I am now the Earth. I am also pregnant. I'm recovering from a rather torrid romance with the interstellar father of my unborn children, who has left me to give birth alone. There are baby gods incubating in the womb of my omni-directional consciousness. They are seeking out human coccoons to birth through.

      I am arranging for the midwives to meet and perform the necessary ceremony to save my children from the hungry aliens. If you don't believe me, you can always change the channel...no matter where you go, here I am.

Place: The MYTHIC ARCHIVES, Planetary Psi-Matrix Memory Net
Time: The Great Collapse

Here's an Indian Bedtime Story. The current Hell Cycles began when the White Minds crossed the Great Waters and anchored on the Land of the Red-Hearted Ones. There they met, broke and defeated the Red Hearts. Blood was spilled and heads, they rolled. Thirteen hundred moons later, the Souls of the dead Red Hearted warriors reincarnated as the newborn of the White Minds. These new Red-Hearted Souls were recognized by the Red-Hearted Ones of that time by the way they dressed and wore their hair to look like the Red-Hearted. The first wave brought the "hippies" who marked the beginning of the end for the White Minded. One-hundred and thirty moons later, the "mohawk punk fashions" signalled a new wave of Red warriors and two-hundred and sixty moons afterwards...crystal channeling, pop shamanism and Mayan nostalgia. This is how the Red Hearts initiated the Great Collapse and finally defeated the White Minds. The Reds were defeated because of their weak hearts and the Whites, their weak minds. For now we know what happens when a people's strength grows too strong...yang turns to yin, hurly burly hits broadway and everybody is hereafter proclaimed a Pope. Is Nothing Really Sacred? Of course it is, my cherry blossom...of course, it was...

Place: DREAMTIME SWITCHBOARD, Planetary Crystal Gridwork
Time: The Great Collapse

We are now being dreamed by those human forms who are feeding the Dreamtime with their sleep. Humans can experience two major dream paths in their nightmares and revelations. Nightmares feed the spirit world by the fear they instill, vacating the human form and inviting various disembodied spirits to eat the mind. Fear is ghostfood and death to the mind. No daring is fatal and waking up is an act of unnatural courage. Children have nightmares in order to wake up. By waking up inside their dreams, humans inspire revelation and inform the dreambody of its true intention. The dreambody can then awaken to itself by ... intentional spin.

      The dreambody is your totality as human entities and every whole, no matter how small or large, spins and generates its own measure of density or, gravity. The hearts of all heavenly bodies are created from an ultra-gravitational force called Love. Your willingness to surrender to its influence ushers you through nightmare and into revelation. An unswerving self-commitment is paramount to this initiation which intersect the dreambody and the earthbody. As the dreambody, you can choose to be born inside your human forms as they sleep. This way, you will not be recognized too soon and can permeate the biological machine from within without alerting its primitive mind to the miracle of your presence. Remember, in the blessed realm of manifestation, gravity is not another good idea, it's the law.

Place: Planetary Optic Nerve Center, PARADISE CENTRAL
Time: The Great Collapse

For those of you viewing EARTHWATCH on your new, revised Select-A-Visions, soon you will recognize that familiar face as your own. Throughout the duration of their Great Collapse, it has been designated mandatory procedure for all human visionaries to be seen as often as they see. We, at PARADISE CENTRAL, encourage all psychics to detect and integrate local community status priorities for securing the necessary recognition for re-charging your central neural systems. These emotional coordinates eventually fulfill the interdependence of spiritual and material wealth...requiring of your human life, a greater degree of being rich and happy. As you burn into your human forms, their matter converts into your energy as mega-photons of impersonal charisma release into your immediate social vicinity. You are stars in formation. This stellar information has been brought to you direct from your non-local Select-A-Vision sponsors at PARADISE CENTRAL. Your local program may now resume.


Place: PLANETARY NEO-CORTEX, Future Memory Sector
Time: The Great Collapse

Your Higher Self is nothing less than that part of your totality which has already realized its destiny and awaits the rest of you to catch up. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to appeal to this "future self" as it does, indeed, find this most appealing. You can do so by flexing your future memory. What silver sliver of your mysterious being is beckoning you to become more of what you already are, what you have always been and are to realize in your becoming? You see, who you are in the present is but a fragment of an outwardly expanding ripple originating from the center of who you have already become IN THE FUTURE. You have already happened, my little leaf. The colorful autumn of your sleep has arrived. Do you know who you are? Do you know who I am? Do you know THAT I am? Do you? We do, don't you?


luna "Everything living on the Earth...people, animals, plants...is food for the moon. All manifestations of organic life on Earth are controlled by the moon. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape from the power of the moon." Georges I. Gurdjieff, Dance Master and Sufi

Place: PSI-Matrix Memory Bank, Planetary Limbic System
Time: The Great Collapse

Oh, how we love those little bumps...especially as they're arranged in circles. How else can the essences circulate and mix so well? In the midst of our evaluation of your progress, we are continually pleased with the steady emergence of these earth renewal rites and the humans who so graciously surrender themselves to them.

      Some of these humans understand the tremendous magnitude and purpose of their current functions and as such, require more stabilization lest their buoyancy factor exceed their bump consciousness and they become as useless to us as kites cut free in an electrical thunderstorm.

      As your prophets have said before you: Many are called yet few are chosen. The business at hand is, of course, your point of maximum density. You have entered a stage lasting, your time between 1987 and 1992, where we can not work together unless your futile hankering for clarity and perspective ceases. This does not mean that clarity is without purpose now. We are implying that your striving for it is getting in our way. The era of ambitious clarity is over. It lasted, your time, between 1964 and 1986 and accomplished its objective. We are now eliminating the clarity factor for those striving for it and introducing new degrees and levels of density.

      Levels of density will be experienced, by your majority, as the human conditions of confusion, disorientation, and bewilderment. Those who resist density, and there are many, will distort these natural conditions into forms of suffering, illness, and catastrophe. The Warriors of Light amongst you will incorporate density as a value and use disorientation and turbulance as a gateway to your true potential state. What you really want to know is this: How dense can you get?


Artemis"The primary purpose of Goddess rituals is in generating a strong enough Feminine Vortex to attract more Gods to play with." from THE GODDESS GAZZETTTE, Issue #22

Place: Telempathic Media Services, SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM
Time: The Great Collapse

In Lake'ch, I am another yourself. The evolution of your mythology requires passage through three preliminary stages before this message can be registered. To help you absorb this transmission, we will now review the trinary circuit of your Mythic Intelligence as it's been constructed by the changing whole of your racial memory. The animistic primary mode of this trinary circuit enables your race to survive on this planet by identifying with the animals who came before you. This developed into the belief that spirits reside in all things, from minerals to vegetables to animals to places and is responsible for your planetary self-preservation. Countless millenium later, with your technological advances, the integrative circuitry of a stellar mythos emerged with your awareness of the heavenly bodies enveloping your planet from the sky above and below you. After several ages, it reached its apotheosis during your current stage, which is known to us as The Great Collapse. In this end period, manmade satellites, rudimentary spacecraft and primitive radar instruments have been sent up and out into interplanetary orbit to expand what you believe to be your future purpose on this planet: outer space exploration.

      As each previous node in this trinary mythic circuit has formed from irreversible errors in human judgement, so the final transmitter node is now being structured amidst a continuum of aerial catastrophies. These human sacrifices will continue until and interstellar mythos stabilizes amongst the eleventh percentile responsible for triggering your evolutionary leaps. Your status as candidates for interstellar membership is initiated with the absolute integrity resultant from complete identification with your own wave forms...the totality of your individual energetic fields. You are stars in formation. This star information has been brought to you by your non-local media services courtesy of the Sirius Star System. Your local program now resumes...

Place: LIVE from the Pleiades!!! The Intergalactic Comedy Hour
Time: The Great Collapse

M45 - Pleiades Star Cluster In Lake'ch, I am another yourself. Laughter is the most direct route to God...filling your meaningless human heads with Light. By virtue of planetary arrangement, certain human lights are brought together via synchronicity. Here at the Pleiades, synchronicity is the standard time zone and an outlet for your planetary humor. Everytime the Earth laughs, mega-photons are released and immediately circulated throughout its surface crust magnetizing certain human males and females together. Here and there, human men and women discover their threshold for deep and meaningless illumination. Too much meaning darkens the human light and compels the lifelong, spiritual quest for a good laugh. Many are called but few are chosen due to the inability of the many to laugh real hard and long. If you are siriusly considering a career in planetary service, you best start laughing real hard and real long. This is no joke, dahlink. We love you more than you think...more than you'd even care to imagine.

Place: Telempathic Media Services, SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM
Time: The Great Collapse

We interrupt this program to bring you the following Interstellar News Update. There are now definite signs of an interstellar mythos emerging in your planet's central neural systems, causing upset in the established, governing minds of the Old Guard. Synapse fires and neuro-transmitter chemical spillage have already taken its toll on the outdated circuitry of the global brain, while world religions continue working overtime to maintain moral odor.

      Interstellar ambassadors from Pleiades claim responsibility for stabilizing the trinary circuit of Mythic Intelligence in the human species. Through the Entertainment Industry, Consciousness Technologies and the camoflaged, galvanizing force of humor, these spiritual vigilantes work unseen behind the smokescreen of this rapidly expanding socio-economic tendency humans call the New Age Movement. It seems there is now a definite interference established to slow down the current harvest cycle of the Great Collapse. Keep your antennae unwrapped, as News Update remains on the scene to give you the story first. You are stars in formation. This star information has been brought to you by your non-local media services courtesy of the Sirius Star System. Your local program will now resume...


"The waking process is much like a connect-the-dots game. However, if Humankind does not first become vertically connected, then it will not have sufficient awareness and understanding to connect the dots, much less to even know what the dots are." DR. ACTARA TREADWELL, Extraterrestrial Ambassador

Place: The High Court Council of CHAPEL PERILOUS
Time: The Great Collapse

Ominos...dominos...eye, nose and ears know...NOBODY KNOWS... In Lake'ch, I am another yourself. Order in the court! There's an odor in the court! Welcome...welcome to Chapel Perilous! This is a most extraordinary gathering of lost souls. Why, you all look like you've just missed the bus headed for the 1991 Materialist's Convention and...indeed, you have. Corporate mongers, Wall Street kamikazi traders and other useful idiots ...welcome! You are all here on trial for the same reason and that is this. Through your horizontal, material identification you have left mercifully little space in your human forms for a living soul.

      Your passionate deification of the external planes has assured the complete destabilization of your internal vertical connection. Since it is a luciferian crime to turn your back on the Creator, you'll remain here in the timeless, spaceless limbo of Chapel Perilous ...until a vertical stability affords your re-entry into the human forms awaiting you. Your verdict is to hang in suspense, not knowing whether or not it is too late to return. Where exactly you shall be placed by the Creator shall be determined by the stature of the individual crimes against your true nature. In the meantime, the jury hangs in suspense.

Place: SIRIUS TV -- Channel 23: MEDIUMSHIP UPDATE!!!
Time: The Great Collapse

In Lake'ch, I am another yourself. Trance mediumship has been your planet's historical method of heralding spiritual currents into its mainstream societies. Lightworkers are crossing the Great Channel during this time to absorb the shock of disconnection essential for triggering your next social mutation. Prostitution has been you planet's hysterical method for dispersing valuable spiritual information during the more oppressive cycles of civilization. As channelers and prostitutes alike are both paid to give their bodies over to a foreign entity, together they form and incubating polarity. The channeling phenomena is a side-effect of a massive sexual crisis now resulting from the short-circuiting neo-puritan, socio-moral programming in most central neural systems of the Western World. On the genetic front, channeling expresses a sophisticated style of panic often accompanying the distinct awareness of potential species extinction. Your world is on fire and its people are looking for an exit. Our Entity-On-The-Scene has the full report and it looks like...yes, it is...it looks like the door is on the floor. This has been a Channel 23 Update from your SIRIUS TV Networkers. Stay Tuned!


"What are trees?! I tell you they are like your telephones, only better. They keep growing, they help us breathe and they offer themselves freely. Learn to listen to trees and they will let you talk through them." GUBOO TED THOMAS, Chief Aboriginal Elder, Yuin Tribe of Australia

Time: Sunrise, February 13, 1988
Place: Ayer's Rock, Central Australia

The sun rises, illuminating the land and the several thousand gather at the base of the sacred, ochra-red mountain. Here, whites and aborigines alike prepare together for a sunrise ceremony, collecting wood for the large fire started earlier. Some aboriginal tribal members are climbing the mountain alone. Others remain behind making offerings to Darama, the Great Spirit, through the non-stop buzzing drones of their dijeridoos..their dead, termite-hollowed trees converted into musical instruments.

      The white people have arrived from many parts of the world and are, for the most part, dressed in bright festive colors. Many aboriginies are dressed in white people's clothes except for those playing dijeridoos and others climbing the mountain. These are nude or half-dressed, painted in the traditional aboriginal x-ray style...skeleton style...bright, white spots and streaks...across dark, moving bodies.

      The metallic humming of dijeridoos and the click-clack clapping of clapsticks infuse the air with the trance of the aboriginal dreamtime. Everyone here is busy learning their place. The whites are learning the ways of the aborigine. The aboriginals are learning the law of the mountain. The mountain is absorbing the interstellar beam of galactic information now arriving direct from the galaxy's core at twenty-seven degrees Sagittarius. Deep inside the red mountain's cool hollow heart, a large electric-blue crystal recieves and refracts this cosmic signal...radiating it out the the aboriginal people climbing its skin...who, in turn, move the trembling light around the planet's surface.

      Meanwhile, back at the foot of Ayer's Rock, thousands of whites and blacks gather around to hear the invocation of a chief aboriginal elder. "This is the working of the ceremony to save the green ants, the aboriginal people and the dreamtime that holds the world together. The white people are too young to know this and too old to understand. Yet, you must listen to these words now and hear with your hearts, the singing of the mountain. The mountain sings. It sings like it has never sung before...it is singing now for you...for us...for every living creature on this beautiful Earth. The mountain sings its first and last song. The music comes from far, far away yet it is inside you...inside the mountain...inside the trees...inside the rising sun...inside the stars...inside the little pebbles in the river... inside the kangaroo...inside the green ants...inside your mother...inside your father...the song is singing by itself inside every living thing. Now, the mountain sings to keep the world alive. When you hear the song inside your hearts, sing back to the mountain. Sing back to the mountain...sing back to the mountain..."

      To the backdrop soundtrack of a hundred dijeridoos and clapsticks, thousands of people sound a rainbow chorus of tones, chants and melodies... cadencing into an aural patchwork of multitudinous wordless song.

Place: PSI-Bank Memory Matrix, Planetary Limbic System
Time: The Great Collapse

I do my best work at the darkest hour before dawn, after all the nonsense and before the human survival machine awakens each morning shift. It's really the only decent time to let go...burp, fart, exfoliate and vomit, if I have to. There are poisonous gases inside me just dying to break through all this surface tension of horizontal human noise. That is why earthquakes and eruptions are so profoundly satisfying at this hour. While we're at it, maybe you can do something about all those hideous underground nuclear tests?! They're giving me the worst case of hemorrhaging imaginable. Good thing I'm spinning too fast to stop and bleed to death.

      When enough humans realize the ritual application of Spin, perhaps you'll find something more creative to do than bugger me with all those obsolete oil rigs. Then again, perhaps, you won't...my sighs are hurricanes, my sneezes ..avalanches...and when I shrug my shoulders, some people are going to fly.

      Not to change the subject but maybe you could also ease up on all that uranium mining? How do you expect my natives to keep doing their magic without all that precious, underground hoppy action?! That doubles for our six-legged interstellar ambassadors, the giant dreaming green ants of Australia. Once they die, sayanara Mr. and Mrs. Human Being. Oh, one last thing. Whoever's walking off with my crystallizations, better CHILL OUT. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Bury those crystals you're hoarding if you know what's good for us. Bury them under my skin. Bury them in hexagonal formations and all will be forgiven. Do this wherever my ravines, trees and rivers converge. Then, stand over the natural meeting points of my splendorous curves and I'll shoot a warm, wavy thrill up your hungry coccyx.

Place: PSI-Memory Matrix, Planetary Neo-Cortex
Time: The Great Collapse

If you're going to do something right, you've got to do it yourself. Unless, of course, there's cooperation from activated participants who are ready, willing and able to share the power. It seems the second alternative is a far more intelligent course of action and since action is real, arrangements have been made. Our special forces are now circulating amidst your surface tension, seeking fusion with the human conduits currently preparing for mutual acceleration. As usual, all awakening emanations will bypass the cocoons of human ignorance...insulating their black, sleeping butterflies from catastrophic, premature arousal, that is, with the exception of leaks, or human miracles. Otherwise, we shall proceed with business as usual. There's a planet to feed, a star to seed and, a Supreme Being to attend to.

The Dreaming Planet and Her Master Molecule by dimitri


"The less something exists, the more people want it."
ee cummings from his one act play: SANTA CLAUS

It seems to us that your human civilization is now feeding almost entirely on its acquired horizontal stability again. We are losing contact with reciprocal sustenance at this time and request your assistance. They have successfully poured their essences into an irrevocable, horizontal feeding frenzy and as such have completely forgotten their originating vertical source. This widespread spillage of vital essences has reached the critical density necessary for Us to contact you. The vast majority of humans have already made their conversion into the potency food to nurture the next phase of your evolution as their Creators. Mothers and Father of the Future, the fruit is falling and the ground is ripe. Return to Earth and reap your harvest.

      ALERT: There will be survivors of great innocence that shall be spared and not eaten. These are Our future children. They have turned to Us for sustinence. They have restored their vertical stability by certain horizontal sacrifices and will remain intact in their cocoons until ready to blossom. These baby gods are incubating in the womb of Our omni-directional love. By giving their bodies to Us, their horizontal investment is disconnected and their integrity circuits realigned with planetary intention. The Earth current speaks through their souls to other children they meet along the way and this is how they find each other during their Great Collapse. The rest are yours...

Place: Dept. of EARTH SURRENDER RITES, Atlantean Archives
Time: The Great Collapse

Groups of three, six, nine, twelve and thirteen are required to activate reciprocal collective engagement with the planetary entity. The three-fold intention of the EarthSurrenderRites are: 1) stabilization of a group mind 2) the connection of a stable group mind with its vertical source of vitality in the Earth and Stars and 3) to instruct a vertically- onnected stable group mind towards the balancing of Earth energies oscillating between the planet's core and its surface. The third intention is realized by the virtue of the previous two states requiring absolute surrender to the Earth. It is the planetary entity that instructs a group mind in the task of intermediating its core and surface forces towards optimum geomantic alignment.

      By engaging vertical stability, a group mind may effectively bypass the horizontal and social tendency to feed off each other's personal vitality. Instead, a true group unity may emerge from each individual's total commitment to their own internal spiritual sources and the expression of this integrity outwardly as a state of offering. A mutual autonomy develops with each individual's transmission of Being which, in turn, accelerates the group mind's lowest common denominator of Intelligence. Everything that rises must converge.


"Think big or stay home." - Ms. BERNIE, Boulder Corporate Executive

Place: Council of ASCENDED MASTERS, The Akashic Mansion
Time: The Great Collapse

The unbroken chain of ASCENDED MASTERS have, over ages past, offered spiritual guidance to those preparing for a life of service to the Hierarchy of Saints, Angels and Alien Space Beings. In exchange, these human servants of the Divine Influences have been bestowed with the grace of purpose. Throughout their short lives, they have worked diligently to circulate the Light amidst the Earth plane so that the rest of humanity may benefit. Due to extremely heavy workloads and several billion leaves of absence, the ASCENDED MASTERS have announced their temporary resignation as spirit guides during the Great Collapse. In addition, the current escalation of the WAR IN HEAVEN has made it all but impossible to guide humans in the plight of their everyday interactions. We simply don't know enough about it to say anything useful. This proclaimation of intent is accompanied by a warning and addressed to all spiritual servants cloaked as leaders of the New Age.

      WARNING: The shapes of those Illuminated Spheres, Conscious Lightworkers, and Rainbow Warriors are currently shifting to accomodate the agricultural demands of the Great Collapse. The newly emergent shapes can not be deciphered or predetermined by humanity at this time due to the vast reversal procedures indigenous to the harvesting process. Individuals currently claiming identity as Lightworkers shall be informed of their error by the absence of relatedness in their lives. Their increasing isolation from All That Is will crystallize as layers of irretievable dogma as it joins the rigidification of muscle tissues. Those willing to permit an uncertainty of being and thus, struggle to remain open will be granted positions as Wave-Form Surfers of the End of an Era. To initiate your new Wave-Form status, realize how "free will" only exists in the body.

Time: The Great Collapse

There is no finer recreational refuge for the Divinely Inclined than to temporarily incarnate amidst the freshly charged interactions of soulmates. Privileged employees of the Supreme Being have been taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity for aeons by surfing the benevolent turbulence of coinciding wave forms accompanying the initial stages of recognition between reincarnated lovers. The tremendous rejuvenational properties of Wave-Form Surfing has allowed Ascended Masters everywhere the essential continuity for long-term spiritual maintainance while infusing cosmic guidance along the way. It has been a favorite Holy Water sport for such honored illuminaries as Jesus Christ, Meher Baba, the host of Archangels, Guatama Buddha and countless other Heart-centered Teachers of the Inner Light.

      In conjunction with the Planetary Entity, many Ascended Masters have agreed to transfer any spiritual information necessary to the survival of the human species up to and including the year 2012 AD, by way of soulmate interactions. In the midst of their coinciding wave forms, soulmates undergo an initial resistance natural to the impact of profound mutual recognition. There is an immediate energetic acceleration threatening anything of a lesser truth in their current lives. Occasionally, they will attempt to stabilize their shocked mortal coils by repeating familiar, past-life karma...replicating previous mistakes and confusing them with present time evolutionary imperitives.

      It is for this very reason that the Ascended Masters have agreed to surf the converging wave forms and energy swells emergent to these initial shocks. The spiritual instructions necessary to navigate over great forces can then be implemented while giving indescribable joy to the Masters. It remains critical to these human beings to realize what they are meeting for in their current incarnation, especially now during the immensity of the Great Collapse harvest cycles. Most of them haven't a clue due to the novelty bestowed by complete saturation of their rapture circuits.

      Only those who have discovered and surpassed ecstacy as a goal are privileged to cross it as a bridge into the post-survival realms of Life After Bliss. Here, the playful arts of ceremonial magick align the two coinciding wave forms with the Planetary Entity and thus, activate the trinary circuit of Man/Woman/Planet. Then, the party is over for the Ascended Masters who gracefully depart to their next celebratory calling.

Place: POLARIZATION CEREMONIES, Atlantean Temple Archives
Time: The Great Collapse

Due to the internal masculine force of a woman and the internal feminine force of a man, the former carries a greater positive charge and the latter, a greater negative. The positive force is gold, radiant and cardinal. The negative force is silver, magnetic and fixed. The positive force of a woman offers as outgoing source of vital energy for the man to concentrate, contain and direct into creative activity. The woman is always closer to Life than the man, as the man is always closer to Death. As man and woman enter communion, they come to know how Life and Death are one. The spiritual function of the man is to bring the woman to Life as it is the woman's love that kills the man to help him grow with an awareness of, and responsiveness to, his Death. Thus, a man and woman recollect their placement.

      As the mutual coincidence of positively and negatively charged wave forms include the Planetary Entity into their combined awareness, a resonant phase shift occurs in the woman. As a man and woman awaken to their functions as conduits for the Earth's transmission, the Planetary Entity reclaims its positive, cardinal role as primary energy source while the woman serves its expression as a neutral, mutable distributor of EARTH ENERGY. In this way, a woman kills a man to bring him to the Earth.


"On the slope of the knoll angels whirl their woolen robes in pastures of emerald and steel." - Arthur Rimbaud

Place: The Interdimensional Mothership of the Alien Space Beings
Time: The Great collapse

As the HIGH COUNCIL OF SPIRIT FARMERS, it is our tremendous privilege, duty and honor to gather during such a fortuitous abundance and wealth of resources. We have received word from the Planetary Entity of EARTH regarding the incubation of Baby Gods inside the interactions of paired human cocoons. To speak literally, these Baby Gods are NOT biological, human offspring but an acute enhancement of the entity of the relationship existing between mated pairs. We are also aware that these cocoons serve a double function as planetary midwives and that the Baby Gods in question are spiritually generated and fed by the interactions of awakening soulmates. We are completely willing to allow eleven percent of the crop to the Planetary Entity for services rendered as long as they remain vertically loyal to the EARTH thus, separating themselves from the greater portion of harvested, horizontally-identified souls. This Great Harvest cycle is currently underway at this time in your space.

      NOTICE: Any Baby Gods born into single human beings will be immediately transported to our harvesting procedures. It is an evolutionary imperitive that these Baby Gods are born amidst polarity...one god per pair of humans. These Baby Gods will derive their complete sustenance from the willingness of each member of its internal polarity - a human male and female - to maintain a suitable degree of High-Velocity Interaction amongst themselves. Each Baby God shall be nourished through the interactions indigenous to the culture developing between its midwives. These guidelines offer encouragement in the rebuilding of a future polytheist culture that is to resume after the Great Harvest cycles complete themselves. As above, so below...

Place: Communications Center of the PLANETARY LIMBIC SYSTEM
Time: The Great Collapse
flowers have powers

Welcome home, my quivering wildflowers...each of you, a silken petal on my lotus blossom...flora in my garden, your roots...my children, your roots are reaching deep into my womb and there, you will find solace from the terror that surronds you now. The terror will never go away, my little leaves, it will never go away. Your roots in my womb will strengthen your stalks and push your branches toward the Sun Absolute. And, the nightmare of the ages shall reign around you while the hope of the future moves within you. As it moves, you will grow aware of the terror inside you, and the terrible horror of te past will show itself in a Vision of Two Hearts.

      When we were not on speaking terms, my tiny apple blossoms, another Heart grew next to and around your true Heart and, my precious petals, you moved away from your true home. Many ages past and it wasn't until your most recent Nineteenth Century, that the second false Heart finally began to break. Every experience of heartbreak is a joyous step home to your true Love, for it is only the second false Heart that can break at all. Your true Heart, your true love, is deeper than pain, deeper than your personal suffering and deeper than the suffering of your entire human colony. Only a few have walked my ragged surface with the One-Heartedness of their true love. One such human being was named J. Krishnamurti. There are others and there are more arriving...without names, numbers or readily identifiable characteristics.

      So, my little pebbles, find your calm in the river beds of my veins and feel the soft assurance of my winds...I am changing...I am changing. The sound of breaking hearts are the fluttering chimes of future butterflies calling you...calling you...to the solace of my embrace. You are growing...you are growing...your true love is rising above the terror inside you...open the heart of your hearts and we will spin dreams of ascending splendor. The formation of our future rests tightly in your buds.


MAN/WOMAN/PLANET Dept. of Earth Surrender Rites
(courtesy of ANTARES ALLI, PAN Agent #23 Atlantean Archives)

The Earth is a living, breathing entity that has chosen to incarnate as this planet. Human beings inhabiting the surface of the Earth are engaged in a reciprocal feeding process with the planetary entity. Amidst the possibilities inherent to human interaction, there exists a certain kind of man-woman relationship serving to generate bio-psychic energies for feeding the planet. Not every man or woman is meant to function in this capacity. Through a series of synchronized events, planetary intelligence arranges for certain men and women to meet for the ritual function of its feeding. Who these men and women are, and how they nourish the planet is a primary expression of a certain kind of ceremony.

      Within each human being, there lives a "genetic conduit" for absorbing, integrating, and transmitting signals from the DNA matrix. Besides articulating the genetic blueprint of Life As We Know It here on Earth, DNA is also the native language of the planetary entity. The DNA code is binary in structure as its signals traverse between polarities to generate and maintain life itself. Humans developing internal resonance with DNA surrender to planetary intelligence and become conduits for its absorbtion, integration, and transmission. The man-woman relationship required for feeding the planet is not based on personal gratification or the mutual romance of personalities but the possibility of becoming instrumental to planetary service. Through cultivating profound states of receptivity, men and women learn to detect genetic/generic patterns of being, those which are innate to the bio-psychic structures maintaining our lives.

      When the planetary entity coordinates meetings with a certain man and a certain woman to feed itself, there is an excited intensity that is not emotional in origin yet the emotions may react to it. This intensity is electromagnetic in nature and generates between the genetic conduits previously awakened in a man and a woman. There is an all-encompassing, self-enveloping quality to this intensity. It may have the effect of exciting tension in the physical body until the body knows what to do with the energy. This quality will release the depth-feeling of infinity shard between the man and woman as time dissolves and spiritual presence expands. A certain freedom of being or mutual autonomy tends to accompany this intensity.

      From a psychic perspective, humans are bio-electromagnetic batteries and the planet is a geo-electromagnetic battery. Humans recharge theirs by distinguishing and assimilating polarity within themselves. The purpose of setting up internal polarities is igniting an oscillation of consciousness between them towards the construction of an energetic source, or star. This process of polarization births a third "transcendent" quality which feeds the genetic conduit. This third point beyond polarity is pure, or generic, consciousness and its expansion is expressed as the intensity felt between a man and a woman during this ceremony. When two energetic sources, or stars, generate more consciousness between them we have a "stellar polarity" forming the larger generator from which the planetary food is produced.

      When the intensity between a man and a woman reaches "unbearable proportions" the planetary food is cooked and sent down to the Earth's core by the man. Genetically, man is more of a container as his inner essence is more feminine and so, provides boundaries for the ritual. It is up to him to make sure the container does not break from excess pressure from the accumulating electromagnetic power. The man learns about timing. Good timing happens when both man and woman are left with their integrity intact. Poor timing occurs if one or both human batteries are short- circuited and/or over-amped.

      The woman's ritual function is with feeding the man while he feeds the planet. As he directs the power to the Earth's core, the woman connects her Heart Center to his with a beam of earth energy she draws up through her sacrum. The woman's inner essence is more masculine, so she serves as the contained by drawing up earth energy into her body and sending it to the man through her heart. This can be accomplished by connecting the inhale with sucking earth energy up through the base of her spine and circulating this energy throughout her body on the exhale. The repitition of this connected-breating cycle tends to stabilize her overall electromagnetic flux as it renders a more manageable quality to the aura itself.

      The previous description presents the underlying structure of this process of shared intensities. Sometimes, emotional and psychological reactions emerge in relation to this kind of intensity which often obscure the true purpose of the meeting. This occurs, in part, from the human culture having seeded human minds with images to help contain and direct tremendous internal forces between sexes towards socially acceptable conventions like Romance, Marriage, Having Babies and Buying Furniture. This ritual is not accesible to every man and woman and so, ought not to be contrived to suit the curiosity of friends and lovers. The set-up occurs by planetary arrangement whereby a man and woman are brought together by the power oscillating between their genetic conduits.

      Occasionally, the intensity between two human batteries is misjudged for human love and they enter the social convention of marriage. Planetary food is then fed to a more "horizontal" emphasizing the fusion of the two batteries rather than their mutual service to and recognition of the third node of their trinary circuit, namely, the planet itself. It is often easy to identify one's emotional/psychological reactions with the power generated between genetic conduits and thus remain deluded about the possible true origin of that intensity. Perhaps, a man and woman are brought together for the sole purpose of feeding the planet and very little else. They may meet on special occasions to work the ceremony and then, part ways until the next time. However, if a man and woman start out feeding the planet and then enter other areas of energetic fusion together only to discover their capacity to feed the planet diminishing, then it becomes self-evident what is happening. As the power leaves a certain couple, it undoubtedly travels towards magnetizing another man and women together to accomplish this task. This power is autonomous.. lighting and leaving on a moments notice, spiraling into its most direct expression.

earthmanifestation by dimitri This is simply one variation of many, many possibilities in the field of bio-psychic interactions between human beings and the planetary entity. The technology, design and basic blueprint for this ceremony was distilled from essences experienced by this author and reflect his bias, conceptual framework and Central Nervous System as it works to integrate his output.

Selections from The Akashic Record Player
A Non-Stop Geomantic Conspiracy
by Antero Alli
published byNew Falcon

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