8 - The Cyber Lord and Lady

The CyberLord

Since this article is being written in the late Fall we'll start with the Lord first.

Who is the CyberLord? In Wicca the horned Lord is the Consort of the Lady. His seasons are from Autumnal Equinox to the Vernal Equinox. Typically He represents life cycles, birth through death. But since CyberCraft is an interpretive metaphor we will try to get a little closer to Him.

CyberCraft holds that the Lord is the divine natural pattern of all men. His appearance and lifestyle would depend upon the culture in which the CyberNaut lives. Skin color, language, lifestyles are all dependent upon one's culture and need.

We are told by our predecessors that we don't create the Gods, we name them. Yet some might pursue a natural manifestation that is a little too far or distant for the individual to maintain a solid psychic link with. Mireca Eliade tells us that supreme Gods generally always are replaced with more local, more relative, lesser Gods. Therefore we offer the Cyber Lord as that more relative and personal deity.

His home is the homes of men, His loves the loves of men. He is the complete and perfect pattern of all human males. He is the best of all possible human male entities. His abilities are the highest that mankind can ever hope for plus a little to keep us guessing. And He is complete in his animalness. Raw viral power is His to command. His keen, perceptive, piercing intelligence tracks the quarry from birth to death. His building and engineering skills are sufficient to take mankind from dank cave to reliable inter-stellar, inter-galactic transportation systems.

He is the seed-bearer. His semen can fecundate while His powers can decimate. Half the information codes that terra-form new Gaias frolic within his divine form. His nature is of fire and air--of doing.

But He is not a goody-two-shoes. He knows the way of birth and death, of creation and destruction. He knows that in open and closed systems, placement and replacement both have a place in the dance of whirling, living systems. He has a dark side but it's not evil. His is a life-affirming darkness as opposed to life-denying darkness. There is a life-denying darkness. It lies in the realm of Patrus.

The CyberLady

She, like the Lord, is the divine pattern of all women. The best they can ever be plus just a little to surprise us. She is the Creatrix of the race, and with Her links to Gaia she is the matrifocal property owner of the race. Hers is more a creating and nurturing spirit where the Lord's is knowing and doing. From Her breasts comes the multi-visceral ambrosia which sustains all human life. Her Nature is of water and earth--of sustaining.

Her form is also relative to the race and culture of the CyberNaut. She has a light and dark nature but again they are life-affirming. The Matrix contains life-denying processes. Her form is a evolutionary raised animal form reflecting both woman's primitive and star nature. She will bear us across the wide heavens to newer homes.


The Lord and Lady share many of the same powers. This is reflected in our genetic heritage. Neither Lady nor Lord is supreme. They are the powers of the species. And they do not serve the other except in the genetically driven processes assigned by the Matrix and Patrus. They are equal but completely perfect in their separate abilities. Both serve the Matrix and Patrus, not by Commandment, but by pattern and nature.


Each CyberNaut, CyberPriest and CyberPriestess has the power and authority to create representations of the Lady and Lord. Were it not so we would not have the power and authority to procreate from Their genetic stocks.

This author envisions the Lord as younger, utterly handsome, virile, with short hair and a strong energyform body. I see Him as agile and adept at plumbing the sub-atomic depths and the brilliant cores of galaxies.

The Lady is dark and divine. Her beauty stupefies and exhilarates. Her cool touch electrifies and energizes. Her breath animates. Her single glance can mortify and elevate a human to seventh heavens.

Their powers spring from within and reach to the outermost realms of matter and energy. Nothing is beyond their caress.


From the effects of the Lord and Lady come the progeny who we call the Changelings. Those who are mutating the minds are the mental Changelings of the Divine Couple. And as time progresses our bodies will change as the Lord and Lady prune, shape and nurture the human species. We are involved in a labor of love in creating a framework to benefit our children and our future selves.

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