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Hey Terence...
a virtual q&a(kilobytes)

What is shamanism or psychedelic voyaging?(35)
What are shamanism and psychedelic voyaging not?(95)

What is DMT?(259)

What is the good technique?(65)
How often do you do this sort of thing?(130)

You do this for a living?(15)
What really excites you?(150)

What is this?(24)
How can I see a phosphene?(84)

What do you think about aliens?(62)
Can I have my cake and eat it too?(95)

The transcendental object at the end of time is what?(70)
What is to blame for toxic modernity?(49)

How do you say, 'The end of the world is nigh!'(29)
Why are psychedelics illegal?(332)

What do people think?(126)
Is there anything I need to know?(23)

What do you want?(17)
What do you usually eat for breakfast?(43)

How has humankind fallen into the state of non-participation in the immediacy of the Tao?(263)

Some of these samples have been edited and a few have been practically master-mixed, but none of them misrepresent any of Terence's ideas except for the obvious joke or two :-). Be aware that the questions were invented to fit the quotes, this is not an actual q and a, lets call it virtual. The quotes were sampled from recordings of his lectures and workshops, many of which are available.

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