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Mark Jacobs is Peeved with Society, so Watch It

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The truth about our pissy skies - Chemtrails (MP4 58.8MB)

Hopi Prophecy : "Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky." Now look at the chemtrails in the normally clear blue skies. These seem to consist of aluminium and barium salts, plus man-made fibrils that can cause skin and lung irritation.

I live in Harrow, Middlesex, UK. I was astonished to see these b***ards (I said buzzards for those of you complaining) in the sky over my house as I came out to get the kids to school and then go to work. It was January 24th 2003 at 9:00 am GMT when I took these :-

First jet appears

That's the moon and the first jet - it was a beauty of a morning. Then another joined in :-

Second jet joins in

More criss-cross patterns and jets started to form :-

More gunk sprayed into the air

The "Mark of Zorro" with the moon :-

Zorro home

About 6 to 7 jets were in the sky at once. Here one of the Zorro jets in action :-

Zorro scythe

Then, having dropped the kids off at school, off I set to the office in Carpenders Park. Now, my office is about 7 miles away from my home, so I was surprised to see the same thing happening. I got out of the car and took these at 9:30 am the same day :-

Criss-cross patterns

Wow, they have been busy :-

Criss-cross patterns

There are bungalows here, so it's easier to see them :-

More criss-cross patterns

Another jet flies over, but it's not leaving a trail :-

Jet with no trail flying into trails

On arrival at the office at 9:35 am, the infamous "Mark of Zorro" again :-

Carp Zorro

Later, at 4 pm that day, you can still see these "trails". Over my house :-

Local Later

And over the office :-

Carp Later

In both cases, you can see the dark gloomy natural clouds that have formed nearby. Are they related? I don't know. I have e-mailed Harrow council in very early January about these trails and I have had no reply as of yet.

More recently, the trails are much more obvious. There have been many times that I have seen both a commercial airliner and one of these mysterious chemjets flying in the sky at the same time. The commercial airliner leaves either nothing at all, or a trail that disappears after 10 to 30 seconds. The chemjets leave these mushy-sky-making trails that do not disappear, but disperse into wispy, long "clouds". These were taken in November of 2005 :-

First Streaks

10 minutes later these had started to disperse :-

10 Minutes Later

Example of trail plumage into wispy, long clouds :-

Trail Plumage

The ensuing mush :-

Ensuing Mush

Some miscellaneous shots :-

My own speculations and research as to what purpose these trails are for, has come up with the following possibilities :-
  1. Due to their toxic nature, an attempt to scare humanity back into the artificial environments of their own homes. Sounds Orwellian.
  2. Due to the highly reflective nature of the plumes, they could be used to assuage the effects of global warming, to try and keep the population from panicking that we really are heating up.
  3. Due to the chemical analysis of the trails' fallout, both in water and on the ground, and the discovery of Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA), barium, various viruses and red blood cells in said fallout, the governments of the NATO countries (which seem to be the only ones spraying chemtrails at the electorates) are trying to kill off the populations with slow, lingering ailments that nobody could pin on any particular cause, or experiment on them with different DNA-altered flu-like viruses (incidence of this seems to have hit everyone round where I live).
  4. A way of "zipping the skies shut", to hide something, and obscure it with dense cloud cover.
  5. An absurd attempt at "weather control". Mother Nature controls us, not vice versa.
  6. And finally, an even more absurd, but plausible reason for them. There may be a benign reason for the secrecy and content of chemtrails. There may have been discoveries in disease research which found viruses so dangerous and infectious to mankind that a covert mass inoculation plan had to be undertaken, which involved dosing people with small amounts of the viruses so as to build an immune resistance to the real threats. Some people may get ill for a short time, but it is a small price to pay, to save mankind from a looming disaster, too scary to disclose in the mass media. This would allay those arguments based on the premise "Why would the powers that be poison themselves too?" because it would have to be global, if secretive good intent were meant. Chemtrails are becoming global, but the media are keeping their true intents a secret. Some parts of the world are still largely inaccessible, but can be reached by tanker plane. The immunisation will affect everybody, even cave dwellers, and nobody can stop it to argue that they'd rather take their chances and see what happens, because the viruses are so infectious and imminent. In this case, I'd be honest with the public and tell them the bad news in a calm and constructive manner. Offer a voluntary treatment instead of the expense and pollution caused by tanker plane usage. Ask scientists everywhere to work on a cure, and supply all the funding from what they are currently using to wage pointless wars.
Here's some more speculation. More recently, I have concluded that they are packed with aluminium and barium, so as to increase human susceptibility to microwave mind control emanating from the street furniture in following section.

"God knows what" Masts

If you haven't already, please read how harmful these things really are at the World Health website or my mirror of the article, The Radiation Poisoning Of America.

These new "phone" masts that have sprouted up suddenly and ubiquitously all over the UK have no indication of what company they are for, no adverstising banners or suchlike, and yet, they are appearing in such profusion, it begs the question, "Where's the money coming from?". It will have cost either the tax-payer or the mobile phone companies a lot of money to research, manufacture, and erect these things all over the country. If the mobile phone companies footed the bill, why have they not brandished their brand names all over them? They are already unsightly enough, so it could only enhance the appearance of this new form of street furniture. Perhaps the government has an alternative agenda for their use, that these companies do not condone, and therefore, do not want to be an obvious party to. Who knows? I never get any answers from MPs or councils.

Here are some masts round about where I live. This is a new breed of masts which I call "thumpers" because I suspect they have something to do with the Taos Hum (excellent article by Gerry Vassilatos gives more details) experienced round here since its recent installation on Harrow Weald High Road :-

A Local Thumper

Keep your eyes peeled for these. I'm sure many more will sprouting up soon (though who is paying for them is anyone's guess!). They do not seem to have any directional array, so what they are used for is a bit of a mystery. Here is the same one with a chem-trail (common as muck in Harrow nowadays) behind it :-

A Local Thumper

Here is the control box for it. As you can see, fly-posting is allowed, but no sign of any mobile phone company logos, despite it being a radio transmitter of some kind :-

Thumper Control Box

Here is another of the same type in Eastcote Road Pinner :-

A Pinner Thumper

This is a mast in Tudor Road. What is unusual is that there is a control room directly attached to it. It is also easily accessible and bang in the middle of a residential area :-

Tudor Road Mast

Tudor Road Mast

Tudor Road Mast

Tudor Road Mast

Here is the Portakabin control room which the cables run into (looks quite cosy in there!?!), though why would you need a control room that seats 3 comfortably, for a mobile phone mast? WTF :-

Tudor Road Mast Control Room

This next array is bang next to a care home on Harrow Weald High Road :-

Sanctuary Care Mast

Sanctuary Care Mast

Sanctuary Care Mast

Next to the railway bridge on Harrow View, overlooking a huge residential area :-

Railway Mast

In a field between Harrow Weald and Carpenders Park, again overlooking a residential area:-

Weald Mast

This one is situated in a field of the Braziers Dairy farm near Watford. It's huge :-

Braziers Farm Mast

I went out to (what I consider to be) the most inappropriately placed "mobile phone" mast in all of the UK. Now, this thing is immense, and you feel really dwarfed when standing under it. Here is the identifying name-plate for it :-

Euromast Systems

This is as much of it I could get in the camera-frame at one time. It shows the thickness of the multitude of electricity supply cables inside its metal tower :-

The mast

Standing bang next to the 8 foot high iron gate (one of its many defenses) :-

Big, ain't it?!

It's a whopper. Another angle :-

Euromast Angle

This was taken standing just in front of the sign in the picture after this one :-

Euromast from BUPA

Turn around and here is the sign, showing where this mast is situated. Utter madness :-

BUPA Bushey

Don't they know about the health risks these large high-powered masts can cause?!? Plus, they seem to have sprouted up everywhere recently. All of these masts are within 5 miles of each other. Why do they need so many densely-packed high-powered masts? In the Philippines, you hardly ever see masts, but they have phenomenally good mobile coverage over the entire country. Does "white man" government like to experiment on its electorate? Is the government that evil?

Cruelty to Animals

When you see things my way, the behaviour of the average consumer is inexcusable. If I want to wash my daughter's hair with a new shampoo, under no circumstances would I condone a rabbit having its eyes purulent and weepy. I would rather wash her hair in water or get her to use swimming goggles! From a naturalist's point of view, most of the animal-tested products in society are unnecessary, unnatural, and probably good for no-one. Why then do we still think we have to buy them (deodorants, soaps, pharmaceuticals, dyes, cosmetics ...) when they cause so much unnecessary suffering? Because we're socially conditioned to be consumers. From the nurseries, through the schools, and into our homes, we are bombarded with messages that tell us to behave in a certain way, and consume stuff the average caveman would chortle at. Naturally gregarious human beings are suggestible when unconsciously given the threat of ostracism, so we go and do it. It is now time to wake up. Experimentation on mammals like rats and mice is commonplace in so-called "civilised societies". Such animals are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures and we owe our own evolution to them. We should be treating them with love and kindness. Instead, we butcher them and inflict permanent misery on them. This is wrong, no matter what ideologies we use to vindicate our actions. Animal experimentation has to stop NOW! I hope these pictures of sinister human behaviour shock you, because there can be no ethical justification for the following scenes :-

Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats) slaughterhouse

Pigs have cigarettes stubbed out in their faces.

Animals going to slaughter, amongst many other disturbing things

I honestly cannot watch this film all the way through without crying. Call me soft, but this is tragic.

Another portrayal of common animal husbandry

This is really upsetting to watch

If human beings continue to treat other species with such gay abandon, they will surely suffer tragedy in the universal "justice zone". Eating this meat is the same as condoning the practices used to rear and slaughter it. You have been warned!

Electronic brain implant in a rat

Smoking dogs

Purulent Eyes

Tied Down

Lamb to the slaughter

Gasping sheep

Sows with no room

Chicken line

Caged Fox

Beak clipping

Battery hen

Also, have a look at Animal Freedom's video selection and Latest Accounts of Animal Experimentation. You may want to act after seeing these.


"Thou shalt not kill". And slaughtering your own flesh and blood is inexcusable in any way, shape or form. Where do humans get off in this day and age saying things like, "We have a right to control our own lives", when they quite obviously don't, and even if they did, they'd rather a government do it for them. I have yet to hear of one argument for the killing of an unborn child. As far as I am concerned, the magic of life has started the instant the sperm fuses with the egg. There is no going back from there. Even if it means inevitable death for the mother. Even if it means a bad life for both the mother and child (bad can only be comparative - look at the Philippines and compare it to life in the UK). It is irreversible fate, and if you start murdering to avert it, nature will come along and punish you for it. Even if it means having a nagging conscience for the rest of your life, murder always haunts the murderer. Even if a woman is raped, she should still have the child - the DNA of the baby may one day help pinpoint the father, so he can help with the child's upkeep. Look at these pictures of how human beings' distorted mental framework allows this to happen to members of its own species :-

abortion, abortion, you gotta have caution

abortion, abortion, you gotta have caution

In summary then, human beings are plain shits. Unless they change their sheepish "follow the pack" ways, they will get their come-uppance :-

We are doing it wrong - change now
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