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6th March 2022 15:49
I don't think politicians are actually at all responsible for any of the policies they deploy. They're simply puppets, told to do or die. I'm pretty sure they know their task is all bullshit after a few weeks in office! But they continue to play it out, while getting loads of money to shut up and do what they're told. It doesn't matter what political party is elected, the agenda remains unchanged. Hence, you need to stop voting, because you're not actually choosing anything - the policies are predetermined by the elite power cartel, and handed down through whatever political machinery is operational at the time. Democracy is a lie. Money runs everything through brutality. There are no nice people at the top.
24th December 2021 15:24
Paul Joseph Watson is hilarious with this round-up of the crazy state of affairs globally.

24th December 2021 14:44
Various stuff from 2021

If you have something difficult to do, and you're not sure what the best way to approach the problem is, then sleep on it. Let your unconscious guide you. Trust your innate self. I've found it works miracles, and produces the most elegant solutions.

Chemtrail released on the ground!

If you are a believer in all the tripe pushed out by mass media, awaken to a new reality, where you're responsible for your own happiness. Letting others' malpractice and scaremongering trouble you so deeply, means they are burgeoning on your peace and happiness, yet you have never crossed paths with the perpetrators.

I've had the flu about 10 times in my life and countless colds. I rarely get flu now and I defeat colds in a couple of days. Immune systems work naturally and well. You don't need any extra chemicals pumped into you over and over again, in order to survive the viruses out there. Let nature run its course - there's nothing us pathetic humans can do about it anyway - believe the hype and usher in a global fascist dictatorship, or let mother nature work it all out for us. I'm taking the easy route.

Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

A clear division is starting to appear between the peoples of the world - purebloods who see the fearmongering over Covfefe as hype, and the MSM believers, who sincerely believe that Covfefe will wipe out humanity unless everyone wears masks all the time and is regularly dosed with "God knows what"!

The majestic and still mysterious chemistry of life. "However, related biological molecules have the same chirality; most amino acids are L and most sugars are D. This situation is called homochirality, and the homochirality of biological molecules is a characteristic of all living things."
Cell chirality: its origin and roles in left–right asymmetric development

The fusion of 2 chimp chromosomes to make human chromosome 2 is getting more mysterious as science makes new discoveries about how genes work.

Mankind seems to harvest nature's bounties and fashions them into saleable forms. It's as if the endpoint is possession of lots of money, whilst felling nature.

Now, there's a global investment for you. A disease no more dangerous than the flu, is so much more important than the ecological state of the planet.

I'll tell you what's wrong with all governments around the world - they've scared their peoples with a lie. People are waking up, feeling cheated and hurt. Payback time ...

There are 2 ways forward.
  1. Security through the threat of harm.
  2. Security through the comfort of peaceful coexistence and respect.
20th November 2021 10:41
The long-term effects of the Covid19 vaccine. The sky-diving analogy at the end is excellent!

25th July 2021 23:51

There's a lot of seriously dumb people out there. Warped into an undersized existence by upbringing. You'll find no answers as to how to run large societies in politics. That science is as corrupt as its roots. So, we have stupid people led by evil people - that's why we have a very long way to go before we can return to our true direction - a partnership society.
24th July 2021 21:12

With China spearheading the ever-encroaching technopolis where your every movement, purchase and recreation is tracked and assessed by the superstate authorities, and the Western world powers slavering over the prospect of so much control, is it any wonder that, globally, "democratic" governments are seeming more and more authoritarian nowadays, with Covid being an excuse to bring in the draconian measures they need?
3rd April 2021 15:27

The powers that be are quite happy for people to have their fantasy imagination, as long as it's filled with their commoditised cultural artefacts, and is kept separate from the cold, scientific reality they have foisted upon those people. That reality is only accepted en masse because of the fleeting visceral warmth it imbues from the comfort it offers in terms of survival. Danger, unexpected challenges and excitement are a threat to the mollycoddled existence "the powers that be" prefer you in.

29th March 2021 14:29

The youth of today favour Reddit and Tiktok over Facebook. Yet, when someone sets up a "superstraight" hash tag for those who prefer biologically natural opposite sex people over trans, they get hounded off both platforms! Lord help us! This is biased censorship, IMO.
13th February 2021 15:46
Sir Charles Walker (@3m 10s) makes some very sensible comments here in this interview on Channel 4 news, even shaming the government shill interviewer.
I'm not getting into this game where, somehow, a death from Coronavirus is different from a death from cancer or a death from heart disease. We accept that 20 odd thousand people die from flu every year ... but, somehow, you're not allowed to die from Coronovirus, ever! ... We cannot cancel life to preserve every life.

8th January 2021 00:56

As enlightenment sweeps the consciousness of mankind, governments around the world have rebranded flu as the more deadly Covid19, and want to mandate the administration of vaccines for everyone. That'll block up your pineal glands!
28th October 2020 20:29

Brilliant stuff from C.J. Hopkins at
Looking in from the dominant culture (or back through time in the case of the Nazis), the delusional nature of these official narratives is glaringly obvious to most rational people. What many people fail to understand is that to those who fall prey to them (whether individual cult members or entire totalitarian societies) such narratives do not register as psychotic. On the contrary, they feel entirely normal. Everything in their social "reality" reifies and reaffirms the narrative, and anything that challenges or contradicts it is perceived as an existential threat.

These narratives are invariably paranoid, portraying the cult as threatened or persecuted by an evil enemy or antagonistic force which only unquestioning conformity to the cult's ideology can save its members from. It makes little difference whether this antagonist is mainstream culture, body thetans, counter-revolutionaries, Jews, or a virus. The point is not the identity of the enemy. The point is the atmosphere of paranoia and hysteria the official narrative generates, which keeps the cult members (or the society) compliant.
The madness of these Covid19 measures and their inconsistencies mean that personally, I can't see how governments around the world can ever be trusted by the general public again. Therefore, there can now only be either a global fascist dictatorship or peaceful self-government (anarchy). The real question is, "Has enlightenment pervaded enough people to yield a free way of living (anarchy), or is the apathetic mass too vast, and the devil will find work for idle hands to do (fascist dictatorship)?"
17th October 2020 02:32
This is disgusting. Dido Harding again - I mentioned Dido before, about using old format Excel files for the track and trace data, resulting in massive data loss and inaccuracies.
15th October - Another Angry Voice - Yesterday, Dan Carden gave a cracking speech detailing the way the Tories have used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to siphon £billions of public cash into the pockets of their corporate chums. An excellent performance, and exactly the kind of strong opposition we want to see from Labour. Today Dan Carden was forced to resign his position in the shadow cabinet because his conscience will not allow him to follow Keir Starmer's orders to abstain on the Tory Spy Cops Bill, which is designed to give agents of the state total impunity for committing crimes as serious as torture, rape, and murder! Starmer's absurd obsession with systematically abstaining on depraved Tory legislation means that a really strong critic of the Tory government like Dan is going to be replaced with a pathetic 'yes man' type who will blithely abstain on Tory efforts to legalise torture, rape, and murder, just because their boss tells them to. It's an absolute crying shame.

7th October 2020 19:53
A simple explanation of why the science of virology and vaccination is flawed, all the way back to Louis Pasteur days. The Covid19 PCR test uses the same pattern found naturally in human chromosome 8 to determine a positive test!

1st October 2020 12:44
Are we to believe that reality is an illusion painted by the mass media? The majority of humans think so. The spiritually enlightened few know much better.

1st October 2020 12:41
In any message starting "In these uncertain times ...", please replace the phrase with "In this utter fiasco, where a fascist global dictatorship is muscling for population control through mass media lies and manipulation, ...", with immediate effect. Your cooperation will be much appreciated. Thanks again, from "The Forces of Reason".

28th September 2020 01:19
What "false positive" actually means. I cannot believe how misinformed the top UK ministers are - they seem to know nothing about the statistics 😒😠

21st September 2020 00:57
Many modern thinkers, for example Noam Chomsky, tend to ignore what mass media paint as conspiracy theories, despite evidence and facts backing some of these up to a point where they can no longer be ignored. For example, the elite's proven involvement with child sex trafficking, Satanism and paedophilia. Another being the ridiculous abuse of physics by the official story of 9-11. They usually blame society's ill state of affairs on extremist government (left or, usually, right-wing politics). By ignoring these things, and believing that the Democrats (or whoever) can rescue us all, they are being dangerously and wilfully stupid, and not such great thinkers after all.
12th September 2020 11:51
There is no pandemic. There is no need for measures or concern. There is no scientific evidence.
"I live in the plague infested town of Bolton and have a close family friend of mine who is a nurse at Royal Bolton Hospital. She told me by PM this 2 days ago (on the understanding that I didn't screenshot it) 'the hospital is like a ghost town now, we have dozens and dozens of empty beds, (which is unheard of at this normally very busy hospital). We had 5 dedicated CV wards, 4 are empty and the 1 remaining has 3 patients in it.' She is petrified of losing her job, as all nurses and doctors at the hospital were sent an email, stating in no uncertain terms that they must not say anything on social media or speak to the press about what's been happening at the hospital in recent months. The worst thing of all is that the Royal Bolton hospital (like all others) has cancelled ALL operations and treatments for the foreseeable future. 1000s of ppl are going to die because of this. This is disgraceful and an unreported national scandal."

2nd September 2020 12:31
I read Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler and she maintains that the egalitarian (or partnership) societies were the majority in Paleolithic and Neolithic times. Then, nomadic dominator societies took root and used force to propagate. Women were subjugated instead of revered for their creative and nurturing nature. Men imposed their control through violence upon everything. Hence, our warlike modern societies with a few nasty blokes controlling the way of the world. Humans aren't inherently selfish - we're actually hardwired to work together. Our current dominator society has been forcibly imposed on us. We're actually peace-loving and gentle by nature. In partnership societies, all sorts of natural entheogens are frequently used. In dominator societies, enlightenment caused by entheogens threatens the power structures supporting them.

2nd September 2020 12:20
I'd never conform. Conformity is for people who feel uncomfortable in their own skin and constantly need validation from others around them.

19th August 2020 22:25
You can't cheat nature. Viruses are bits of your own RNA and DNA, damaged by toxins. They're debris the body sweats out to clean itself. You can't immunise against them, and because they're damaged bits of you, trying to immunise will cause autoimmune problems, as the doctor in this video from February 2020 bears out.

9th July 2020 00:02
Announcement just in from Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (WHO Technical Lead Covid19 - the organisation which sets the agenda for societies around the world concerning the Covid19 outbreak) :-

Now, that should change a lot of goverment directions on how serious an epidemic Covid19 is. However, it seems as if it is being totally ignored, so that the powers that be, can keep us in permanent lockdown. Bastards! 😕 😒
23rd June 2020 16:45
Prepare to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. 5G radiation is making these critters really uncomfortable or even dead!

Similar to the way these 911 jumpers must have felt to make them jump out of the heavily microwaved towers :-

22nd June 2020 01:03

On's site, it states,
Good digital ID is too important not to get right. For over a billion individuals worldwide, accessing basic good and services is difficult, if not impossible, due to a lack of recognized identification.
I'd love to know the types of "good and services" they offer, which are so key to over a billion people that the providers are entitled to know your identity before they'll supply them to you? It's as if they believe you have no rights as a human being, unless your identity is held in a computer system somewhere. Duh! 🤪😜
19th June 2020 11:43
What mainstream politics fails to address when it tries to appeal to the younger generation, is that any form of "thinking your way into violence" it offers, is going to be laughed off into an early grave.
19th June 2020 01:47
A couple of questions. Did God make the world so badly, we need a war-loving species to remake it with their technology? Do we need laws like cannabis prohibition because something is wrong with Nature? Would you prefer a cannabis cookie or an injection of nanobots to cure your woes?

15th June 2020 16:38
This is food for thought. A lot of stuff I knew about, some new stuff, and some stuff I'd never contemplated before, all brought together neatly in this excellent video by Janet Ossebaard.

13th June 2020 14:36
Huh?!? 😦😮🤔

13th June 2020 13:35
Brilliant critique, especially in the light of my current reading - The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler. This is a totally terrific takedown of Jordan Peterson's arguments. I've been reading about palaeolithic and neolithic human culture and its egalitarianism founded on a partnership model, where sex and nature are revered instead of abused, and it confirms that dominator hierarchy is not a genetic imperative in humans, despite what Peterson claims.

9th June 2020 13:57
For those who doubt there is any difference between contrails and chemtrails, this video provides the evidence unequivocally.

23rd May 2020 12:16
From's 9-11-attacks,
On September 11, 2001, at 8:45 a.m. on a clear Tuesday morning, an American Airlines Boeing 767 loaded with 20,000 gallons of jet fuel crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.
The maximum mass of a Boeing 767 is 200 tonnes fully laden for the 767-400 variant. The mass of the North Tower of the WTC is 450,000 tonnes . It strikes me that a plane hitting the tower's steel framework would do as much damage as a ping pong ball hitting a large wooden box, no matter how fast it was travelling! The plane would simply fall to the ground in a crumpled heap. 911 is definitely a lie! The physics say so - the plane weighs 2,500 times less than the building!

22nd May 2020 00:08
"The market of the senses." Gang of Four.
Reiterated by Ludus, "Anatomy is not destiny, so why persist in training me?"

As in, your consciousness's destination is not in the perception of your body, so why is everything in society geared towards this end?
Have a listen to this 46 seconds of precious tune.
5th May 2020 14:39

If you're not sure your internet usage is being spied on then I suggest you read "Permanent Record" by Edward Snowden - every URL you browse to, is first put through some NSA servers that determine if there are trigger words in it. If so, they then inject malware into the hypertext that's returned to your browser! That's been going on for years now. NO PART OF YOUR INTERNET EXPERIENCE IS SAFE FROM PRYING EYES NOWADAYS. Mobile phones are spy devices - like your own personal bug FFS! Now it's difficult to know whether the device is powered off (not just the screen, because they still track you with the screen off), because the battery is inaccessible. At least in the olden days, you could remove the battery and feel certain it wasn't transmitting your location to anyone who wanted it.

Also, when Google Maps sent out those cars globally, they weren't just mapping the streets. They were also mapping all router and other device SSIDs to form a map of where you are when you use a Wifi connection of any sort! For some reason, it's really important they know where everyone is all the time. Now, you've got to ask yourself why - could it be to round up subversives when the time comes?

From the linked article,
They then used a couple of machine-learning algorithms-software tools that learn from examples-to determine the make, model, and year of 22 million cars in the images ... The algorithms became surprisingly accurate at determining the median household income of the area; the percentage of white, black, and Asian people there; the share of people with various levels of education;

3rd May 2020 11:42
Huge misconception number 1 - The way it has always been, is the way that's best.
Huge misconception number 2 - Our social system may not be perfect, but it's the best we can do.
Huge misconception number 3 - Time is an irreversible sequence of events, and certain events cause others to happen (causality).

Number 3 is wrong, because animals' concept of causality and time, is that it's all one thing, not a line or sequence, but a whole in and of itself, wherein you can know any part, past, present or future. Animals don't seek retribution for something that has happened. They'll defend an infant, and they'll feel sad if you kill one of their clan, but they don't plot revenge on you.

Without this sequencing of events and causes, the only explanation for why things happen is because of expectations of conditioned consciousnesses. A consciousness expects something to behave a certain way, and with consensus of other consciousnesses, that's what happens. From birth, we are taught how things behave by watching our teachers' expectations and seeing them come to fruition, thereby conditioning our consciousnesses to expect the same thing in future. Mind creates reality through mass consciousness. Events can be rearranged any way you like, if you have the mental freedom and perspicacity to do so. When you understand this, blame and revenge are meaningless. As humans, you come back into phase with what is real. Your alienation from nature ceases to be, and nobody can manipulate you with their causality-based theories. ✊ 🌞
2nd May 2020 12:55
The electronification of one's public image, through social media applications, is the first step in the depersonification of oneself. It's the foundation stone of digitising people into a technocratic consumer society, run by computer records.
1st May 2020 10:37
I've had a couple of close encounters. One when I was 6 years old, and another corroborated with a colleague in an office when I was 35. Personally, I think it egotistical of people to not know there are other lifeforms in the universe who evolved many millions of years before us, and have reached stages of evolution that afford them the ability to travel round the universe, watching the stageshows with mirth and glee! 🙂
23st April 2020 13:32

Lady on the left is Lady (🙄) Gaga (current World Health Organization Ambassador). Lady on the right is Marina Abramovic who is definitely a weirdo and has been implicated in some shady goings-on. Lady in the middle is supposed to be a cake, but that's some overly realistic cake there! 😧

The 'elite' members of society operate as if there were no laws governing their behavior. As long as they remain in power they are immune from prosecution, hence their desire to win elections at all costs. Vote rigging and election fraud are an indicator that all is not well but many people still do not understand that it is more than ambition that drives these people. Desperate people do desperate things. The moment they lose power, and the authority that comes with it, they become accountable to the same laws that govern you and I. The elite believe they live above the law, but as I have explained nobody can circumvent the divine laws that govern this 'kingdom'.

Satanic human sacrifice and the consumption of human meat is common practice among the so called 'elite'. The global child trafficking ring procures children for sexual exploitation, ritual sacrifice and for consumption of their meat. If the children are terrified before they are killed and eaten, their meat will absorb chemicals like Adrenalin. Adrenalin is a stimulant. The eating of human meat becomes addictive in the same way that people get addicted to other stimulants like cocaine or amphetamines. Adrenochrome is one example of an obtain illicit stimulant that the 'elite' use to get high.

The 'elite' child trafficking network is not fake news, or, a figment of anyone's imagination. I have seen enough evidence to know beyond any shadow of doubt that it poses a very real threat to us all. The first step to dealing with any problem is to become aware of it. The main problem in this case is that nobody really wants to face the truth, they would rather continue living in denial. The exploitation of children has been going on for centuries. It is not just about sexual gratification or power over others, it is about getting high. If you need to sacrifice children to get high, you don't deserve to live, here.
Completely agree with this excerpt. Children should be revered for their potentials and the ways they can improve our communities going forward. The "elite" are the scourge of this planet, with foundations in the brutalities and myopia of long-gone regimes and dictatorships, where a royal blood line automatically bought you infinite power over your citizens - completely anachronistic nowadays. Now they lurk in the shadows, with their hands pulling the strings of the politicians, trying to stage a show that will keep the public from recognising their evil and killing their power off for good. Their masks are the pop stars, actors and other celebrities who have attained their position through agreeing to portray the cabalist symbolism and messages to their droves of followers. We've got to awake from this show-driven catatonia! Just being aware of what is going on, is enough to undermine them, but we need mass awareness, and we're not there yet.

If you have the time, the following video is well worth watching - eye-opening stuff! Notice the "in your face" look on Katy Perry's visage in the video's poster picture. Pizzagate is real. 😨

21st April 2020 16:39

We're told by mainstream media that the message "my body, my choice" is okay, especially with regards abortion and sexuality. However, it's not true if we're mandated vaccinations, and told what recreational drugs we're allowed. That's idiocy!
21st April 2020 15:07

This world is far more complex than our pathetic notion of logic and science will ever be able to explain. You need to embrace magic, love and open-endedness (non-collapse of some quantum waves) imbued into the very fabric of space-time, in order to even begin to get a handle on things. Your consciousness is not supposed to go everywhere and explain everything.
13th April 2020 20:02

It appears that 5G is heralding a technocracy where you'll no longer have any privacy as a citizen. If everywhere you go is recorded, and anything you do in the streets or shops is recorded, surely that would do wonders for crime figures and the capture of the real culprits in each case. You can bet your bottom dollar that this won't be the case for the rich and powerful, and those records will "mysteriously disappear", or be pointed at fall guys. 😡 😤 Here's some more videos from :-

13th April 2020 19:52

Common sense should be telling us that something isn't quite right with the Coronavirus situation. When Swine Flu was rampant, and my daughter got it, there was no lockdown in this country (UK). Figures for India and Swine Flu (H1N1) last year did not cause a lockdown - "Last year, the number of deaths recorded due to swine flu in the country was 1,218 with total cases of 28,798 as per the NCDC data." What is really going on here?
13th April 2020 17:34
I don't understand why an American or British soldier would want to go into a foreign country and murder that country's people there. If those people are such a threat to America or Britain, then let them come to those countries and get murdered there. Once the foreign country's soldiers realise that, whenever they go to America or Britain to murder citizens there, they always end up dead, they won't go there any more and peace is re-established. If the American or British government is worried that civilians in their countries will die, then their soldiers have to do a good job when their country is invaded. Therefore, the only explanation I can find for an American or British soldier to go into a foreign country and murder people there, is because they are invading that country. Prove me wrong with logic please. 🤷
10th April 2020 17:16

If what Spalding is saying, is accurate, and we have the tech to auto-recognise faces, and the street furniture is in place too, it really doesn't matter whether you want 5G or not - it's here to ensure a smooth transition to the next stage of society evolution - a complete technopolis, where you don't matter, but your money does.
10th April 2020 15:54

As for all this trepidation about implanting microchips to control us, using vaccines as a cover, they don't need to put anything inside of us. From years ago, on THE MILITARY USE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC MICROWAVE AND MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY
"Modern electromagnetic scattering theory raises the prospect that ultra-short pulse scattering through the human brain can result in reflected signals that can be used to construct a reliable estimate of the degree of central nervous system arousal."
and couple that with
"The latest development in the technology of fear and mind control is the cloning of human EEG for the purpose of controlling the mind of any targeted victim, or groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anguish, anxiety, contempt, despair, dread, embarrassment, envy, fear, frustration, grief, guilt, hate, indifference, indignation, jealousy, pity, rage, regret, remorse, resentment, sadness, shame, spite and terror have been identified and isolated from the EEG, as 'emotion signature clusters'. Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured, then the very frequency/amplitude cluster is synthesised and stored on another computer, each one of these negative emotions properly and separately tagged. 'They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being.'"
which explains why I'm now being twitched out of the fabulous highs I used to get when falling asleep. 😒
10th April 2020 15:15

It all smacks of how stupid the human race is. And how controllable. We are doomed. We're certainly not going to reach the "Federation of Planets" stage at this rate! FFS, it's the 21st century and we're still outlawing certain plants because they make you feel good and aren't addictive!
10th April 2020 15:09
So, it looks as if the choice for the next President of the USA is between the racist, illiterate and rambling idiot Trump, or Joe Biden as depicted here :-

Both presidential candidates have one thing in common - they like to make women feel uncomfortable and violated. Biden's obviously not getting enough at home 😏 ; that flautist looks on the verge of tears! 😵 🤮
6th April 2020 17:45

From April 2005, a proposal to develop a "vaccine" to reduce religious fundamentalism in the Arabic population. At 3 minutes 20 seconds into the video, he proposes an influenza-type virus would be a good agent to use for this purpose. It's called "Fun Vax" 😲😒 Doesn't sound like fun to me!
6th April 2020 16:36

It appears that the main media streams are lying to us all - there are simply no queues at these hospitals, and you can quite clearly see this for yourselves. This lie is currently global, so that means that all these media outlets are in cohorts, trying to deceive us.
30th March 2020 12:31
Politicians - I am finding these "bigwigs" less and less relevant with each passing day. I think politics will eventually be phased out as it becomes less and less effective a way of controlling people's lives. The only thing keeping us indoors at the moment is a sense of duty to our fellow man, and the threat of police intervention. Politicians have shown just how incompetent they are over the recent years, and once they no longer control the security forces, they will be deemed an anachronism. People have got to let go of setting up the least competent as figureheads and authorities in our society. As soon as someone is promoted to such a position in society that millions follow their every whim and word, that person becomes a monster. Let's just stop elevating anyone to such adulated positions. Nobody is better than you, so stop pretending that they are. Don't look up to, but instead look across to, politicians, religious leaders, scientists, artists, musicians, actors, dictators, directors, royalty and business leaders. They are simply human beings like you, and you are as equally biochemically complex as them. Your consciousness is as equally valid as theirs. Stop focussing your attention on these few people. They do not deserve your respect or adulation. Self-importance should be on the wane because of our interconnectedness.
25th March 2020 08:07
5G is definitely risky, especially with its use of millimeter waves, and beam focus technologies that make it difficult to measure output power accurately.

From October 2019 Scientific American blog, "Millimeter waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimeters of human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin (e.g., melanoma), the eyes (e.g., ocular melanoma) and the testes (e.g., sterility)."

This globally rolled out technology could be compromising our immune system and causing cardiovascular problems. It would only take a new virus to seriously infect large tracts of the now-compromised masses, something like SARS-CoV-2 Coronoavirus. Such a coincidence then that along comes Codiv19 from Wuhan at around the same time as this article. From the ABG patent site, "First of all, it should be noted that Wuhan coronavirus is a wild-type virus strain, i.e., a virus found as such in nature, and has not been genetically modified."

So, this coronavirus is still not properly defined but seems to be a member of the SARS family. No reliable test exists for it. Could it be causing widespread illness? Is this to blame for so many deaths or could it be something else? The only new and recent factor is the global 5G rollout - perhaps this is to blame. Why don't they test these technologies properly, before unleashing them on the unsuspecting public? Well, because our puppetmasters are insidious. It's as if they're trying to flood us with just enough viruses and electromagnetic smog to keep us inert, unhealthy (but not dying), and compliant with a dystopic society they are constructing for their own entertainment. We just flop about inside their evil fabrication, while they laugh at how inept and feeble we are, and how powerful they feel!

Notice how our current society has come to a dead stop, so quickly, so completely. Obtaining food is now fraught with difficulty because of our reliance on stores to purchase it from. Social gatherings are now a thing of the past. Even old institutions of bringing us together, like sport and other forms of entertainment, are being ditched indefinitely! The old society is evaporating, and the new one being ushered in by our leaders is looking very alien! Everyone's head in a phone space, whilst depravity becomes endemic to the real society around us. The media conditions us to admire the fetishistic whore mongering our leaders display, e.g. with dark Hollywood remakes of brighter times and stories, while family values crumble, and unhappy generations from broken or non-existent parentage, are born into a structure they have no control over.

It's no use telling people to "wake up". That doesn't help you rebuild a society so entrenched in money, it cannot fail but to become evil. Money is NOT the way forward. But if your survival depends on you having it, there is no hope for mankind's spiritual enlightenment, or journey into the evolution of consciousness in the universe of life we are part of. We are a mammalian joke to other advanced forms of life, even if we're awake to realise it, because, in REALITY, we are setting store by a number - how many currency points we command. For example, I am flabbergasted that anyone would make land-mines for a "living". I'd rather die, or go off-grid and grow my own food, and provide my own shelter. If your job involves others suffering from what you're doing, then resign with immediate effect!

25th January 2020 10:44
Who we are, our "self", is not defined by the cells that propel us and get regenerated every 7 years. Neither is it defined by the way light bounces off of us.
23rd December 2019 20:34
How on earth am I going to know how I appear to other people? It presupposes how others will think, and that's as individual as each person. So, I don't spend much time worrying about it, and that's when I get the clearest insights into how I appear to others. 😏
7th December 2019 18:11
You've got to stop making laws around a plant! It's just a plant - we do not have the same restrictions in place for Deadly Nightshade or Poison Oak, and they are far more harmful!

13th November 2019 20:53
The "Powers that be", the "controllers", whatever you want to call them: it's quite simple to remove their power because it all relies on the concept of ownership. If we reinvent world societies in such a way that nobody owns anything, these brutal, myopic bastards would all fall.
15th October 2019 23:55
The California Wildfires - yeah, sure, they were normal "fires" 😆

It looks like the US government was trying to clean up the area, by destroying all the riff-raff's houses with a directed energy weapon. Can you imagine being told to evacuate your home because of "forest fires", only to realise the neighbouring golf course was to be left intact? I really feel sorry for those who lost their homes to this staged nonsense. And still, the public think this was a natural phenomenon! Utter idiots!

It's insane that these weapons exist in this modern day and age, where most people agree that a peaceful future for all the world's families should be guaranteed, not fought for. We should be using our expertise to develop advanced shields as a defence resource.
19th September 2019 08:38
If Nature is illegal, then the law is wrong!
19th September 2019 08:24
Did You Know Your Government Kills Men They Can't Control?

The "authorities" continue to act with barbaric myopia, while their playing field fills up with more and more enlightened beings who see right through them, and aren't afraid to stand up for natural justice. The "authorities"'s downfall isn't going to take long. 🙂

8th September 2019 13:42
Any teaching that tells you to sacrifice something to some god or other, is automatically garbage - what would a deity want with a carcass, let alone one it had spent billions of years evolving?!? Humans are murderous nutcases and invent ideas to condone their myopic brutality.
26th August 2019 20:42
After many years of life experience, I can conclude that your actions are far more important than your feelings. Sure, you can sometimes use your feelings to guide your actions, but feelings can also deceive you, being tainted occasionally with jealousy, greed, hate, anger or revenge. For example, if you don't physically show that you love someone, no matter how intensely you feel, they may never know what they mean to you.
26th August 2019 12:31
A lot of problems are caused by people's inability to discriminate between things that are real and things that are socially defined. For example, many people put work before family and suffer difficulties as a result. If more realised that socially defined concepts are fleeting because of the volatility of societies, and placed less importance on them when prioritising their lives, they could become a lot happier. Real matters that stand the test of time, are the ones that will make you happiest.
27th July 2019 20:37
Doesn't it speak volumes that DMT, a substance found in the brains of all mammals and marsupials, is illegal globally? Doesn't it tell you that something from outside this planet is trying to make certain endemic items "out of bounds", even though they're perfectly natural here on earth? To me and many others, it's bleeding obvious! And it's clear that our natural evolutionary paths are being compromised, not by humans, but by a species that is universally inferior to humans, and is petrified that its methods of control are always on the verge of being discovered by those they oppress. Methods that include the indoctrination of the need to be governed, the suppression of natural, beneficial plants like cannabis, and the displacement of spirituality by selfish hedonism through science replacing god. Awe, magic and mystery replaced by pragmatic cynicism.
15th July 2019 08:29
My advice to the public is simple - stop collapsing all of your quantum waves. Leave some to make the day, and ultimately your life, a little more unpredictable and exciting.

Some people are quite obviously in a frantic state of mind, determined to collapse all of their quantum waves. Even though such a task is impossible, they're going to fastidiously deny any loss of control over their realities. I would simply remind them to show some respect, instead of dangerous lunacy. Have a modicum of self-consciousness in front of those free from the constraints of trying to control everything.

18th June 2019 13:35
It can be mathematically proven that you can fit every living person into the state of Texas, and they'd each have 10 meters by 10 meters area to themselves. There's enough food and water in the world to feed everyone ten times over, but "they" claim there isn't enough money to distribute it. I call bullshit - "they" want people to suffer. "They" must be a global entity, because, despite disparate governments around the world, natural cannabis is still illegal in most countries, yet it's been proven to benefit your health, impossible to OD on, and makes using alcohol as a recreational drug for humanity in the 21st century, a complete and utter joke. "They" are responsible for most human suffering and "they" derive power, resources and pleasure from the majority's pain.
19th May 2019 10:55
I've never believed any reason for millions of people to fight other millions of people. You'd have to be stark raving mad to believe any rationale that advocated the mass slaughter of members of your own species. It's goes against your innate survival instinct as a species. Seems like common sense to me.
17th May 2019 21:03
The IMF has just reported that total global debt is now at a staggering $164 trillion, but who do we owe? That debt is fictitious and human-imagined, just like countries and religions and so much other crappy shit. It makes me believe that humanists are the worst examples of our species - they think we're oh-so-special. Geez, it makes me sick.
17th May 2019 21:03
A polarization of the public is underway. On one side, the traditionalists who want to preserve mysogyny and male dominance. On the other, the snowflakes who want all insults and boisterousness to stop, and believe they can make amends for past mistakes with concessions now. Neither extreme is conducive to a decent society going forward, and they're both based on the brutality, myopia and profit-seeking that's set the foundations of our current society. We're in big trouble because every pathway forwards is bad. Time to let Nature dictate our laws and the way forward, and admit that humans cannot be the masters of their own destiny.

Humans currently believe they can make their own environment, laws of behaviour for citizens of that environment, and protect that environment from the ravages of nature. They currently do this with such disdain that both the ecology of the planet and the psychology of the citizens suffer. It can't go on any longer. The cracks are already showing. We have to change our ideas in order to progress.

If the new society reflected nature properly, there would be no way of profiting from doing unnatural or brutal things, and there would be no laws against natural things. For example, you couldn't profit from manufacturing weapons, and cannabis would be endemic to most citizens' lives.
17th May 2019 21:03
"The proletarian is convinced of the ideological nature of spiritual life, but becomes steadily unhappier as the result of his conviction. The effects of this unconscious misery, from which he suffers acutely, outweigh by far in importance for the present social situation the justified demands for an improvement in external conditions."

Rudolf Steiner said that the proletariat, having been indoctrinated with the notion that all of reality including humankind can be explained with science, has left them with a hollow notion of spirituality. This has served the ruling classes well over time, because they aren't bothered with science, save as a method of keeping the working classes in check. We have to reconnect the souls of the proletariat to their true spiritual nature. Then, purpose will spring eternal. Science will become a tool in the means of production, rather than the hollow god it masquerades as. He wrote this stuff back in 1919 and it's never been more pertinent than now, as the masses lurch from one craze to another, around a hollow middle, science constantly their centre.
17th May 2019 21:03
I got into an argument with someone over jailing people for taking drugs. I said it's not a crime because they're only affecting themselves. He said no because they're financing thugs to commit other crimes. I said, what, like paying taxes to governments so they can murder strangers abroad in their "wars"? Then, paying taxes should be a crime and we should be jailed for doing it.
17th May 2019 21:03
This is why I believe people are too human-centric for their own good. Animals often show us the way to a more natural existence. Humans seem to delight in suppressing their true natures. People are ashamed of their natural functions and keep them as private as possible. Sex, defecation, personal hygiene. All the while, they present an unnatural façade to everyone else, as if it's the norm. People constantly adopt a social stance that attempts to shame people's natural behaviours.
22nd February 2019 14:05
Whilst arguing about whether anarchy is a viable alternative with my friend John, he said,
Sorry, mate, it's an absurd position, like its cousin Libertarianism. How do you run schools, maintain roads, provide food? You have to cooperate, the logical conclusion of which is an interconnected collection of organizations looking very much like the present. Why dismantle what we have only to recreate it in a process which would inevitably include violence on an interpersonal, group and ethnic level, leading to civil wars, nation building and international conflict. We've done all that over the last few thousand years.
to which I replied,
You don't brainwash kids. You don't use motor vehicles. You grow your own food. Country boundaries would disappear and the world would become a patchwork quilt of varying communities. Unjust laws that protect the powerful and punish the needy, would be replaced by "The punishment will befit the crime. What you have to others will be done to you." Laws against people enjoying themselves because "it may harm them" will become defunct. Get with the program!

31st December 2018 11:08
With their stubborn, anachronistic and idiotic stance on this natural plant, governments around the world are proving one thing - they want the electorate to suffer pain and anguish. They perpetuate wars, famine and poverty. They ban substances that cannot be abused but cause absolute bliss. What utter bastards - do not vote for them ever again in your lives. Promise me! Make it your New Year resolution.

29th November 2018 10:21
And you still believe there is any human rationale behind all of these actions? Our alien masters are pulling our puppet strings and want to make us fight and resent each other for no reason other than to keep us inert, weak and nowhere nearer discovering their shenanigans on our planet. They are constantly portraying arbitrary groups of people as the new "enemy" for us to revile and blame.

I don't feel at all hierarchical. My social position is determined by my family and career. So, why do we have to fight our way to the top, where there is just a closed door, behind which is lots of inscrutable secrecy, and your death if any of those secrets are discovered? From the book "The teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of knowledge By Carlos Castañeda" :-
"We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so..."

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre, stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous manoeuvre from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now."
In a universe of trillions of stars and planets, some lifeforms will have encountered this planet before we got here. The bad aliens are trying to run the show, and the good aliens know to leave well alone, aside from spiritual guidance from afar. Once you realise this, all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place.

3rd November 2018 12:23

Scientific proof of instantaneous transfer of information from one rat to another using quantum entanglement - As Chrome sang in 1981 on their Blood on the Moon album, "We are connected"

US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health Article
"She has found in vitro and in vivo evidence for bystander 'information' transmission from irradiated to unirradiated cells/tissues/ animals. In one study, the right brain hemisphere of rats were given a single dose of 35 Gy or 350 Gy. An unirradiated naive rat was placed in the same cage with an irradiated rat for 48 hours. A clonogenic mammalian cell assay was performed. Signals were transmitted to the unirradiated cage mate causing similar or even greater effects in the cage mates than in the irradiated rats (Mothersill et al. 2013); in this study, she demonstrated in vivo signaling between two whole animals. An associated paper suggests that the signal may be photons of light (Ahmad et al. 2013). Similar adverse bystander-like effects have also been observed in naive cage mate animals placed with mates receiving a high dose of radiation (Woenckhaus 1930; Daev 2007). In these and other publications during the last decade Mothersill suggests that an organism may transmit information to other organisms by a weak electromagnetic field and not by chemical signals."

5th September 2018 20:31
Cannabis Grows New Brain Cells.
Anti-Epileptic Action Of Marijuana-Active Substances.
Study confirms cannabinoids occur naturally human breast milk.
It all seems quite natural to me, like the way a ripple in an electromagnetic pond would have to behave, given universal laws. For every push, there's a corresponding pull. For every pull, a resulting push.
Mammalian health depends on cannabinoids.
24th June 2018 15:53
Unfortunately, it's too late! The UK is already a fascist dictatorship, like the USA, and there is no way they're going to scrap leaving the EU, because there's too much money in it for them. For many years now, people DO NOT MATTER, only profits. Caroline is intelligent and eloquent, but I doubt even she would agree with me on the principle here - what is a country? An invisible boundary arbitrarily drawn around an area of land to divide one set of people from another. Countries are anachronistic in the technological climes we find ourselves in nowadays. Until you get your heads round that fact, nobody is going to win!

18th June 2018 20:43
As the enlightenment strengthens, those who use alcohol to regularly slow their vibe resonant frequency (the majority of Westernised adults), become evermore vicarious in their mind's existences. Someone enlightened plays with an idea and ends up causing insult to these largely obnoxious individuals. It is not possible for them to see that the upset is caused by their own mindsets.
9th June 2018 21:07
Jews being forced to dig their own graves in Storow, Ukraine, July 1941
We still lock people in a cage for stimulating their pleasure centres, so it doesn't surprise me that humans are so cruel to each other. We need to get rid of any laws that forbid people enjoying themselves, because of some artificial moral outrage.

31st March 2018 18:09
But who the hell is going to fight a new war with Russia? Who is going to the front line to shoot guns at strangers? Desperate idiots is who! If we could empty the ranks of the armed forces so that nobody wants to "work" for them any more, that'd be a start. Remember, soldiers only do it for money. If they weren't paid, they wouldn't do it simply for Queen and country. Risk their lives for free! No way! Money makes people do things that they wouldn't normally do at all!
31st March 2018 18:02
I am sure the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of this world could bail us all out globally many times over, and still have loads left over to keep themselves happy. No, the agenda is Satanic indeed, and seems to punish the meek and humble, whilst rewarding the greedy and barbaric.
28th March 2018 21:23
There are anatomical differences between various tranches of humanity, and our sensitivity to, and prejudices based on appearances, give rise in some to bias and division between members of the same species. However, the most ridiculous such division is that between Jews and Arabs, because they are genetically identical, and there is nothing to discriminate between them based on appearances.
28th March 2018 10:40
Once the testosterone, sperm count and birth-rate levels of humankind reach critical new lows, rape will become legal. (That's if there's any law left in a society so near to extinction!)
27th February 2018 10:27
Countries are human-imagined concepts designed to divide people from each other with boundaries that don't actually exist. They stemmed from our territorial instinct with a view to increased security for survival. Nowadays, they are anachronistic and unnecessary. The "powers that be" (PTB) want to continue their existence, despite modern technology constantly breaching their boundaries, because it keeps people and ideologies divided, paving the way for the PTB to profit from the business of war. Religions are similar conceptual devices, used to make people fight each other.

28th January 2018 13:07
Don't you get the feeling that whatever societies we rationalize for ourselves, they are always short-lived, half-hearted attempts at control of nature, and hence mankind? Over the quarter of a million years we've been on this planet, we've devised all sorts of societies for ourselves and they have all ultimately failed BECAUSE of their anti-nature stance. From ritual sacrifices, to "profit before people"-based "free" trade capitalism, they're all doomed to failure. It's time to try something much more natural, and when we do, we have to know that theories that imply division of man from man with an arbitrary manmade labelling scheme, are already faulty, and cannot be used to cement the new society. That means you can't build the society on foundations of religion, hierarchy or privilege.

31st December 2017 23:52
Santa is an anagram of Satan and he is always in red with his elvin "helpers" - extremely suspicious if you ask me. First, Western religion is based on Satanic ceremony, and then doubly linked into Satan through Saint Nick. The message "evil is good" is being stamped into your faces, and your resultant self-righteousness is you upholding the rights of nasty bastards to rule over you on this planet, causing all of its unnecessary iniquities.
17th October 2017 14:34
From Barry on Facebook
Steve Kay Feminism views heterosexual males who support traditional family values as being Nazis.
Mark Jacobs My sister is a feminist (she doesn't like the traditional 50's view of womankind, and I don't blame her - it's shit!), but she doesn't regard me as a Nazi. Such sweeping generalisations do not make for a good debate. You can be a family man and support sexual equality. Personally, I believe (sincerely) that all people are equal but different, and that goes from the Queen to a Waterloo bridge hobo. Everyone has something to offer.
Barry Hammond Mark Jacobs You don't blame your sister for disliking the 1950's woman? Were either of you around in the 50's?
Mark Jacobs Barry Hammond Neither of us liked the twee, home-making image of a woman who is spanked by her husband if dinner isn't on the table when he gets home from work. The woman who puts up with doing most of the drudgery in the house, while the guy sits in an office twiddling his thumbs most of the day. My wife and I both work and enjoy the "dignity of labour", have our own sets of friends, socialise equally and often separately, and maintain our own finances independently. Yet, we share everything with each other, including the housework! You can be autonomous and together.
Barry Hammond Mark Jacobs Since you are not old enough to remember the typical 1950's man and woman you are relying on media images and soundbites. Example in the movie Shirley Valentine, when the obnoxious husband came home and complained about his dinner not being on the table. Subsequently she decided to teach him a lesson by holidaying in Spain and having an affair. Now, while I have no doubt that this sort of thing happened, it was by no means representative of the majority of relationships. In fact just the opposite. Shirley Valentine was a 100% propaganda film.

In the 50's and 60's, many women worked, but chose the sensible option of waiting until their children started school and took up part time work. Today, many children go into day care nurseries. I have my own personal experience of these facilities when I used them to look after my own children. Never again! Research is now showing that aggressive children have spent some time in day care nurseries. My own son was always "different" on the days he was put in a nursery. The people who run these facilities have two priorities. 1) to make a profit and 2) to ensure no child suffers a physical injury. The educational, emotional and psychological development are not on the curriculum. By the way, do have have any children Mark?

You talk about "this dignity of labour" There is no job more important than raising the next generation of children, teaching them good manners, honesty, self respect, and giving help with homework. There is nothing more dignified than an educated woman who is intelligent enough stay home with the children for at least 5 years. The words you choose to describe the lifestyle of the 50's woman, such "drudgery" is 100% feminist propaganda.
Mark Jacobs Barry Hammond I have 2 children, who are now grown-ups. Times have moved on and people aren't the same. Gender equality is a natural progression in an intelligence-driven society. Physical attributes no longer benefit workers who are more and more doing tasks that involve computers and meetings! :)
Barry Hammond Mark Jacobs Gender equality is an oxymoron. It is the difference between the sexes that attract us to each other. The notion of gender equality is also a divide and rule strategy that has caused nothing but arguments, exactly as intended. You sound like a media drone Mark, repeating all the terms and phrases spewed out by the main stream media. Do you have any serious alternative media sources or do you just watch the drivel on BBC?
Mark Jacobs I quite often like articles on for example, Dumbed down men - I hate the dumbing down of men as portrayed in modern mainstream media - it's like males are women's little lap dogs, and really stupid too! The biological differences between the sexes are to be respected, admired and praised. Society should reflect these differences, whilst empowering both sexes equally.
Barry Hammond Mark Jacobs ok, so you know about Aaron Russo and his relationship with one of the Rockefeller family. Then you also know that women's lib was nothing to do with equality. It was about pushing women into the workplace so they could be taxed and breaking down the family. This plan was also confirmed in the "Jaffe Memo" and several other sources. Of course The Jaffe Memo was about population reduction. It's obviously working as fertility rates in all developed nations is way below replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. I'm now beginning to wonder which side of the fence you are on as you seem to be flipping from one side to the other.
Mark Jacobs "Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women's lib, one because before women's lib the bankers couldn't tax half the population and two because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model."
Mark Jacobs Barry Hammond The traditional models of family work for me. They may not work for some though, and therefore a choice should be on offer. People can choose a hedonistic, childless life style, or they can try to form long-lasting relationships which are conducive to raising families. There is no middle ground. Trust and loyalty are cornerstones of a loving, permanent relationship. These qualities are not found in modern, hedonistic life styles. However, a traditional monogamous marriage does not entitle a man to demand a woman fulfil arbitrary duties because "that's the way it's always been".

23rd September 2017 17:34
Most people live inside mindsets. To create a mindset, you need education and/or indoctrination. This process is what "sets" the mind. In a dynamic universe, rules set in stone are bound to be broken at some point.

Science is a false precept. We do not know whether what we perceive is the result of us thinking of what we expect to see, and perhaps consciousness is a vehicle for collapsing quantum potentials into matter. For example, the electron slit experiment

To entertain any opinion or belief in some ideas (a mindset), demonstrates a degree of faith which can never be substantiated. A universe made from love boils back down to love, and love has never been scientifically explained.

The universe does not care what mental frameworks you create for your consciousnesses, they're just creations of one form or another. It only seems to reward creations that give rise to immediate positive reactions from other consciousnesses, and punish (sometimes in a convoluted manner) those creations (mental or physical) that produce negative reactions. The ultimate truth lies in the very fabric of the universe which is utterly benevolent, merciful, magnanimous, and intense beyond what we can anatomically stand. The intelligence of it is quite beyond our wildest imagination (us being a mere subset of it). I like my place, and I know my limitations. We are very fortunate here on Earth, with a unique perspective on the known universe, in that we can see other galaxies because of our placement in the spiral arm of the Milky Way. In such a place, we are one of the few lifeforms who can experience the "vibes" from other galaxies, unlike those lifeforms who dwell further centrally in our Milky Way.
22nd September 2017 15:07
Human Genetic Engineering - People are still too busy fearing each other because of different belief structures, to handle such advanced scientific techniques with any efficacy. The human species is still too much in its infancy to be messing around with human genetic pattern interpretation. As such, human judgement cannot be trusted on such a subject. We don't even have a global authority on such issues yet, with each country having its own regulations. It's the 21st century and we should be able to handle global events with a global council. The UN cannot enforce decisions. We need to rid the world of artificially-imposed borders and countries, whilst fully realising that we are the guardian species on a ball of rock in space, and we need to look after all life on it, compassionately. Instead, we are precociously genetically engineering our own downfall! Human genes are global - humans are not (yet).

12th September 2017 12:10
We have used language to pull the wonder and awe out of our everyday experiences. Language is a form of quantum collapse - it reduces potential to nothing - once framed, easily ignored. Telepathy teaches you that communication of ideas does not need words, and that concepts are shared in a way that there is no originator - they just appear to all of us simultaneously. Ego loses! To know of other animals' intentions before our standard 5 senses can detect them, is a survival tool, and one that evolved many aeons ago. Only humans see fit to bury such talents beneath a veneer of social norms, language and etiquette, under the guise of "sanity".
5th September 2017 12:03
When you see a picture of a model, you believe the love in their eyes is for you (personally), or for whoever is looking at the picture. You can't help it - it's wired into the brain at an instinctive level; facial recognition, and interpretation of emotions and intentions. But, see it from the model's point of view. The love in their eyes is for the camera lens and their own image; the camera is a mirror that their image is being recorded by. The love is for themselves; a narcissistic love. This misinterpretation also applies to the moving image, and, hence all forms of TV and film. You relate to these people, and yet they only relate to themselves.
15th August 2017 11:27
Anyone who supports war in the 21st century is an idiot. We are so far advanced technologically, yet we have no central global authority. What happens when a situation that is country-agnostic arises? How do we as a species deal with it? For example, global environmental problems (freak weather), encounters with alien species, and solar system events (solar flare knocking out our delicate technologies). They would affect all of us, and would have to be dealt with on a country-by-country basis. There would be divides in opinion as to the best ways to cope, and consequent conflagrations arising. Instead of dealing with the problems, we'd be fighting ourselves into oblivion. We have the technology to run things openly and globally, but, instead we reinforce an evil global cabal's reign of terror over us by regularly electing puppet politicians, thinking we have made a choice. Useless, stupid species!

4th August 2017 16:57
Politicians are not selected to run for office at Bilderberg conferences, because they are warm, humane and caring. They are selected when they can demonstrate that they can be bribed, can sell their own family down the river for the right price, and have a hedonistic, short-sighted outlook on life which forgoes community. Basically, that they are far nastier than they are nice. 🙂 Also, politicians are told that they are not running the show, but certain elite families are. These families will dictate their agendas over whatever terms they are going to be serving. If, somehow, perhaps through public popularity, somebody gets into political power, and doesn't adhere to the "Bilderberg requirements", they will usually be assassinated.
4th August 2017 13:25
Modern tech has changed society at a fundamental level, to the extent that we don't even recognise the changes, and the younger generation feel that their elders' social mores are totally irrelevant! One of the reasons that the youth suffer now, is because there are no job prospects for them since modern tech ousted workers, replacing them with automated processes. The work ethic is going to have to change to a play ethic, as we let the computers do the work for us. There are already moves to pay everyone a living stipend whether they are working or not. Society is becoming ludicrous (Latin ludere - to play).
31st July 2017 13:48
When humans are subjected to lawlessness (as in war), they tend to regress to debauchery and brutal hedonism. Their civilised natures are quickly eroded and the "animal" comes out. A good dose of magic mushrooms is what all people need, so they can face their dark sides more honestly! It's as if humans cannot feel relaxed together, and instead, tend to a state of depraved oblivion, where they can ignore everything, in order to attain contentment.
10th July 2017 15:18
All governments represent money-based societies. Money is controlled by some clever families who have ensured that they keep most of it, whilst keeping everyone else distracted by conflicts manufactured by these families.
11th April 2017 11:31
I love speculating even though I know there are no hard and fast answers, and some of my stupid ideas can embarrass me. However, I find most people are too reticent to voice an opinion on something. They would rather sheepishly stay quiet and wait to be led around, mentally.
20th March 2017 13:33
I have always maintained that to be healthy, you should believe yourself to be healthy. Mentally push a sphere of energy field protection around you when you feel challenged by bacteria or viruses or electrosmog or whatever in the vicinity. Use some effort and imagination. Don't let ANYONE else tell you that your beliefs are unfounded BS. They're your beliefs to create an advantage to yourself - it's none of their business. And genuinely believe your beliefs, live them, don't worry that others think you insane - sanity is relative.
21st February 2017 15:04

Graham Hancock Stating the Obvious
These are my sentiments exactly, when it comes to the war on drugs.

14th February 2017 11:19
"She said something that tried to shake us out of the emotionally stable but dull rut we have succumbed to. If we stray outside of that rut, there is a slight pain, as we transcend imposed controls. If we are brave enough, we can shrug off the pain, go further, and become free again - our natural state where the emotions are bright, stirring and challenging - alive!"

The "fluoride stare" people are those who want to dredge up Hitler all the time, in case we ever "forget". The kind of people who celebrate again and again, the war victories which gave them their "freedom" in a capitalist society not to consume pot but alcohol instead. Those who believe murder is right within certain mental frameworks. I despair of these people! Our society is a mess. We need to concentrate on what is going to sort it out, not reflect on what is messing it up all the while. We need to redirect mankind's incentive to the betterment of the community instead of the pursuit of money. We are baldy apes on a ball of rock in space, and we are the appointed guardians of this planet. Let's stop abrogating our responsibilities to a few elite idiots. Humans are born into a state of existence where they either relinquish control of their own destiny to the powers that be or they starve to death. The solution to mankind's self-imagined crisis will not be resolved by voting for somebody. When we fully understand this, we will no longer relinquish our destiny to strangers, and we'll have more say in the affairs that affect us directly. We'd then be able to more directly tackle society's problems head on, rather than from behind the back of a wishy-washy government whose main objective is to preserve the system that put them into power in the first place.

9th January 2017 15:30
As far as the universe is concerned, life is cheap but consciousness isn't. Humans commonly believe the opposite. It's as if consciousness is a vehicle through which a universal presence can perceive its own creation in its infinite complexity and detail. Like waves crashing in onto rocks, the splashes are all different from each other, infinitely varied and unique each time.
5th December 2016 16:50
The problem with the police is the law they mindlessly uphold. It seems to change depending on whether the perpetrator is powerful, rich or famous, OR if the perp is a commoner. Until they address that, they have no authority, since you cannot base authority on hypocrisy. That's the UK police. And the US police. And ... police everywhere. I mean, who's policing the police? Police-appointed committees! Examples include bank businesses go bankrupt and taxpayers bail them out, instead of the directors going to prison for fraud. Pension funds go missing but the absconders do not get imprisoned. People like Kate Moss go to rehab for repeated cocaine abuse, but Joe Bloggs gets a prison sentence on repeated offence with the drug. You get my drift...

5th December 2016 09:56

The Fabric of Space-Time by The Science Channel
I don't believe all the majesty and wonder in this universe came together by haphazard means. It's as if the very tapestry upon which the universe is woven, has been imbued with love, kindness and all the other qualities that would favour the spawning of loving, sentient life within its nursing arms. The deeper into this tapestry one looks, the more magnanimous and intensely powerful it becomes. Notice that I did not once mention a "Creator", because, as products of this fabric, we really have no idea what we are part of - it's all just too massive and overwhelming. Like a dog chasing its own tail, we'll never really know whether we are part of a creation or something entirely different (like our own illusions). Creation implies a beginning (and, possibly, an end too). This fabric may be beyond our concept of time. So, am I an atheist?

2nd December 2016 13:31

Brexit Sidestepping by Paul Joseph Watson
A lot of speculation as to why British people voted to leave the EU, is completely off-target. I voted to leave because I saw how corrupt the "good idea" of a united Europe had become. EuroMps do not even have their expenses overviewed. Letting corporations and their money influence a good political idea always ends up in ruin. Take money out of the picture and leave it out! I voted to leave a corrupt, bribe-easy EU. I do not care about sovereignty and such issues, because I believe countries only exist in the human species' mind, not in nature. We are baldy apes on a ball of rock in space. We don't need country borders and we don't need money. We certainly don't need banker-puppet governments with their zombie-mentality enforcement agents (police, army...), telling grown adults what we can and can't consume here on planet earth. We're not schoolchildren, you know.

6th November 2016 19:34
My predictions for the immediate future and beyond :-
  1. Clinton wins the presidency in the States
  2. The Arab world unites in opposition to her and her country, because of her proven involvement in funding, training and arming terrorists in Arabic countries to try to destabilise the Middle East in order to impose control in those oil-rich countries.
  3. Putin and Russia rally behind the Arabs and vow to supersede American power in those Arabic countries.
  4. America declares war on Russia.
  5. Russia escalates the degree of war to the point that they launch a nuclear missile against a major city in the States.
  6. America vaporises the missile in mid-air, using microwave dissociation technology first demonstrated on 9/11 against the steel and concrete towers of the WTC.
  7. America takes full control of the entire planet for the next few millennia, with a superficial and distracted society, based on appearances and perceived external beauty. Mathematics and philosophy, amongst other intellectual pursuits, are banned.
Totally feasible, IMHO! 😉
Update 9th November 2016 13:43 - Okay, Trump won! So, perhaps Vladimir and Donald can now become best of buddies! 😏

If she'd got in, she may have been more racist than Trump, judging by the way she left Pakistan to clean up the mess she'd left, setting up terrorists to subvert the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.
31st October 2016 10:18
When you do things simply to get money and to maximise profits, you end up with things like this going on in the world :- I could go on, since there are many such examples, but it is clear to me that it is high time to remove money as a motivation for doing things in our lives.
12th October 2016 14:37
The Daily Mail has a fun comments section, and the article today about the air hostess taking offence at a silly comment made by a male passenger, had me laughing. Here is a comment by Mark Hammill from Leeds, United Kingdom,
Women haven't got a sense of humour these days and don't want to be adored - sad. We're making normal premordial relations between men and women an offense - get the balance right!
and I had to reply,
I'd just let it run its course - women will eventually have to go to sperm banks to become pregnant, and men will be shafting their humanoid robotic mistresses who then take the sperm to those banks! Star Trek's McCoy would say, "It's sex Jim, but not as we know it!"

31st August 2016 12:17
A picture can paint a thousand words ...

9th August 2016 15:32
The body is so complex, it is beyond the brain it houses.
9th August 2016 15:32
We must realise that we are products of this globe, not controllers of it.
9th August 2016 15:32
Microchip everyone at birth. They're not allowed to eat without a chip. Their whereabouts is constantly monitored on a central computer, that builds a complete historical map of their location over their lives, on a second by second basis. The computer's data would be live and accessible to everyone on the internet. No more cheating partners! Would that solve all crime? I reckon so, if we can guarantee the data on that computer. The reason they won't bring the chip into play, is that a lot of politicians would become incontrovertibly incriminated, and their crimes become totally transparent to all and sundry. We would soon discover that our leaders are mostly villains!
27th June 2016 13:05
The EU has become an amorphous, toothless and corrupt organisation of unelected representatives with too much power, and whose expenses aren't even validated before being paid out. I, for one, am glad we're out of it, whatever it means for the UK's future. We need a talent-based society, not a money-based one! The EU is way off the mark for that kind of forward-thinking and unappropriated-by-corporations model.
3rd April 2016 16:27
Let's have a look at actual fact instead of instinctive delusion. Women are the creators of all human life on this planet. Within their wombs, human life is formed; human life whose consciousness contributes to the universal reality experienced by all people. Hence women create the reality all people live in. Men are genetic aberrations whose only purpose is to seed the women, and that is the selfish imperative that fuels all men's existences. As such, their judgement and ability to be purely motivated is constantly in question. Hence, the failure of any patriarchal human society to ultimately survive. Mainstream religions tend to be patriarchal (God is a man, and he has a son, and he is the Lord ...) and tend to inculcate reverence for the male and subservience for the female. Humans should be the first species where women should be more respected than men. Instead we see a modern society where female empowerment has nothing to do with making people and a society for them to live in, but everything to do with making careers and money for themselves. Sure, we have an evolutionary history of male-dominated social orders, due to strength and territory meaning survival for that society, but that is irrelevant in modern human social orders. It is surely time to evolve, and for people to revere the miraculous creative powers of women. Whilst human society clings desperately onto its patriarchal ways, we will constantly be fighting wars in harebrained lurches for territory, power and control - the anachronistic and aggressive male methods of running the show.

23rd February 2016 15:15
You actually believe that you have "rights"! My goodness! People were stripped of "rights" as soon as the powers-that-be put short-term gain before life as their motivation. If they cannot make money out of it, it is banned or stigmatised. There's your "rights". Even if you wanted to pay for it, some of the world's oldest pleasures (sex, natural drugs...) are difficult to obtain because the channels of supply (prostitution, growing cannabis...) have been outlawed globally. Note the operative word in that last sentence - GLOBALLY. If we're supposedly run by individual governments that make their laws independently of each other, why is this ban of certain pleasures global? It's as if there's a global conspiracy to keep people from enjoying themselves too much! Where's your frigging "rights" now, buster?!

28th November 2015 10:17
Globally, the main recreational drug used by humans is currently alcohol. This brings many problems to society because it is an illogical choice, given the recreational drugs available to us as a species on this planet. For example, cannabis is a better choice in nearly all instances. The pros for alcohol are often cited as below, but there is always a counter-argument to the rationale behind it being the only legal recreational drug (apart from nicotine). So, this begs the question, "Why do our politicians globally ban anything other than alcohol for use recreationally?". There is only one logical answer, and that is that they are somehow profiting from human suffering. This seems to be a common theme amongst them, in that any activity they benefit from, seems to cause human suffering, for example, bombing strangers. Blair made tens of millions of pounds on the back of the Iraq war. By making one of the worst recreational drugs the only legal one, they ensure that the health of the nations is sub-standard, and people will have less will to fight back for their rights on this planet. The medical treatments they provide to counter alcohol's ill effects, all circuitously add to politicians' personal coffers when purchased by relevant authorities on behalf of the people, or by the people themselves where private health is the only option. How stupid do you have to be, to spend lots of hard-earned money on getting drunk, and then spend even more on hangover cures the following day to counter the deleterious effects the poison is having on you? How idiotic do you have to be to accept that the government knows best, and recreational drug use has to end in pain when done to excess? Cannabis has no hangover! If we want the right to have a happy, fulfilling, creative and cerebral life, then we must "vote with our feet" and not buy into the status quo vis a vis recreational drug use. If we stalwartly only used cannabis to achieve our dreams, and stubbornly break their stupid law as regards cannabis use, well, they can't imprison us all, and it would be politicians who would appear abnormal!
26th August 2015 16:26
For background on this issue, please read this extremely informative and enlightening article. My thanks to the author(s) for educating me as to why Africa has a higher prevalence of HIV/AIDS than other, just as promiscuous, countries around the world. Factors causing the epidemic include the common practice amongst Sub-Saharan African men and women to have more than one long-term sexual partner, each of whom themselves have multiple, long-term sexual partners. The key is that they are concurrent and long-term, not multiple, short-term and sequential, as in some other countries. Also, the stopping of the practice of male circumcision (banned by certain Sub-Saharan African governments), when male circumcision is a good deterrent against the spread of the HIV virus, as good as some drugs, attaining a rate of 70% less likely to become infected. This is why many Saharan countries have much lower rates, despite the widespread Muslim practice in those countries of multiple wives.

Personally, I have always been a one man, one woman bloke. It seems to be the correct way for humans to enjoy sex properly. Multiple partners will always cause suspicion, blame and guilt - a feeling of unease and enforced, short-term outlook. Humans have long-term outlook brain apparatus and multiple partners don't fit that properly.

5th July 2015 9:16
So, the UK has been promised a vote on whether to stay in the EU. With the Queen being outspoken on staying in and the rigging of the Scottish independence vote, it looks likely that whatever people vote for at the end of 2017 in the UK, the UK will remain a member of the EU whether the British population wants it or not. Fix!

Update 25th June 2016 20:05 I was wrong! 🤓 The EU wasn't working out right, anyway, so it's good we've left. 😏 Update 25th March 2020 08:57 I am right! 🤓 We still haven't left the EU properly, and with Coronoavirus deflecting our attention from Brexit, we probably never will! 😏

31st March 2015 10:43
In response to an article by Rebecca entitled Anti-Child Hate Speech Allowed to Flourish :-

I am a father of two lovely children, with a wife I've been happily married to for 25 years. Our children are the purpose of our life, and raising them into the best possible state of consciousness and loving awareness, is what we are most proud of. Raising your children is the main purpose of life. Do not listen to the "authorities" with their warnings of global warming and overpopulation. Please produce and raise your children as nature intended.

For all those concerned about human over-population, it is a mathematically-verifiable fact that everyone in the world could fit into the state of Texas with 10 metres by 10 metres area for each person! We are nowhere near "over-populated". People are starving in their billions, not because of lack of food, but because of lack of "money" required to distribute it effectively. If money weren't more important than human compassion, nobody would be starving. When you realise that money is created by banks out of nothing more than a concept, and that the interest governments pay banks back with, is the taxes they charge the voters, you can see the slave state in front of your eyes. Family makes these things tolerable, and teaches you the value of compassion. It also encourages you to smooth out the iniquities inherent in this money-based system, with the greediest and most brutal at the top of the hierarchy, through education of your own children to shrug off this "pursuit of money for the sake of it" society, and replace it with a more fulfilling life where imagination, dreams, love, altruism, spirituality, compassion and sharing, exist in abundance. These realisations are the main threat the humble human being can make to the "authorities", and this awareness is key to undermining their authority.

The childless hedonistic lifestyles going on outside my life, are nothing but temptations I have no interest in, having discovered their sad hollowness much earlier on in my life. The controlling powers that be, would rather you have an empty life of childless, promiscuous sex encountered in a chemically-imbalanced state, with a solitary existence to go back to every night, than a rich, loving atmosphere of a proper home filled with life you were partly responsible for creating and educating. And I know exactly what children prefer in terms of their parents' behaviour - monogamy, loyalty, trust, reliability. Step outside of that into selfish hedonism, and you get extremely unhappy children, very quickly! No wonder hedonists want to abort kids before they get started - they're afraid the babies will step on the toes of their notion of "freedom" - where they are "free" to simply excite the pleasure centres of their brains, with no responsibilities, no productive output into their society, and plain, simple consumerism as the mainstay of their lives.

Sure, pleasure guides us to do what is usually good for life, but as a hollow pursuit, it leads to dissatisfaction and emptiness.
9th March 2015 13:48
I am astonished at the Green Party's failure to allow comments on any of Caroline Lucas's posts, for example, about PSHE. I wanted to say the following on the subject of educating 11-years olds about rape :-
But what are you teaching them? You are only teaching them what the mainstay of adults in society think they know. You are teaching them the morals and practices that have been mainstream since Victorian times, and these are plain wrong. We need to teach our youngsters the reasons why we are the way we are - the evolution of love and sex in our species as described in The Passionate Ape book. I think you are wrong - you lack depth and honesty, and you believe a superficial appearance of doing the right thing will be enough to thoroughly educate these impressionable children. No wonder they suffer so badly through their adolescence.

Nowhere does the curriculum mention the true purpose of sexual relations - TO PROCREATE! PSHE is warped, since it tries to navigate the minefield of relationships brought about by previous generations' use of sex for pleasure and companionship through the use of contraceptives. Without intercourse's true purpose being blazoned into children's minds, they will grow up not knowing what their bodies are for, and our society will become ever more warped until we die out like the ancient Greeks.
There, I've said it now! 🙂
1st March 2015 14:04
Anyone who knows anything about consciousness, would know that it isn't human-shaped. Universal consciousness does not favour any particular species over any others. It's a level playing field for all species to partake in. And universal consciousness is everything's reality.
28th February 2015 13:38

Crass - System (live)
We now have a system that is founded on inequality, hierarchy, and subjugation. Throughout all the past 2 millennia, a system has been built which initially rode on the shoulders of idiots lucky enough to be born into the right bloodlines. These bastards discovered that the more brutal and uncaring they were for the masses, the more secure their position of power would become. The global capitalist democratic system we are in the midst of, founded on murder and suffering, is an anachronism that needs to be scrapped in the light of technological developments. No matter what has been written of it, it is now transparently unfair in the way it forcibly shifts resources to the rich and powerful. It is endemic to the system that it should achieve this shift, resulting in "third world" countries enduring terrible living conditions, despite the technology available now to solve all of these basic problems. Lack of water, food and shelter should be a thing of the past in the 21st century. Instead, we find a stagnation in the deployment of technical solutions to everyday problems for the want of "money" - a concept only in the minds of the rich and greedy, whose real motive is to keep their power to themselves. They have foisted a society lacking love, on everyone, and we must undo it by ignoring and challenging their "authority", in order to progress into the future safely as a species.

20th February 2015 00:08
This is utterly brilliant news from an evolution article on!
"... the chromosome two fusion is present in Neandertals," adding that the telltale DNA signature is there: "chromosome two shows a short stretch of telomeric repeat sequence in forward and reverse direction in the interior of the chromosome."
This means that, in answer to my question below, Neanderthals and Denisovans had 23 chromosome pairs, like we do. My own conclusions are from putting this evidence together with speculation from the book The Passionate Ape to come up with :-

We humans are late-stage water apes who came out of the water about 250,000 years ago, Denisovans are mid-stage about 450,000 years ago, and Neanderthals early-stage about 700,000 years ago.

That does leave a couple of questions though. The other two water ape species died out. Are we going to follow in their footsteps? Where are the other species that came out of the water early to mid, and mid to late?

P.S. Do excuse the picture of me in the morning, after a rough night's sleep! 🙂

12th February 2015 14:24
In a message sent to various supermarkets, I wrote :-
I cannot find any liquid soap or shampoo (not conditioner) products in your store that DO NOT CONTAIN SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate).
Sodium lauryl sulphate is an industrial degreaser that is found in a wide variety of cleaning products. It is even in most toothpastes. It is known for being a skin irritant. When it breaks down, it releases another chemical, 1,4-dioxane. The National Institutes of Health have warned that 1,4-dioxane is "reasonably expected to be a human carcinogen", because it has been repeatedly shown to cause cancer in animal studies. It is also known for causing kidney, liver and nervous system damage. Preliminary research is showing that it accumulates in the body over time. It likewise accumulates in the environment, in a manner similar to the infamous DDT pesticide.
What can you recommend without SLS?
Waitrose and Tescos replied. The others were silent. Waitrose had SLS-free products in their larger stores. Tescos do not stock any SLS-free products. The other supermarkets' silence (Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons...) means they do not carry SLS-free products, and nor do they ever intend to. Another plot to undermine the health of the unwary? My guess is "Yes"!

12th February 2015 10:57
Say the British public is given a hypothetical choice. They can choose Nigel Farage and UKIP to keep all British money in this country, not give out foreign aid, and get out of the EU and keep all our money and jobs for British people instead. Or they can choose Mark Jacobs who would not renew Trident (just keep what we've got, maintained), and use the £100 billion to improve the NHS, the education system, and technologically upgrade the British infrastructure. That choice is coming in 3 months time, and I am not standing because it would be a waste of time! Farage, have the podium, you ignorant British bastards!

Don't worry - Farage et al want to spend your money on Trident renewal too. If we already maintain a nuclear deterrent that is capable of total annihilation, why, then, do we have to spend money we haven't got, on a new system that does exactly the same thing? Explain please!

So, I wrote to my local MP Bob Blackman (Conservative), and he told me that the renewal was necessary to stay abreast of the technological developments in modern warfare and terrorist threats. He seemed unaware of the fact that the UK can blow the world up 3 times over with what we already have. So, I wrote back :-
I received your reply to my email, and I'd like to take this opportunity to pick up on a couple of points you raised.
  • We already have a nuclear deterrent. It would cost much less to simply maintain it, than to renew it. The cost of £100 billion for renewal would be dwarfed by a cost of £10 million a year to maintain what we already have.
  • The British public is already feeling the pinch of austerity measures taken to bail out the misappropriation of bank funds by unscrupulously greedy people in a position of power with the UK public's money. This manifests itself in the inability of people to purchase items, unless they are necessities. Luxuries have to take the "back burner" for the moment. Introducing a hefty bill for Trident renewal (albeit in stages over the next 10 years), is folly of the highest order. It's as if you want to collapse the economy. Struggling businesses will fold because their services will not be deemed a necessity by the broke British public, whose taxes will increase to cover the cost of renewal. We will have no spare money at all, in order to kindle a resurgence in the new businesses this country so desperately needs right now.
In a new world connected by the internet, the majority of people worldwide, simply want a peaceful and safe place to bring up their families. We all know that there are a few bad apples who would ever consider using weapons to murder strangers for a cause, and that we, by far the majority, have to suffer because of these few bad apples, because our leaders see fit to perpetuate the creation of evermore effective weaponry. It is a never-ending vicious circle with one ultimate outcome - that of death for billions because of ideas in someone's head. Please stop the manufacture of weapons, the exporting of these to unprincipled regimes, and the deployment of these in countries whose mineral wealth you seem very interested in all the time. Please stop!
I have had no reply as of yet. 🙂

2nd February 2015 10:38
With the hypocrisy of Western civilisation becoming quite stark of late, it is quite obvious that we need to take Westernised democracy down a peg or two, from the inside. Here's how - NEVER BECOME A SOLDIER, SAILOR, FIGHTER OR BOMBER PILOT, POLICEMAN, SECURITY GUARD, OR WORK IN THE ARMS INDUSTRY. NEVER!!! Any job which entails you possibly hurting someone for safeguarding someone else's wealth or ideologies, is a BAD JOB - RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. If the SS had done that in WW2, Jews might not have been slaughtered in the numbers they had been.
9th January 2015 12:38
From a Sky News article, Tributes To Muslim Officer Killed By Terrorists The 42-year-old was shot dead during a gunfight with terrorists outside the offices of a magazine that lampooned Islam.
Another, who uses the Twitter handle Kidrauhl, said: "Who kills in the name of Allah is not Muslim is just a murderer who hides behind religion."
That is the truth. I thought the picture kinda ties in with it, 'coz there's scant a mention in British media about the Royal Scandal; just a deafening silence, with the French terrorist (false flag) incident covering up the scandal! 🙂

12th December 2014 11:56
As regards counter-terrorism proposals, Caroline Lucas said, "In my opinion these proposals are not only questionable in terms of possible breaches of international law, but they may also lead to discriminatory practices."

Thank God someone's on the ball. I was beginning to think none of the politicians on this planet had any understanding of human rights and entitlement to privacy. TBH, I am fed up of politicians telling me what's good for me and what's bad for me, before I, as a human adult, have had a chance to decide for myself. The voters are treated like naughty school-children, who can change their headmaster every 4 years. It is totally ridiculous. It's the 21st century, and technology connects the globe together, but there are still billions starving in 3rd world countries because we'd rather spend money on renewing Trident, or some such rubbish. Things are going to change - I can tell people are far better educated than ever before, thanks to the internet, and they are not going to stand for this corporate-controlled puppet politician nonsense any more. Mark my words, the society of the future will have no use for money, for example. Get with it, or be left behind to cry.

10th December 2014 11:29
Personally, I believe we should be moving away from money ASAP. We need a society where people do things for the betterment of society, and not for their own selfish, hedonistic needs. People do horrible things for money (build landmines, club seals, chop down rainforests, hunt endangered species...), because they need it to eat. Remove that need, and replace with "everyone gets to eat - it's the fucking 21st century and everyone should be getting food, water, shelter, and clothes, simply because they are born into a caring society". Human society reflects human capacity to love each other. That is weak currently, due to inculcated mistrust.
5th December 2014 12:03
I am fed up of hearing the perpetual separation of drugs and alcohol in mainstream media. A typical statement is something like, "He went crazy on a binge of alcohol and drugs." Hang on, if you go to the pub and partake of alcoholic refreshments, you are taking recreational drugs. You can argue till you are blue in the face about this, but, when push comes to shove, alcohol is a recreational drug, and not a very good one either. So, the mainstay of adult humans on this planet regularly use recreational drugs. Once we fully embrace that reality, we can then move forward with alternative recreational drugs. Currently, the majority of adult humans on this planet believe they are not taking drugs on a regular basis. Mention alcohol, and it is more often than not, thought of as a foodstuff. This is wrong in so many ways, especially when you consider the deleterious effects of alcohol on health, behaviour, and moral fabric : they all seem to break down under its influence. Others try to excuse their drug-taking habit with glib statements like, "Well, I always keep my booze intake down so I am rarely out of control or mad drunk. It's all about self-control and discipline." or, "I only have a glass or two of wine each night. I am not an alcoholic or a druggie." When abroad and away from any source of alcohol, these people hanker after their drug when the evening comes on. We need to fully understand that most adults already regularly use dangerous, life-threatening drugs (alcohol). We, then, need to entertain the widespread use of other, less dangerous and less addictive substances like cannabis and magic mushrooms.
1st December 2014 13:28
We are universal beings with good intentions. They (the would-be controllers) are solitary, individual meat bags with bad intentions they believe do not matter. The thing is, I see so much goodness everywhere in people. They are loving, quickly forgiving, friendly, and they need others to really live properly. It seems to be just a small minority who derive pleasure from upsetting everyone else. The system they have invented serves only to keep this minority empowered and the rest of us feeble, timid and too inert and apathetic to do anything about this obvious iniquity.
24th October 2014 12:12
The personification of "God" - the biggest ego trip a human being can possibly make! "God" could be an amorphous energy or force presence in the universe, which is so beyond our concept, we could never perceive/conceive it. People claiming to have been spoken to by "God", or claim to be doing something in honour of "God", are severely deluded, dangerously stupid, and to be avoided for anything important at all. And what about "God of God" and so on? We are baldy apes on a ball of rock in space. How are we ever going to know anything about entities capable of manufacturing universes, let alone our brains with which we are trying to encapsulate the creator(s)?
20th October 2014 13:23
Human beings were appointed guardians of this planet when we evolved. The masses have appointed corrupt, greedy people to represent their interests, and have done so with deliberate recourse to financial considerations above any life on this planet. These "people in power" have abrogated their responsibilities and have seen fit to ransack natural resources for short-term gain, in line with the wishes of those who appointed them. Financial considerations have subverted the ecological guardianship we are supposed to be upholding. Mark my words, this cannot and will not continue. People will continue to elect these fools, and will continue to foul up the planet until they realise that their interests should not be wholly profit-driven. But first, the masses have to understand how much they have been conditioned by education, religion and mass media, to support the social structures that keep these greedy people in power. With the arrival of the internet, we can already see changes afoot with people's thinking.

1st October 2014 13:56
Doesn't it make you feel like you're an important part of the UK democratic process?! I feel like the UK populace has been properly consulted and informed about the Middle East crisis (distraction), and appropriate action (bombing strangers in a far away land with a culture very different to ours) has been undertaken ON MY BEHALF. The truth - we live in a global fascist police state, masquerading as "free choice".

The perfect solution would be for all soldiers to go on strike forever. They only do it to put food in their families' stomachs. Or, they have psychological problems (they like killing humans). In fact, a great way to save money, would be to not pay soldiers at all. Then, only the psychopaths would fight, and I don't mind how many of them die. 🙂

14th September 2014 22:59
Nobody has ever written down the definitive, all-encompassing guidelines to life, ever! If someone comes up to me with some squiggles on paper and states that this is the law for all human life, I would laugh in their faces. Religion is a personal experience and as individual as each person. No book would ever contain the law for everyone!
14th September 2014 22:28
Protest implies some leaders somewhere will listen and change their ways. Revolution implies replacing one set of leaders with another, and believing that will make things better. Neither method eliminates the problem itself - the existence of "leaders". Anyone who wants to lead millions of humans must be mad and probably evil!

Nobody needs to lift a finger against the forces of evil currently "running" (as if!) the planet. As the younger generations oust the old, the mental landscape will change. This is a battle of mindsets, not of physical strength. The power of money will be eroded, as more of us see how it causes humans to do evil things in order to put food in their tummies (assembling landmines in a factory, or felling rain forest trees, for example). Service to those around us will become the main "currency" for local matters. Country boundaries will dissolve, as the global communication and information network becomes available to a greater proportion of the population. The need to be centrally governed will fade away, as communities realise they can easily run themselves and co-operate with communities around them. This is the future for mankind. Anything else will kill us all off.

Stop dividing man from man. It is our leaders who make us turn against each other, while they profit. Oust all leaders and DO NOT elect any more. We do not need leading. What are you? Some kind of sheep. Fuck anyone who claims to be able to lead the people to a better future. We've heard it all before. It's all lies, and when it isn't and the leader really wants to better the common man, the leader ends up assassinated. No, we can manage ourselves, and we know the resources will then be fairly allocated when everyone has a say.
9th September 2014 16:30
Let's stop talking about the Scottish vote until they've actually voted, had the result fixed by the UK govt., and the public hoodwinked into thinking that the Scottish rejected independence. 'Cos, no matter how good it would be for Scotland to be independent, you know that's what gonna happen. 🙁

**Update** - 18th October 2014 21:55
Having lost the vote for independence, there are suspicions that something is amiss with the way the count was conducted. 🙂

The Scottish independence vote was rigged.
6th September 2014 17:53
Medieval enforced Christianity in Europe - a fair basis for a fair religious-based society? I don't think so! Hey, look a witch! Let's burn her, despite her herbal remedies curing all our ailments. Is that cannabis she's holding? Right, let's set an example to anyone who thinks that they could possibly enjoy living in such a society. Tortured to death. It may be why I often get the impression that Westerners are determined to be miserable and depressed. They have to constantly make lots of effort to keep themselves negative, cynical and down in the dumps. Like keeping a foot on a submerged balloon. As soon as they let up, and let nature direct their energies, things should start to work out. Until then, listen to

Foot on a Submerged Balloon by me!
1st September 2014 11:52
Personally, I never have or will want to "rule the world". Geez! There's some right pillocks about on this planet! Personally, I just want to live in peace and harmony with a great number of various cultures around me, so I can bring up my family in cooperation with the community around me, for the benefit of all. That's all. And I reckon that's what the majority of people on this planet want too. So, leaders, put your metallic harming equipment away and piss off! We don't need you any more. (P.S. Notice the Israeli flag over the Pennsylvania building.)

So many believe in one form of God or another, because so many people do not know the purpose of life, and are troubled by this mystery in their lives. All I know is, that we all bounce of each other, and are part of human collective consciousness. Beyond that, everything else is a guess.

Not all of us need something to look up to and lead us. In fact, being led is what got us humans into this mess of a modern world in the first place! Let's not be led, and let's do our own things. There is no enlarged, wizened head in the sky, looking out for you. You and your family are looking out for you, and nobody else! There isn't even the need for the concept of God, which, in itself, is like the concept of infinity - we'll never get our heads round it! The idea of God seems to me like a projection of human ego outside of itself to a point of total universal control - a plaintive cry as the ego drowns in rising enlightenment.
Western powers have protected Islamic people from prosecution and persecution in the past. Look at how Bush flew the Bin Laden family out of the States, and then invaded the Middle East to kill Bin Laden! Look at how rich EU countries pander to nifty economic deals with Saudi Arabia, for the sake of some lucrative backhanders. Additionally, too many cultural concessions are being made to enable Islamic roots to be set down in classically Western societies like the UK and France. I am all for sharing our culture, but I do not like to be told that I cannot draw images of Allah because it upsets certain people with, what I'd regard as, draconian beliefs. A culture which has some people performing home surgery on their girls, because they believe girls should not experience pleasure from sexual activities, is a culture that is deeply flawed, IMHO. I also regard the modern-day practice of circumcision on young Jewish babies as barbaric, since there is no need to do this, with modern hygiene the way it is. Lord knows what psychological trauma this has on some of these youngsters!
A message to CLEAR and any other cannabis reform schools who want to regulate and tax it :-
You should not be commercializing a weed. That is idiotic! It should be growing wherever it wants on this planet and there should be no charges for harvesting it (doing the weeding!). Gee! You reformists are like the 9-11 Truthers - OK the official story is wrong, but what you've got to replace it is worse! Pot is a plant that naturally grows all over the planet - let's keep it that way!
Whether it's Hamas firing a rocket or Israel shelling a school in Gaza, you can be sure of one thing - our "leaders" around the world are getting richer and more powerful with each shot. Soldiers need to stop pressing the triggers, and freedom fighters need to use their brains to fight. Weaponry is designed to cause maximum human damage, whilst costing a fortune to buy and use. Who is profiting from our misery? The people who choose who we can vote for in "democratic" elections. I know this, you know this, why don't the masses know this and put down their weapons, because the only people gaining anything from their use, is people who have a proven track record of not caring about others. STOP FIRING and start living with a finger up to our "leaders". 😉
In the 21st century, citizens should not have to explain the recreational substances they choose to take, to officers upholding a sketchy law drawn up for safeguarding corporate profits, rather than for "minimising harm". If you are a police officer and you understand this, you should only police crimes where a victim is involved. No victim, no crime. If you are a police officer and don't understand this, then you are admitting you are ignorant and idiotic, because, rather than helping people in society out, you are actually being a nuisance - we do not pay policemen to be nuisances.
Humans cannot be older than 250,000 years because of mitochondrial DNA regression techniques. MDNA is found in the mother and is passed down relatively unchanged from one generation to the next, and is species-specific. A regression technique using this DNA suggest that humans (in our current form Homo Sapiens Sapiens) are about 200-250 thousand years old as a species on this planet. Whatever left some of these artefacts here (some of them hoaxes, but one or two are inexplicable) must be from another planet. Humans may well be genetically engineered by aliens, from whatever homo species happened to be around, and their alien DNA, or, perhaps, their idea of a "perfect" DNA pattern for Earth. We seem to have 2 of our chromosomes fused together, and this doesn't usually happen in nature unless there is a drastic, abrupt, and permanent change in the environment. Comparisons of Human (23 pairs) against Chimpanzee (24 pairs) chromosome counts seem to back this up. In the diagram to the left, there are the 22 chromosome pairs, plus an XY or XX for the 23rd pair. Pair 2 of the 22 is a fused pair of our counterparts to the 2 chromsomes chimps have. This accounts for the extra chromosome pair they naturally have. Such gentle species as chimps, orangs, and gorillas are struggling to find habitat and food without being shot at or captured by humans. Hence, their numbers are dwindling.

Humans are an experiment, and unnatural. That is why we do not "fit in" to this planet's ecosystem very well. We mess all nature on this planet up. However, once you know this, you can start having fun! You no longer have a perfect "manmade natural" image to live up to. Be good out there - we each impact everything. 😉
(For more in-depth discussion on chromosome count discrepancies, click here or on the image.)

4th July 2014 10:22
I must admit, I am not happy with the mainstay beliefs of modern, Western civilisation. Their intransigence on the official 9-11 story, despite it's fairy-tale nature (as proven by the wealth of evidence at Dr Judy Wood's Site), is a real stumbling block when it comes to their awakening into the light. Those who cling to the official nonsense about 9-11, seem to immediately get annoyed as soon as you bring up the subject for discussion. It's like a reflex "bury your head in the sand" reaction every time. To me, it seems like 9-11 was the US government (or whoever is behind that corporation) demonstrating some new directed energy weaponry on some concrete and steel. Basically, letting the invitees know that the USA can vaporise any missile shot at them, before it could get anywhere near.

Look at the "burnt out" coach and cars in the picture taken a couple of days after the event. The metal seems to have been aged and rusted incredibly fast. If it was intense heat that did this (as claimed by the official story), then why aren't the trees next to the coach also burnt out? The leaves on those trees are still intact! Whatever they used, affected metal much more than wood! There are other pictures which show unburnt paper next to burnt cars, and firemen standing near what is purported to be molten steel, but it doesn't even melt their boots.

We already know that our leaders would rather people fight and die in war so that they can make lots of money from sales of ammunition and weapons, plus charging for rebuilding the war-torn aftermath. Eventually, humans will realise that nobody is supposed to be in charge! Leaders are idiots! Stop looking for new ones!
6th June 2014 13:42
The "pill" - it seemed like the perfect method of being able to have child-free sex. Condoms reduce the sensation, the coil is uncomfortable, and the cap awkward, especially on the spur of the moment. Now we see how nature has ensured that sex without the risk of having a child is always "not as good" as the real thing. The "pill" is causing a reduction in fertility to the species trying to benefit from it. Men are less fertile, and women more in search of the macho as ever before. This all goes to affirming the importance of a long-term relationship for really good sex - the kind that may well produce children.

If you ever wanted proof that lack of intimacy and long-term relationship leads to sexual atrophy, look at Hugh Hefner's life and read some of his playgirl's comments. One girl was saying that, towards the end of his life in his mansion, despite being surrounded by beautiful girls and pumped full of viagra, he could only get it up by watching a constant stream of gay men porn!

23rd May 2014 11:29
Mr. Rockefeller might say, "We all know that the Israeli military have only spite for any Arab cohabitors. We all know that they bend the rules in order to sate a carnal desire to murder because of indoctrinated hate. We all know these things. However, simply stating that it's wrong won't change anything. We have to invade and occupy Israel first (like we did with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, ...), before we can start to put things right. Once we leave after the invasion, we can ensure that bombs keep going off and the society remains fractured. As long as they're fighting, they're using ammunition and weapons that we sell to them, so we make money out of their suffering. And they can't see that they're being manipulated because we have successfully indoctrinated them with a false reality through the education system. Good, isn't it!?! If everyone woke up, put aside their guns and bitter memories, then we couldn't profit from their misery. Let's hope they stay deluded."

Who knows, but one of your relatives could have built the rifle used to murder that teen, in order to put food in your family's stomachs. If you want to stop people shooting each other, then people shouldn't work in munitions factories. They should all get other jobs that do not entail making products that cause direct harm to people. However, they can't or they'd starve to death. It's the system that is flawed, not the people, and it's because people will do ANYTHING for money, since they believe money will ensure their survival, and the instinct to survive is the strongest motivation of all in us animals. Realisation is the way out of this mess - simply understanding how things really are, and facing up to the truth honestly. We all want some very simple things from life - to raise a family in love and peace, with a good community within which to foster new life. Putting aside all idealogical differences, all humans have this as common ground, and even your children will agree that this is what they want for their futures too. All we need is some foresight, a willingness to invest in societal infrastructure instead of "defence", and a lessening of the importance of money in society.

Compare the population of a society with politics, with that of a society without politics, and ask who is the happier population. I would say neither, until they realise the full potential of being human. In this bright, shiny, technological age, we are still living in fear of fellow humans, work just as hard as yesteryear, madly deem certain parts of nature "illegal", allow vibration of air molecules (words) to incite rage and retribution, allow patterns of ink on paper or pixels on a screen (pictures) to encourage scorn and hate, and believe nudity to be an affront to sensibility. It's conditioned insanity on a global scale! This is the 21st century, and the fact that we still have country boundaries amazes me. Humans need to rid themselves of this money-based society fractured into warring pieces called countries. Since none of the political parties on offer, except the Greens, have a sensible policy on cannabis usage (if alcohol is legal then so should pot be), I will probably be voting for the Greens. See the Greens Drug Use policy statement for cannabis.
11th April 2014 13:52
"Playing video games, eating junk food, and not exercising are 'a bad idea, a waste of time, [and] not very healthy'. Using marijuana, or any other drugs for that matter, is simply dangerous."
So, it's OK for kids to see adults staggering around in an incoherent, inebriated state, and they're NOT dangerous, as compared with pot and relaxing with munchies and gaming. Mmmmm..... I wonder who is deluded here ... This is the reason why supposedly intelligent, empowered people make such idiotic statements about cannabis : they know that spiritually enlightened people are not good consumers because they are no longer dependent, bored or unhealthy. Pot is therefore a threat to their power structures. It is that simple! They will never admit this, though, and they will stick to their stupid, propagandist rhetoric. The only way to rid ourselves of their idiocy is to abandon the current power structures that support large corporations and their profits, rather than people and their concerns.

3rd April 2014 14:49
I believe that women are quite often too weak to stand up for themselves, and that they should be more proactive in selecting their mates, not just ending up with whichever guy is forceful enough to demand their attentions and go out with him. Women should have much more say in who they are going out with, and they shouldn't just go with whoever is strong enough to sweep them off their feet, unless they prefer brutal, myopic men to gentle, far-sighted ones. I say to women everywhere, "Chat up the guy you're interested in - don't wait for another man to chat you up."

To put things back to natural law, and hence, equilibrium with our wonderful planet, we need to get rid of

 1) Money
 2) The need to be governed
 3) Country boundaries

Until then, we will see the same spin on a bad system that favours profit over life. No more governments - they simply do not work for the interests of those who elect them. No more country boundaries - they cause schisms between sects of mankind and false pride based on the merely human concept of a boundary between peoples. No more financial incentive to get humans to perform various tasks that range from serving the community to destroying it - it is a vehicle for the most wicked to rise to the top.
We will obey laws, but won't fight wars.
13th January 2014 13:46
I have a theory as to why porn is necessary. On this planet, there are almost equal numbers of men and women of sexual age. Why, then, is it so hard for a guy to find a girl for some casual sex? The only answer I can come up with is that despite most blokes wanting a good casual fling, most women just want security and babies, and once they've got those, they're no longer interested in sex. If you think I'm being sexist, try this next time you're in a bar. Stand up and ask if anyone wants to have sex with you tonight. If you're a bloke, you'll probably not get much response. If you're a girl, prepare to be bombarded with solicitations.

Broadband should, in this 21st century, be freely available at no cost to everybody in the world, including the poorest 3rd world countries. We have reached a level of information connectivity whereby we should seriously be looking at ways of abolishing the old, money-based society, and start rolling out a new, information-based utopia.
What is the fine dividing line between paedophilia and normal sex? An age limit which is different in different countries. Who will be the judge of whether the crime of paedophilia has been committed? What criteria will they use and how will they be qualified to make a judgement? My own yardsticks are :-
  1. they are old enough to have erotic feelings naturally
  2. girls are physically capable of becoming pregnant without any danger to their lives
  3. they are of sound mind to make a decision to participate in acts of sex
  4. they want to have sexual experiences
Age alone does not protect mentally-handicapped people. My yardsticks do.
As you get brought up in this quagmire of stageshows known as society, your brain's neuronal pathways get conditioned to fire in certain patterns. These are the "culturally laid down opinion structures" that then heavily influence your "free" thinking. LSD has been shown to allow the user to reset and re-invent the neuronal pathways that signals in the brain flow through, and thereby really does free the mind properly, back to its naturally evolved state, and not some tradition-based model.
It's only an ideology that separates these people, who are from the same genetic stock as all Middle Eastern desert dwellers. Most of them want peace and a reversal of the idiotic post-WW2 imposition of the USA to separate a region off just for Jews, under the guise of giving Jews a homeland as a sympathetic gesture, when it was really a ruse to get a foot in the door of Middle Eastern oil.
It's so blindingly obvious how everyone is being swindled out of happiness by corporate swill-heads on this planet. We're hairless apes that have quickly spread over all the planet due to our intelligence and adaptability, and we were made to love each other, proportional to the pleasure we derive from loving activities.
Modern society is based on science. However, science uses itself to validate itself. Rules of logic and mathematics have been shown by Goedel to not fully explain all phenomena in the universe, if they are proven to be logically consistent. Hence, science will only model a subset of life in this universe, and model it incompletely. If we want to explore our spiritual birthright, then we will (period), and no amount of scientific pontificating is going to dissuade metaphysical pioneering. Science is based on observation and repeatability. These are subject to human perception and we already have experiments that demonstrate human observation changing the reality observed at quantum level. Rupert Sheldrake has shown that the speed of light has changed over time, and that it is not a constant, by scientists' own measurements. He also questions the improbable assumption most scientists make about the universe being formed from a grapefruit-sized ball of condensed matter and a huge explosion. G. Spencer-Brown in his book "The Laws of Form" says that scientists (like all humans) create the universe through conscious perception, and that, looking through a telescope at the farthest reaches of the universe, is like a dog chasing its own tail - the more we look, the more we see, and the farther we look, the faster the galaxies seem to be moving away from us! There is definitely (and provably, much to the consternation of mainstream science) an interaction between reality and consciousness at a fundamental level of the fabric of space-time. This cannot be explained in a scientific manner by its very nature. We don't even know what consciousness really is anyway, and probably never will.
The thing about reality is that, if you aren't observing it, then you're creating it.
29th July 2013 11:37
HASC and the nefarious peer groups behind them (pharmaceutical industry lobbyists for example) have only shown their ineptitude and lack of authority, by continually demonstrating their ignorance/obstinacy on the subject of medicinal cannabis. With their current level of stupidity and wanton apathy towards the facts, the public should simply ignore all their recommendations, and demand that the government (who are our employees) replace them with a publicly-appointed committee with legislative powers instead. A groundswell of public opinion is building, which knows that any authority declaring cannabis illegal will no longer be trusted or heeded. That includes the police, the judiciary, CPS and HASC.

Surely, it is a blatant, in-your-face slap when GW Pharmaceuticals are allowed to develop medicines containing cannabis in this country legally, whereas the raw weed plant is illegal. This is all to do with financial gain and business control. The electorate are no longer people, oh no, we are now commodities.

19th July 2013 15:39
But, but, but... everyone has the right to disagree with a law that is made for their own safety. You cannot (en)force a law upon someone for their own benefit - it's up to them to decide what's for their own benefit! Anything else is fascism or dictatorship. Sure, there are laws which protect others from your actions, but banning certain recreational substances is not one of them. And for those who argue that banning pot protects others from your actions when you're under its influence, then compare pot with alcohol, and try to make sense of the current regime!

17th July 2013 13:57

From the viewpoint of someone who eats it :-

Cannabis is the best recreational drug available, and it is made by nature for all mammals, because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system which is vital to the health of the animal. Its stimulation causes pleasure and long-term health benefits with no "hangover" or bad side-effects. The system is thought to have something to do with guiding evolution out of ruts of patterns that always survive well, in order to avoid species stagnation, and promote longer-term survival and adaptability. It seems to first appear in species over 600 million years ago.

With small doses, you can drive more carefully and responsively than if you're straight. Sex and food are more intense. And yet, with all this going for it, it remains thoroughly non-addictive, and it is easy to go for months without it. In all of human history, legislation only in the past several decades has deemed the plant "illegal" or "dangerous". Nobody has ever died from an overdose of pot.

It is apparent that people want to take drugs, to get high or solve health problems. This should not be illegal, because it is obviously a natural desire for many human beings, and experience has shown that harm to others is usually avoided when we get high on natural substances, and certainly, compared to the harm inflicted under the influence of a lot of man-made substances and alcohol.

There are a few who have died from unscrupulous black marketeers' greed, and they will quickly be forgotten and swept away under the carpet by the press, because it begs the question why we don't have a regulated recreational drug system in place in this country. That's, of course, unless it is for cannabis, when they plaster it all over the front page of all the papers as a good excuse to keep it illegal. Look at how little coverage there was for Amy Winehouse's death from an overdose of alcohol. Had it been from a benign drug like ecstasy, there would probably have been public campaigns against the drug, and the club scene may have become a little more sensible for a while. But, for alcohol, there is total immunity from blame! No campaigns. Nothing large and in the public's face. And we all know why.

As time marches on, and the decades of prohibition roll on, people will start to lose faith in all governments around the world, because, on this very important subject of recreational drug use, they have obviously lost the plot - alcohol and tobacco are the worst recreational drugs you could possibly devise due to their deleterious effect on the human body. Cannabis and magic mushrooms are nature's cure for all what ails you!

To sum up : any natural flora or fauna that can make people healthy and happy, should be naturally available for free to all. Regulation of ANY kind, is bound to be a fruitless exercise, which, if enforced, will only cause misery. Natural common sense should prevail over financial concern. Cannabis should be regarded as a nuisance only because, like grass, it should be growing almost everywhere in the world, as seems its natural will.
Some women pursue a life of alcoholic promiscuity and regard babies as a threat to the perceived "freedom" of such a lifestyle. Yet, that lifestyle often leads to babies. No wonder they're fucked up!
Those in power know that it is only a matter of time before the common people see through all of their attempts to deceive us into believing a version of reality that keeps them in power and us dumbed down.
25th June 2013 17:11
In an interview with This Week, NSA Director General Keith Alexander made a ridiculous and clearly dishonest claim that he didn't know who Wikileaks are.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The final point that Pierre made, the question about some government officials are asking whether WikiLeaks is a legitimate journalistic organization or an enemy of the state, where do you come down on that?

ALEXANDER: I have no opinion on WikiLeaks. I really don't track them. I don't know ? I really don't know who WikiLeaks are, other than this Assange person.

How about asking Alexander if Edward Snowden is real? Jeez, I give up with these idiots!

And remember, if it is illegal to speak the truth, then the law is wrong! And if the law is wrong, there is no further need to uphold it. And with no power-crazy-man-made law to uphold, there can be natural, self-regulatory anarchy instead. Ah, relief!

I always wondered how, with all that surveillance going on, they seemed to have missed the Boston bombers! And the 9-11 terrorists who they claim to have had the DNA against which to match that discovered at the bottom of the felled towers?!? How did they miss it? Are they idiots? Yes, they are! Are they liars? Yes, they are! I can just picture it now :-

NSA : We have spotted someone carrying a briefcase nuke, and he is heading directly for the Whitehouse. Should we stop him?

Obama : Nah! Let him cause havoc and nuke us all, then we can press for even more draconian laws to be brought in, so that we can have even more power over our voters.

25th June 2013 17:11
Why have we got a whole system of biochemical cannabinoid receptors and we're not allowed to stimulate them? Is this part of our natural biochemistry "out of bounds" because some headmaster-type says so? That is the question lawmakers cannot answer. With this wanton lack of logic in lawmakers' claims, we can safely disregard these authorities, since they have become unintelligible to us. If we cannot understand their laws because they don't make any sense to us, then we shouldn't be paying police officers to enforce them. I'm afraid it's time for a more anarchistic method of self-governance. The same applies to DMT, which is present in all mammalian heads and seems to be related to dreaming.

Politics strikes me as a game played by unscrupulous people who want to get their noses into a trough of money set aside by the corporations and bankers that control all the money in the world. That is why politicians are bound to be ineffective and toothless - they are only there because certain powerful people want them there (the true purpose of Bilderberg conferences). This may explain why there are no political parties who want to immediately legalise cannabis or rid the skies of chemtrails. This probably explains why there are no political parties who want to completely clean up the press and enforcement agencies (like the police and MI6). This also explains why, no matter who gets into power, the same iniquities persist in society, and why bankers get preferential treatment over all other businesses (they go bankrupt, the taxpayer bails them out). In fact, it explains so much, that it simply must be true - "politics" equals "trough of money for idiots to scrabble over".
14th February 2013 11:26
In response to this mind control article :-
Absolutely terrific article! Excellent work! Here in the UK, I have always wondered why there are microwave towers all the way down every motorway, and yet you can't use your mobile phone while you are driving unless it's hands-free, and even that's a bad idea, since your attention is being distracted away from the road. There's one every 500 metres or so - that's a lot of towers. They all have no advertising hoardings at all, despite the claims that they were built at the expense of the telecoms companies. Why, then, don't they blazon their brand all over their investments for free advertising? As you state in your article, "You are the property of the elite and the government is reminding you of this every time you travel." In fact, it seems that travel is a threat to their control over you! So, they spray the air full of crap to keep you indoors! The chemical attack doesn't stop there - I cannot buy shampoo which doesn't contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) as an ingredient, and I cannot easily buy a toothpaste which doesn't contain fluoride. And the sheer hypocrisy of claiming that a dangerous drug like alcohol is a "foodstuff", whereas a medicine like cannabis is a dangerous drug! Society is obviously warped by the evil intentions of those wanting to control it, and it is so apparent, that it cannot be hidden from normally intelligent human beings. Hence, their plan is to make all human beings dumb enough to control, and that involves interfering with natural biophysical processes that go on in our bodies. This kind of interference has to be done in such an incremental fashion as to be barely noticeable by the "guinea pigs" it is being inflicted on. I would never accept a chip implant, especially one that very likely causes cancerous growth around it because of the use of Biobond substances. I actually find tattoos and body piercings unpalatable in the same way - they condition people to accept metal bits as augmentation of their bodies which is a dangerous fallacy to accept in my opinion. As for HAARP and mass mind control through scientific techniques, remember you can always adopt a more spiritual and less scientific viewpoint in your universal life journey that precludes their ability to make their technologies work on you. Quantum physics has shown us that consciousness is everywhere and everywhen instantly - conscious observation changes the observed wherever and whenever they are. So, everything is linked at an intimate level and this subverts any attempt at control through scientific method. More at anarchy.htm#truth and telepathy.htm

8th February 2013 10:51
Just where do humans get the idea that they're hard? A rhino or an elephant is hard. A polar bear or a penguin is hardy. We are soft. Even a chimp is harder than us. But try putting that to your average joe, and the instant reaction is to get angry and respond with metal. "God" (or whatever) put metal onto this planet so that we could build cities and other technological edifices, not invent nasty objects so that we could appear to be hard. The metal is hard, not us humans! Now that you realise that you are soft, you might start to realise that you are meant for tenderness and love, and stop making people hurt all around the world with your bits of metal. Instead, spend the resources improving life for all life on this planet. Let's stop trying to prove which group of humans has the hardest metal, and get on with making the world a better place to live in. Humans have spent too much time and effort using metal to effect control of others, whether through use of metal weaponry or metal cages.

25th November 2012 13:07
It strikes me that any institution that is predominantly single sex-run, instead of an equal share of authority between men and women, is prone to be corrupt and perverse. For example, political, managerial, constabulary, custodial, military, ecclesiastical, financial, and judicial staff. Where the share of authority between men and women is equal, corruption and perversity diminishes, for example, in education.

23rd October 2012 14:47
Good news! America is on the verge of a revolutionary change - pot will have to be decriminalised over there since the disparity between federal law and state law becomes more apparent, and more embarrassing. Once we've got a peace-loving populace globally, then we can make anarchy our "system" of government - everyone governs themselves. We will once again know our community. We will once again love our neighbours (I mean, REALLY love). We will serve our communities rather than slave for corporations. (I really ought to remove these rose-tinted glasses). Call me an idealist or an optimist, good will always triumph over evil in the long run. Look at nature - you can't properly procreate without oodles of love for your progeny, so monsters die out as genetic dead-ends, because they can't show enough love for their children, who grow up to become sterile loners. Here's hoping ... 😉 If you're an anarchist, I love your work, your attitude, and your political stance. NEVER STOP!


Netanyahu is a mass murderer who ought to be treated as such. The only times he tells lies are when words come out of his mouth or hands. Completely despicable.


I suppose you want to "mass murder" him now. When are you going to learn that in order to fight the badness in this world, you need to be good? We must be the change we wish to see.


Some assumptions are wrong. Yours is one of those. I want him put on trial in the World Court and have his crimes put before the public. The Court could pass judgment on him. I am far from a pacifist; if attacked I will fight back. I do believe in self-defence, but not murder.


I disagree. When you see the light, you'll know that your consciousness is only a small part of universal consciousness, which will continue long after you are dead. Therefore, your life is not worth defending with violence. As soon as everyone understands this, there will be world peace, and ironically, more respect between members of our species. Look at how other species only take what they actually need, and then stop taking. Humans take what they need plus more for "the future" ie. greed!


When a certain critical mass of people realize who and what we really are, the game will be over and we can all pack up our marbles and go home. Are you really ready for that? And BTW, I value freedom above peace. I am a Sikh, not a Gandhian.


But, in order to define freedom, you have to invent something repressive that threatens it. If everybody understood how to "love thy neighbour" because they are human too, then we would not hanker after concepts such as freedom and justice, because they would be present and ubiquitous naturally. Such things would be defined by forces outside of human control, hence we could not judge and imprison other humans. Nature would look after that. And they call me an idealist! Huh!
Foreign Policy Journal article

9/11 Pseudo-Science: A US Foreign Policy Built on Fraud
by Michael Fullerton

Superb article. I loved this bit :-

"The rapid fall times of all three buildings currently are only explainable by the use of some form of controlled demolition. As noted above, there is absolutely no evidence available that fire alone can cause the near-simultaneous damage required to cause such rapid falls. The largely symmetrical descents are also currently only explainable by controlled demolition. No valid experiments have ever been conducted to show that buildings can fall due to the effects of such office fires while exhibiting such rapid symmetrical descents."

Personally, I find the idea that 2 perfect, symmetrical demolitions occurred within a couple of hours of each other, with absolutely perfect synchronisation of detonations, with such a small earthquake reading, and with no damage to the bathtub the towers were built in, plus the fact that nobody had detected any extensive planting of explosives in the months prior to the incident, is all a bit far-fetched to be plausible. I subscribe to the view that a new, directed-energy weapon was being trialled that day. My beliefs are based on evidence gathered and presented by Dr. Judy Wood . On the day,

1) The Twin Towers (WTC 1 and 2) were the demonstrations of intense, focused energy on concrete and steel - result DNA-sized particulate - a real pea-souper! No wonder no sizeable earthquake footprints or debris piles. Steel columns "dustifying" under intense electromagnetic beams at dustspire.gif and clearer pictures at wtc1spiretodust.jpg . Burnt-out cars up to half a mile away, but weirdly, only half burnt in some instances, as if partly-shielded from the direction of the beams at Dr Judy Wood cars , especially the Police Car. Also at Star Wars Beam and the places 1400 cars were burnt out at Carpark Aerial Picture

2) WTC7 was the demonstration of a simple and effective method of controlled demolition using the beams to remove structural integrity from key points in the barely-touched WTC7 building - a sort of "precision of direction" exercise. Image 217 and higher debris pile at Image 218

3) People seem to forget that the entire WTC complex was destroyed that day, and that the damage to buildings 4, 5 and 6 was strange, like a giant knife had carved through them like butter, with precise, lines of damage, and a perfect, vertical, cylindrical hole drilled through the top of one at Cylinders 1 and Cylinders 2
Conscious entities who show love for their children, are all equal in God's eyes. That includes a lot of animals us humans often mistreat and think we're superior to! It also includes alien lifeforms we haven't even met yet. Wakey, wakey now folks.
To me, it's common sense. If you are going to let people get dangerously drunk and out of control, then give them free rein to upset sober people throughout the world, then what is the problem with some stoners chilled to the core in a park? Jeez!
Firearms and ammunition cause a lot of damage to people's lives. The ones responsible are the ones putting them together in factories all over the world. They should not manufacture weapons at all, even if it means that these workers and their families will starve to death for want of money. Change society now. Stop forcing people to do bad things because they need to eat! No wonder surliness is commonplace.
Our evolutionary roots are such that promiscuity was an important survival trait. Humans still have vestiges despite the lengthening of parenthood, and the necessity of good pair-bonding in order to produce balanced, family-aware offspring. There is a spiritual side to this, which is why long-term relationships can flourish - humans have a hankering for a soul-mate, and this is something displayed in other species, like albatrosses and penguins. Not many chimpanzees have such a desire - as long as they can get their genetic pattern onto the next generation, they are fulfilled. Some humans behave this way!

This is taking into account observations of the behaviour of species nearer to our ancestors genetically, like chimps, gorillas, and orangs. It's certainly an understandable attribute, that of promiscuity to best spread your seed. However, humans have a much greater depth of inter-personal relationship when they mean to start a family, and the trade-off becomes loyal trust in order to preserve a family unit, as against promiscuity. That's why they say, "With age, comes wisdom". Human relationships when between the relatively young, are emotionally unrefined, and it seems like you'd never learn how to do it properly. This is because there is little loyal trust in "a bit of fun". Then, as loyal trust is built up in any particular one, so the maturity of that relationship develops, and the intricacy of its orientation, nearly always good, because it is based on loyal trust. This is why they call it, "Building a relationship", especially one that you can both enjoy naturally as part of a family unit.
1st September 2012 16:37
If you are worried that someone will sell pot to your child if it were legalised, then realise that it's pointless worrying. Pot is a weed plant that grows wild everywhere on the planet (even cold countries like Denmark), and if it wasn't for the millions of tax dollars being spent on spraying and eradicating it, it wouldn't need to be sold, because it would be all around us for anyone to use how they like. That is the natural state for this planet, and we all know that natural things are good for you.

Consider the lowly magic mushroom. In the UK, the penalty for selling these is life imprisonment, since it is considered a drug that is as dangerous as heroin and crack (class A drug category). If a mushroom picker started up in business and accidentally picked these to sell, not realising what they were, he or she could be sent to prison for life!

Stock up all you like, they're gonna gas you and there's nowhere to hide. They have their underground bases so they will survive. The only thing we can all do is to rip them forcibly out of power, take away the police and armed forces (defence is not attack!), and educate your children not to accept authority as the truth, but rather the truth as authority. DO IT NOW!
12th July 2012 12:05
Depicted is a comparison of the chromosomes of humans (H) and chimpanzees (C), our closest existing genetic parallel. Position 2 shows chromosomal fusion and telomere alignment, and it is also known that certain DNA sequences within the chromosomes have been flipped around so that at certain points, human DNA is a reverse pattern to that in chimps. Very strange!

One question I've always had about Neanderthals - how many chromosomes do they have? Homo Sapiens has 23 pairs whereas, chimps, gorillas, and orang-utans have 24 pairs and it looks like we had 2 of theirs fused into one. I wonder how many Australopithecus or Neanderthals had. Anyone out there know the answer?

There are very good reasons as to why the chromosome counts should be known. From Lloyd Pye's refutation of Wikipedia's denouncement of his speculations :-
Wiki : A comparison of mitochondrial DNA sequences from humans, Neandertals and chimps demonstrates the relatedness of all three species, and the intermediacy of Neandertals.

Lloyd : The first part is true, but the intermediacy of Neanderthals is not necessarily true. In four years of recovering and sequencing the Neanderthal genome, the scientists doing it have not yet announced how many chromosomes they had. If it was 48, as I believe will be the case, they were much more like upright walking primates than humans. If they had 46, then the argument is much stronger that they were intermediate between chimps and humans. But 48 chromosomes not only binds Neanderthals to all the other higher primates, it removes any chance that humans evolved on Earth according to mainstream ideology. Perhaps this is why their chromosome count hasn't yet been announced, they're still trying to figure out how to "explain away" this paradigm-busting piece of bad news.

If us humans are the "top" species, perfectly evolved to live on planet Earth, then why do we need to wear clothes?
29th June 2012 17:47
In a discussion as to Obama's true religion and why it is not well known (he professes to be Christian), James David stated :-

> Maybe they know that a child born to a muslim male, and later adopted
> by a muslim male, is a muslim, period. If that person who is born a
> muslim converts to or professes to another faith then he is an apostate
> and may be justifiably killed as such. Maybe they're trying to protect
> him from harm.

Given a free choice, what human being would ever adopt such ridiculous belief structures? You will probably say that humans are rarely given a free choice for their beliefs. I call that indoctrination with anachronistic traditions. It's as if parents are coercing beliefs onto their children using fear of reprisals if refusal is encountered. Even us modern-thinking Westerners do it by threatening our own children that, unless they obey our laws, they will be punished. Even if those laws are wrong because they serve to protect the rich and powerful, and punish the innocent.

A case in point is the recent Barclays bank fiasco, in which LIBOR was being tampered with, so as to extract more pecuniary gain from recent financial situations on the markets. There is a Theft (amendment) Act in the UK (1996) which states that it is illegal for a company to obtain pecuniary advantage through fraudulent means. This precisely describes what Barclays did, yet they cannot be prosecuted under this law because of measures our former Labour government put in place in terms of market regulations after this law was passed. The FSA (our watchdog organisation for such matters) do not have sufficient powers to obtain a prosecution either. The current Conservative/Lib Dem coalition stated that they are setting up a new watchdog called FCA, which will have more powers, but what they failed to mention was, that the FCA still will not have sufficient clout to obtain a conviction in this matter.  In the meantime, Barclays CEO Bob Diamond (pictured) is still in his job and receiving multi-million pound bonuses. So what is the point?
** Update - Bob the bastard got the chop (hurray!), but only after receiving £100 million in pay and bonuses in just 6 years (boo!) **

21st June 2012 19:56
The Leveson Inquiry results are in, and here is a summary of the findings as presented by Hale and Pace. 😉

31st May 2012 12:21
It does seem that governments are averse to healthy, happy electorates these days! Why make a dangerous and unhealthy drug like alcohol legal, but ban something that benefits health physically and spiritually like cannabis? I mean, this is a global phenomenon which has arisen in the past several decades in our society. Corporate profits are obviously guiding law enforcement globally, irrespective of who is in power politically! The recent cotton, oil, paper and pharmaceutical industries would all be harmed if hemp/marijuana was made globally legal. The arms industry would dwindle as people became more peaceful and true to their nature. Hence, pot isn't legalised. More here.

11th May 2012 12:35
Establishment organisations are always going to be against pot, because big business owns them and is threatened by pot. What is one of the most important things pot has taught you over the years? That pot is better in times of no money, than money is in times of no pot (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers quotation). Establishment organisations always favour money. Therein lies the problem.

1st April 2012 13:53
People are starting to realise that democratic governments have recently been faced with a quandary. The bankers, who traditionally grease their palms, have squandered massive amounts on investments that blew up in their faces (predominantly, packages of mortgages which presumed "perfect pay" scenarios). Being the bastards they are, these democratic governments decided to bail these bankers out using people's tax money, and that now means the people have to "tighten their belts" in order to restock the tax coffers. No wonder they're rioting as this realisation dawns on them. Governments should have told the bankers that they have bankrupted themselves and their businesses will now be wound up. Any other business that did the same thing, would have been folded, so why not the banking systems, which are entirely run as businesses, too?

Anxiety is caused by lack of tactile contact. Many mammals groom each other, and tactile contact is a necessary part of social bonding. Without it, mentally reaching others is not enough and anxiety arises from the lack of tactile reassurance required by the mammalian form.
When are we going to stop trusting our "leaders"? Throughout human history, there has been nothing but duplicity and moral disgrace amongst all of them. Small groups of humans are never going to be enough to lead thousands of humans - EVER! We must lead ourselves! As soon as you leave it up to a select few to run things, they stab everybody else in the back for personal gain. Do you really think that will ever change? EVER? No, it won't, so don't complain, and don't seem surprised these idiots "did it again". It is "par for the course" for them. By giving them your attention, they milk your energy, and they really do not care about you - NOT AT ALL. Remain positive and totally ignore them - they are trivial and inconsequential.

We all know that our "leaders" are duplicitous swine whose morals are some of the worst in the world (which is why they are selected for their current positions in demoncratic society). The point is not to vote anyone into power, and to subvert their social norms with your own behaviour and ideals - not hark on and on about how bad they are. We already know! Support your local shops, not big supermarkets. Stop hankering after more and more money and subsist on what you can get easily. Respect animals' feelings and habitats. Recreate with pot and not alcohol. Do everything they cannot easily profit from, and anything that is atypical of a good consumer citizen. Speak to strangers and try to cheer them up. Improving others' lives will improve your own. Reappraise your life so that these negative rails against evil become less frequent. Be more positive!
25th January 2012 16:05
For those of you fearing an apocalypse in this year of 2012, then, if you think that the aliens who run this planet, would allow any more nuclear devices to go off in populated areas, then you've got another thing coming. If you believe that other human beings could at all be responsible for the current state of the planet, then you are truly deluded. Most people I know are decent, respectful and kind-hearted, and they are the majority (despite being wholly evil at a level they seem completely unaware of). We are controlled, but not by our governments or any secretive "New World Order". We are psychically bullied into fear-experiencing and fear- mongering lives by aliens that prey on our fear, and who invade our minds using telepathic means. Read Don Juan to get the truth. If you don't believe in telepathy or that aliens exist, that makes their job much easier, and you are helping them with your pig-headedness. Click the picture (probably depicting the way you feel right now!) and discover others who agree with me!

29th November 2011 13:42
Ask a religious person if they believe in magic, wizardry and suchlike - they'll try to get you restrained and treated for madness! Yet, look at their beliefs - a wizened guy in the clouds watching us, and meting out reward and punishment based on "morals" that go against our natural urges! You can easily see why a human who sincerely believes such things as absolute reality, is a very dangerous creature - anti-nature and unreasonably vehement against any objections to their ridiculous, fairy-tale beliefs. We have got to realise that our beliefs are just that; ideas in our heads. None of them can ever be proven to be "real", whatever "real" is supposed to mean.

31st October 2011 14:57
What is the only thing that makes a man construct a device in a factory to blow some innocent stranger's legs off? What is the only thing that makes a man fell a forest, wiping out the innocent life therein? What is the only thing that makes a man cosh a baby seal's head until its brains are out on the ice? The answer, my friends, is MONEY. Money has, for aeons, made humans do all manner of inhuman things to the planet and the species living on it. It's time for an entirely new paradigm. Service-based society. I do you a favour, and you do me one...

28th October 2011 10:51
What these ministers don't understand is that they are trying to police a law that is in effect, unenforceable. Let me put this hypothetical but possible scenario to you all : a fox or bird who has eaten some Mary Jane plant, decides to visit your garden in late April, and defecates the seeds into the back end of your garden. Come late July, new plants are sprouting up and the police raid you for home-grown, because you did not recognise these plants to get rid of them. Here is another scenario, just as possible : you go mushroom picking in horse fields late September, and end up picking some magic mushrooms accidentally, just as a police car is passing the field - you are then arrested! God/Nature does not make mistakes - mankind does in trying to make natural earth products illegal! The law becomes obviously perverse in order to enforce unnatural sentiments.

4th October 2011 12:36
Olaf Stapledon's "Americanised Planet" is exactly where we are all heading today - a fascist, corporation-run, capitalist society under the guise of "democracy". Even China is now succumbing. The American Constitution has been thrown away thanks to the false-flag 9-11 staged event, leaving the US murdering in the name of its ridiculous belief systems (Salon Link 1 and Salon Link 2). Distraction instead of philosophy seems to be the mainstay of the general populace, with reality TV their substitute for real life!

25th August 2011 16:25
It seems that the authorities are frantically trying to eliminate a whole variety of plants from planet Earth. It appears that the authorities seek to remove any plant that would render them no longer the authorities! A quote from the linked article at Cannabis Culture :-
"There's an ongoing worldwide DEA-UN program that hunts down and eliminates every plant that's on the hit list: coca, cannabis, poppies, peyote, ephedra, and many other healing herbs are warred against as if plants are somehow murderers, bombers, rapers, and other human criminals."

11th August 2011 21:35
Stubbing cigarettes out on pigs' faces? Shot at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats) slaughterhouse from Animal Aid.

Human beings are so cruel and nasty. Why? I believe it is exactly like the way disabled people were being treated in that recent Panorama program. Humankind is intrinsically evil at a level that is so deep, it must be endemic to our species. Perhaps we are coerced into an unnatural existence, and unconsciously resent it. We are angry and want to hurt anything, because, ultimately, the cause of the coercion is corporate.

29th July 2011 14:53
Why do we not know the cause of Amy's death yet? Is it because she boozed herself to death, and the alcohol industry don't want a smear on their flagship product? So many reports cite "drug and alcohol" problems! Alcohol is a recreational drug, and because of the psychological and physical harm alcohol does (and causes indirectly), it should have the same stigma attached to it as any other drug. It is a drug so, if you drink, you are taking drugs. Anything else is fooling yourself. EVEN IN MODERATION! As long as you are happy to admit you take drugs, then that's fine. Amy's drug problems included alcohol, but if that is what caused her death, you will hear little about that as a cause. If she had OD'd on smack, it would have been reported immediately and in very loud tones! Hypocrisy! And it's still OK for Kate Moss to coke up and then appear on telly. Jeez!

21st July 2011 12:41
As regards the hacking of Milly Dowler's phone, in order to delete messages, why has nobody asked the obvious question as to why any hacker would want to leave traces of themselves on a phone by deliberately removing messages? Surely, if you were a sordid news reporter, you would read the messages, and leave them intact, so as to leave no trace of your snooping their phone. There is only one possible reason as to why they would want to delete messages off of someone's phone, and that is to remove incriminating evidence. It seems obvious to me that somebody "high up" needed evidence removing from Milly's phone, and that they paid a hack to do it. Her body was found 6 months after she was reported missing - plenty of time for such shenanigans to be put into motion.

What most people fail (abysmally) to address, is why politicians around the world have agreed to outlaw the hemp plant. That obviously tells us politicians are controlled by cut-throat corporations who seem obsessed with global pervasion of oil, cotton and pharmaceuticals (their man-made crap) for profit and power. Politicians' main concern should be that of public health. After all, it is the public who give them their remit to make decisions on their behalf. If they refuse to listen to the public, then, we should go out and plant hemp seeds everywhere. It is legal to buy them in most countries, so we should seed the world with what is a natural and beneficial weed. Let's start doing this now! You won't be breaking any laws, unless accidentally dropping some seeds is suddenly against the law. Come on, let's go to it!

If Robert Green ever suddenly died or disappeared, there would be a revolution in the UK. I, for one, would stop working and spend all my time campaigning, whatever my immediate family said about "responsibilities". Screw responsibilities if they serve to support such horrendous and powerful people.
21st July 2011 12:41
Every time I see people celebrating something on TV using alcohol as their drug of choice, I can't help seeing it as idiots who pay the government their hard-earnt money in order to poison themselves. The same government which forbids them to grow certain plants in their gardens. The same one they vote into power every few years, under the erroneous belief that they are "exercising a choice"! Please hurry up and wake up, people. A plant cannot be made globally illegal, it is that simple.

A person should have the inalienable right to renounce any legislation made for their own benefit.
In the light of the Ian Tomlinson judgement, where the copper was found guilty second time round (in effect). Murdering, scumbag cop. Bin Laden (RIP). It is important to remember in the wake of US "Christian" citizens chanting "USA USA..." at the spilling of Osama's life blood, that there is now definitive proof he had nothing to do with the WTC 9/11 event, and that that incident was done by an energy weapon manufactured by the US military, and which was further deployed on a smaller scale in the 2nd Iraq war.

So, the hoodwinking of the general public is complete. And the OBL story is being used to mask this small breakthrough. Typical!
My predictions for the future :-
  1. A blending of all religion will occur. Institutionalised religions will become a thing of the past. Nobody will be able to forcibly believe that they are right while others are wrong. They can believe they are different though. Equal but different.
  2. The colour of people's skins will become a light brown globally, as humans naturally mix together at a genetic level.
  3. There is no such thing as a "country". It is something made by humans for humans to remain divided over. Animals do not see country boundaries and do not require passports to go from, say, Belgium to France, as they cross a field. Country boundaries will disappear and all life on planet Earth can go anywhere it likes without the need for "documents".
  4. Nationalism (and/or jingoism) will become an antiquated and anachronistic belief system. It currently causes war and false pride (the kind that "comes before a fall"). Consequently, it will fade into obscurity.
  5. One universe, one "brain" - consciousness that pervades all time and space instantly, and transcends all species' evolutionary barriers. This will be the generally-held belief system.

WHAT IS FRIGHTENING IS THAT IT IS COMMON SENSE TO ACCEPT THE WORLD THE WAY IT NATURALLY IS. Yet all these politicians see fit to globally outlaw certain plants and mushrooms. That is clearly mad. That is why it is fruitless arguing with them about it. They must obviously have another agenda as to why they are making certain plants and mushrooms illegal. They make themselves look ridiculous by not explaining this agenda. Yet they continue. Hence their agenda must be in their best interests and not in ours. If their hidden agenda were publicly explained, we would overthrow the governments enforcing these ridiculous rules.
Christianity is yet another method of believing that your crops will grow when Spring returns. Anachronistic nonsense. All "production" religions are the same - equally anachronistic and irrelevant in the face of today's urgent need to understand that we are not the only sentient beings in this universe.
You may be wondering why politicians, globally, are against the legalisation of cannabis. It is because they know their consumer-driven power would be eroded by a more spiritual population that, smoking weed, would realise there is more to life than acquiring the current "in" products. Those products also include alcohol and that is why alcohol is not regarded as a drug in their vocabulary.

To counter their claims, I can only re-iterate what Bill Hicks contended : marijuana was around long before man evolved, it grows everywhere, serves a thousand positive purposes (naturally rubbing the pharmacological, oil and cotton industries up the wrong way), and it is totally ridiculous for an evolved and civilised mankind to cite it as an "illegal plant". WTF is an "illegal plant"? Was Nature wrong to grow it? Does the plant piss off the military and drinks industries, because it promotes universal peace and is a better recreational drug than alcohol? Aaaahh, diddums! You "plot"icians had better get used to it, because a recent poll says 70% of UK people believe we need to reform the current drugs laws to make them more sensible.
In a discussion about slavery, I wrote :-
To address, "... the institution we are discussing, slavery, was legal, accepted, specifically protected by the laws of the land, and common practice ..." and also other comments to the effect that "... slavery has been around a long time ..."

Please stop trying to condone bad human activity, no matter how widely accepted, or how long a time used. We know it's bad, and you know it's bad. All consciousness has something inside that tells when something is right or wrong. If you ignore it, your conscience nags you. Getting someone to do things for you, without you ever doing anything for them, is just plain wrong. Hence, slavery is wrong.

As a species, humans need to wake up to the fact that they are, by virtue of physiology, guardians of this beautiful blue-green orb. They need to stop their "secret" sordid lives, and get on with their purpose - protect and encourage all life on this planet.
Let me sum up Wikileaks for you - "All Governments are lying cocksuckers" (Bill Hicks).

Therefore, do you even need to go there? We all know not to believe anything the government-controlled mass media puts out, and we all know that governments seek to support military/corporations/bankers at the expense of human (and other species) life. This is certainly not news - we've had over a thousand years of it, ever since the first "Lord of the Manor" claimed he "owned" something. Teach your children not to aspire to money or power, and this ancient culture will fade away within a couple of generations!
Nearly all stars are selected from the offspring of influential families with lots of money and power. Or they are in the same secret clan that some movie/TV/record producers are in. Whatever, they aren't taken from the streets on the strength of their natural talents. So, whoever appears on mass media under the guise of "entertainer", was put there because of who they know, not what they're good at. If you're the satanic sex slave of a rich and powerful family, then you've got a Hollywood career if you want it!
From Raquel Welch's indignation at what the contraceptive pill represents :-
Unfortunately, most Western offspring are conceived in the throws of an alcoholic blur, where all senses are dulled. The pill reinforces the denigration that Western governments, the drinks industries and the pharmaceutical industries commonly inflict on their supporters (the Western populations - us!) and we lap it up instead of throwing it all back in their faces. It's time to wake up and stand up for what you personally believe in, not what some media outlet would have you believe for the benefit of corporations worldwide. Choose the companies you do business with, wisely.
From my comment at The Register :-
All media amounts to a stream of 1's and 0's. If I circulate an MP3 file of Shakira's "She Wolf", I can get into trouble with the copyright owners. If I distribute a file of 1's and 0's and an executable that moves these bits around to form a stream identical to the MP3 file, could that be construed as copyright infringement? IMHO, I reckon it's time to let this go - all digital media cannot be copyrighted because it depends on bitwise interpretation. If I XOR all bits with my name, it wouldn't be copyrightable any more. If I then distribute this and tell people to XOR the file with my name, they would end up with a playable MP3 file, yet I haven't broken copyright. How are the big music companies going to deal with that? This DRM wrangling has gone on too long and it is getting ridiculous. A bit torrent is just that, a stream of ones and zeroes, so WTF are we paying for? Bit patterns?
From my comment on a page at the Daily Mail :-
Irrespective of what personal lifestyle Sting chooses to lead, the plight of the Amazon basin is the same - destruction through increased energy requirements of a country that, like most, feels there is no need to curtail the rate of human expansion into this globe, no matter how resource-deficient the planet becomes. As Bill Hicks said, "We are a virus with shoes!".
The government is already a corporate puppet, whichever country you go to. As soon as money got involved, the corruption of God's work had started. People would not club a seal if they weren't paid to do it. The same goes for a worker in a landmine factory. Money makes us go wrong.
Potentiality as Reality
A quantum wave can set up a potentiality (an unperceived reality) which, when perceived (or actualised), collapses the quantum wave so that it can set up no further potentialities. Consciousness can choose whether to actualise the potentiality (ie. collapse it) as it sees fit ("free will"). Human consciousness is chemically conditioned to collapse any potentiality as immediately as possible, leading to a dull, unfulfilled and totally "explained" or "encapsulated by ideology" existence, known as human normality. For a minority (those served best by God's organic chemicals, rather than artificial ones), actualisation is a last resort, usually occurring when an instinctive reaction necessitates environmental perception (or actualisation) to occur.
The film 2012 and most people's attitude to an impending disaster is a complete joke. I'll tell you what is going to actually happen in 2012 - global enlightenment, where we realise that we are on one life-supporting ball of rock in space amongst thousands of millions of others, and that it is egotistical of us to pretend we are the only sentient life-forms in God's creation, the universe. This "revealing" may occur in London at the 2012 Olympics, or some other global media platform. The Mayan calendar prophecy was that a cycle of existence would come to an end on 21/12/2012, not that some disaster would wipe out large sections of life on this planet. The cycle that will end, will be the money-based society that makes people do awful things against nature and each other. Nobody would go seal-clubbing, join an army and shoot strangers, or chop down trees for fun.

In addition, to believe that we could have any impact on the space-time continuum that contains us, is a complete myth. That is why God made it so that even if we vaporised the entire solar system, it would have no effect whatsoever on any other sentient life-form carrying solar systems. That kind of puts paid to the crazy "global warming, environmental" lobby who want to raise money from fear-mongering. With money taking a firm back-seat in motivating human actions, we could concentrate our efforts on making a society where food, water, shelter and clothing were all free to any human born on planet Earth. The more you do for the community, the greater you would be rewarded by other people's services. Some would choose to build, and some to cook and whatever else. Jobs would vary over lifetimes, as to each individual's tastes. Sure, there'd be free-loaders, but only a small number, since they would be a drain on any community.
There is a now a growing groundswell of people who realise that any society based on money will cause war and poverty. We also realise that any society based on community contribution and merit, and which preserves the natural rights of life (food, water, shelter, entertainment and love are all free), will usually be devoid of poverty and war. Those in power (not necessarily your political representatives or leaders of state) are keen to preserve their ill-gotten status and consequently, bandy jingoism and problems that can only be solved by war and death, so as to keep an arms industry that nobody desires for their future descendants, flourishing, while the bloody-handed bastards derive massive profit and hence keep their position of power. To break this, we must refuse point blank to vote for their representatives and we must refuse point blank to fight for their imagined causes.
You cannot rely on politicians to run your life fairly for you. They are specially selected so as to be corrupt selfish satanists. If you think any of these "investigations" is going to change a system that has been in place and investigated for hundreds of years, then you are woefully deluded. It is time to stop voting these evil swine into power. Politics is just a bunch of tricks, and it will never solve the perpetual human/society dilemma. I am fed up of hearing the same old argument that the system isn't perfect but it's the only one we've got. The system has been run through male genetic imperative for generations and it stinks of myopia and brutality.

It now seems that Directed Energy Weaponry was used to bring down the 911 towers, as this is about the only thing that can explain the masses of evidence at the scene. False flag activities are the norm for any "democratic" government. It has been this way for decades and there is only one way to change it - stop voting completely now. All politicians in the Western world are vetted by groups like Bildeberg to see if they "fit the bill" in terms of bribability, desire for possessions and sexual promiscuity. Good men who make it into power are always murdered by the corporate spectres that haunt every democracy. Any threat is summarily dealt with and this should teach you that democracy is a front for terrorism as performed by the ruling parties. God bless Dr. Judy Wood for actually stating what is transparently obvious - 911 was a prototype testing area!
For my spirit to wake into this glorious universe and me to perceive the kindness and beauty that has gone into every atom, every quark and subquark, truly enthrals me, and affirms my belief of a loving, creating, consciousness-making force that underpins the entire space-time continuum.
So, ask yourself this. When was the last time you showed some truly spontaneous affection, and I mean showed it, not just felt it? For the majority of humans on planet Earth, it's probably been far too long.
So, what's wrong with cosmological awareness? It's the same with New Year celebrations. Every time the planet is in a certain position in its orbit around the sun, one species on its surface goes crazy with imbibement of poisons and over-eating and stuff. Jeez! This species is idiotic with regards to its "traditional" forms of entertainment. An awareness of mankind's place in the universe would be very welcome now it's the 21st century. Perhaps even an awareness of us on a globe where there is always some part in daytime and another in night. But, no, we don't even have that yet.... Just our own selfish local concerns, as if our own notion of community, village, city or country is a true reflection of the planet at large. We are pathetic, especially if we regard ourselves as the most evolved species on the planet.
All speech amounts to vibration of air molecules and their indoctrinated interpretation to cause emotional reactions. When you see it this way, there is nothing that cannot be said! However, as I noted earlier, most refuse to see it this way, and consequently indoctrinated emotional reactions appear all over the internet! Oh well, at least my kids know what I mean!

The same thing goes for depiction, whether moving images or still. Patterns of ink on a page (pictures and text) and pixellation changes (videos), all require an indoctrinated (by this society) set of ideas in order to generate offence.

Even detection of intention has been watered down by society, and yet this is really important to an animal's survival. Society dictates that, unless overt offence can be proven, then you can be as covertly offensive as you like. That is wrong because both should be treated equally, and I prefer the "whatever you like" rule, as long as nobody gets hurt (other than through indoctrinated affectations).

Remove the indoctrination and there is no offence taken! Try it.
It seems an irretractable trend for humans to continue population expansion at the expense of global resources. It is all disguised by "the need to make money", but really, if the sheer numbers of humans ready to consume the goods didn't exist, then there'd be no market for the product and hence, they wouldn't build the manufacturing facilities that pollute and use our earthly resources. Slim down the population and these business developers will go away. Oh, sorry, I forgot that humans have no control over their primitive urges, especially when inebriated, so they'll continue spawning like nympho bunnies. Short-term thrills with ensuing upset, rather than long-term foresight, caring and love. Please, carry on, by all means (especially those means which denude the planet of its life forces, like deforestation, because a billion people need paper packaging).
Humans are not clean-spirited, and are tainted by violent urges to protect their DNA patterns. This has enabled survival for most species on this planet for a very long time, and going to "pure and clear" consciousness from where we hark, is going to take a very long time. Some will reach spiritual heights before others, and they often find that they must be more restrained and patient than the "average Joe" is willing to be.
There is no such thing as "Easter" in the bible. It seems to be a pagan addendum! And yet, it is regarded as a Christian institution with a deep meaning of resurrection embedded.

The bible you have in your hand has been doctored by religious and political leaders from Roman times onwards, for financial and power gain.

My own rationale is that the 10 commandments are a good framework for guiding large populations of humans on how to live peacefully and fruitfully together. That's all. Any "gospel" which preaches that harm will befall non-believers, is definitely not gospel, IMO.
From the proliferation of child abuse ending in murder that is turning up in the public eye here in the UK, and the unwillingness for anyone anywhere to take the blame, why has the finger not been pointed at the parents/murderers? Why are they allowed to roam the streets looking for more partners to produce more victims by? Perhaps neutering is too good for them. Perhaps life imprisonment is too good for them.

On a related subject, the more children you have (irrespective of how many fathers produce them), the more child benefit you get in the UK. Surely, a better way would be to cap the number of children for which you can receive benefit at 3 maximum. Any more and you have to pay for them yourself. I say this because it seems that the world's problems are being brought about by the proliferation of this rat-like species called humans. Curbing human over-population may do everyone and everything some good on this planet.

There seems to be a global myth that having a large family earns you respect in human societies. Utter nonsense - look at how large populations struggle in poverty, and they all think that having more children (slaves) will help alleviate the poor conditions that poverty inflicts on them. Surely, less mouths to feed means less starvation, less propensity to disease and more resources for all.
I find intolerance towards alternate theories as to what happened on 9-11 actually offensive. There are plenty of people who think that Dr Judy Wood, for example, may be onto something here, with pictures showing round holes in windows and other phenomena which completely defy traditional physics explanations, but come good under DEW and molecular dissociation techniques that tie in with observed Hutchison effects. Despite entertaining these theories, I do not ram them down anyone's throat. However, the controlled demolition agenda is being forcibly held forward as the only way to protest the 9-11 fiasco, with anyone else being called a twit. I object to this and I feel 9-11 investigators should be allowed to accommodate a more varied range of possible explanations that fit with the observations made on 9-11. WTC steel columns vaporising in mid-air :-

Schoolboy mentality - somebody will punish you if you do wrong. Hell was invented to keep adults under the thumbs of self-elected, genetically-privileged law-makers. I am fed up of seeing adults behaving as if they were naughty schoolboys, dreading the invisible, patrolling "headmaster" finding out about what they have done. Jeez - grow up all of you, and be unashamed of who you are!
So, you've only just realised that democracy is a sham, and if a good guy/girl ever gets into a ruling position, he/she is murdered off quickly, before any profit-killing enactments are passed into law. I think this all stems from the fact that power has always, and will continue to always, pass from one member of a controlling family to another, even, according to, 9th cousins (Bush to Obama). And that family will have its roots deeply set into mediaeval Europe where greed and brutality formed the basis for rule. Research by the New England Historic Genealogical Society finds that 33 of the 42 US presidents up to Bill Clinton are related to Charlemagne, and 19 are related to England's Edward the 3rd. Dick Cheney is George Bush's cousin. So, not much has changed really. Democracy!?! You have got to be demon-crazy!
Unmedicated rant
A microchip-controlled world where most inhabitants have been wiped out by the "aliens" nuking all major cities of the world, while our leaders and their families hide in their underground "military" bases. Those remaining will be subservient to the new world order, with subversives and microchip-implant shunners rounded up into concentration camps. All this by 2012. Good luck homo sapiens - perhaps you weren't so "wise"!
Medication received
We all have a rosy future in store!
CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
One insider to the Federal tax office said that it was endemic in the States for constant complaints of budget deficits, when the reality was that money was tied up in investments feeding the rich and powerful. It is laid out in black and white in the CAFR which has, by law, to detail these investments and their annual returns. It seems those chosen to represent American states are very rich indeed and possess millions of dollars in investments made from the budgets allocated to each state for its upkeep. They then complain of deficits and how citizens will have to "tighten their belts"!
Alcohol is a terrible drug. It causes the most social unrest and problems. It causes accidents, family break-ups, emotional distress and a host of other related problems. Nobody wants to admit this - they keep harping on about "moderation" and "those who drink too much deserve what they get" arguments. If marijuana is illegal globally, then why isn't alcohol? Governments around the world seem to have an agenda to keep us inert and stupid with such man-made substances, rather than alive and enlightened by God's recreational substances (weed and mushies).

And yet, alcohol is still not regarded as a drug. Pubs are not regarded as drug dens. TV openly portrays alcohol drug usage as if it were totally normal, but someone smoking a joint of weed as if it was zany or barmy! And the same old message is blazoned across mass media globally that "Any other substance taken for recreational use should be banned", despite medical evidence. Total toss! Alcohol - just say "No!" - where's that campaign? I've got nothing against recreational substance usage, just let's be fair and allow all substances. Let's stop being blinkered by out-of-touch governments around the world. We should have a choice!
Am I the only one who sees nothing but hypocrisy coming from the mouths of opinionated boozers? The other day, I heard someone state that drugs like speed and coke and marijuana are terrible because the person is out of control and dangerous. Surely alcohol is exactly the same. And if you are thinking "but we only take a little imbibement, and don't get out of control", well so does a hippy smoking weed, and he is less likely to be dangerous when he's really stoned, but you are more likely to be a hazard if you're really pissed.

Next time you go for a social drink, think "I'm going to purchase, and then administer recreational drugs - I am a druggy!" because you really, really are! I don't care what the mass media labels these things as, they are recreational drugs, so let's not go round saying "drink and drugs", just say "drugs".

P.S. I have nothing against recreational drugs - I just don't use them currently. I just want people to openly admit that booze is a drug, just like the other drugs. It is also addictive, like some of the others. Are you all out of your minds?!? ;-)
The bible is a collection of doctored stories for your moral character to chew on. The trouble is that they have been changed in such a way as to render Rome (or whatever) in complete control. "Be good now, and after you die, you will be rewarded." OMG! What fool would believe such tripe? Live for now and enjoy the time your biochemical make-up allows you.
The stubborn resistance to insurmountable evidence that 911 was an inside job (ACE elevator company were in WTC's for 9 months beforehand!) is due to people not wanting to let go of their beliefs in a benign government and their cushy existence in "normal society". Such people would rather cling to their routines and let others die while they continue their luxury lives, and that, to me, is plain evil behaviour. Try telling these "normal" people that they are immoral and watch their responses!
We are the imagination of ourselves, so start thinking more interesting, challenging and beautiful things, so we can all improve. If you go around believing lunacy like there is a devil and there is a heaven and all that rubbish, you'll attract a reality that is full of conflict instead of harmony.
What is quite incredible, is that not only did Bush get in once, but he managed a second term after being caught out about WMD misrepresentations. Exactly the same happened over the Atlantic in the UK, with Tony Blair. Coincidence? It smacks of either mass stupidity of both US and UK populations (which is a possibility, but over a million UK citizens turned out to demonstrate against the Iraq war, so it is perhaps not so "mass"!), or fixing of results of supposedly "democratic" elections. When election fixing becomes the norm for the most advanced democratic cultures in the world, you know we live in a fascist superstate.

Technology (especially in the media) is now helping out with the hoodwinking of the masses to see a reality that is simply not there. 9-11 is a case in point, but the practice has been used over the past couple of hundred years. The first step towards helping the veneer of democracy to fade, would be to refute all mass media communications as potential lies that are only bandied about to further tighten emotional control over citizens who believe them to be true. Stop buying newspapers and believing news reports on TV. The second step would be to no longer participate in procedures deemed to prop up the current structure of control and deceit. Stop voting. Stop paying taxes to a government which spends our money on inventing new ways of harming, maiming and killing other creatures on this planet.

I don't know whether you have heard of NESARA - surely by its ruling, US citizens no longer have to pay income tax. People who are locked up for their failure to pay their dues to the IRS, are being imprisoned illegally. That is another sign of the fascist superstate, not a true democracy.

Finally, Fela Kuti said it beautifully in "Teacher" - we live in demoncrazies. The evil rulers, whose roots go back ancestrally to the brutal kings and queens of medieval Europe, and who are naturally predisposed to truculence and short-sightedness, like their forebears, are now going crazy, as technology gives them more power, and that power is now going to their heads. They are at breaking point as far as us enlightened people perceive them. Their craziness is kept covert by the application of suitable media output, which is swallowed up as the truth by the masses, and by the suppression of scientific methods that could free modern man from the burden of work. Modern approved scientific research usually centres around the warped notions of genetic engineering, nanobotic bodily invasion, and anything else that attempts to prevent mankind from being his/her natural self.
It is human nature to sexually "wander", partner-wise. However, those of us sufficiently enlightened, know that the emotional hurt caused by straying, far outweighs the brief and fast- fading thrill of an illicit encounter. So, why do intelligent, sensitive people still behave as if they have no control over their genital desires? Why do they still allow primitive urges to overwhelm their responsibilities? Surely, they'd be better off having a quick wank to appease their burgeoning passion, than sleeping with a stranger and risking emotional turmoil and relationship breakdown. I believe the popular media outlets are to blame for this promiscuous orgy of secret unfulfilling affairs, which allows for such spy software to make money. Modern TV, magazines and newspapers all put out the same mixed moral message - that promiscuity, despite being bad, is rife and unavoidable. Media moguls are irresponsible and their only concern is profit, not the emotional or spiritual well-being of the intended target audience.
A revelation is sweeping planet "human" at the moment, and it is polarizing humanity into 2 camps, nasty and nice. The majority regard themselves as simple, tax-paying folk (me and you included) who are doing nothing wrong. They think they are "nice". However, they are "nasty" in that evil people take their taxes and spend it on building instruments and weapons that serve only one purpose - to hurt, maim and kill living creatures. Since when is "attack" a form of "defence"? Ignorance may be bliss, but it serves the devil very well indeed. If you don't use it (your brain) then some evil twit will come along and use it for you. What gets me is that we could invest in true defence, where whatever we invented would cause no harm to the attacker, but actually and effectively stops the attack. Like a force-field or something. But no way, we'll never see our money invested in such a gallant way... Jeez! And the ignorant keep voting in the evil fools who are the corporate puppets, enabling the harm that befalls mankind needlessly and daily, the scallywags! One day, some of my ideas may come to fruition, but I'm starting to wonder whether it'll ever be on this planet!
I just cannot see how a religion like Islam can instil cultures where, when a woman gets raped, it's always her fault! They're all idiots, and in the case of Pakistan, nuclear-armed idiots.
6th May 2008 15:09
On Albert Hoffman's recent death at the age of 102 :-

LSD proved that a slight (micrograms) alteration of the brain's chemistry, can yield phenomenally changed perception of the universe we are part of, to the extent that all opinion structures are dissolved. The government spends a fortune instilling certain opinions in the brains of its citizens, and that is why they abhor LSD so much - it twonks their efforts to condition a good consumer.

Consequently, there is now a minority subset of humanity who realise the charade most other people live seriously. Quantum mechanics just reinforces the fact the we humans have no idea what is going on, and that what is in our heads is reflected in the reality we end up perceiving.

Like a dog chasing its own tail, common man will be going round in circles, pursuing whatever agenda has been set by those evil wrong-doers in charge of the planet.

Take LSD a few times, and all this becomes transparently clear, much to the embarrassment of those "controllers". Life is a journey, enjoy the ride! Your opinions are not important and have no effect on the reality of shared existence on a planet bursting with gentle, loving life forms.
The vacant masses seem unconsciously intent on controlling everyone into a scientifically provable subset of possible existences. I'd rather have the freedom of mind instilled by free experiences, than the closeted and secretive guilt of a possession-centric lifestyle. It is simple - the Western world set store by materialism, and the poorer countries, although aspiring to this false luxury (it looks attractive, but it does not satisfy), are forced to accept the spiritual but raw edge of keeping alive. The universe's joke is that these poor people lead more fulfilling lives than the ones who have a secure and comfortable time eking out their lives in the richer countries. Too much security and ergonomic ease are a problem, not "luxury". Society as it stands, tries so hard to convince everyone (religion and education) that "new speak" is right. Arming the world makes it a safer place to live in! Dangerous drugs that are addictive and do nothing for you spiritually are the only legal recreational drugs globally! Terrorists are so great a threat, they warrant all of our fear, attention and sacrifice of freedoms!

Anyone who believes in the religious stories literally, or acts on these phoney beliefs as if they were true, is a dangerous idiot, or a sinister, control freak with no regard for life. See this Zeitgeist clip for the truth about nearly all religions. Our saviour is just the Sun. It is so obvious.
We all know abortion is about an approved form of murder. Other forms involve the breeding and slaughtering of what we call meat. Either you are consciously aware of the murder you are committing, or your conscience will prick you forever. If a woman gets pregnant by accident, there is no way she can condone murder to excuse the cheap 5-minute thrill that she was seeking, and the responsibility she is now trying to avoid. Most abortions are done because of this reason, and that is inexcusable.
Irrespective of who you vote for in the States, we all know it's Hilary Clinton who is the "blood-line related" candidate, and hence the only one who will win the presidency. Democracy - huh! Yanks, please, prove me wrong next year, please, please, pretty please!

It's always the "blood-line related" candidate who wins. It is always so obvious. The party line (Rep. Dem. or even Ind.) varies but the blood-line always gets in.

The latest in this nepotism is James Murdoch now inheriting his father's media empire. Jeez! Will it never stop, this anachronistic practice of handing down wealth and power through your family lines! When are the worthy going to get their dues?
Inspired by the article at the Telegraph :-
It begs the question, "Why do the parents come to live in a country whose majority religion is Christianity, when they cannot abide Christians?". They must be mad!
I strongly advise you see the film Zeitgeist because you would then realise that all these idiotic religions are based on the sun rising and setting, as the seasons go by. Jesus=Sun, God=Universe, we=bunch of baldy apes insignificantly strutting round on a ball of rock in space. Have a look - any reasonably intelligent ape would get it - resurrection is when we come out of winter into spring etcetera...

Modern day religion is all about delusion that Jesus (or Allah or Horus or Joseph or whatever...) was a person, rather than the Sun. Keeping people stupid this long has made "common man" the laughing stock of those in the know (and in power).
There has been a conspiracy for many hundreds of years, to allow a few rich, powerful men, control and subjugation over the entire planet. It is now coming to fruition, and we see unfolding in front of us a fascist global superstate, the technological might of which we can do nothing about, unless we immediately wrest control from those few men before it is too late. To cause the unrest required to make us fear enough to demand extra technological "security", the West has been making deals with these backward countries for a while now, where they pay these people to cause civil unrest in the secure West. Dig deep and you will find the truth...
The corporations target their merchandise specifically at our senses (hearing, sight, sensation, taste and smell) rather than at human beings with God-given morality and spirituality. In that way, they are trying to engineer us as simply experiential creatures with no insight or spirituality. That way, we make good customers. Having a wider perspective as to our lot as the rather over-populous homo sapiens species on planet earth, is certainly not part of their agenda. If they could manufacture consumers, instead of having humans born, they would - but then again, we have genetic engineering just around the corner, so perhaps they don't have to wait too long before their dreams come true!
As Bill Hicks states quite overtly, "America is just a third world country - dog patch". You have crap food, crap healthcare, crap transport, and crap entertainment. The fact that you survive on this crap, and completely believe the hype on mass media that it is not crap, just shows how stupid you are. And exactly the same is becoming true of other countries in Europe now. As the rest of the world swallows up the tripe exported by the USA, we are all becoming third world hoodwinked. A global dictatorship is afoot whereby we all have a shallow common denominator called the food we eat and the entertainment we "enjoy", dictated to us by people with far more money than sense or morals. This food and brain input keeps us dumbed down so we cannot muster a fitting rebellion. Let's all just die in peace now, while our keepers hide in their costly underground bases, and we die on the surface from poisons as yet unknown.
The 9-11 chain reaction is starting. You won't be able to move for being watched. OK, let's dissect the "if you've got nothing to hide, then why complain?" lobby. Everything you do will be filmed, logged and reported. No matter where you go or what you do, you will be under constant surveillance. If your face exhibits the wrong emotions at the wrong time, you can be suspected of "subversiveness" by some busy-body surveillance employee with not enough to do. If you think that this is not important, then consider why I could not get a job after leaving university - not me, but my sister was in the CND demonstrating at Greenham Common. Consequently, I found that all of my immediate family had been registered as "trouble makers" in the government's little black book. And to give some perspective on the problem, during Thatcher's years, a singer/guitarist who used to play anti-government songs in the pubs and clubs in Northern England, was also registered as "TM" in this book. A program on Granada TV exposed it as the heralding of a "1984 era".

If anyone can be fitted up, then everyone will have to behave like robots, in order to fully benefit from the surveillance society.
Marriage is good - very good! (From first-hand experience)

Unlike most indoctrinated fools who call themselves people, I feel that man is monogamous, and that one partner for life is the right solution for everyone concerned, especially the children that may be produced by such unions. Modern Western society conditions its inhabitants to be totally sexually obsessed, not with sex to procreate, but with sex for fun and thrills with no children produced. This makes for a very shallow social worth instilled into everyone, since this "childless sex" is the pinnacle of their experience, despite contraceptive techniques either numbing the natural sensation, or interfering with hormones so that it is not the same emotionally.

To get the most out of life, you have to go with its natural energy flows, and those tend to produce more life. Add to that the fact that children feel threatened by their natural parents when those parents choose other partners, and tend to grow up emotionally or psychologically disturbed with step-parents, marriage is the vow that you want to produce and raise a good and balanced family with this person, and that means a very long-term relationship. More at Real Clear Religion.
Girl is too sexy for the bus!
Jeez! What is happening to this world? Aliens must be cacking their pants in hysterics! It's a good job they're all housed in DUMBs (deep underground military bases), or we'd be wondering where the insane laughter was coming from. Check out 2 miles under Denver airport and Groom Lake for more information. The interconnecting tunnels can take personnel from LA to New York at mach 3! Check out Phil Schneider. Bring on those black helicopters with coatings made from element number 140! ;-)
Whenever a company is concerned predominantly with profits for its shareholders, their products tend to suffer in the QA department. How half the hardware in the world gets onto shop shelves is a complete mystery to me. Nowadays, we are seeing an increase in faulty, even dangerous, equipment being supplied to an unsuspecting public. Even when the first baby dies from its deployment in the home, we will still not see a change in manufacturers' attitudes. Money and greed are ruining the entire planet.
The UK's smoking ban comes into force today (1st July 2007), but they still murder water-powered car inventors, so we all have to breathe in car exhausts. The world becomes more ridiculous everyday! In Singapore, you cannot even smoke in the streets, but kids still get asthma from the traffic.
If the pinnacle of existence is the archetypal Western civilisation lifestyle (consumerism rather than creativity and spiritual freedom), and third world aspirations are set on the emulation of such lifestyles, the vermin of humanity will stagnate in morbid over-population and natural resource overuse at the expense of all life on this planet. And, no, humans will not be able to genetically engineer their way out of this one.
Since we humans do not have the most intelligent brains on the planet (whales and dolphins have that privilege), we must assume our purpose involves something to do with our physically superior status, in terms of handling the environment called Earth. If so, then why do we see fit to spread our concrete cancers all over the planet, breeding like rats, at the expense of all other species here? All other mammalian and marsupial species are as sensitive and sentient as we are - they feel the same gamut of emotions as us, and the same heartaches when their young and habitats are killed off. Why is it most humans do not believe this is true? Our human-centric culture is killing off the rest of the planet. If one extrapolates the current human course, we can see that we will end up in a concrete, steel and glass world where other species are few and far between, the majority being in zoos or cages.
The agenda seems to be to ram just Islam so far down the back of Westerners throats, a backlash will eventually come. However, the transparency with which they are doing this, means that only a few racist loonies will fall for it. In the UK, they even built toilets in a prison block so that they faced Mecca.

My own take is that all institutionalised religions are anachronistic and irrelevant to the modern world we live in. People have ridiculous beliefs that sound like fairy tales at times, rather than belief systems that make good frameworks for living realistically and fairly. I, for one, am not taken in. I hope [and pray ;-)] that there are many out there who feel the same way as me.
As for entertainment, what I can't understand is why are we constantly served up a concoction of murderers who are proclaimed heroes because of who they kill. Jeez! Even in Disney films.
In a recent raid in a Rastafarian church here in the UK, police found maryjane (what a surprise!). But they never stalk pubs for drink-drivers at closing time!

Drug attitudes have changed from reasonably mature, to the current mad stigmatisation, but alcohol is not a drug, according to its modern media image. There are "Say No" campaigns for everything but booze. Just the occasional "Drink Aware" or "Use Moderation" messages in small print at the end of adverts for the drug. And they always say "... high on drink and drugs ..." as if to separate them.

Here is a simple question. What alcoholics have ever achieved great things in their lifetimes? Robbie Burns, Dylan Thomas and others were sots who could write about depression. Oliver Reed was a poor actor. Burnt out rock musicians usually frazzle out on smack and/or booze. How many rock musicians got tripped out or stoned, and produced some amazing tunes that are still played today as classics? Loads. I rest my case. We are being dumbed down with booze. Repeal all drug laws now.

By the way, have you noticed how natural drugs like maryjane and mushies are non-addictive and aid creativity, whereas man-made drugs seem to promote death and destruction. Now, there's a hint!
There are 3 types of people in this world :-

  1. Lions - know what's good and know what's bad. They steer clear of bad, and glow with inner meaning and light. Dragons are fixated by lions.
  2. Dragons - know what's good and know what's bad. They steer clear of good, and derive pleasure from abusing others who let them. They like power and have built the society we all live in.
  3. Sheep - don't know a fig and always get pushed around by lions and dragons.

All our major political figures, regardless of political party allegiance, are vetted at Bilderberger conferences by big business leaders. After such "private" events (usually held in 5 star hotels with golf courses), the corporate bigwigs turn the cogs necessary to make sure their business interests are politically protected. It's time for all this to stop. I am fed up of paying some evil bastards tax money, so that they can continue to hang nuclear arsenals above our grandchildren's heads, because some corporate bigwig wants to make some money out of human death.

(Pill taken) Isn't life grand? I mean, we've all got food, clothes and a place to live, (pill wearing off) despite that only being because we have enslaved ourselves to a corporate dictator which owns the world. Anywhere you live today, you have to pay to exist (another pill taken), and I think that's right, because how else is society supposed to hang together. It's a bad system, yet nobody's thought of a better one (pill wearing off again), but that's no excuse for not using our due intelligence to overthrow the ridiculous modern-day slave/dictator society, and replace it with a smaller community patchwork quilt of the world, using our naturally peaceful, intelligent and family-based approach to survival. It's better than having survival given to you on a plate, with the strings attached of working for an invisible master, and then you spending you whole life complaining about aspects of it.

Fuck their pills, let's not vote at general or local elections, nationally. That'll deliver our message of dissatisfaction - we don't want any of them.
Anachronism is causing human schism in the modern world - again! We all need to abandon traditions and customs, and start to live an ideologically dynamic lifestyle, where your beliefs from birth to death, are in constant flux. I don't like being told what I can and cannot draw, because of some ancient law in some ancient book somewhere. Grow up! We are the only species which enforces stupid laws on our kids early on in their lives. The 7-day week, 3 meals a day, competitiveness instead of compassion, and religion of any traditional form, are all anachronisms, IMO.
It is quite possible that, due to the interconnectedness of the universe, and the presence of highly conscious whales and dolphins on this planet for the past 40 million years, their songs brought about the changes in our ancestors' DNA to create us - humans only a quarter of a million years ago!
Have you noticed how most dictatorship-compliant people constantly spiritually refer to a "hole"? Has it anything to do with the liquids they consume the most willingly: petrOL and alcoHOL?
Most people have the opinion that because "people are intrinsically evil" and "money rules the world", there is nothing you can do about the status quo of humans over-populating the planet and wiping out most other life here, probably to the point where we wipe ourselves out too. Since nearly everyone only does things for society if they are paid to do so, and then only begrudgingly and poorly, the world never improves and the same old problems persist. The solution is so easy, it is not surprising that it will never see the light of day. Simply be nice, and do things because they improve the future for life on this planet, without needing remuneration. Do it because it feels good, not because you get paid to.
Some twatty "leaders" decide to push human emotion to a divisive racism through the mass media, and then pushes its agenda of Middle East destabilisation to the point of antagonism and war. They are few and we are many. Their opinions no longer count in my life. They are unimportant and my family and friends are. They do not receive my vote of approval, and I don't want them to have any say in my life ever again. It is that simple, and if everyone thought that way, we couldn't be led up the garden path so easily. Change minds!

If everyone changes their mind and realises how they are being shafted everyday of their lives, they would not stand for another govt. lie. Look at recent events in Hungary! If everyone thought differently, there would not be a war, because nobody would go round killing strangers because of (usually indoctrinated and based on traditions) idiotic schemes in their heads. If everyone had independence of thought and a modicum of active imagination, then dangerous mass opinion and emotion would be things of the past. Whenever I see massive groups of people all looking for someone to show them the way, I cringe.

First, you have to change your notion of what "reality" is. It is not the scientific atom collection that we are taught at school, like we are not merely bags of chemicals. Something about the nature of the space-time continuum upon which this universe is constructed, causes life to form within it. This is not random chance (as scientists and nihilists would like you to believe - despairing humans are easier to control), but a by-product of the physical laws of the universe. Not the laws in a brain somewhere, but laws that make the universe the mysterious and wondrous place it truly is. Laws we can never describe because, like a dog chasing its own tail, our brains are products of these laws, and can never encompass them as a result.

If enough people change their minds about what they expect for their great grandchildren, and wake up to the fact that military spend is too much of a proportion of our taxes, then things will change for the better. But the people themselves must change.

Change the mindset of humans, and humans will have a different society. We need a mental revolution, not a physical one.

You see, if it were a common mental attitude, that technology is not to be used to produce things that would hurt or maim or kill, but only to enhance and benefit, then they wouldn't go and work in a weapons factory to produce the landmines that will blow their great grandchildren's legs off. Not even at gunpoint. Not even if they were starving to death and this was the only way to get food. That's the way it should be. People would rather die than kill. That's where we need to get to, but that means a huge blow to most people's egos. I've had mine and I'm better for it. If our govt. asked me to join the army, I wouldn't. If they threatened me with death otherwise, I'd go to my death (but with an almighty struggle - mark my words). But I will not pick up a gun and shoot someone I don't know because some fat-arsed banker needs the dough, or some Satanic-ritual-attending politician says that it is the right thing to do.

If everyone entertained these attitudes, we would get an army filled with mindless zombies who like being told what to do their whole lives, and have no morals or ethics. Oh, we already have that ....
There are many ideas as to how our taxpayers money should have been spent in the past, and "defence" in the form of an arsenal of deadly weapons, is not my idea of "good spending". Manufacturing weapons using taxpayers' money, and making profit from them by selling them abroad to nefarious dictatorships like Iraq, is a sin.
Society is really stupid. That is obvious from things like :-

  1. The planet is full of Cannabis but humans frantically try to spray chemicals to prevent its growth, stigmatise its recreational use, and devise "laws" that threaten users with punishment. Did God make a mistake when the botanical list for Earth was drawn up? No. So, it is humans who are wrong. I have already argued that if the plant is so dangerous as to be made illegal globally (and some countries are very strict about this), then why aren't more dangerous plants like Deadly Nightshade illegal too? You can easily prove that Deadly Nightshade is harmful to man, but it is not so easy to prove that Cannabis is. And this global ban is so recent. What is going on here?
  2. God made us in the form we are, so why is nudity such an affront to people's sensibilities globally? Apart from sexual obsession to the point of insanity, human nudity should be considered in exactly the same light as animal nudity - totally natural. Choose any country and work out what would happen to you if you walked naked in a busy area. UK - arrest for indecent exposure, unless it's a streak, but you'll still be "restrained". US - Death Row immediately under the Patriot Act with no trial.
These 2 examples show "crimes" with no victim apart from the poor, conditioned wretch who cannot think for himself, and thinks instead in clich‚s, learnt from a mass media source. There is no evidence that either cause harm. In the "nudity" case, only sexual obsession (see a naked body implies sexual titillation, when it really implies nothing at all) can cause the offence/distraction/accident or whatever that may befall someone from seeing someone else in the nude. In the "pot" case, despite tobacco having a much worse and provable health risk, they still allow cigs globally, and there is no penalty for smoking them apart from the harm done to yourself. Why is it not the same for good old Mary Jane?

Answering these questions for yourself (mass media will not do so, ever) will open many doors and cause a lot of speculation on your behalf. Sensible imagination is the best guide. My own conclusions (unfounded with concrete evidence) point to a global "mash up human consciousness" conspiracy. Keeping us pliant and inert, means we are easy to control.

When you get stoned, you go beyond these bounds spiritually, and you quite often see what's wrong with society, and ways of improving it. This is not "allowed" and hence the global ban.

Being naked does not imply that you want sex, so why do the majority of conditioned morons always jump to the same conclusion? Why is it constantly shown as "normal" to start pointless attempts at covering yourself with your hands, if you find yourself naked in a social context? By keeping nudity illegal, they maintain the obsession with the human body, that blinds us to the truth about us - hairless peaceful apes. Sex may be a pleasant recreational activity, but its main function is procreation, so why all the conditioned obsession with it? To keep people distracted and distractible.

Malleable sheeple will not shake off these evil profiteers from controlling our lives for their benefit. We need people who are willing to stand up for their rights as intelligent apes on a ball of rock in space. We currently have tedious, repetitive wimps.
These "power puppets" seem so mighty and unassailable that we are doomed to experience their form of "justice" whatever we do, and however we vote.

What I am proposing is much simpler :-

1) Do not vote 2) Brew your own beer 3) Avoid using petrol 4) Only smoke marijuana 5) Live in small, self-sufficient communes

Without any money, these "power puppets" will not be able to pay police and military persons to hassle you. They will also not be able to form a government (no mandate) and so a "fairer" coalition will have to be invoked, while the last vestiges of "demoncrazy" are phased out. It is that simple.
If we could somehow marry up the wonderful civilisation perspective the ancients used to have, and our modern technology, we could be onto a really pleasant place to be born into, if you're any creature, not just humans.

We've been mollycoddled for so long, we fear losing the comforts to which we've become accustomed. This state of fear becomes pervasive, especially in Western civilisations. A kind of friendly paranoia, rather than friendliness. Belligerence and luxury have cost us dearly. We are sorry for our forebears.
Where do you get the idea that we should remain forever so "industrial", needing all this non-replaceable energy all the while? Society undoubtedly has to change.
I am beginning to notice how the people who are the most insistent on sanity or normality, are precisely the ones who look the most mad!
We have to convince a massive amount of people that the towers were demolished by pre-planted explosives. That seems as difficult a task as convincing people that what they see on TV is not always fact - the majority of human beings on this planet are illiterate, innumerate slobs with no regard for "truth" at all. They expect society to give them a life, and expect their "truth" to be delivered through the mass media.
The truth is that humans are very special conscious life forms, and we have powers that transcend science. However, the "controllers" do not want plebs to realise this. So, they condition us with false religion (in early times), and false science (modern times). It should be obvious that, as soon as we opened the atom, and found nothing "solid" therein coupled with observation changing the observed at this level, that everything is an illusion created by consciousness. Time to wake up and believe what you like, not what is commonly accepted, I think! As long as your beliefs do not harm or inconvenience anyone else, you can believe what you like.
People are so used to swallowing lies, they even excuse politicians' life-taking indiscretions as "normal behaviour for a politician"!
I remain extremely sceptical about aliens ever having physically visited this planet. Unless they could completely subvert the laws of universal physics (ie. that there is a space-time continuum which enables matter and energy to exist at all), how would they travel millions of light years to arrive here? They would be millions of years old by the time they arrived! I am of the ilk that believes spiritual (astral) travelling is possible to those who are "open" to it. I have visited many planets and seen different life forms on some of these, in my imagination. The problem with our "scientific" age is that everyone wants irrefutable proof of things, otherwise they are mere fantasy and not worth the time or trouble, unless you are very young! I prefer to avoid the trap of being an "adult" and have a freer mind, which requires little proof, and sets no store by anything conjured up by my thoughts or opinions! Think for fun, not for vain attempts to accurately encompass universal complexity with our feeble minds. Doing the latter is like a dog chasing its own tail, since it is the universe our very atoms are part of, so please accept that some complex arrangement of these atoms (our brains) could not possibly describe their superset! It may be fun trying though!
I am sure we have powers that transcend Newtonian mechanics - and that's how they built the pyramids. We are born into a society which dictates that you either finance and prop up the "war machine" (military/corporate/political amorphous structure with no soul) by accepting stupid and "out of thin air" norms like the 7-day week (Why 7? What's natural about 7? Why should we accept artificial fixed periodic cycles in our lives?), 3 meals a day (I'll eat when I'm hungry, thankyou), and freedom of leader choice in the form of heavily financed and vetted candidates who you wouldn't trust to babysit your kids, let alone have their finger hovering over the big red button! Our taxes pay for weapons that kill and maim kids all over the world every day, because our govt. sells arms it makes to regimes who have bloody murder in their minds, but our MPs don't mind their attitude if it makes them money (when are we going to stop voting for these freaks - both Bush and Blair got successive terms despite 911 and Iraq!).

So, in 2012, when illusory (projected) aliens appear out of the sky above Stratford stadium, come down to Earth, and announce that we are a product of their genetic engineering (a cross between them and apes or something), and that they are our Gods, and then demonstrate what we would regard as godly powers (some telekinesis or something, which I can do anyway!), and all our previous religions were based on their appearances on this planet historically, we'll swallow the illusion hook, line and sinker. They then disappear off the planet, while our politicians revamp the global religious model through education and text book rewrites! Governments will then control the hearts and minds of all mankind, and he will be made to manufacture his own death in the form of a nerve gas that goes wrong or something. The politicians and their brown noses will be safe underground while the rest of humanity gags to death on the surface. The rats resurface and have the planet to themselves... Perhaps, but not if I have my way and everyone wakes up and stops voting for anyone (we don't need leaders any more, because we have instant access to any empowering information). Perhaps "911 is a provable hoax" will be the realisation that kick-starts a revolution in people management around the world. I hope so. A few sinister apes with aching coke habits and a incessant hankering for the abuse of young girls, should not be running countries.
In reply to a forum post at Nine Eleven UK:-

"Bush, Cheney, Blair and their ilk" are puppets to those who control the money. That's why political perspective has never, and will never, change anything in human society. This would have happened had Clinton been in power - you cannot stop those financial cogs turning. If you had enough money to pay off muscle, judges, politicians and other "business" people, would the power go to your head?!? Getting rid of the puppets is probably exactly what these corporations like Carlyle would want us to do. It leaves them off the hook yet again: note how society is currently structured in such a manner, that to incriminate those who profit by war, who have this much money and power, is nigh on impossible. :x
As far as 911 is concerned, WTC1 and 2 were definitely controlled demolitions. Whether planes flew into the towers or not, is irrelevant, since such massive structures could not be brought down by a couple of light aluminium aircraft. If the planes were "disguised missiles", that would not make any difference to the fact that the towers crumbled, when they were designed to handle 13,000,000 tons of wind shear force, and should not have crumbled at all. If there were nuclear devices detonated in the towers, that would explain the phenomenal temperatures achieved therein, and still registered 5 days later by infra-red satellite.

So, it seems we have to convince a massive amount of people that the towers were demolished by pre-planted explosives. That seems as difficult a task as convincing people that what they see on TV is not always fact - the majority of human beings on this planet are illiterate, innumerate slobs with no regard for "truth" at all. They expect society to give them a life, and expect their "truth" to be delivered through the mass media. This species is doomed ...
I have great great grandparents in my family tree who lived in Palestine/Israel at the turn of the 20th century, and from their records, there was generally peace and understanding between the Arabs and the Jews - they used to help each other out, and respect each other's religion. They fully realised they were moulded from the same "clay". Now a hotch-potch of hate has been drummed up using the recent memories of atrocities past.

I believe it is the government's responsibility to educate the voters with enough moral understanding and scientific knowledge, that they can form balanced, and well-founded opinions and conclusions about circumstances. They are woefully failing in that duty globally, as evidenced by people's widespread propensity to base opinion on emotions rather than facts.
There's human overpopulation wherever you look on this planet. I know humans are supposed to be gregarious, but this population level is pushing the definition a bit far. I am sure humans need solitude and company in equal measures - they are not getting enough of the former, and so we get a humanist society. Everyone thinks and exists in a totally human fabrication (mentally and physically) to the exclusion of all other species. We need to go out into the wild on our own, and contemplate our belly-buttons for a few hours a week!
Am I one of the very few who feel that every human on this planet, should be DNA-scanned, Iris-scanned, Fingerprint-scanned, and electronically-tagged, with all results and monitoring done on a global basis, and all stored on a PUBLIC central database (on the Internet and freely readable by ANY browser). After all, if you've got nothing to hide, what's the problem? My way would prevent nearly all crime being wrongly attributed. It is probably for this reason that governments around the world do not want to implement such measures, and are relying on the "Freedom" lobbyists to prevent them being made real. After all, lots more politicians would be found guilty if these systems became extant!
Whatever it takes to pitch man against man, despite us all being bald apes, whatever ideas we may entertain about our common reality. Patriotism, religion, tradition and political/corporate alliance are the vehicles they use to fool us passive, peace-loving, family-orientated apes into fighting each other. I just don't get fooled any more. Come on everyone, stop believing the hype. Take a good look at yourself physiologically - we are sensitive, tender, and gentle in the flesh - not exactly a rhino - so why do we go round maintaining that we are "so hard"?
An easier way to stamp out the small arms trade is to stop all manufacture of them. Tear down the gun factories. If I was working in a weapons factory, I would rather leave and starve for a bit, than manufacture anonymous death. Again, people's stupidity and short-sightedness means they perceive the problem, but cannot see the obvious way to prevent it occurring.
We are being constantly deluded that the current imbalanced world is a sustainable and long- term solution to the burgeoning "clever bald ape" population. I also get the feeling that this planet is too full of bald apes, and their propensity to put each other and themselves down all the while, stems from the associated feeling of unimportance and insignificance.

Man is currently playing at God, and yet he has only just discovered the basics of genetics. The long-term repercussions of screening an embryo for Muscular Dystrophy are, as yet, unknown, and it's the created human who will have to suffer lifelong, if we have overlooked something (which, with the chemical complexity of genetics, is inevitable - look at what happened to the cross between a goat and a sheep).

Medicine should have stopped at anti-biotics, IMHO. People should realise that when their time has come, it is no use frantically trying to delay the inevitable with Western medical techniques.
I stated :-
Countries are becoming anachronistic, along with jingoism, national pride, and country/culture identification. In the UK, we have many football supporters who are not backing England, but are siding with their whims and fancies. That is a good thing. When countries are correctly perceived as man-made divisions of man from man, we'll all be better off for it. One world, one species - that's the way I see it.

J. Alexander replied :-
Did you mean, "one world, - no species?" As the old saying goes, a good fence makes good neighbors. Remove the "man-made" divisions of man from man and you get a recipe for total destruction. You see, people of diverse cultures are historically most interested in hating each other, that is, when they are not killing each other. If loving one's neighbor were natural, there wouldn't be a need for a commandment; courts would be empty, and lawyers would starve to death.

I replied :-
You're still thinking too much in human terms. You are still "humanist". This is one beautiful planet, and we are merely bald apes on its surface. We have been a particularly successful species, due to our large brain size, and yet we have reached a point in our development where everyone can see that if we continue on our path, we will be assured M.A.D. under tyrannical democracies.

We have to re-educate ourselves and our children to use compassion rather than competition, love all species rather than just humans and anything cuddly and harmless, and to live in small communities rather than sprawling massive cities. We either ease back on the course we are heading down, or we end up in a cheapskate technopolis where governments are only concerned about your identity and consumer habits.

I apologise for my "aliens orbiting the earth" perspective on things.
Imagine a group of wealthy, powerful people whose sole endeavour is total world domination and control. Imagine that these people were ruthless and without conscience. If this group had many Jews (amongst others), who weren't averse to the wholesale slaughter of Jews, then WW2 would have been a good staging post for their new style antics. The West's most powerful and elite were notorious for funding Hitler during the war (for example, DeBeers in London supplying diamonds to Hitler for weapons manufacture), and with a few Jews heading the lineup, these rich bastards would be beyond suspicion. What a clever plan! They also make loads of money out of it. This practice is all too common nowadays (for example, the UK and the US supplying parts to Iraq for weapons, and then invading the country) and companies like Halliburton and the Carlyle Group are riding high on the gains from recent civil turmoil.
For most humans :-
  • It is commonly acceptable to believe that God is real and exists and controls things.
  • It is commonly unacceptable (you'd be classified as a loony) to believe that Lucifer is real and exists and controls things.

    I think both are bad enough, in terms of fairy stories! Whatever is out there (if anything) that is "bigger" than us, isn't worth us worrying about. By definition, it would be beyond our consciousness to perceive or imagine. Let's just keep on stretching out, chasing galaxies.
    I do not entertain beliefs that I would stand up and die (or fight) for. No "thought" is ever worth it. That's what I mean by "Get real!" Thoughts are only brief moments of consciousness of one form or another. When we stop taking our consciousness so seriously, and stop believing us to be unique in the universe in having it (just look at other species on our own planet to see!), then we might start making some progress. In the meantime, we have to live in a crass, stultified society where the majority are happy to spend their existences scrabbling around for reasons to justify their indoctrinated evil intentions.

    The human being (like any other life form) is deluded because they only have an array of senses to tell them what is out there, and these are insufficient to describe what is out there. The truth is perceived without your senses, but society is just a mass market for your senses, and you are taught from birth that the only reality is what is revealed by your senses. That's poppycock! Freedom of mind and imagination is all you need to "see" in other ways that are just as natural as your 5 senses. No imagination training is given in any Western school I know of, save the Krishnamurti institutes.

    Mainstay society is a mess and it needs rewriting from scratch.
    I get worried when I see a church congregation of self-professed sensitive, intelligent people, all bowing their heads down at the same time and murmuring rubbish, just 'coz a priest at the front says do it. It's not just that though - they put their hands together and believe that some "extra-terrestrial" entity they call "God" is going to listen to them, and understand English (or whatever language they choose to p[r]ay in). They make peculiar signs (like the sign of the cross) and frown on others who don't. Other religions exhibit the same crass idiocy in terms of ritual, and sanctimonious or self-righteous attitude.

    What is really perturbing is that so many modern, empirically-educated Westerners are still doing these antiquated practices. It now looks like these people only do this because of fear of ostracisation, or that others do it, therefore, the sheeplike creature they are must also do it.

    The spiritual guidelines laid out by many religions are usually excellent. For example, nobody can complain about the efficacy for successful communal living imbued by the ten commandments. But, elsewhere, there are so many contradictory statements, that even, for example, the Bible fails to make any sense.

    It is time for institutionalised religion to disappear up its own fundamental orifice. And that isn't IMO.

    I'm worried 'coz I have to live amidst these deluded, (in my books) totally mad, and dangerous idiots. They are the majority. I mean, there is a long history of these idiots picking up a gun and shooting strangers because of these unfounded beliefs. I don't mind beliefs if they are safe and harmless, but institutionalised religion has always been a real danger to the future survival of mankind. But, don't worry - the icing on the cake is that, if you die, you aren't really dead - oh no, your soul (?) ascends to heaven (??) where you are judged by St. Peter (???) as to whether you end up in hell (????) instead. And I thought Judaism was the most stupid religion in the world. Jeez! Seriously humans, wake up now, or blow yourselves up because of differing ideas in your heads - you really are the most dangerously deluded species on the planet.
    The same problem is facing every voter in a modern democracy - they never put forward candidates for election who you would gladly vote for, based on their merits (both familial and communal). Every one of them has some problem or some corrupt aspect, which makes what they stand for nothing but lip-service to a pipe dream. I live in the UK and at the last general election my ward did not have any independent candidates at all to choose from - just the 3 major political parties, none of whom stand for what I want (cessation of all present and future military activities globally). So, I couldn't vote. I asked my Mum in a completely different ward, and she said that she had the same pitiful choice of the 3 major parties, and nobody else to choose from. In my books, that is not a democracy - that is enforced dictatorship through financial throttling of who can stand.
    Wouldn't it be easier to enforce some global common sense into all humans born from today onwards: things like :-

  • We are all hairless apes on a ball of rock in space. I am, and so is the queen, and Tony Blair and your boss and ... At that level we are all equal. Make sure you know this one at all times, but especially when the stress levels seem to be rising.
  • As a species with directed consciousness, we are physically, emotionally, and spiritually, very powerful. We must have a lot more respect for the repercussions of our actions. Noting this, we should also be able to forgive quickly and easily, where others may overstep the mark.
  • Everyone has a different religion. Institutionalised religion is a set of beliefs based on history, tradition and what has happened before now. This ignores God's demands in the present. Using the past to justify present actions is no justification at all. You must use the future repercussions of your actions as guidance for what you are doing now. Those repercussion considerations may well be based on what happened in the past, but they are almost always devoid of vindictiveness.

    and so on... These should be taught in schools globally so we can improve society through wisdom.
    It is becoming ever more apparent that the major Western democracy leaders have been trying to turn what was essentially a peaceful post WW2 period, into a turbulent "terrorist threat" world situation. As someone commented on the reasons cited for war in Iraq, "It's because we want freedom for the Iraqis. Freedoms which now include, not being able to protest near Parliament (without police consent), cause they want to live in their own little bubble and not hear any dissent if possible." Thank goodness one person managed to secure protest rights within half a mile of the houses of parliament - thanks Brian Haw, a man I feel would do justice to the Nobel peace prize. He managed to set up his protest placards before the new UK laws forbidding it. "Democracy" is full of hypocrisy. The UK's 7/7 remembrance ceremony is a prime example of the double standards entertained by those who think their thoughts are the absolute truth for everyone - politicians. To tell you the truth, I am fed up with politicians. A consensus of opinion is what established stable democracies round the world, post WW2. Modern governments are now secretly insular and play by whim, rather than cooperation. Now we are in "terrorist threat" times, despite all the fallacies our elected leaders spin in order to deceive us (the electorate) into believing our way is the right way, as opposed to the fictitious monsters they dream up to pump out through the major media outlets. It all smacks of a gigantic Satanic conspiracy, where our world leaders do anything to stop world peace arriving. For some of us more enlightened non-voting populace, we are already there.
    With respect to the Danish Muslim cartoon controversy and the threat of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian cartoons coming from Muslims. All I can say is, they'd be hard-pressed to shock us westerners with anything consisting of ink on paper. Our open and modern society makes a mockery of most religiously indoctrinated regimes around the world, and rightly so. Many of us in the western world have been fortunate enough to have had a fairly modern upbringing, with plenty of access to intelligent, rather than propagandist, literature and resources. Lambaste, witty ridicule, and clever sarcasm are regarded as comedic art forms. But, somehow I feel we're floundering in west. We've come a long way, but now superstition is starting to overtake fact, and, globally, opposing sides are forming. The intelligent westerner sees this as a fallacy in the scientific system which constructed it, and there's nothing that can be done to put things right. However, we must realise that history and tradition are worthless in our current climes. We have to move forward at an exponentially increasing rate towards enlightenment. Then we'll be able to see that we are one species (called humans) all together on a ball of rock in space, and that we have to develop better ways of ensuring inter-community harmony. It's all in the mind at the end of the day. Let your problems melt away on that note.
    I wish people would wake up and stop taking ideas so "concretely". They are, after all, abstracted states of mind, not "the be and end all". They are fun to navigate, and you never know where a conversation, article or abstraction may end up. There are so many non-verbal abstractions that cannot easily be communicated, but they happen all the time during social intercourse. They are mostly based on pre-programmed instincts and social acceptance through direct consciousness. Most people are unaware of them. Instead, the appearance of strength, honour, freedom and love is maintained through force. Hence, the "house of cards" society we now all share.
    If your religion requires you to use objects outside of your body, in order to accomplish your religious worship, then you are dangerously deluded. Religion is internal, and when it is externalised, it becomes bigotry and indoctrination.
    Life creates its own macrocosm from the microcosm of its own biochemistry, which, itself, is a part of the macrocosm. And so, like a dog chasing its own tail, those life forms in the universe that attempt explanation of everything with the limited equipment they have been evolved with, always fail, become bitter, self-entrenched, and ultimately kill their own species off. Stop trying to explain everything. Live a little instead of analysing others living.
    What? You mean that humans are rubbish and don't really care about anyone else, even when elected to do so. What's new? It's been like this since human "leaders" came into existence. A true leader should not want to lead, but to set an example of how not to push people around! However, no matter how much spleen I vent, people always end up voting these hypocritical morons back into office, and then the voters give them all their hard-earned money in the form of taxes, so these elected representatives can go and fight another war on their behalf, irrespective of public opinion and protests. How much longer can this continue before people wake up to these facts, and start choosing the right persons to lead them? Well, that depends on the level of Western world comfort that can be commonly sustained. If that goes too low, a revolution follows, and then new leaders (who become exactly like the ones they replaced) come into power. If the comfort levels stay the same or improve (Western world electorate are commonly clothed, fed and sheltered without any daily struggle) then the status quo is preserved. In the meantime, for some reason quite unbeknownst to me, the 21st century technological era still keeps over one third of the world population struggling every day to find food, clothes and shelter.

    Yes, our current political system is really working well. Isn't it?!?

    Please refrain from voting mainstream political parties into power. STOP IT NOW. They have consistently shown themselves to be wholly inadequate historically. We, the electorate, can change all that at the very next election, but we all need to act together.
    Any symbolic rewarding of a good act by using some tradition soaked in the brutality of war, is definitely a "kiss of death" in my books.
    Even the intelligentsia are currently far removed from true wisdom. As I have said before, those with the attitude "But there's nothing we can do about it anyway, so what's the point?" cannot possibly believe that they live in a democracy. They must somehow accept a mild form of fascism as their government, if they believe there is nothing they could do about their state of affairs.
    Look, you pay your taxes to your govt. who then go and spend it on making things to hurt people with, in the name of "defence". If you really don't want your money spent that way, then do not vote for the mainstream political parties. Arnie walked right into their "club" and was all too quickly comfortably ensconced in their throes. Politicians are always too stupid or uncaring to understand that, once you have huge nuclear deterrents, there is no need for another cent to be spent on building yet more human-hurting machines.

    You see, I am not anti-government for the sake of it. I am anti-government because they treat the majority of the electorate as ignorant sheep to be pushed around their whole lives long. True democracy has very few laws and a heck of a lot of communication of ideas to and from the electorate. Our demoncrazies have so many laws, there are laws contradicting other laws in the same justice system! The electorate's only input into who is running things, is choosing one from a list of 2, pre-selected candidates, who have already been screened to continue the inappropriate activities of their forebears. And since when do money and power change the outcome of a trial? Since ancient times, it seems. If all elements of a society are corrupt, there can only remain love which bonds the people together. In the last hundred or so years, government ministers have been investigating ways of infiltrating and subverting this love. We can all see the loveless society that is slowly coming to fruition all around us. The family unit is now regarded as an anachronism. For the first time ever, London has more people living solo lives, than couples or families!

    Be Insignificant - Vote Mainstream.
    The programmed masses put GWB in the Whitehouse. There is no way sensible, intelligent, caring, moral, up-standing citizens would vote for him. The ignorant "TV mind swill" set gave him his ill-deserved power, which he currently abuses better than most Pol Pots!

    Here is how the situation came about. The moral fabric of those in power a hundred years ago was no better than what we've got today. However, if the electorate had found out what they really got up to behind closed office doors, they would not have voted for them at all. They did not find out, because the press was not as quick and all-intrusive as they are nowadays. They did not have the internet or "independent press" so they could never get hold of "facts".

    In more recent times, those in power saw the up and coming technologies and how they would impact on their social image. The internet was something they could do little about, and news editors seemed determined to bring scandal onto the front pages ever more quickly. So, they changed the moral landscape so significantly, that most people have forgotten the difference between good and bad, or they simply do not care any more about it. In post-Victorian times, people were almost wholly concerned with the morals and ethics of a person. Nowadays, if someone can ignore horrific ideas, be indifferent to corruption and scandal at the highest levels, and turn a blind eye to violence if it's "in a good cause", they are socially acceptable and not otherwise. If they can't, then they must be a "subversive" or a "dangerous liberal". Sorry, but we just think you're ignorant - dangerously ignorant!
    There's a suspicion that Ebola was man-made: the earliest documented infection is 1976. All I can say is, while man continues to strive for ever more harmful things to do to his own species, these things will always trouble us. Why don't we elect people who simply will not let this happen any more? Politicians who do not want to spend our taxpayers' money on researching new diseases to infect mankind with (bio-warfare). Politicians who do not want to find new ways of harming humans in the name of "defence". Politicians who will not tolerate lies, cheating, bribery, or corruption in any form at the highest levels of power. Politicians who are good role models in their personal lives, for the rest of us. Politicians who are not into "genetic engineering", or "anti-terrorism measures" that restrict democratic freedoms. Politicians who want to spend our money on improving infrastructure, public health and education. Politicians who want to pay teachers, doctors and emergency services workers the wages they deserve (and that's more than BT's fat, idle chairman).

    I think you get the point. We (the electorate) have not pushed democracy to where we want it. It has been shaped for us by hundreds of years of traditional lunacy by those already in power.
    Imagine a typical scene in the pub, chatting up girls. I've drunk loads, and bought her quite a bit too. Now she wants me (oops, I tripped over her guide dog there) and we go back to her place, but I can't get it up because I'm too poisoned. Or I can get it up, but the feelings and emotions are all blurred and confused through alcohol poisoning. The climax is a disappointment since all my feelings are so dulled. What a complete waste of time, money and resources. And now, there's a sprog 9 months down the line who no-one wants. This is your lives. Mary Jane will make everything all right. Stop poisoning yourselves and paying Satanists (govts.) for the privilege to do so.
    From a newsgroup thread entitled "Pres. Mahmoud 'Al-Looney' Ahmadinejad just can't help himself..." :-

    Otto : Don't be so hard on poor Mahmoud: The poor schmuck made all those promises about improving the lot of the poor people. That got him elected and now he finds he can't fulfill those promises. What is a politician to do? Saber rattling and morality are the time honored ploys under those circumstances, he is not the first to use those ploys. Of course, Israel has a fairly short fuse, so how long will it take before bombs are falling?

    Mark : Well put. So, the stage is set, and lead roles have been allocated. Now to the action, and the script reads that the Middle East will become a quagmire of vicious war, with technology-fuelled killing-machines eradicating far more people than any side expects. After this one (WW3), it will take a long time for the radioactive dust to settle. A lot of world leaders are going to be asking themselves a lot of soul-searching questions. The answers have all been known since time immemorial. Love, compassion and gentle caring for all members of your species, irrespective of their beliefs, ethnicity or telepathic orientation. After the lull, our duly-elected leaders will make all the same mistakes all over again, and, by the time WW4 arrives, the "human-killing technology" will be so far advanced, we may wipe our species (and possibly many others) off the planet entirely. So, we have to change our ways in order to fulfill our natural instinct for survival. Why are we so far off-track as a species?

    At the end of the day, nearly all socially-conditioned humans are in denial, especially when it comes to telepathy. This is why their reality is so out of kilter with actuality. It is also why human belief structures are so rigid and dogmatic. Instinct for survival tells you that adaptability is your best chance, so why does the system make so many inflexible morons to fill society with? Why so many inert people, who can only stand and stare, while the world and their lives whiz past them, with their guilt-laden, lazy inaction their punishment?
    Did Christianity die out when science discovered so many things that countered what the bible stated? People are stupid and have stupid beliefs. If we stopped pushing so many ill-founded ideas down children's throats when they're at school, and teach them that all belief structures are "houses of cards" which crumble at the merest contra-evidence, then they should grow up balanced and able to reason properly. As soon as you adopt any belief structure, you are on the rocky road to bigotry. Ideas are not reality. Beliefs about the way reality works should not be set in stone. If there is no room for fundamental change in a belief structure (like in science), then that is the start of opinion and the end of accurate description.
    This Flash Animation inspired these thoughts :-

    I told a similar story to friends when I was 10 years old. That viewpoint is quite a revelation. What are we doing here on Earth? Why do most of us know nothing about our purpose? Why are there a few people (like me and others I have met) who know that "common sense reality" is an illusion, and what is true is dynamic, not static? How come so few members of a species so intelligent, can see our lives from a planet orbit perspective? For example, am I the only one to see that, when it is New Year, the homo sapiens species is a joke - as the ball of rock called Earth reaches a certain point in its journey around the sun, all members of this species go mad for a few hours, because tradition dictates it! If traditions, history and ritual are making you all so stupid as to not be able to see this clearly, then why not abandon them? After all, they don't exist except in your heads.

    There are definitely 2 camps of belief system occurring in the human species. Those who believe that their 5 senses tell them everything they need to know about the world, and those who believe that nothing is set in stone in this universe, and that perception can transcend the limited sensory capabilities we are physiologically imbued with. The latter camp is much smaller than the former, but it is the former that believe in financing war machines through taxation, and the former that blind themselves to fact that their money is being used by their "democratically-elected" ministers to kill innocent Iraqi women and children.

    I am no angel, in that I pay taxes to Blair, and he uses them to kill people who I would rather have liked to see happy and alive. But, at least I do not excuse my behaviour with trite statements like "Well, there's nothing I can do about it." or "Everyone else is doing it, so it can't be wrong.". By being honest about my true role on the planet, I feel initially pain (ego crumbles), followed by enlightenment (learning that you never stop learning etc.) followed by peace and being at one with yourself. Not "stressed out and unable to figure out anything to the depth required to fully understand it".
    Sorry, but there are more sides to this coin than just 2. Evolution and Intelligent Design are not the only ways of looking at it. How about a universe whose "physical" laws favoured the evolution of intelligent life within it? The universe's design and creation are "beyond the scope of our consciousness" simply because the consciousness we are using to try to ascertain what created us, is a manifestation of these "benign" laws. We are chasing our own tails, to put it figuratively. All we can conclude is nobody is ever going to produce "the ultimate theory" that explains life, the universe, and everything. So, let's stop bickering about things we'll never have definitive proof about anyway. No one is right!
    In response to the discovery that some Shias (Jafaris) believe that someone fell down a well in the 9th century and will return to save us all. From Encarta:-
    "They believe that the 12th imam will return in the future to establish perfect justice, supplanting the rule of any other leader. This belief has undermined government authority since the establishment of Twelver Shiism as the state religion in 1501."

    It seems there are an infinite number of belief systems for people to waste their lives with. People are willing to believe ludicrous rubbish, if it's "tradition". If a belief was so important to human survival and society, it would become "genetic memory", not one in need of verbal utterance from one generation to the next.

    Keep them stupid, keep them down, keep them in the dark, keep them paying you, keep promising them "afterlife", keep on keeping on...

    AFAIK, reality is reality. Everybody has five senses, that for the most part, reveal reality to be such and such for humans (different for different species). We can all agree on what is revealed, so why all this stupidity - if someone fell down a well in the 9th century, it is unlikely we'll ever see them again. Come on now, what do you take us for - loonies!?! Perhaps "sense" is not so "common" after all!
    Feelings are short-sighted, short-lived self-gratification.
    Intelligence is foresighted, permanent altruism.

    The human world is the way it is because of its propensity towards feelings-based decision-making. It could be improved if decisions were intelligence-based instead.

    Some "feelings-based" decisions are so transparently wrong to an intelligent mind, that it is a wonder that we are still making the same errant decisions globally in the 21st century. For example, the Arab-Israeli conflict is based on "memories" of what happened in the "past", where there is one "past" for the Arabs and another for the Jews. The memories cause bitterness, which, in turn, cause violent actions to be undertaken. Those are "feelings-based" decisions, and they are what we should be intelligent enough to recognise nowadays, and to avoid taking them in the future. Traditions and history no longer play such an important role in the modern, fast-changing world we now live in.

    Here is a discussion point : was Bush's decision to invade Iraq a feelings-based decision? Did he do it because he felt like it, and it salved his belligerent side? Or is there a global government agenda the public is not privy to?

    The reason I ask is because the public have not been given one single reason for the invasion, that explains the invasion intelligently. We've been told WMD (there weren't any), oil (there is no oil crisis since earth constantly produces oil - see American Free Press Article), underground tunnels in Baghdad leading to a "Star Gate" (for those of us in conspiracy circles), and the start of enforcement of a US world dictatorship (for the grossly paranoid amongst us). None of them are at all convincing. Someone somewhere please give me an intelligent explanation as to why US and British troops are losing their lives in Iraq at the moment.
    Will we all kill each other off because of what we remember about each other, or will the idea of killing in the name of some thought or other, die out, since intelligence will stamp it out? We cannot remain this stupid for this long - can we?
    My own instincts inform me that small, self-governing communities is the way we should be living. As soon as man became "larger than life" with his huge cities and global invasive ways, something snapped in the moral mettle. Large communities or cities deface the individual to the extent of loss of pride, and a general public malaise treated as the norm. With ants, this doesn't usually cause problems, but with humans, the lack of "feeling useful" undermines the human purpose of existence - to improve the community you live in, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy a better quality of life. I don't suppose any of us working in cities for faceless corporations, could ever feel genuinely "useful".
    When it comes down to abortion, the majority of humans are misguided. Just where is this invisible line in "age" when a bunch of cells becomes an inviolable human being? According to the man in the street, only when its head has popped out of the womb. Let's just accept the miracle of life, which starts when sperm meets egg. IMHO.
    In response to this BBC news article :-

    Let's extrapolate the current trends. Physics and Chemistry will become the reserve of esoteric groups of highly secretive and privileged sects, while witchcraft (a la Harry Potter), Creationism, and general mass stupidity become the norm. Anyone demonstrating a scientific proclivity will be branded a witch and summarily executed. Philosophy and mathematics will become denizens of the brave and foolhardy, and will have to be practised "underground".

    It is exactly as if we are going back a thousand years!

    The new licensing laws in the UK should give the population plenty of time to discuss these things. But you know damn well they won't. They'll keep talking about sexual conquests and sport and cars and appearances - as shallow as it could get. Meanwhile, their very own children are getting their heads stuffed full of crap. Come on, most of modern day society technology is based on the sciences of Physics and Chemistry.

    I am convinced that the general public are getting more stupid every day that goes by in this propagandist jungle. STOP VOTING FOR LEADERS WHO MAKE THESE KINDS OF DECISIONS - STOP VOTING FULL STOP. Basically, stick their agendas up their asses.
    When someone lies, you can tell by the sentence construction. It is pitted with hesitation and distraction. If the discourse is not flowing smoothly, they are lying to you. It is that simple. Check out any politician's speech - it's worse than a stammerer with Tourette's syndrome! Some people excuse lying by stupidity. They are deliberately stupid (like a lot of people nowadays) and they don't know or care if they are lying.
    I prefer to live in a society that does not need weapons manufactured on a regular, large-scale basis, and where such manufacture is partially or wholly subsidised by the Western democracies we live in - to the tune of trillions of tax-payers' dollars. When are the tax-payers going to rise up against the idiots who squander their money on creating instruments of death for our own species!?! We are paying them to kill us!
    It's all down to supply and demand. If the public demand something that's bad for them (eg. weapons, poisons etc.), political and corporate leaders do not step back, and waive a chance to make a quick buck. No, quite the opposite. And that is what is wrong. Greed-motivated people should not be allowed to become political or corporate leaders. They are ruining the health of the good souls they are supposed to represent and protect.
    You'd be surprised at how stupid some of society's most trusted individuals are! We are talking mega-moronic here! I mean that they couldn't see further than tomorrow, and can only perceive within their own minute spheres of interest, which usually revolve wholly around themselves. That is why they are chosen for these positions in society. That is why people are so disgruntled as they enter adulthood and the realisation that mankind isn't here to serve mankind, but just himself, or you will be punished for altruism.

    I guess I'd better take that Valium now! ;-)
    Here is the Catch 22 situation :-
    1) You don't enjoy your job, and you only do it for the money, so you'll do the bare minimum that you can get away with.
    2) Service industry (or whatever) suffers, bosses lambaste you, you get ratty, so you go back to 1).

    Resultant society is cheapskate, and a cheapskate society makes for inhabitants who feel worthless. Worthless individuals in a cheapskate society mean that the society will never improve, because nobody could be bothered, and it's all too much work ...

    Now you know why I do my job as well as I can possibly do it, whatever I'm paid. I want my children to inherit a better place to live. We all need to shake off our negativity and despair, and replace it with optimism and hope. Or, at least, get a better balance between the extremes than is currently extant globally!
    "This is a toy that is used to relieve stress, it's meant to be a bit of a giggle."

    Why do people feel this way? Why are they so stressed? If they simply accepted the fact that all humans are rubbish, and their self-importance is completely unfounded, if they "got rid of their egos", we would all be living better lives. However, humans continue to act on their feelings (whether conditioned or not) rather than on natural givens and facts. This results in "no thinking" and plenty of "instinct-fuelled" actions. Perhaps I am an alien, but I just do not understand the need for "stress balls" etcetera. Now, let me phone that "grey" about the studio booking....
    "Daddy, I want to be a martyr. Can you get me an explosive belt?"

    Having seen the inculcation of anti-Semitic hate in modern-day Muslims by the education system in many Arab countries, I can safely say that the kids are being "loved in the flesh, but butchered in the mind" (lyric from Wire, 154). The same thing is happening in every country in the world, but some are far more subtle than others. At the end of the day, any education system that teaches its students nothing about compassion, and everything about competition, is psychologically damaging those students.
    Why are you so concerned about what "other people" think about you? It's not that important, and you should be living your own life, not the life that "other people" think you should be living. You'll realise this fully, when you're on your death-bed, by which time, it's too late fool.
    My point is that, the world is the way it is, due to cost-cutting, profit-seeking and blindness to the future repercussions of greedy acts. But more than just this, it is this way because it is too expensive and time-consuming, to implement something more Earth-friendly. Look at the deliberate ignorance surrounding hemp plants and their incredible usefulness to most human activities. To discriminate against a plant to the extent recent governments and corporations have, shows that logic is no longer of any use in deciding the motivations of these greedy people.
    Under no circumstances should you accept the poison in that vaccination syringe! It contains specially researched viri that attack and weaken your immune system permanently, and a small microchip implant that lodges in your brain, controlling all your emotions. Before the vaccine, you'll be a warm, loving, family man, but afterwards, you'll be a robotic zombie with no feelings apart from the ones the black forces want you to have, like greed, blood-lust, and hedonistic blindness... ;-)
    The only place for guns in this world is for hunting. For that pastime we only need shotguns with a maximum of 2 shots per loading. Also, we don't need very many of them, since there are not a lot of huntsmen out there. Hence, there is no place for "handguns" or "oozis" in this world. Nor do we need land mines, bazookas, grenades or other explosives. The only time we need explosives is for demolition of buildings, and quarrying.

    Bearing all these facts in mind, how do we account for all of the time, resources, money and effort going into building a formidable and easy to come by with dosh, arsenal consisting of weapons that deliberately target human beings, and are designed to hurt, maim and kill as much as possible, especially the soft flesh of the human being? Why are trillions of dollars being spent on researching ever more harmful ways to treat our fellow species members? We already have plenty of weapons - we don't need to manufacture any more. Also, why are stun techniques not being given the same amount of research resources as conventional nocuous weaponry? Why are tazers so infrequently used? Why did that Brazilian have to die in London recently, at the hands of armed police? They could have used a tazer (like they did a few days ago on another "out of hand" case on Heathrow's runway) to stun him to the ground if they suspected him of harbouring bombs.

    If you're on my wavelength, you'll know all the answers to these questions.
    And who defined what is a crime and what is not. The "crime rate", if it were such a magical indicator of the health of a society, would have to be defined by Nature, and not mankind. The latter, after all, thinks that Deadly Nightshade should be legal (it's poisonous, but one of many such plants on this planet) but that cannabis plants and magic mushrooms should be illegal. Where's the logic in that?
    Will the public ever wake up? Not while the "lip service" they pummel into our brains is so psychologically targeted. We would rather believe what Bush et al say, than look at facts and figures. The uneducated (majority) man's way is to believe whatever is more palatable, and that usually consists of falsehoods and distortions.

    Mankind's problem can now be more readily summarised - he's too lazy to try to think for himself, and the people he let's do the thinking for him, are the least appropriate.

    If intelligence had "ruled the roost" in the formation of this society, hemp would be central to everything - not oil and pharmaceuticals.
    If someone has a job as a seal clubber, they must be partly psycho in order to quell the internal guilt/conscience that would otherwise make their job unbearable. Going down a notch in the evolutionary chain and we meet lumberjacks. Are they partly psycho too?
    Christians are not supposed to make graven images of anything. So, that's why Christian churches are full of images of the virgin Mary (verging on the ridiculous!), Jesus, and God himself (a white male human with grey hair and a long beard, by most portrayals!). Jeez, what perplexing hypocrisy. Another irksome Biblical quote is that God made man in his own image. How completely conceited of our species to suppose that the universal creator would look anything like us. We're not even the most evolved species on the planet, yet we "believe" we are. Humans are twats!
    It seems that anything that causes pleasure to the common man/woman must be clamped down on, and stigmatised into a guilt-ridden, private practice.
    The Thames barrier is a good piece of "sand-bagging". However, the Brits have had a recent spate of flooding which have rendered towns and villages damaged and cut off. This will only get worse as the unreported shrinking of the polar caps continues, and water levels rise. The trouble is that we are not building things right now. The traditional way here in Britain, is to wait until too many people start dying from the emergency, before doing too little on the cheap about it. Blair would rather spend more money on "defence" and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even in that respect, too little is spent and the British army end up with tanks that don't work in Iraqi conditions and rifles that jam!
    As far as the New Orleans/Katrina tragedy goes, it seems they never learn from past mistakes, as stockholders' lust for profit nips at the heels of any future-proofing extravagance that may have been undertaken. The only way to right the wrong in social infrastructure design, is to stop doing it on the cheap - unlikely in a money-orientated society.
    Cannabis has had a bad press since the 1930's, when the oil, cotton, and paper industries decided it would harm their profits, if its global and traditional usage were allowed to continue. It is now outlawed in every country - even places like Morocco, where tradition dictates an afternoon hookah pipe for most males, as has been customary practice for thousands of years! The irony is that, as we currently run the resources that provide material for the oil, cotton, and paper industries into the ground, and as stocks dwindle, the prices of all these things rise, and the companies that monopolise them, employ less people and make more profit. How much longer can this continue? Cannabis would solve all 3 resource problems at one stroke, in that it can provide each of these products. Other benefits include the prevention of soil erosion, where, for example, in Bangladesh (translates to "Land of Hashish"), the culling of cannabis plants caused country-wide soil erosion, and all the natural disaster problems that come with it. Cannabis plants have very long roots, and naturally hold soil together.

    Those who argue that cannabis consumption is the first step to the rocky world of harder drugs, are, in effect, comparing a post-prandial sherry as the slippery slope towards piss-soaked trousers in a tramp's drunken haze under Brooklyn bridge!

    World, come to your senses, and take off those "profit" glasses that taint your perception of reality so much nowadays. Most of God's earthly vegetation has some very useful properties. God hasn't made a mistake - mankind has.
    Apes are probably laughing at our ridiculous primness about nudity!
    People are under pressure from the subliminal messages rained into them by corporate marketing. After lifetimes spent growing up in this deluge, people often feel that, unless they are spending money, they cannot be "satisfied". Free activities like walking, running, jogging and swimming may be enjoyable, but they still leave that nagging feeling that you haven't satisfied some corporate's greed.
    Whether they are neocons or corporate mother-f's, the group of apolitical "controllers" seem to have no respect for planetary health, and only admiration for making a number bigger (profits). People like that are messing up the planet and its weather, with scant regard for those who live here and elected them. It is time to stop voting for any political parties, and let's see these uncaring protagonists struggle trying to appease all sides of a coalition government for the sake of profits. Ha ha ha...
    I propose that the "war-mongering" U.S. should keep their big nose out of foreign affairs. They have consistently in the past, proved how woefully they conduct themselves on foreign soils, and their WASP supremacy attitude constantly belittles the dark-skinned inhabitants of the "U.S.-conquered" lands. During the slavery years, Yanks forcibly took millions of Africans from their homes, and made them work in the States for no wages. They received harsh, cruel treatment from most of their "keepers". The blacks were regarded as second class citizens, and this attitude is still present in certain WASP circles. I am fed up with it, and America's belligerent foreign policy is now threatening my own livelihood, in that bombs killed people on London's underground, because some Moslem Brits sympathised with the Arab plight and objected to America's foreign pursuits.

    There are many people who won't believe that the situation is terminally bad, until it is much too late to do anything about it. Surely, they realise now that it is not right for a Western democracy like the U.S. or the U.K. to arm a dictator with "old hat" weapons on favourable loan terms, and then attack it with their latest technologies?!? Surely...
    Any organisation that condones and supports manufacture of weapons, over the safety of their voters, is wholly evil. That means all governments around the world are evil, in that they put investment in "defence" above the well-being of their populaces.
    It surprises me just how many Coca Cola plants have had reports of "too much DDT" in their water and final product. It seems as if there is a secret and harshly defended system in place inside Coca Cola, which attempts the mass, slow poisoning of mankind. I like the occasional (once a month) drink of Coke, but, like McDonalds, that's it. Home-grown food is the only stuff you can trust nowadays. Supermarket "fresh" vegetables and fruit are all highly irradiated, and this causes chemicals to form in them that are harmful to human health.
    I'm worried, especially with us mashing up the ionosphere with HAARP. I'm sure that the balance imbued by the ionosphere to atmospheric conditions and the weather, is much more far-reaching and subtle than these HAARP scientists suspect. Not that any of them care about their great grandchildren's future, just how to get money to feed themselves now, is what is making them do these mad things.
    For the perpetrators of the recent London bombings, look no further than the totalitarian government that rules this planet, readying Britain for more stringent security checks on the general public, just like they did the WTC attack to force-feed the US public the 2 Patriot Acts (the irony of words - "Patriot" - huh!- it should be "Fascist"). It's time to lose the illusion that we live in civilised democracies, and see our "democratically elected" world leaders for the Satanic swine they truly are. Two words - Bohemian Grove - A Real Media interview with Alex Jones (5.1 MB, 7m 41s) about the failed, attempted cover-up of what really happens at Bohemian Grove - Jeez, our leaders engage in mock throat-slitting and filling coffins with Nazi memorabilia. I certainly wouldn't want them as my neighbours, babysitters or anything else, thankyou very much, let alone as someone who controls nuclear detonators. I'm talking Blair and Bush here. These are facts that will not go away. People like Alex Jones, who uncovered this beauty, did not make it up. He filmed them doing it, and you can get the film from his website!

    Oh, and check out this revelation - America's political assassinations - JFK then MLK then RFK. This makes KKK, and according to my favourite cartoon character Grassy Knollington (see this Viz cartoon), the KKK must then be responsible for the murders.

    I'm just taking my valium now, operative. ;-)
    Edward R. Murrow: "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves"

    When was there ever a system of government that ever produced a satisfied electorate? Never. Is it in the nature of governments to abuse their position, while paying avid lip service to the promises that got them elected? Most definitely. This is why the lying scum are stressed out most of the while.
    Adjusts the microwave shielding...
    To me, it seems obvious that no system of government could ever make people happy, because, the elected are not allowed to care about their electorate. This is because, those who do, are weeded out and disposed of, in their early days of politics. Those who "slip through", for example, JFK+MLK+RFK (KKK!), are bumped off. It has been this way for at least one, if not, two thousand years. Things are not going to change, unless we stop voting for mainstream political parties.
    Repositions air filter because of fresh chemtrails...
    The problem all scientists have is simple. They erroneously believe that the space-time continuum is controlled by physical laws alone, and has no will or consciousness of its own.

    Science still won't explain, for example, how recipients of heart transplants, can somehow detect the heart's previous owner's life story. See Nexus Article on Cellular Memories for some recent real life studies.

    The faulty assumption that humans have made with regards science and its methods, is that everything is based upon human physical perceptions of the physical world, as external to us all, using sensory equipment based on our 5 senses. However, these senses are always (and have always been) tainted by our minds preconceptions of what we expect to see. Concluding, we will never see the universe as it is - our senses merely relay a blurry image of what's really out there, to enable us to survive as a species. Being products of what is out there, we can only ever hope to attain a very shaky estimate of how the universe works. How, then can we tamper with genes and food and ecology, before we've all agreed (globally) what is really true, and what is illusion? Science is a good modelling tool, but it can never reveal the true nature of the universe to us, until it imbues the space-time continuum with a benign consciousness. So much more can be explained, when one adopts this principle.
    As far as main political parties go, what did you expect? Right or left makes no difference - if you are in a main political party, you can no longer have the people's best wishes at heart - you are now in the charade known as "lip service" while you rip off as much from the kitty as you can, before you are found out and have to "diplomatically resign" !!! None of the main political parties will ever serve the electorate's best interests. Most mainstream politicians have no concept of what the repercussions of an action maybe in 100 years time - to them it doesn't matter because they won't be alive then. They don't even try to conjecture, due to lack of imagination. Intelligent, compassionate people cannot possibly be voting for the mainstream politicians. Therefore, there must be an absolute groundswell of ignorant, short- sighted people in the electorate. "What's new?" I hear you say. "The fact that we now realise how foolish we have been in the past.", I hasten to answer. We cannot continue to elect these fools into power any longer. If Bush doesn't care about the environment, then why do we care about him? If a politician does not have your great grandchildren's best interests at heart, why should we vote for him/her? If a politician's genitalia control his/her mind to the extent of media scandal and family disruption, then how could I trust him/her to invest billions of dollars of our taxes wisely, rather than for selfish, myopic gain?
    It amazes me how much heroism depicted in the media, is displayed by people hurting others for the cause of "good". Usually, some ridiculously portrayed "baddies" are thwarted by the violent actions of the "goodies". Psychologically, the effect must be to maintain an air of impenetrable "goodness or else" attitude amongst the people who lap this crap up. Surely, good leaders would demonstrate a different attitude to "fight or flight". One which would incorporate at least 3 nanoseconds of forethought! Violence is not self-sustaining, and that's why this crud media output is there - to maintain the constant approval for use of force. However, the media situations are ridiculous, and do not arise in real-life. Hence, the effects must be to add to a growing feeling of "defend goodness with all-out violence". After years of this barrage, asking one of these people to fight in the army becomes childsplay, despite their own reasoning telling them that it's folly to kill innocent women and children. When these people arrive on the battlefield, they quickly realise that this is not a media portrayal, and probably wish they hadn't done what they had been pressured into.

    The same will be true of the UK General Election on May 5th 2005. Everyone has been conditioned into thinking that it's a 2-horse race (Conservatives,Labour,outside chance Lib.Dems.), and thereby it becomes one. After voting for whoever, plans to scrap the multi-billion 1993 Trident missile system by both major parties, will mean higher taxes (probably stealth ones judging by election promises) for all UK residents, not least because they will deliberately botch initial projects for a new system to replace it. The reason I say this, is because it makes good sense for the government to have a way of squeezing us taxpayers dry, and the circuitous company set-ups that maintain the "perfectly fairly tendered" projects will ensure that accountability is difficult, if not impossible, to assess, once our contributions have been squandered. Meanwhile, most cabinet members are having 5 or 6 holidays a year (I can hear you say "and the rest!"). Coincidence - I don't think so. You only have to look at government project track records to see that it's true.

    The Trident subs have about 20 years left on them, and that means a mere lifespan of 32 years.

    Q. Why not have one system with a longevity of 1,000 years, and then stop building the darned things? Why must the British taxpayer be forced, through most people's ignorance, to divert ever larger amounts of their salary into making weapons to harm more innocent civilians?

    A. So that governments have "worthy" causes to tax us for. The causes have had their way "smoothed" by the mass media, so that the invisible baggage they carry (hurting innocent people in the case of "defence") is easier for the lambs to swallow. By deliberately obfuscating and multiplexing the most important and costly technological contracts, they can keep taxing us, and spend the money for their own ends, with nobody realising. People believe that paying taxes is hurting no-one, because of the psychological damage done to their reasoning by media bombardment. The religion-instilled flock-like nature of the masses, means an easy time to be had by anyone in power, no matter how hard they abuse the "system". It's really clever, and governments all around the world have been doing it for hundreds of years - duh...

    Surely, the voters must realise what they are doing by now?!? You see, even if you regard yourself as completely innocent, if you are contributing to a "war machine", you are harmful to your own species, and that is anti-survival. It degrades you at the invisible "paying taxes doesn't harm anyone" level, because it makes out that you are that stupid. With you degraded, you think nothing of doing the same to others around you.

    It looks as if the UK electorate are going to do exactly what the yanks did, and return the incumbent. Personally, I am voting Green party, if my borough has a constituent. So, I am afraid I am going to have to do this again, and ahead of schedule (it's May 2nd) :)
    Perhaps they are insane. ** Update - Yes, they're insane... **
    Soldiers have done nothing for world peace for us in the past, so why are so many held up as heroes? They have condoned violence by joining in with it. It would be a better world if the nasty, brutal people took over the world and murdered all us "sheeple". Then they would have no-one to bully but themselves, and their barren, sado-masochistic, victim mentality, existence would become all too apparent. "Sheeple" are the cause of this rotten, iniquitous global state of affairs, where billions starve daily, while fat cats pay $10,000 for a bottle of wine at lunch. Kill them off, and bullies would not prosper. However, since there are so few bullies, it may be easier to kill them all off instead, but sheeple could not do such a thing, because they believe (like all good people) that you treat others (including complete strangers) as you would treat yourself or your own family.

    To summarise, soldiers (of whatever country) are simply sadistic twits with no brains of their own - stop praising them - they aren't worth your attention. If the expenditure on "defence" by Western governments were deflected into improving global infrastructure now, we would see global improvements within 5 years, because of the vast amount of our hard-earned cash being spent on faster and better ways of killing people. To me, it's obvious. To most others, they quickly scrabble around for a way to condone spending more money on building and selling "defence" equipment around the world, and the cockamamie theories they come up with make me laugh. None of them can answer the simple point that we already have enough nukes in each developed country to blow any threat up now, so why do we need to continue spending trillions of dollars on finding more ways to kill people?
    As Westernism creeps across the face of the Earth, are Western values poised to lay the former moral high-ground to waste? Would this be a good or bad thing for the survival of the human species? You'd think that greater promiscuity would yield higher birth-rates, but, instead, lowering of one's estimation for fellow species members is what occurs, and this leads to clever ways being found to circumvent commitment and long-term loyalties, for example, the invention and mass, global adoption of contraceptives. The modern world runs counter to good survival techniques for the species, despite providing short-sighted security for the individual. It looks like man is being forced to live in such a way as to kill himself off, or, at the very least, greatly reduce his numbers.
    Once you're happy with the idea of your consciousness being who you are, and how it is instantly connected to all time and space in this benign universe, you stop being just another member of the human race, and become a member of all species both animate and inanimate. It then becomes easy to see how unenlightened people are hung up on being "human" and erroneously employ thought structures to advance the case that humans are the most advanced species on the planet. Other species just laugh at such people. Just look at this picture I took at the Natural History museum in London, England, which compares the size of the cerebral cortex (believed to be the seat of consciousness) of a whale and a man :-

    All members of the Order Cetacea (includes all whales, toothed and those using baleen) are believed to have evolved from terrestrial hoofed mammals like cows, camels and sheep some 45 million years ago - that's about 44.75 million years before modern humans appeared (mitochondrial DNA regression yields an age for the homo sapiens sapiens species at a mere 250,000 years). Human society and development must be just a "flash in the pan" to them. Their society and development is simply unfathomable to us. The enlightened amongst us may speculate what it might be like as a whale - phenomenal intelligence, communicative powers and range of "mental reach" underwater, must make for a much richer existence than humans are fooling themselves with currently. Humans excuse their slaughter of superior creatures by the yardstick "Because we physically can do it, then we will do it, especially if there's money involved." A whaler excuses his acts with internal dialog such as, "Well, God hasn't punished me yet, so I am not doing anything wrong." The yardstick is at fault because it only takes into account 2 factors - physical ability to accomplish the task, and fiscal remuneration. Compassionate consideration to the repercussions of the act should also be used to gauge whether the act should take place or not, and its sway override the other 2 factors.
    In a reply to the assertion that the tsunami was another NWO-staged event :-
    We all know the conspiracy theories behind the NWO thing, but shouldn't we be aware enough by now, to sidestep robotised citizenship, when enforced by governments? After all, we chose to put these "leaders" in their current positions of power, based on tradition and historical procedure. We, the new generation, should abandon a lot of the traditions that are holding us back from becoming a technological global community, with infrastructure aliens would balk at! We should be shining with ambition and bright ideas, with anyone willing to help in the implementation. All this through proper philosophical education (Krishnamurti schools are well run), and a freedom to enjoy all things natural.

    As far as the tsunami is concerned, I am more inclined to believe that it was the "alive and conscious" nature of the planet who wanted to show us how insignificant 9-11 was. That is, we now have a new leader for the most recent large-scale loss of human life. I think even the NWO were surprised (and devastated) when this happened. People will now look to governments for protection from natural elements, as more important a current agenda than terrorist threats (probably a close second though). This will inflict pressure on corporations to spend their profits on improving the world's infrastructure, while governments everywhere will go into debt to fund paying them. Tsunami equals globally-rising inflation rates. We will all end up with shoddy, sub-standard, cheap, concrete, lip-service contracts as usual, and, as taxpayers, go on paying for it out of our wages forever, and electing the fools who "couldn't be bothered" to do a decent enough job in the first place. I mean, have you ever heard of a large-scale government IT project going well? No, me neither.
    An alien's point of view :-
    I think it's about time mankind woke up. Their pretence of controlling nature is a joke when things like the recent tsunami happen, and yet they could deflect all their current defence spending into building a technopolis-type infrastructure, employing the best brains in the world through the internet, and end up creating something their children's children would be proud to inherit and live in, and that would be resilient to most of what nature could throw at it. No wonder the youth of today are disillusioned with the pathetic trumpeting of their appointed leaders - all mouth and no action - when there's money, talent, and resources to create future-proof social infrastructure now.
    Q. Who set the agenda for moral and ethical debating issues in this society?
    A. Politicians.
    Q. Who usually have the lowest moral and ethical standards in this society?
    A. Politicians.
    The US Government is itching to slim down its own population (as well as others elsewhere) for financial and economic reasons (the super-elite would get much richer, and the poor would not notice that there were so few of themselves left and yet enjoy the same poverty they were used to). Consequently, a lot of the "mistakes" that the government makes, are in fact "deliberate oversights", especially if they threaten the existence of the poor.

    US voters should hurry up, and vote these Republican/Democrat charlatans out of power, and put an Independent in, or perhaps they are really that intent on letting satanic, childish idiots continue to run the show for another few centuries. Perhaps they are masochists. Perhaps they are insane. ** Update - Yes, they're insane... **
    I just wrote this acrostic about rambling :-

    Rambling through the countryside,
    Around the British Isles.
    Miraculous sights, smells and sounds
    Beg me to stay awhile.
    Lovely streams and weird, wild woods.
    Immense sweeps of wheat where meadows stood.
    Now I know I have found paradise,
    Growing lush and verdant into the skies.
    In terms of voting practices, I doubt the Greens would poopoo Kyoto, worry about shareholders too much, or do anything to dig up Alaska and the Antarctic for more oil, which is running out now. They would probably use hemp for our paper, rather than felling more valuable rainforest trees. And so on...

    If all major parties lose a democratic general election to someone like the Greens, then :-
    1. They are no longer in power - therefore it matters to them and they will care.
    2. They might learn that ethics and morals are not just something you occasionally pay lip service to. Currently, they don't know, or are deliberately evasive, when it comes to these issues. I would rather have someone who upholds good family values, than someone who's out on the town every night, getting drugged and laid (ie. idealising the hedonistic self).
    Compassionate future building is where the heads of politicians should be at - not on how to pass as much current through the pleasure centre of your brain, and never mind the consequences to anyone else's feelings and lives, as you do it.
    Most of the Jihad-obsessed Muslim clerics do not represent the majority of Muslim people, who want to see a peaceful co-existence with all other faiths (or lack of) around the world. Ask the Muslim person in the street, and you'll see their objectives are similar to everyone else's - set up a secure home and breed. Ask the Jewish person in the street, and you'll see their objectives are similar to everyone else's - set up a secure home and breed. It is the politicians who are angling for a scrap, not the people they are supposed to represent. In our heart of hearts, we all know that any fear or hate we feel towards strangers or foreigners, is only conditioned propaganda, since we all know to judge each man individually, and not to make or believe sweeping generalisations. For the first time in years, politicians know the populace is becoming savvy to their tricks and foibles.
    We, in democratic countries, have no control over what our leaders do - 2,000,000 protesters (1 in 30 of every UK man, woman and child) took to the streets in the UK to protest the Iraqi invasion on a working/school day, but it did not stop it.
    Do not judge a country's people by the media coverage of that country in your country. Everyone seems apt at misrepresenting everyone else, until they get pre-conceived attitudes out of their heads.
    Where the West is going wrong is in assuming that they have become "martyrs" of the free world. They think they can go into a country and "free" it, when Iraq and Afghanistan both prove they only clutter it with corpses and nuclear fallout, and leave political turmoil. It is up to the populace of a country, to overthrow its own tyrannical government.
    People who endorse the Iraqi invasion, agree that Donald Rumsfeld is a far more responsible person to look after the deployment of WMD, than, say, Saddam Hussein.

    These same people also believe this is true the world over (for every country in the world), unless the country is already a developed "democratic" society, in which case, they'll probably have their own version of Rumsfeld looking after them (the mind boggles!).

    Now, if Rumsfeld has an alternative agenda that he keeps out of the public eye, which involves the acquisition of heaps of money, with scant regard to the safety of any citizens, then this trust in his judgement is misplaced, and we are all in very deep doo-doo. But, if he is a good man, with a strong family, and good moral values, then everything should be fine.

    However, call me cynical or pessimistic, but I really doubt that Rumsfeld is in this for anything except the money. What we are being asked to do, is to make a judgement call on who is the "nicer" person - Saddam (or whoever) or Rumsfeld. Now you can see how ridiculous this all is. We should get rid of the world's nukes and get on with building a future our kids all around the world, would be proud to inherit, not one full of fear and paranoia!
    The NWO agenda is to produce a sub-class which have "freedom", but no facilities with which to exercise this freedom. It is already a piss-poor world when :-
  • Someone has already chopped your life up into 7-day cycles, like it or lump it.
  • You have to gear your life to the acquisition of money, or starve to death.
  • Your soul's natural ethics have to be put aside in order to continue to survive.
    Humans are the only species that will murder members of their own species, because of handed-down ideas in their heads.
    The biggest problem in society is that it is alcohol-centric. On any given late night or weekend, count the proportion of alcohol-related accidents to sober ones. Look at what alcohol does to the delicate emotional fabric of family units. Look at how it is portrayed in the media - the liquid of celebration (not hangovers), the safest form of recreational drug use (they have got to be joking), and, globally, the only legal drug apart from nicotine (just as bad). It costs 2 pence to make a pint of lager, and they charge drinkers over 100 times that in the UK for it. A massive alcohol boycott is called for. I have been teetotal for many years now, and I can only report renewed physical and emotional well-being.
    We should be wild in the mind, but considered in action. Humans are the opposite.
    There has been a 50% increase in leukaemia in children under 5 since 1950. Some are now speculating that either phone masts, radio and TV transmissions, or nuclear power as the cause.

    There is evidence that melatonin production, which occurs when it is pitch dark at night in your brain, is inhibited by microwave radiation, such as that given off by mobile phone masts. Putting 2 and 2 together, we get increased cancer-related diseases as more and more masts come into play. Now 3G technology and Tetra roll-outs threaten to increase the mast density in all areas of the UK. Shouldn't mobile phone businesses back off a bit until we know what the dangers really are?

    Either the CND or GreenPeace did a study of leukaemia incidence around nuclear power plants, here in the UK about 20 years ago now. The results were shocking, in that there was visible correlation between proximity to the Nuclear Power Plant and numbers of leukaemia sufferers. These results were also swiftly buried, and totally ignored by the media. I only saw the report 'cos my sister was a member of CND at the time.

    Even when incontrovertible evidence is presented to try to prevent a government project going ahead, they will still go ahead with it. They simply won't be advised by anyone who doesn't subscribe to their blinkered approach to scientific fact! Consequently, I don't give a stuff whether mobile phone technology or TV and Radio transmission technology are health risks - even if you proved that they were for yourself beyond any reasonable doubt, anyone towing the associated business interests' rationale will ignore your findings, even to the point of childish and automatic gainsay of any facts you may have uncovered.

    Anyone in government or big business, is only there because they have demonstrated a willingness to bury their heads in the sand whenever their power or business interests are threatened. There are no "big players" in the world with consciences. Not even the pope!
    I have found that life is always a balance of 2 extremes. "Normal" existence means staying in the middle as much as possible, like a Liberal candidate on political issues. "Intense" existence is usually associated with staying at one of the extremes, and usually the "bad" one. "Balanced" existence means appreciating the full extent of both extremes, and using your instincts to navigate between them, since there are no hard and fast rules about where one should be in any given situation. Sometimes you'll get it wrong, and sometimes you'll get it right, but, hey, at least you're really living. "Normal" people are manifestly righteous, because, from their point of view, nothing is worth getting worked up about (no extreme is worth visiting personally), and "intensifying" to any situation is regarded as a foolish and embarrassing thing to do. Governments like "normal" people. Governments consist of "Intense" people. Governments feel threatened by "Balanced" people.
    "What gets me is that Satanism is not exactly a popular recreational activity, so how come all of our elected representatives are somehow connected to the activity?"

    Aye, Scotty, that truly is the rub. Let me just put that one to you again, in case you didn't get it the first time :-

    "What gets me is that Satanism is not exactly a popular recreational activity, so how come all of our elected representatives are somehow connected to the activity?"

    Personally, I don't know anyone who is a satanist, and I should imagine they keep themselves to themselves, much like paedophiles. But, I certainly wouldn't vote for any of them to represent me in a democracy. So, why are you going to, my American friends?

    Aye, Scotty, that truly is the rub.
    It looks like the joke's on us if we go ahead with genetically engineering ourselves.
    If the government do not have the right to dictate how you treat your body (sexually, anything goes in the Western World), why then interfere with what recreational drugs you're allowed to take? This is hypocrisy in its simplest form.
    I agree with you on the issue of "Do we really need phones that take crap quality pictures?". In fact, where, in the past, new technologies have been introduced to the UK, there are always better products in Japan and the States.

    In terms of a phone taking pictures and videos, there seems to be an inherent danger that perverts will use them for nefarious purposes. So it seems that an alternative agenda is on the cards here. Let me speculate somewhat - the police state is nearing (fascism is always preceded by removal of private firearms - look at history), and with mobile phones ubiquitous, pictorial evidence presented by an informer will be fairly hard to counter in court - imagine a kid videoed spray-canning a wall with anti-government slogans, or rolling a nice spliff and smoking it. Nowadays, such small misdemeanours would just be warned off, but given time, we will see any anti-government behaviour severely punished, to set an example to any other would- bes.

    The other issue is the frequencies chosen to carry the mobile phone signals. Was it any accident that they specifically match our biochemistry's natural signals? We are not just lumps of flesh and bone, but complex and highly-attuned bio-electrical organisms in a sea of natural resonances, such as Schumann's, which we evolved into. Why then choose mobile phone frequencies that interfere with our natural bio-electrical signals, causing sleeping pattern disturbances (melatonin-related and very, very common indeed now) and immune system deficiency related problems (cancer, leukaemia, motor neurone disease etc.)?

    From the little I know, and the corroboration provided by recent events, I can safely state that it is in Western government's interests to keep their population numbers under tight, restrictive control. Along with many other methods, phone masts are just one way they keep us unhealthy, and spiritually crippled. They are utter, fucking bastards, and deserve to die slow, lingering, painful deaths. For more information on this topic, see here.

    I noticed that lots of "Synthetic Telepathy" sites are no longer working on the Internet. Is this the start of internet censure? Also, check out Eleanor White's raven stuff.
    Abortion should be available for emergencies, but it should be educated into people that it is not a very nice thing to do, murdering the life inside you. It should also be pointed out that there is a risk of rendering yourself infertile with the procedure. What we have currently is sex education telling everyone that sexual practice is what is expected of them (or the teachers wouldn't have to stand at the front of the class embarrassing themselves in front of 6-year olds, trying to explain what a willy is for). Check out Judith Reisman's papers - this "sex education" leads to higher teenage pregnancy rates, and hence increases the demand for abortions. We all know that sex is pleasurable, but we should be stressing that its primary use is to procreate, not just have a bit of fun. There is no perfect contraceptive. Hence, the man and woman involved should be able to handle the responsibility of a potential lifeform being created by their act. If not, they shouldn't be doing it. It really is that simple.
    Let's regain a more balanced and compassionate lifestyle. Now would be a good time, I keep hearing.
    We have a situation in most democratic societies around the world where, appearance is more important than content (goods, people, software ...). Surely, the optimum solution would be to find the "middle path" that lies between blinkered self-obsession and whole-hearted altruism.
    Capitalism - a method of inducing people to believe that fulfillment comes from the acquisition of certain goods, and that everyone has the right to own what they like and defend it with (police) force.
    Do you get the feeling that there is a slowly-growing enlightened consciousness, and certain people are mouthpieces for it? Or do you feel that if we were all as individual as we're supposed to be in God's eyes, then nature would do the rest for us? All I know is that our lives in this sham known as "society" will always be a waste of time, unless you can stand outside of yourself and see the myriad of other possibilities for existence upon this ball of rock in space. For example, how many people on their deathbeds ask the simple question, "Who the heck thought of dividing my life into 7-day cyclical periods? Where did they get the number 7 from?". It's not that many, you know. Or, "Who the heck decided that 3 meals a day at these particular times, is the correct way to eat?". Or, "Why is it that people cannot see clothes for what they are - pieces of cloth to keep them warm. Who cares what they look like, or if a small ketchup stain has appeared?!?". Or, "Why did I let some demonic (Skull and Bone) morons tell me what to do all my life long? They gave me the choice 'Work or Starve to death'. And I chose work. If only my instinct for survival was not so strong...". These lives we humans lead globally are a facade of acquiescence to short-sighted brute force set in stone by people far less intelligent than ourselves, and far less relevant than the current crop of humanity to current times. So, why do we persist in maintaining this system founded by humans who historically (and currently) demonstrate the most brutal and evil side of human nature? Surely, we should replace these people with wise and compassionate humans from the cream of all walks of life planet-wide. But the brutal currently protect themselves with force hardened by technology. And the majority of sheeple would rather have brutal force hanging over their heads, than compassionate interest, because they "think" it makes them feel safer - basically (more) "violence" equals (more) "safety" (now that's what I call 'deluded'). It seems the majority of humans simply aren't deconditioned enough to "see it any other way" - Swell Maps.

    "Rip it up and start again" - Orange Juice
    So, it looks as if the yanks have got some pretty amazing weapons in their modern, technological arsenal nowadays. Judging by the way the United Kingdom rolled over submissively to America's Middle East posturing, and the way Iran stopped causing trouble for the yanks shortly after a fairly catastrophic earthquake (a demonstration of the US's new-found powers), I should imagine loads of governments around the world are being "educated" in what the States can do to you if you don't cooperate with them. That's the same as using technologically- backed bully boy tactics to run the world, irrespective of a country's hopes and aspirations. This, from a country whose recent political past is a shame-faced shambles. The murders of JFK and brother Bobby, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and then the strongly-opposed Vietnam war. And, just like Iraq, they don't learn from their mistakes, because they never openly regarded Vietnam (or Iraq) as a mistake. Covertly, it seems they want to subvert happiness globally, for purely evil reasons. Power and control are all that these monsters care about, despite love proving time and time again that it is the ultimate force. Sit tight - it's gonna get real rough, as these losers end up killing each other off. Don't get caught in the crossfire!
    To listen to the media about cannabis, you would think it was one of the few plants that God must have made wrong, because, in the 21st century, it is being tested for in US offices, and, despite no solid evidence to indicate any harm from cannabis, it is stigmatised in every country in the world. The amount of money that could be made by destigmatising it is vast, but the governments would rather use money to enforce its ban. Madness! Just to think, only a hundred years ago, it was used for virtually all navy ships' sails.
    Why do governments want to spend our tax money on building yet more nuclear weapons and spend money researching even more ways of harming people and protecting them from harm in the name of "defence"? It's always the Yanks and the Brits selling arms to poorer countries (the perpetrators' intentions to acquire more money with high lending rates to these countries) and then going in with troops, because they are now deemed "dangerous" or a "threat". Then some CIA black operation with bombs, masquerades as a XXXXX (country that is dangerous) terrorist incident in the media, and everyone laps it up and emotionally point the way the capitalist governments' wind is blowing (greed and destruction direction) even though it hurts ...
    People are using words to shape reality instead of using reality to shape words.
    Without realising it, the average socially-conditioned human
  • is only out for immediate visceral pleasure, and actively opposes spiritual pleasure or enlightenment.
  • is in a constant state of analysing other people's lives/thoughts/actions, rather than advancing their own.
  • is the most ill-intentioned creature on this planet. Never does he want to better someone else's lot - only his own.
  • feels it is his duty to disrupt anything good at all, under the misunderstanding that if it can't be interrupted, then there is something wrong with it.
  • goes around constantly trying to "preempt" any goodness left in mankind, under the disavowing pretence that he doesn't matter to anyone or anything, and therefore, should be ignored all the while, despite constantly sticking his nose into other people's business, for fear of any of mankind's natural goodness.
  • mentally sound like a record stuck in a continuously repeating groove - no wonder he has such an unfulfilled life.
    Humans are the least able species to cope with power, but they are the most power-hungry species too.
    I'm not being deliberately awkward, when you say perceive me to be something or other, and I vehemently disagree, whatever the perception. No, you see, it's the law of quantum mechanics - if you observe something and fit that observation into some kind of mental framework, you have already changed what you observed, and you are no longer correct in your observation. Hence, I cannot be retrofitted into anyone's mental framework, not even my own. I gave up theorising on such matters many years ago - now, I'm just waiting for everyone else to give up too. Boy, do they look frantic as I sidestep every perceived notion they conjecture, even the most "obvious" ones. It took me a lot of courage to throw off the semantic labelling of situations I may encounter, and people resent not being able to pin me down to a cliched sentence or two. My freedom is their despair.
    Why am I being punished for knowing what's on other people's minds? I mean, you would have thought that greater compassion led to greater respect, but the opposite is true of the human race today. The more thick-skinned and ignorant you are of other people's thoughts, the more you are admired and revered. This is typical of the madness of modern society, where common sense tells you what ought to be true, when the complete opposite is the social reality. Another example is justice, where the most fastidious advocates of law and order, are just the people to bribe and corrupt their way out of trouble, and the most esteemed social figures (football players for example) are the first to be "let off" from the normal courses of law enforcement whatever their crimes (rape, or racist GBH, for example). This presents a moral paradox for the average man in the street, who is told to abide by the rules, or punishments await. He is then bombarded by media reports of people in high places getting away with "murder". It's a bit of a mixed message if you ask me!!!

    People consequently seem to deliberately entertain disruptive and harmful ideas in their heads so that it is detrimental to someone else "reading" their thoughts - a crazy form of paranoia. What is daft is that maiming natural thought processes for purely consciously-controlled, paranoia-fuelled ones, actually harms the thinker more than any prospective reader. It's like a self-inflicted form of brain damage - really, really stupid. But then, these are the kind of idiots who simply proclaim "ignorance is bliss". What a bunch of twats!
    Everyone has a spiritual centre which processes and judges sensory inputs from the outside world. It works automatically and is your true self. It is not a material thing, and don't ever betray it for material things. It always knows right from wrong, and you always know how it has judged a situation, even if your brain chooses to ignore its judgement. Nothing can ever change your spiritual centre - it is the same when you die, as when you were born.
    Cannabis News' article entitled "The Government's War on Children" where armed police storm a U.S. school and pin young children to the floor while looking for drugs, and the prospect of random drug tests in American schools for any student (not just those in sports), made me think that Alex Jones may well be interested in this news article. If this continues, parents will remove their children from schools nationwide and educate them at home. I know I would, and sod the consequences - I would even go to prison for refusing to send my kids to a place which is ritually stormed by armed sadists known as "the police" or "the home guard". If one took things to their natural conclusion, we would end up with a world where every man and beast is electronically implanted at birth with a GPS and code number chip. Also, at birth, every man and beast would have a DNA profile done which would be stored on a globally-accessible central computer. With these 2 measures in place, no crime could be committed since the scene could be tested for DNA, and your whereabouts at any given date and time would be stored on the GPS system database. False alibis would fail. Even politicians would be caught if they murdered anyone - and that is possibly why all governments have fallen short of implementing this solution to world crime. Imagine, if you will, Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden trying to hide anywhere with these measures in place. GPS would locate them, and a satellite would zap them where they stood - no need for an invasion! The programmers of the GPS and DNA databases would become the kings of the world, incriminating anyone who got in their way, including politicians. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a more corrupt world than we've got at the moment - something I thought couldn't be possible. Planting of DNA samples would be easy - just get someone's hair from a comb they have used, and drop it off at the scene of the crime, and then doctor the GPS database records using the bribable "kings" - hey presto, fit up! Nice to know that mankind's wonderful expertise in technology are being used for good effect. (Not)
    It is now official to those of us in the know (cognoscenti) that GW Bush and the CIA murdered 2,800 of their own citizens, in order to be able to throw away people's rights to freedom of choice around the world. If the cognoscenti are a minority, then the sheeple are in deeper shit than they ever thought possible ALREADY. EM devices now exist which will target subversives, like me, and send us mad, suicidal, or to an early grave. It's a mystery to me as to why more is spent on researching technology to do harm to people (even covertly), rather than do good for the world. What a piece of piss world to be born into - no wonder kids nowadays have run riot when it comes to discipline.
    Talk about disinformation on a global scale - from an article by Dr. Judith Reisman, according to Surgeon General Satcher's June 2001 report on sexual health, "Of eight STDs - HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Chancroid, Trichomoniasis, genital herpes, and HPV - examined by the panel, condoms were not found to provide universal protection against any." and "human papilloma virus (HPV) is responsible for 93 percent of cervical cancer cases". Crikey, what a merry tale we have been spun.
    Here is proof that racism is endemic to society as we know it :-
    1) Success in society is measured by one's wealth.
    2) On the whole, most wealthy people in this society are white Caucasians.
    3) On the whole, all other races are poverty-stricken.
    Therefore, structurally, society favours white Caucasians.
    We're born into a society we cannot change, and yet it is our responsibility to defend the ecosystem from the harm society inflicts. That's ridiculous - we have to change society.
    Now, they're using the neurotic Yanks to try to sort out the Middle East problem... oy, oy, oy, have they gone meshuggah or something ? The Yanks don't live in the Middle East, so what right have they got to install "more democratic" governments over there ? Is it that they think their baby country, Israel, should be bowed down to by all other countries, so that they can topple the other Middle East countries to their way of thinking ?
    Humans are taught from an early age how to interact with whatever is outside of them. However, as I stated before on the opinions page, what we perceive outside of ourselves is tainted by our biochemistry, so what we are doing is discovering ourselves. As you grow older, you realise that your actions and decisions affect others around you, and you feel more and more plugged into your position in the hierarchy of society. What you should be learning, however, is that all things are connected in the quantum universe, and everything affects everything else. But this society likes to preserve the childish notions of individual separation, and no one grows up. One is taught that it is adult to accept the frustrations and pointlessness of life with this "normal" separatist mindset, when maturity should bring with it wisdom, caring and happiness. This is why we are now losing the feeling of community and responsibility in the paranoid large cities. The solution is to let children discover for themselves, with a bit of guidance, how their mental and physical attitudes affect their perceptions of the universe around them. This degree of freedom is seldom instituted amongst the young, who are forced to suffer our rigid designs and ideas, irrespective of the suffering they cause, and grow up to accept them, or be ostracised, marginalised and stigmatised.

    The truth about our pissy skies - Chemtrails (MP4 58.8MB)

    Hopi Prophecy : "Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky." Now look at the chemtrails in the normally clear blue skies. These seem to consist of aluminium and barium salts, plus man-made fibrils that can cause skin and lung irritation.

    I live in London, and despite the orange glow commonly known as "the dead of night", I took a flashlight into the back garden and shone it straight up into the night sky, after a day of heavy chemtrail spraying over our house. Hey presto, twinkle, twinkle little bits in the air! I managed to film some of these twinkles, even though I was using a simple torch, and not one of these super-powered lamps that really show them up. I am gob-smacked that we are in a constant "pea-souper" of plastic fibrils containing as yet unknown substances. Get an 18 inch UV "black" light, and shine it on your clothes after a day out. Everywhere you will find strange fibrils about one third the diameter of a human hair. They seem to be designed to hook onto clothes and skin, fluoresce different colours, and small spheres of an as yet unknown substance are attached periodically along their lengths.

    And those planes are out every day, and seem to deliberately concentrate their efforts where people are gathering underneath them. In the UK, they seem to like spraying shopping centres. Check out what happened at a recent Canadian SARS gig.
    The group or race of people who do the most loving, produce the most children, and their ways are handed down. The increased numbers are good for survival, and the act of trying to create new life with someone you know and love is good for relieving psychological stress. Westerners do not do much of this kind of serious, baby-producing loving, because they are too busy trying to make numbers bigger (money), so they end up infecting the more loving, family-based peoples of the world with their carefully-researched viruses and bacteria in order to equalise the racial birth rates, or, as in the case of AIDS in Africa, tilt the balance totally their way. One theory is that nearly all human beings carry the HIV virus, and that the AZT treatment for AIDS is a death sentence for human biochemistry, in that AZT inhibits one of the four amino acid bases (thiamine) from working properly. Basically, AZT cripples the RNA/DNA mechanisms from working properly, causing inevitable death after a couple of years "treatment". Then again, Boyd Graves alleges that the HIV/AIDS virus, and an antidote, were created inside a formerly secret federal virus development program called the U.S. Special Virus Program. If this is such an outlandish claim, then read what has happened to him since bringing this case to court. A simple HIV test on all people would determine which of these is true. If nearly everyone is positive, then HIV/AIDS is a scare tactic used by the elite to control the population levels of certain races. Otherwise, Boyd's work needs further investigation. Either way, there is definitely a covert population control program going on.
    Anyone who believes in time travel, simply has not understood the nature of time. You cannot physically travel in time, much as you cannot physically teleport. That's why Montauk is a load of crap. Spiritually, however, you can do anything your imagination is able to do. Therein lies a human being's freedom, and not enough is being done to train the youth of today in the use and cultivation of imaginative techniques. In fact, just the opposite is happening, in that imagination is usually suppressed in favour of TV, alcohol, and consumerism.
    The new flash mob phenomenon made me think that a large gathering of people in a public place which is done for fun or uplifting purposes, is now totally illegal in the UK and most states in the US, because of fears of violent uprising or coup-like activity. The fault is in the authorities who do not deploy sufficiently well-funded technology to detect terrorists, not in the constitutional rights of peace-loving, fun-making masses. Again, governments ensure that the masses suffer because of a few nasty individuals, who are usually employed by the governments to cause trouble, and hence the apparent necessity for these new, freedom-curbing laws. Ultimately, governments gain significant controls over their populaces at the cost of fundamental human rights. Huh! Time to drop out of this sham.
    Eladio shoves the sharpened metal tube into his arm and the UK receives its daily afternoon mental health injection - so they can continue to ignore the totally natural telepathic and empathic skills everyone has, and continue to be deliberately ignorant in a vain attempt at escaping the pain, and the fear of appearing rude, that come with adopting a mind-blind attitude.
    What the brain-damaged Britons (BDBs) call "The Pressure" goes something like this :-

    "Because you are biochemically almost indistinguishable from any other human, you should lose your individuality to the great human mush, that is the current mainstay of humankind. You can have a brief say, but nothing earth-shattering, for you will always return to the diseased mish-mash called humanity, after all is said and done. Ultimately, there is no escape from the fact that we are all one species, and must always, at the end of the day, settle back to our anonymous and powerless lives, along with all the other humans. We are all jokes at the end of the day, just bags of flesh and bone, weak, ineffectual, stupid, inert, worthless save for immediate family concerns. Anyone found having a differing view of humankind's ultimately worthless and pointless stance, will be sucked into this inevitable conclusion, and become amorphous like the rest of us, or face ostracism and rebuke from all your fellow creatures. Unless you accept your puny status, we will block you and impede you in every way we can - you see, we have no lives of our own any more - once you accept the unescapable tragic fate of any individual's existence on this planet, there is nothing left to do, but obstruct those who think that there may be a beautiful purpose to human existence or that their lives are meaningful."

    All I can think of saying is, "Fuck you all, then, you negative, bitter, self-effacing morons.".

    Pressurised comments :-
  • "I am a consumer - my needs are manufactured."
  • "Society owes us our security."
    The reason I hate most humans is that they are mostly preoccupied with what socially defines them, and resent people who aren't affected too much by what society surrounds them (who are truer to their nature, so to speak). The only people who should shape your behaviour are your immediate family (those you have to live with) - however most humans regard their families as the consequenceless brunt of their bullishness, and strangers as the people who they must be polite to. Arse about face, if you ask me!
    From defunct link :-

    ... we are being acclimated to believe that, if we have nothing to hide, privacy is no big deal ...


    ... if other people's money and health are compromised by someone's private behaviour, then we are told that a person's bodily functions are everybody's business ...

    EQUALS society's current conclusion :-

    ... therefore, nobody has a right to privacy (even bodily functions) unless they've got something to hide, in which case, their lives will be pried wide open ...

    We will simply end up with a society full of conformist morons, and whistle-blowers for extraordinaries, with a miniscule number of corrupt humans controlling the whole shebang.
    Institutions of any longevity and wherewithal usually end up with a rotten controlling element. This is because the majority of humans feel a special thrill when doing something clandestine and corrupt, when other people doing the same thing, are there to cover it up if needs be. This is reinforced by things like supplying drugs and sex to those who agree to the support and continuation of such malodorous practices. Anyone countering the circle of depravity thus formed, is usually treated extremely cruelly, and sometimes even surreptitiously murdered, if the institution is old and important enough. I have yet to find an exception to this rule. Name any institution of age and repute, and I will show you how its inner corruption is protected by intentionally actionless lip service, and if needs be, force. Try these - The Jockey Club, The Police, The Judiciary, The Government, The UN, The Central Arbitration Committee ... The only reason any of these has to be so staid and inert to the constantly buffeting forces of change, and so cold and unapproachable, is simply to preserve their inner rotten cores. All institutions should be open to all public scrutiny.
    Perhaps, because Westerners have hoarded all the wealth of the earth over to their side of the world, they expect everyone living in this brutally-created luxury to be smiling and glad. Those who choose melancholy are regarded as ungrateful threats to their unfair system.
    The situation is such that we now have under way, the most horrific travesty of people's individuality and ability to freely think for themselves. To list but a few examples :-
    1. The electromagnetic cage that is currently being erected around everyone's heads. If you do not want a mobile phone, you are still subjected to irradiation from ubiquitous phone masts. Pylons, TV and radio transmitters, underground electricity cabling and the like pervade modern society. There is now some evidence that melatonin release is inhibited by phone mast emanations, and this neurotransmitter is important in sleep and dreaming. People who do not sleep properly, are much easier to control and much more zombie-like. Some people can now sleep only if they have drunk enough alcohol to knock themselves into a stupor. There is also evidence that EM radiation interferes with the body's natural electromagnetic biomechanisms, right down to cellular and DNA levels. The ionosphere naturally radiates a very low frequency electromagnetic wave called Schumann's resonance. Without this particular waveform, the body's functions start to break down. That's why NASA build in Schumann's resonance generators to their manned space missions. With all the EM interference that abounds here, the body's immune systems and cell reparation functions become compromised, since they naturally try to oppose resonances that they are not naturally attuned to. That's why, today, there are loads of new immune deficient disorders, recurrent colds and flu, and localised outbreaks of leukaemia and cancer. In the UK, the NRPB only sets limits for the heating effect of microwaves out in the open air, not these invisible resonant effects to our sensitive and finely attuned electromagnetic biosystems.

    2. The constant chemical attack of people's sensitive biochemistry through the use of chem-trails. The above picture was taken December 2003 over my back garden. You cannot go outside nowadays on a clear day and NOT see chem-trails in the sky over urbanised areas. They even spray behind the clouds in Winter. It's getting so embarrassing for the authorities now, that they are loath to show pictures of recent clear skies on mainstream media. A subtle conditioning is beginning to occur which depicts streaky blue skies in advertising (for example the recent BT subsidiary O2 telecoms' advert here in the UK). The debilitating ill-feeling that you get, renders you incapable of standing up and fighting for your rights or thinking for yourself.
    3. Secret weapons used to harass subversives with synthetic telepathy . A good deal of research has been done since the 70s to achieve complete control over people's thoughts and thinking processes. Anyone strong enough not to be silenced by the two techniques described above (phone masts and chem-trails), and who can successfully communicate the fears and observations all rational loving humans should be entertaining currently, is stigmatised and marginalised through the use of electromagnetic devices used to induce and read speech and thoughts directly into and from the brain. Experiments were initially done with prisoners, loners and extremely ill hospital patients, and are still going on with these walks of life. However, diversification is now happening, and subversives are beginning to be targeted.
    4. The concentration camps that have been set up all over the USA by FEMA, and are now starting to trickle into the UK - one is being built in Highgate, London right now :-

      We are told that these are for terrorists - bloody hell, they're expecting rather a lot of them! This all smacks of a fascist dictatorship.
    5. Mass sheep-like slavishness will be globally instilled using systems like HAARP, and the Russian-developed psychotronic weapons that use cyclotrons.
    6. Nanobot technology is being developed to such a refined level, that chipping everyone could be accomplished through inoculations (MMR is still being forced down people's throats despite the fact that measles and mumps never did me any harm when I contracted them at school 30 years ago, and the known risks with the vaccine in terms of autism), or via airborne nanobots being inhaled.
    All of the above can be easily and verifiably exposed. The pundits of free speech, like you and me, will be rounded up and bumped off when the NWO technologies, plans and equipment are all in place. I think I'm gonna run before we get to that stage though!
    Interpretation is the key to everything. Only your intelligence limits the skill of your interpretations. You can be happier if you are cleverer.
    There does not exist separately the subconscious and conscious mind. The mind is all one thing, whether it is aware of something or not. The terms conscious and subconscious are labels for the purpose of dividing something that cannot actually be separated. I never think of myself as having conscious and unconscious bits of my mind - it is all one thing. When I dream at night, I am still doing it with all of my mind. This labelling system was devised by psychologists to relegate the most important intermeshed two thirds of our brain into some murky, unknown, and unfathomable mess, that is not important or useful, save for dreaming.
    A being cannot be alive unless it shares part of its perception instantaneously with at least one other member of its own species. This is because of the quantum connectivity of the universe. Solitary perception of existence is non-existent and non-existence.
    The ancient Sumerian tablets fit a lot of factual anomalies into place, concerning mankind's development on this planet Earth, especially as for the nature of our creators, the Annunaki. However, I do feel that the Planet X they are supposed to hail from, leaves a lot to be desired as a planet that could be regarded as habitable by any life form. As part of a binary star arrangement with an orbit term of 3,600 years, they are gonna freeze to death for most of the orbit. How do you explain that? Did they evolve on another planet and somehow transfer to Nibiru? It strikes me as impossible to imagine anything evolving on Nibiru itself. So where did the Annunaki come from? Were they "engineered" too? And by whom? Perhaps it's all in our minds, including the illusion of the DNA molecule! I mean, no one can see such a thing with their own eyes, without using some view-distorting contraption such as a microscope. Remember, a quantum chemistry brain in a quantum universe, using self-made equipment, with the quantum effects of observation changing what we end up observing, expecting that equipment to render something meaningful? It's unheard of! I mean, when it comes down to it, who the hell do we think we are, with our deliberately limited brains, to conjecture at all accurately what the universe really is? We are like blind rats flailing around in a sea of love energy, trying to understand it all through crippled eyes of hate and ingratitude. When we take a substance such as DMT and see what we're missing, we may as well kiss goodbye to any non-drugged state revealing anything about this universe to us! But then again, we have made such drugs globally illegal. Darn it! We really know how to fuck up a great party.
    Many complain of the lack of any real hard evidence for UFO existence. However, you cannot refute the evidence of your own senses. OK, I don't have video evidence of my own experiences, but that hardly counts when one episode was corroborated by a colleague. I have had all sorts of experiences.

    When I was just 6 years old, I was in the backyard with my friend at his house, about to go inside the house via the backdoor, when I heard a deafening "noise". I whirled around to stand transfixed for 60 seconds as a strange barbell-like object rolled through the sky. I put "noise" in inverted commas, because it was very weird, like a pressure in the brain, and overwhelmingly powerful. I was completely speechless, until it disappeared over the roof of the house. I turned to my friend and asked if he had just seen what I had seen, and he said he had seen nothing, and could not understand what I'd spent the last minute looking at. At that point in my life, I was socially branded as a weirdo.

    Later in life (and what a life! UFOs and aliens are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of my unusual experiences!), I was standing with my colleague in an open-plan office, discussing a computer programme we were designing, when a bright point light appeared in the sky, and transfixed both of our attentions to it in speechless gaze. It seemed like 2 to 3 minutes that we stared solidly at this thing - it seemed to burn deep into your brain, but in a pleasant penetrating way. Then it moved quickly upwards, did an impossible ninety degree turn, and finally moved so fast away, we could only watch in amazement. We turned to each other and said "Did you see that?", but still deep in stupor, so it was a bit of a null question. Then we looked around us at the other office folk, and they were going on as if nothing had happened. No one else had seen it. We discussed at length what we had experienced, and we had exactly the same story to tell. Uncanny AND corroborated.

    Our kitchen has a back window with a shelf on the outside at its base. A couple of years later, one evening, I came into the kitchen and saw a hairy homunculus creature standing on this shelf, looking straight at me through the window. Its stare was incredibly intense and penetrating, but in a pleasant and reassuring way. I relaxed a little and for what seemed like 5 minutes, telepathically imaged abstract thoughts criss-crossed between us. It was definitely far more advanced than myself in terms of abstract thought. Time lost its metre, and, when the encounter had finished, it shot across the garden and disappeared, but I am unclear as to how. And in fact only 10 seconds or so had elapsed in terms of what my body clock was telling me had happened. I felt refreshed and exhausted.

    In most of these encounters, if I had had the equipment to record any of it, I would not have been in a fit enough state of mind to operate it! One is simply gob-smacked by the experience. Another point to note is that some people see these things, and others don't.
    Everyone is doing the best they can, within the constraints they imprison themselves in.
    In response to the article on PopSci's site about new nuclear weapon proposals and another on sfgate :-

    If they go ahead with these new nuclear weapons (bunker-busters and mini-nukes), then we may as well kiss goodbye to life as we know it on this planet. There would be radioactive fallout everywhere, and millions will suffer and die from the related diseases and illnesses. Ask most democratic citizens whether they'd be in favour of nuclear weapon deployment on this planet, they would say no, but the government they voted for looks like it's about to say yes. This is not what I call representing the people. USA and UK are fascist dictatorships hoping to convert the rest of the world to their way of coercive government, or else be nuked. I am sorry, but this ain't on, and if they continue with these stupid ideas, they're gonna have a world-wide revolution on their hands, assuming we can get over the mind-numbing microwave signals and chem-trails that are swamping both countries and causing what I call "brain-damaged Britain" or the "microwaved moronic masses of the US" to zombie out all the cityscapes.
    I am not a bag of chemicals, I am a spiritual being. (To be said in a similar metre to The Prisoner's famous "I am not a number, I am a free man" quote.)
    Check out the Manifesto for the Millennium. No one can disagree with points 1 and 2. I posted this on their forum :-

    It has now got to the ridiculous point in my life where people get angry with me for not having on my mind what they expected me to have. That is, I was not thinking about what they thought I'd be thinking about.

    Let's say telepathy exists. I say this because experiments show detection of intent by even the most primitive of organisms is definitely provable. For example, connect a leaf of a plant to a galvanometer and hold a lighter to one of its other leaves. The galvo reads a voltage twitch as the flame touches the leaf. Take the flame away and come back 10 minutes later with lighter. Hold the lighter to a leaf but don't light it yet. The galvo again goes crazy, like the plant knows your bad intent and is panicking! The same happens to live prawns about to be tossed into boiling water. The same happens when your dog or cat knows when you are about to arrive home from work, or when you know someone is staring at you, even though none of the 5 senses we all have, are being used.

    I can still think what I like despite someone else's telepathic imploring. Yet, I find in this world gone mad, that people resent me or build me up to something I'm not, simply because I don't behave or think the same way that the conditioned masses do, and I therefore don't always end up doing or thinking what they anticipated I should be doing or thinking.

    Anger is the common reaction, and less common but much more welcome is respect. As an empathic being on this pearl of a planet, my presence should not cause so much consternation as to cause "conform or die" eruptions wherever I go. I'm fed up with it.

    Now they've got these pesky microwave towers everywhere, people are even more pig-headed than ever before, and more zombie-like too. I may as well have a philosophical discussion with a wall - I'd get more movement!
    Typical banner ad :-

    There are 2 ways of looking at this. These are :-
    1. Average Joe - "What a responsible attitude Sainsburys are taking towards the environment and the future of our kids."
    2. Mark Jacobs - "Sainsburys are making out that these kids should be delighted because of the shop's policy on environmental issues. Sainsburys still pollute the environment for our future generations, as do all large corporations. Reduction does not constitute absolution."
    Next thing you know, there'll be a picture of them going down on the Sainsburys board 'cos they've got a small patch of grass as a garden!
    All these Hollywood blockbuster sci-fi movies with super hi-tech enemies, pride themselves on the hero/human element that ALWAYS triumphs, whatever the adversity. On closer analysis of the hero, he/she is always using the "human spirit" superiority argument, despite being totally in the dark about true spirituality. The directors paint the hero as impervious to damage during the fights. The baddies always manage to corner the hero, but end up explaining their actions to him/her, rather than killing him/her! You know, I used to like action movies, but now I find them boring.
    People's infatuation with their own species is their constant downfall. I know of no exceptions to this single species narrowing of human minds, except mine, and I benefit greatly from the insights it gives me on the human race.
    Isn't it surprising how easily the allies are winning their recent wars? No protracted fighting, instant surrenders, low morale opponents... Now it comes to light that Afghanistan is heavily radioactive despite claims that no Uranium-based weaponry was deployed, and that Iraqi soldiers were surrendering to unmanned US RPVs. It is obvious to anyone with a brain, that both radioactive and psychotronic devices are secretly being used in these wars, and they dare not report their deployment in the news or popular media. Vaporisation of human rights which makes livid an understatement.
    Understanding of other people which is immediately assessed for manipulation potential, is always more shallow than understanding which is done on the basis of sympathy and love.
    After social or business intercourse with friends or colleagues, the average citizen always mentally assesses his own performance, frantically scrabbling for ways to bolster his ego's image. Alcohol is often used as a vehicle of escape from this persistent daily mode of behaviour. This life based on an act frequently gives rise to the "need" for alcohol after work, to assess one's "performance" in a place which is more forgiving of quirky behaviour (the pub).
    The truth is plainly obvious and doesn't bear analysis of any kind. Words balk at it, but I'll give it a go. Whatever you are thinking at any point in time, is your life at that time. Your total life comprises of all the thoughts you have ever entertained. There is nothing but illusion outside of what you are thinking. That is all you are. The richer the brain's thinking, the better the life that you lead. The more varied the brain's ideas, the less boring the life that you lead becomes. The more abstract the brain's thinking, the deeper your perceptions will be. The more socially-controlled your thinking, the plainer, duller and more socially-controlled your life will become. The more cynical the brain's thinking, the more bitter the life that you lead. This truth sidesteps good and evil, because you can have an intricate life whether you are good or bad, despite what bible-bashers say. It is the quality of your life that is controlled by the purity of your thoughts and consequent actions. I am never bored, and I am sometimes happy and sometimes sad, because I think both good and bad things! How's that?
    Society tends to produce docile creatures with vicious minds.
    Recognition of intent is important for survival. Living things seem to know another's intent instinctively and immediately (plants and lighter, prawns and hot water). Modern day society humans resent other humans' instinctive recognition of their intent. The less you know of someone's true intent, and the more you are inclined to believe superficially-communicated intent, the better that person seems to fare in so-shitey. Humans are commonly coerced into ignoring intuition, at the cost of their own karmas.
    Realise how unforgiving nature is. Then you can watch the cruelty that is meted out to those who would erroneously think themselves automatically absolved for bad thoughts or deeds. You will be able to understand why life is always hard for those who think they are owed something by it.
    Under the theory "If you don't know how to hurt other people, they'll walk all over you", they believed that spiritually, I was :-
    Discovered. Ripped open. Bled dry. Left to die.
    How about the theory "If you understand that people erroneously think this, you cannot be hurt by them"? Subsequently, in their eyes, I became irrepressible and highly intelligent. However, to me, I'm an average Joe with the right attitude.
    It is fun to watch someone strain to maintain an image of what they are, whilst others clamber over him, pointing out his mere physical reality. Who cares what your face looks like, if your soul is busy being plundered? We prey on people's credence in superficial statement and imagined social expectations.
    In reply to a Jews vs. Arabs statement :-

    Oh, please!!! This is just petty bickering. Put a Jew and an Arab side by side, and you'll see that the genetic similarities are such that discernment becomes nigh on impossible (curly hair, hooked noses...). I am (supposedly) a Jew, but when I went to Israel, I was always getting stopped as a suspected Arab terrorist. This is now ridiculous as DNA tests will show. Jews and Arabs hark from the same area of the world and ultimately share the same predecessors. So let's stop arguing about ideas spewed down to us from centuries of violent revenge. Human beings globally are all part of the same species. We are all mere mites on the back of this golden planet, yet we are more concerned about making history right, rather than protecting this gorgeous orb that sustains us all. Giving this species consciousness should have freed us from the mundane chores of survival so that we could use our mighty brains to love and share the cosmos together. Instead, it has allowed us to remember how Achmed stabbed Moshe, and form complex retributional laws in order to reinstate the illusory status quo through violence. We are really fucked up, you know.
    The following was a reply to The Age about the proposed rural water fluoridation scheme in Australia :-

    Fluoride is a nuke to kill a gnat. Like so many of these things, there is a secret agenda for its use...

    The Problem :-
    Increased sugar consumption in the Western world lifestyle causing increased tooth decay.

    The Solution :-
    A former rat poison to be ingested by everyone on a regular basis.

    If fluoride stops tooth decay so well, why aren't fluoride toothpastes working? If the dentists' queues are getting longer, couldn't that be down to worsening health services?

    Please read the following excerpts from Charles Eliot Perkins' (one of America's top industrial chemists) letter to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 2nd 1954, reprinted in Contact, January 31st 1995 :-

    "...However - and I want to make this very definite and very positive - the real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty..."
    "In the rear occiput of the left lobe of the brain there is a small area of brain tissue that is responsible for the individual's power to resist domination. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising this area of brain tissue and make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him..."
    "...any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically."

    The reason fluoride seems to work is that all these zombies regularly brush their teeth, like some nagging voice tells them they've got to do it every morning and night. They are just simply more likely to obey the internal voice - that's all. Human beings' main problem is their constant self-deception into thinking that they are more than a mammal on the surface of a planet, and that if they don't smell of the products the invisible dominators want them to smell of, then they will suffer ostracisation. The inability to work out what is the real agenda of the dominators, is, in part, caused by the poisons they willingly self-administer, with the real joke being that they pay the dominators, so as to kill off their ability to question what they are doing. Another good example is alcohol which really rips them up in mind and body, and yet, they'll pay through the nose for it. Intelligent alternatives abound at all for want of a better education.
    From a viewpoint outside of this planet, and taking into account that we humans are screwing up this planet, like their faces when they realise the mess we're in, the sun, if it had a face, would be frowning as it watched the defacement of this formerly-beautiful planet by these god-complex clever apes known as homo sapiens.

    It is perhaps no coincidence that great parallels can be drawn between Catholic ceremony and Satanic ritual. Both feast on the bodies of sacrifices and their blood. The smoky atmosphere of a fire-lit demonic rite and the incense-laden halls of worship. The utter subservience of both congregations.
    Consider money as a number each person has. This is the divisive aspect of money, in that it separates people into individual numbers. Your lives are spent in the pursuit of making your number bigger, either for yourself directly, or for someone else who makes your number bigger on a regular basis as a reward. You make your number smaller by eating and living in this society. Society lays on countless other ways for you to make your number smaller. You believe that life is one big chore, with periodical weekend escapes where your number usually becomes a lot smaller than during the week. On your death-bed, you wonder why you spent so much time making a pointless number bigger, when you should have been making your loved ones happier and yourself wiser. You regard your life as a waste of time and invent a "God" to make its inanity a little more bearable. No wonder you're spiritually sad and bitter. All you have to do is stop living as an instrument for making a number bigger, and start living as a sentient spiritual conscious co-operative mammal. Tell the governments their old ways are no longer required : there is no way they can put everyone in prison! If we do this all together in one hit, it will work. We have to find the courage to make this great step forward and abandon the chore-ridden, number-increasing lifestyles we all currently lead, which, in the context of The Disclosure Project, look increasingly stupid. I'm not sure what will happen, but serving ourselves and our loved ones has got to be better than to grudgingly spend one's life serving a number, just because everyone else does!
    The power of speech - as if talking can distract you from the real issue long enough for the issue to wane. This power is heavily abused, and is made a mockery of when visiting a foreign country. The division of the human race by the power of understanding of vocal emanations, makes everyone look ridiculous. Only the silent are truly at home globally.
    Why do humans insist on putting themselves in the position where all they've got to do to alleviate the boredom is somehow cause themselves pleasure? Brainless fucking morons.
    Most common reply this week has been, "Society isn't perfect, but it's the only solution we've got until something better comes along...". My only reply is, "How can anything better come along if the structure of this society is so as to deny anything that could change it for the better?".
    Whatever you believe is true, is really true for you at the time you believe it. To improve your life, believe only in what makes you happy, otherwise you'll cause misery not just for yourself. I am so gullible a fool, that I'll try believing whatever I'm told until it makes me unhappy, then I'll find something to replace it, or scrap it altogether. My life is a constant sea of change, and because reality depends on how your mind interprets your perceptions and what theories these perceptions flow through, my reality is just shifting sands. Basically, I'm never bored, I haven't had a headache or tummy ache in over 20 years due to the belief that health is all in your mind, and I never know what's going to happen next. It's not a bed of roses, but it's a sight better than the fixated, static mindset most people end up with on their death-beds. I have a variable and adaptive belief structure mechanism. If aliens came to visit me, I would be proud to demonstrate my universal wisdom as a human on this pearl of a planet called Earth. Oh, and guess what - people who turn a blind eye to violence, condone it. For me, violence based on ideology is plain unthinkable, whatever the thoughts involved.
    Once a certain level of agreement or communication has been reached within a group of people, they all feel pressurised to reach out for the nervous laugh/smile, that takes the group from a spiritually good place to a bad one where insecure reassurance is required.
    NESARA has been ratified (ages ago now) so we should be as patient as is required. How many times in the past have new laws been ratified and passed, but with a massive delay in uptake by the media and then the common people as for its implementation and benefits? It has never been instant. In this case, there a lot of people who have their entire career at stake, and are in a position to stifle the uptake of the rewards this new law can promise. However, there is one question that is begging. If it were a ramification of NESARA that credit card debt and mortgage debt is NOW null and void, then why haven't people reneged on these credit agreements and taken any possible prosecutions into the public spotlight of the American justice system? Why hasn't anyone abandoned repayments on their debts, and called the creditors' bluff? For this reason alone, suspicions have been aroused as to NESARA's efficacy or genuineness... unless someone out there knows better ??? Look at how much preparation has gone into the NWO - underground bases, alien collaboration, population reduction plans, trembling or dead ex-military personnel, mind-control microwave towers posing as mobile phone masts, diet interference, poisonous chemicals sprayed into the skies daily, natural substances like marijuana suppressed globally, propaganda and history control, educational methods, and the commonly-held belief that money is all you need to be happy. They have come so far over at least a thousand years of preparation for global domination, and you lot contend that a single new paradigm called NESARA is going to blow it all for them. I don't think it's going to be that simple. NESARA won't pull down the towers, stop the planes, banish the bad aliens, disassemble the underground bases, or legalise pot. No, we are going to have to do those things; but, while the common person is disempowered, progress cannot be easily made. I must say though, that NESARA is an admirable start in the right direction. The wise and open-minded should be elevated to the positions of chief directors, educators and judges, not those who are rich through brutality, bloodlines and a knack for obfuscation. Unfortunately, NESARA does not address this issue at all. Its only concern is a financial one.
    Why are most fantasy communities full of people who are the very best at something or other? It's as if heavy pressure is being brought to bear to be the very best at something or other.
    You never hear anything from your colleagues if everything is going fine. No praise and no ergonomic discussions. But when things aren't right, the nerve to speak up is suddenly found. It's not hip to show appreciation, but it's hip to complain or criticise.
    ...Because you suffer from an ailment whereby you feel some kind of mental pressure whenever someone else "higher" than you tenses their muscles, you expect that everyone should suffer this. When you discover that nearly everyone does, you feel condoned. This mental illusion is self-propagating through "growing up" in this so-shitey.
    Top thought - Understand this, and you will be able to see through everyone's motives :-
    It seems that all life behaves so as to maximise the electrical signals travelling through its "pleasure centre" and minimise signals passing through its "pain centre". When a life form stops behaving this way, it has reached the next level of enlightenment. The blind pursuit of the electrical stimulation of a certain set of brain neurons, betrays the selfish nature of the organism completely, rendering its motives transparent and anticipatable, and its biological function to the enlightened, weak and fruitless, aside from the banal goals of survival and reproduction. Come on all you hedonists in charge of the world, give in, you know it's a fair cop. This is the new spiritual age. The pleasures of the flesh all wear thin in the end. Your self-oriented short-sighted ways are starting to look ridiculous to the increasingly-enlightened public you purport to serve. Stop regulating us and start trusting us.
    The omnipresent fear of the quick-fade smile. People's main concern is that the false smile worn by someone you have just conversed with, will fade too quickly. Most people are slow to gain a smile and quick to lose one. The ancient art of "saving face" is the constant new fashion. Whatever happened to the lasting beam? Is it some guilty "secret agenda" you are diving back into, as soon as external communication has ceased, which kills smiles so quickly, that false ones are worn, until line of sight has been broken?
    The self-perpetuating myth of human importance. It seems the human ego is alone on this planet in its tenacity over all situations. Every human action is justified by an unfounded and ego-condoned self-satisfaction, even when that action is obviously wrong. It is most apparent to me that, in the universal scheme of things, I am not important, nor are any of my friends or family. No single human being is at all important, no matter how loved they are. Any action I take is but a brief flailing quantum field flare in this gigantic sea of quantum energy we call the universe. What is sad, is that I'm the only one I know who sees things this way, and lives by this way of thinking. This is probably why everyone else finds me a spiritual let down, and feels an unconscious need to punish me, because I always deflate their aspirations for the noble nature of human kind. Most people believe that adopting such an attitude to life, will make them depressed because anything they do becomes purposeless under this paradigm. I took the risk and cannot believe the spiritual rewards I have acquired. This makes all people both jealous and pissed off with me. No wonder people get wound up whenever I walk into a room, being stuck in the near-sighted cage of their emotions.
    The populaces of the world are becoming increasingly stricken with what I term "empty head syndrome". This consists of the interpretationless monitoring of one's own senses. What is worrying is the increasing amount of time people spend doing this. It seems to be an offshoot from the mindless act of watching TV, which is now being taken into all other moments of existence for these poor defenceless creatures. Perhaps the ELF microwaves are really starting to work now.
    The planet's surface is slowly becoming covered in the dull grey of concrete. I don't need to tell you about the negative psychological effect this has on its inhabitants, let alone the ecological damage inflicted. What is even more surprising is the amount of time and effort humans spend in maintaining this dismal slabby jungle around us. This effort should be spent making a better, brighter and more fun place to live in, in the future, rather than the cheap and immediately expedient featureless concrete solution. Cheapskate society makes for inhabitants who feel worthless.
    The solution is to trust each other and live openly and naturally, not mistrust each other and live fearfully in mental and physical cages.
    Everyone has a self-image, but the fact of the matter is that this should stem from your own idea of your naked body, followed by what clothes you are wearing, followed by your environment, in that order. Not starting with what clothes you are wearing, and bypassing your body.
    Christian religion is too full of forgiving and forgetting. It doesn't seem as if anyone wants to learn by their mistakes, especially when pardons are so readily available.
    People are so quick to engage in a bout of mutual backslapping. Any excuse to condone faults in their lifestyles that have become all too apparent during the conversation.
    The constant repetition of, "Make a move, hear a label, make a move, hear a label..." is all I get nowadays when out and about. Why are people so fixated on being able to capture everything in words? Where has their spirit gone?
    I don't want physical riches, just the opportunity to explore the miracle of my being with the wonderful tool of consciousness.
    This is how hypocritical society is with regards the substance DMT (dimethyltryptamine). The following is taken directly from Serendipity's discourse on DMT :-

    DMT has been found to occur naturally in mammalian brains...

    It is of interest to note that, since DMT is present in every human brain, any person in a country which prohibits possession of DMT may be arrested on sight. Every U.S. citizen is now automatically a criminal at birth.

    Read more about this natural substance and other "psychedelics". It is fascinating how much knowledge resides in our brains, and how different bits are released by different substances. It is also stupid how governments try to suppress our discovery of this knowledge by globally suppressing their use by the naturally curious. So many of the DMT experience reports consist of meetings with "other beings" that a good deal of speculation is needed - my favourite conclusions being (ii), (iii) and (v).

    The pineal gland (found in species from the lowly lamprey up to the human being) also seems to open doors to the unreal. Read here about its function. I wonder if there is a link between DMT and the pineal...
    So it's a fight between the verbalisation heads (final mental destination being vocalisation towards the banality of existence) and the graphic thought heads (final destination being some abstract theory or model that never works, but it's fun anyway). Words are clumsy, restrictive throttles, and our standard means of communication. Thoughts and abstract imagery with imbued meanings are as versatile and changing as the moments that spawn them, and telepathy is the only way to communicate them in real time. Dogs know when their owners are on their way home, so telepathy must be an old and deep-seated skill shared by many species on this planet. Why are humans so bad at it? They keep freaking out every time I try to "path" them. Consciousness literally means "knowing together", not disparate brains whose only links to each other are discrete and arbitrary vocalisations. Wise up people. Stop running away, and start feeling and understanding it. Look inside yourself for the truth, not outside in the cold illusion of your senses. There are no answers there, only the mental screams of others being disappointed. Try to control yourselves, not other people. When you don't feel right, blame yourselves, not other people.
    Alcohol and nicotine are used by society to keep you in it, part of it, by using their addictive qualities. These harmful substances are necessary, because social experience is usually of such a poor standard, that to retain those waywards who would so easily abandon the society they are born into, the only "legal" drugs need to be highly addictive but not cause social dysfunction in normal quantities. How many times have you heard a group of people out in the wild talking about where their next cold beer is coming from? Hence, it appears that society is constructed in such a way as to keep its inhabitants dependent on its offerings. And to make it doubly difficult to stray elsewhere, food, water and shelter are made progressively harder to come by outside of society's confines, despite God's providence. Countryside is extensively farmed, leaving few natural foodstuffs growing, that you can't be shot for taking without "paying" the farmer. Rivers are becoming more polluted daily. Land is almost wholly "owned" by someone or other, so you can't "set up shop" without being shot again. Society's cage doors are closing firmly around everyone. Soon, we'll all be in money prison.
    Objective knowledge is stored in libraries, and subjective knowledge is acted on.
    Troy Southgate (intelligent, but, sadly, nationalist) wrote this paragraph on weekends :-

    The weekend. Surely the enemy of all businessmen? Hardly. The weekend is a useful tool for those who like to extract their profit from the blood and sweat of the workforce. Two days that have become a recurring pressure-valve. A period when the cage door is thrown open and the beleaguered cogs in the economic machinery of the nation have a chance to stretch their legs. They also have the time in which to spend the money they have earned from their labours. And, in their ignorance, end up giving it back to the financial wizards from whence it all came in the first place. Every Saturday the deceived masses file into the shopping complexes, the department stores and the burger bars; the materialist playgrounds of the modern age. As I study these people they seem to resemble a scene from a macabre pilgrimage, where the high priests of the retail trade receive millions and millions of pounds in return for a hollow communion of plastic, pleasure and polystyrene. The faceless individuals at the top know precisely what they are doing. It is a form of manipulation and control which economic analysts like to describe as 'demand management'. Even the bedraggled teenagers congregating in the town centres - the casuals, the punk rockers, the hippies and the New Age Travellers - they, too, have been systematically created or directed by those who call the tune. As they stand idly on the street corners or sunbathe drunkenly in the parks, bored out of their minds, they are under the misguided impression that they reflect the rebelliousness of society at large. Far from it. The capitalist entrepreneurs have the means to create an 'alternative' market and these so-called 'social outcasts' can be seen wearing the T-shirts, the leather jackets and the jeans of the big fashion conglomerates. The originality of man has become submerged beneath a barrage of commercial junk. There is no room for personal initiative and identity whilst the conveyor belts are churning out a meaningless pile of solidified hype. And, like an unspoken curfew, the busy streets are always purged of their bustling occupants shortly before the mystical tea-time benchmark. The bloated, satiated and fully-consumed fleet of carrier bags flocks homewards to watch Pamela Anderson's boobs, Jeremy Beadle and the National Lottery. And what a pitiful sight it is, too. I've seen them through the net curtains, silhouetted figures sat wide-eyed and dribbling in their armchairs, observing little coloured balls and dreaming of yet more shopping. My own weekend, apart from the obvious social observances, was spent rather differently. I occupied myself with the small array of vegetables that I have grown on my little piece of English soil (or at least that which is currently mortgaged to the local high street bank). In a way I suppose that I was pretty confined myself - within an area measuring little more than thirty square feet, in fact - but at least I was able to feel the dark soil fall between my fingers and have the sun beat down upon my shoulders. I am one of the lucky ones. The pathetic inhabitants of a high-rise tower block in Bermondsey will never experience such simple pleasures. Today I tried to spare a thought for those worse off than myself. This individualistic society, however, is not renowned for its charity and when all is said and done most people are simply out for what they can get. Are these selfish, apathetic slugs really my people, my compatriots, or my brothers and sisters? Such people make me want to throw up. There must be others who, like me, care enough to want to bring this whole stinking system crashing to the ground. There has to be something. Is there anybody out there . . . ?

    To attempt to combat consumerist ways and thinking, I have given up all booze and fags. Now my only sin is the occasional cuppa. After 20 years of fucking my beautiful multi-billions-of-years-evolved body up with "their" idea of a good time ("Poison yourself into your grave, you sad cunt, and pay me for the privilege" - Tony Blair), I finally came to from this unreal stress masquerading as common reality or the usual grind, and saw fit to investigate the uncensored (huh!) internet's bounties of alternative thinking and philosophy (much of the most appealing having been "assimilated" onto my website). If I am to believe half of what's going on at the moment, we are living in a society of mind-controlled, heavily conditioned morons, who cannot think for themselves, have lost the ability to use their imaginations, cannot have philosophical discussions of any sort, and can only consume more and more of whatever is deemed "the in thing" by the mass media. "We are the robots" sang Kraftwerk.

    One aspect of my existence here on this gorgeous gem of a planet, is the innate ability to be able to put myself in someone else's shoes. I can tell quite a lot about what someone is thinking or feeling from just looking at them and the situation or context of observation. To me, all it takes is a little application of the old noddle and a bit of past experience of natural empathy to achieve near perfect results. I am an excellent listener. I call this telepathy, and I have a whole page dedicated to it. The sad bastards think that telepathic means mad, and you always get someone going "Right then, tell me what I'm thinking about now, you idiot". To me though, I don't hear voices in head; I just know what they're going to think or how they'll act many seconds before they do. Fascinatingly enough, though, I don't use this insight to manipulate people; I tend to lose the ability if I try to abuse it. And I only occasionally use it. It's almost totally naturally (or unconsciously) controlled. Sometimes the depth is phenomenal, and sometimes cursory.

    So, picture a load of office commuters on the underground. Why don't they ever talk to each other? Are they scared of what they'll discover? Well, not really. Are they scared of what other commuters will think of them? Yes. Why? What are they scared of? They are not really scared, as you can see whenever anybody breaks the ice. It's smiles all round when this happens. So what stops them all breaking the ice? They've got nothing to break it with. Their empty shallow lives only yield experiences that would go down like a lead balloon when related to other souls. But hold on, they definitely have experiences (even if it was watching "Beadles About" on TV on Saturday), so why don't they relay their opinions of these experiences to each other? Because you can't possibly entertain any opinions about totally limp, unprovoking TV like that. It was either silly or shocking. There is nothing else that TV aims at. Revelatory happens occasionally, for example, with a David Attenborough series or a good Horizon program, and you can hear the conversations about these in offices all over Britain the morning after its showing. But conversations don't help you spend more money, or make any for your boss, so the fewer the better, in the government's eyes. When the boss comes round the corner, everyone scurries back to their desks like scolded school-children. I wish they'd realise that we aren't at school any more, we are fully grown adults, and they are using our need of money in order to belittle our confidence enough to make us appear as children to them. I suppose us paid morons are all just Fellow Sufferers  🙁
    Birthrights - Human beings are the only creatures on this planet who are born into captivity. They have to accept the principles of money, education, science, social etiquette, sexual repression, and structured existence (9 to 5 jobs and the 7-day week - I mean, where did they get 7 from? Why should the year be divided up into 7-day cycles, unless it's that old magic Illuminati number 7 again?!?). However, it is the natural (god-given) birthright of any person to live differently, especially if that existence is more loving and helpful to fellow creatures. Globally, in this society, such exceptions are constantly frowned upon, ridiculed, and if too "correct", bumped off or made to appear mad. Such exceptions automatically attract the instant attention of all those conditioned masses who live the "normal" way (accepting the aforesaid principles). Here are a few common sense (emotionless and realistic) ways of looking at everyday things which make the "norm" look stupid and ridiculous :-

  • Physical appearance - Slight blemishes, oddities of shape or size, and other digressions from the "perfect" model of appearance are far too heavily criticised in this society. For me, as long as the function is not too greatly impaired, then they look just fine. There are too many people (especially in developed countries) who crack up when a rash or spot appears on their face, and they cannot "face society". Appearance paranoia should be a very rare condition in humans, not rife in all walks of life from the rich to the poor.
  • Clothes - These are just bits of cloth used to keep us warm. If you get a blob of ketchup on your new pullover, or a tear in your new jeans, don't go mad thinking that it's the end of the world, or that the item is "ruined". It is not, and the augmentation of the pattern should be appreciated. How much preconception of what someone is like, is based on clothing appearance? Much too much in my opinion, especially in this day and age where more pressing matters are upon us all. I could not believe the consternation I caused one weekend, when I wore 2 non-matching shoes. My mum disowned me as a son, and my brother has not let the subject drop to this day (20 years later!). Why are odd socks not so vehemently sneered at?
  • Cars - These are just metal boxes on 4 wheels. The more efficient they are, the better it is for the environment. The design, styling, chassis shape, looks, power, speed, gimmicks and other add-on features are totally unimportant, and the fact that there are so many of them means that we should be making them as simple as possible, so as to have the least impact on the environment as possible. The other day I passed someone just finishing washing his car, and the timidity and gentleness of his final touches would have been much better used on his partner or children. Who cares how clean his car is? That's the trouble. Far too many people form preconceptions about the driver, from the appearance of the car. After a joy-rider hit my parked car and smashed the bonnet into a crumpled mess, I noticed the looks I was getting from people as I pulled up anywhere had changed from simple acceptance to "Crikey, you must be a bad driver" or "Be more careful in future".
  • Television - a box with moving pictures and sound. It should not be regarded as a device to schedule your existence by. Neither should its content ever be taken as fact.
  • Food - Most of what you eat nowadays is genetically modified, pre-processed and full of chemical additives, the long-term effects of which have not yet been ascertained (we are the guinea pigs). Such processed food can never be considered "good for you". We don't know yet.
  • Tap water - Recycled rainwater and piss, with rat poison (fluoride) added to it.
  • Sport - A bunch of heaving, sweating individuals knocking a ball or something around a pre-defined area according to pre-defined rules. Success according to these rules, is not to be regarded as some accolade worthy of world recognition, rather a willingness of the successful participants to follow pre-defined rules. Bowling in cricket is stupid! I'd just yack it. Frantic sport observers are the biggest joke in society. If this is the common goal for man's lifetime spiritual attainment, then there is no hope for mankind.
  • Money - Bits of paper and metal. Anything beyond that is a construction of the human imagination and should not be enforced into everyone's minds.
  • Jewellery - Bits of metal and crystal. Anything beyond that is a construction of the human imagination and should not be enforced into everyone's minds.
  • Houses - Rectangular boxes of bricks to lock yourself up in every night.
  • Clapping - What the heck do you think you're doing, smacking your hands together? It's more natural to cheer.
  • Bank balance - An arbitrary number. Its value usually determines whereabouts in society you reside. The sad fact of the matter is that its value is not proportional to the amount of love and caring you have for fellow man. Experience teaches us that quite the opposite is true; the more selfishness and brutality exhibited, the higher it is. We are also taught to expect that the higher its value is, the happier you will be. Experience teaches us that this is not true. When looked at logically, you cannot expect to attain happiness by being selfish and brutal. Your conscience would not allow that to happen.
    Land Ownership - I suppose if we were being sensible, then we would all agree, you cannot own land. It is simply there. You can use it, but owning it is like saying, "That square meter of ocean is mine!", or "That patch of air there belongs to me, so don't breathe it!". The nutrients in the land that plants extract in order to live and grow, come from an area that extends outside of the mere surface patch that the plant sticks its head out of! I know this is a simplistic way of looking at it, but it's all relative really - solid (land), liquid (ocean), gas (air). These constitute the building blocks of the planet Earth, which is, in itself, a living organism that is more complex in its biochemistry than any single human. In fact we are just mites living on its back, and that is something we seem to have forgotten, as we plunder its resources for our own short-sighted selfish pleasures. Unless we change, we will kill ourselves off, and nature will not have any mercy (she never demonstrated any before, so why now, huh?). Sorry to be so negative - it must be the microwave radiation that I'm bathed in as an inhabitant of London, UK.
    Being telepathic certainly has its ups and downs at times!

    Ups = Intricate interwoven understanding of nature's beauty at levels well beyond the labelling mechanics of language. The eternal hope springs that bubble through the facade of social image anxiety, when someone makes an intelligent and creative observation.

    Downs = How deeply entrenched the indoctrination of evil thinking has become in the mainstream mind. I know the right kind of telepathic wave of the magic wand can dispel all that, but it has to be done from a very deep level, and it always seems temporary, as the subject drifts back into the unconscious trench that has been dug in the filthy, evil, lazy ways of his/her mollycoddled secure existence. People need more of a challenge, rather than someone like me to prick up their ears all the while. Life is too easy for Westerners.

    Read Svali's How the Cult Programs People and compare how you were brought up (especially in your early fantasy stages of life) with some of these techniques :-

    "no one will believe you" so keep it quiet you mad idiot. Example in normal life could be what you saw with your imagination "isn't real. It's just your mind playing tricks...". Ultimate message - Keep esoteric thoughts or understandings to yourself.

    "Everyone does this" so you'd better or else. Example in normal life could be "Fork in left hand and knife in right..." or anything that makes a socially-fitting child (language and its use, schooling ...). Ultimate message - Loss of individuality.

    "Listen to your mum and dad - we know what we're talking about..." or loyalty training (make the same mistakes and end up with the same preconceptions that they have). Ultimate message - It's ok to be wrong all the time.

    "no one loves you as much as your mum and dad..." implying don't trust those outside of the family to love you at all. Engenders mistrust in all strangers - the social norm. Ultimate message - Only the fool loves strangers.

    "You are special, unique, and will go on to do great things" meaning, no matter how shitty everything seems, carry on, because it's all worth it in the end. Yeah, really, when the average "Joe" is a nasty selfish shit who was brought up not to trust anyone outside of HIS family... Ultimate message - life is a long struggle and then you die. Or, the promise is impossible to fulfil, but cling to it anyway.

    We are definitely doing it wrong. My 2 kids don't know what they're in for with me as a parent. 🙂
    Men seem more spiritually orientated than women, and women are more down-to-earth than men. Women tend to be more emotional than men, and men colder or more logical in a crisis. Compare size of limbic system, which in women is larger than in men. Look at this picture :-

    From Healing Arts website :-

    Throughout its evolution, the human brain has acquired three components that progressively appeared and became superimposed, just like in an archaeological site: the oldest, located underneath and to the back; the next one, resting on an intermediate position and the most recent, situated on top and to the front. They are, respectively :-
    1. The archipallium or primitive (reptilian) brain, comprising the structures of the brain stem - medulla, pons, cerebellum, mesencephalon, the oldest basal nuclei - the globus pallidus and the olfactory bulbs. It corresponds to the reptile brain, also called "R-complex", by the famous neuroscientist Paul MacLean.
    2. The paleopallium or intermediate (old mammalian) brain, comprising the structures of the limbic system. It corresponds to the brain of the inferior mammals.
    3. The neopallium, also known as the superior or rational (new mammalian) brain, comprises almost the whole of the hemispheres (made up of a more recent type of cortex, called neocortex) and some subcortical neuronal groups. It corresponds to the brain of the superior mammals, thus including the primates and, consequently, the human species.
    These three cerebral layers appeared, one after the other, during the development of the embryo and the fetus (ontogenesis), recapitulating, chronologically, the evolution of animal species (phylogenesis), from the lizards up to the homo sapiens. According to Maclean, they are three biological computers which, although interconnected, retained, each one, "their peculiar types of intelligence, subjectivity, sense of time and space, memory, mobility and other less specific functions".

    Actually, we have three cerebral units in a single brain. The primitive one is responsible for self preservation. It is there that the mechanisms of aggression and repetitive behavior are developed. It is there that occur the instinctive reactions of the so-called reflex arcs and the commands which allow some involuntary actions and the control of certain visceral functions (cardiac, pulmonary, intestinal, etc), indispensable to the preservation of life. The development of the olfactory bulbs and their connections made possible an accurate analysis of olfactory stimuli and the improvement of answers oriented by odours, such as approach, attack, flight and mating. Throughout evolution, some of these reptilian functions were lost or minimised (in humans, the amygdala and the entorhinal cortex are the only limbic structures that connect with the olfactory system). It is also in the R-complex that started the first manifestations of the phenomena of ritualism, by means of which the animal tries to define its hierarchic position inside the group and to establish its own space in the ecological niche.

    The limbic system, developed with the emergence of the inferior ( primitive) mammals. This system commands certain behaviors that are necessary for the survival of all mammals. It gives rise and modulates specific functions that allow the animal to distinguish between the agreeable and the disagreeable. Here specific affective functions are developed, such as the one that induces the females to nurse and protect their toddlers, or the one which induces these animals to develop ludic behaviors (playful moods). Emotions and feelings, like wrath, fright, passion, love, hate, joy and sadness, are mammalian inventions, originated in the limbic system. This system is also responsible for some aspects of personal identity and for important functions related to memory. And, when the superior mammals arrived on the Earth, the third cerebral unit was finally developed : the neopallium or rational brain, a highly complex net of neural cells capable of producing a symbolic language, thus enabling man to exercise skillful intellectual tasks such as reading, writing and performing mathematical calculations. The neopallium is the great generator of ideas or, as expressed by Paul MacLean, "it is the mother of invention and the father of abstractive thought".

    This is from this Healing Arts page. Next time someone says to you, "You're messing with my brain", ask them, "Which one?" !
    If sex, touching, tickling and massage feel so good for everyone, and are good for everybody health-wise (most of the while), why hasn't society world-wide developed in such a way that it is rife, rather than suppressed and secret? Asexual physical contact is vital for a healthy society of humans whose ancestors would spend up to 3 to 4 hours a day, every day, grooming each other. We've become warped from not having this natural form of stress relief on a regular basis in this so-shitey. No wonder there's no trust any more. Touching would engender unconscious trust between group members. Thank God I've got a family!
    This second forthcoming attack on Iraq is not like anything before. Usually, there's some incursion by the aggressor into some new territory, or some recent humanitarian outrage, as in Serbia. But this one is the first I have ever heard of that's based on hearsay and conjecture. Even if Saddam has horrible weapons, so do we, and we sold him the makings for his! Would it be fair for North Korea to bomb London because Britain has germ warfare or nuclear weapons? No wonder public opinion is dead set against the proposed invasion.

    The facts have obviously passed over everyone's heads! Saddam and George are best of buddies behind the scenes. There is a hidden agenda, the like of which would make you run for cover if you ever got wise to it. No, it's not oil. Yes, it's a world government at the sacrifice of common people globally. No, the appointed leaders of countries do not control the political agenda, or what is going to happen to the world in the future. Yes, something else is here and holding the main governments of the world to ransom, and that includes the USA, Iraq, and a whole host of other countries. No, we are not powerless to stop it. Yes, we need to completely re-educate ourselves to stop it. No, schools do not help one iota, whatever country you're talking about. Yes, total mental freedom and imaginative venture help immensely.

    Most people need to be taught how to use their imaginations. This is a sad fact, considering the mind's entertainment is the best in the world, and totally free. Close your eyes and remember your dreams. Now apply that degree of freedom to everyday life. Teach your children the same. Progress. Ask yourself and your friends and colleagues challenging questions and don't spare the imagination when it comes to answers. Ask why most people you know don't cheat on their spouses, but everyone you know in power does (even Clinton). Ask why you and most people you know would never compromise their principles when faced with an ethical decision, but everyone you know in power would.

    Keep hammering away like this, and you'll get to the point where you wouldn't vote for anyone on offer ever again. If it's a true democracy, then people you could consistently trust ought to be running it. It's the system that's at fault, not whether USA is right or Iraq is right or whatever. If I was a USA or UK soldier, now would be the perfect time to defect. Personally, I'd rather be unemployed, than killing someone I had never met, because someone else I had never met told me to do so.

    And before you post back saying, "But look at history. People have always been warlike, and therefore we need defence, and so things are right the way they are...", think about the way you want your life and your children's lives to be conducted. In fear with big locks and big guns, or in trust and versatility (don't worry until you have to).

    And if you have an imagination that's got anything to say on the issue, then post something up on my forum or shut the fuck up with your antiquated, animal instinct driven clap-trap. Use your neocortex for a change, not your primitive and limbic systems! What's up - cat got your tongue?!? Well, express yourself then. The mere act of typing something in that box changes the universe forever, you know. It is proven. Read Scott Adams' Dilbert of the Future.
    This page pretty much explains what's wrong with money, and, consequently, why society is so hard on people as a result. Simply put, if we didn't have the concept of interest, there would be no problem. Think about it, who stands to gain from interest? My favourite poems of John C. Turmel are :-
    How can a substance man creates be kept in short supply?
    Why is there insufficient for our industry to ply?
    "Where does our money come from?" has an answer known by few,
    The source and sink are hidden from the ordinary view.
    The Governments do not create the money that they use,
    All Governments are deep in debt, we need some other clues.
    The media do tell us when supply of money grows,
    But very few do ask ourselves and wonder "Where's the hose?"
    "Supply of money must come down," we hear it constantly.
    But "Where's the drain" is contemplated so infrequently,
    The banking of liquidity is understood by few.
    But there must be a tap and drain which money must go through.
    The engineers are "plumbers" called, a nickname they have earned,
    Mechanics of the flows of fluids are what we have learned.
    A mayor faced with rising costs and shrinking revenues,
    To study any proposition, he would not refuse.
    "So many think the job of being mayor is a snap,
    But the decisions that I'm faced with are an ugly trap.
    With tools, materials and trades that cover total range,
    Yet one ingredient is lacking, money to exchange.
    If snowstorm hits the city and there are no funds to pay,
    What does my council have to do to clear the snow away?
    We pledge a million dollar bond to banks to get the cash,
    With which we pay the skillful men who clear snow in a flash.
    The merchants gladly take the funds for soon they'll have to pay,
    The taxes for the snow removal that was done that day.
    But though a million principle was spent, we must request,
    That citizens be taxed for principle and interest.
    To budget who gets scarce resources isn't ever fun,
    But interest on city's debt is always number one.
    Whatever rate the bankers set is due amount I pay,
    Unhappily, which projects live or die's my only say."

    It strikes me as obvious as I peruse page after page after website after website of new age philosophies, spiritual beliefs, and conspiracy theories, that there are a few simple rules to help you see what's plausible, and what's probably rot. Here they are:-
    1. If there is any mention of stuff you have to see through a microscope, it's all hogwash. This is one of the most fundamental rules. No human can see DNA, let alone sense it, so don't give me any baloney theories based on it. Microscopes create illusions, by your own preconception that what you see through the lens is a magnification of what is actually there. I already know from observation, that to see something is to change what it is. Bunging some lenses in the way only distorts the image more. Likewise with telescopes.
    2. If someone's seen it with their own eyes or heard it with their own ears or whatever with whatever sense, then it's codswallop, unless the sense used to perceive it is your 6th sense, the telepathic or spiritual sense. If you see it "spiritually" (I don't know how else to describe this), then it's true for as long as you see it, and no longer. That's the facts.
    3. No creation of the human mind was ever meant to have any permanence whatsoever, so any theory or speculation based on such creations (that's nearly all of them, folks!) is absolute rubbish. We are supposed to live and love now, and always onwards. That's all I know, and it serves me perfectly. I'm the most adaptable human being on the surface of this planet, and I hope you all join me soon, despite it meaning that you throw every preconceived idea you've ever had, away in the loony-bin. I could be a computer programmer today, and a sheep farmer tomorrow - whatever gets my basic survival needs out of the way, and enables me to retire at night to an infinitely varied spiritual bonanza of now.
    4. Remember that your sensory equipment (your nervous system, if you like) is what supplies you with what you think is reality. Theorise on it's input to you at your own peril. A bear sees things differently, and no less validly (it survives too, dunnit?!?), so stop making such a big deal about how the human being perceives things. The equipment serves its purpose of keeping us alive, and that's all. Anything beyond that function is a concoction of the human's ego, and always leads to disaster if taken as a foundation for development of the real, as nature has demonstrated time and time again in the past, and will continue doing so, until we come off our high horses.
    5. Theories which contain numbers greater than 3 are absolute junk. "The 7th spiritual level...", "The 4th or 5th dimension...", "Coincidentally 1881 was the year that..." etcetera...
    6. Remember, please retain a sense of humour when reading some of these websites!
    That puts paid to most of them!
    Perhaps I am the only person on this planet who sees that day and night should not make any difference to you. As a perceiver of the globe, constantly, equally, overseeingly, it is obvious to me that the planet's beauty doesn't darken and lighten periodically. It's just irradiated energy hitting some of the surface as the planet turns. The beauty is permanent and omnipresent and thrives in the light, whilst cooling off (necessarily) in the dark. Look at it this way, and you'll see how small-minded you've been programmed to be. The planet is permanently gorgeous, not just glorious in sunlight, as the media would have you believe.
    When you've just walked all over them, and there is no reaction from them, don't hang around because they're going to come back with their own interpretation of what happened that favours themselves over you, and completely ignores your contribution to the advancement of mankind! I call it "crass stupidity" and they call it "you being mad again".
    As the earth turns, it hurls all men around, helplessly.
    Some are fortunate enough to realise their insignificance.
    Some are lucky enough to feel pain occasionally.
    Some are foresighted enough not to set so much store by their brains' plans.

    "Given time, she can think it through,
    To the hollow heart of it,
    To the lonely lying that makes
    Slaves of the children, in order
    To conceal the guilt of the old
    And their tragedy - for
    They can look back on nothing, except
    What they can say they own."
    Art Bears - Hopes and Fears - In Two Minds.
    In the enclosed booklet, cited from "Lucian. Satirical Sketches, Charon sees Life"
  • Charon : All I can see is a complicated muddle - a world full of utter confusion. Their towns are like beehives in which every bee has a sting of his own and uses it against his neighbour - and some are like wasps, preying on the weaker members of the community. But what are those dim shapes flying around them?
  • Hermes : Hopes and Fears, Charon...
    After a typical phone call from my Dad in Tokyo, and having got to the very root of the origins of the universe, and bouncing out of the right side of the bed this morning, it dawned on me what I miss a great deal - a really good intelligent philosophical discourse on any subject under the Sun.

    About 30 years ago, there used to be a weekly TV programme on BBC2 (in the UK) which quite often hosted Joseph Campbell, and was presented by Brian McGee. It ran for about 3 months, each year for a couple of years. That's all there has been on philosophy on TV in the UK since then.

    [An aside from a Google search - Brian McGee's Confessions of a Philosopher is fascinating. If we are to believe what he says, McGee has been troubled by Kantian questions about epistemology from childhood, and has spent his life looking for the answers. Though he has never been an academic philosopher, he has spent much of his life studying the subject and getting to know many of the great current philosophers, and this book uses an autobiographical format to introduce the readers to the philosophical questions (and some answers) that fascinate the author. On the way, he gives his (mostly negative) assessment of the state of philosophy today. One of the most interesting aspect of the book is that it gives an outsider's view of university life. Many of his observations ring true. Not an easy book, but worth reading.]

    University courses don't seem very thick on the ground either. Is it me, or has someone in the Illuminati pulled the rug from under the place of philosophy in modern-day society? It was OK about 20 to 30 years ago, but now the world is devoid of intellectual debate. I just get glassy-eyed stares from people whenever I make a philosophically-leading comment, as if it is now illegal to challenge any ideas in the current day and age. I never overhear challenging debates going on in cafes, shopping arcades, airplanes, offices, restaurants, hotels, or street corners. Is it that when you become an "adult", you shut the fuck up in public places? What the fuck?! I can't stand this intense public paranoia, where people constantly lie in wait to negatively judge any new proffer from strangers.

    It's the death of intellectualism as we know it, folks, and I can only blame the current state of the media and the school curricula. Society is becoming boring.

    [Originally posted on the X-Projects Philosophy forum.]
    A fantastic new way has been found to wipe the smiles off the faces of those elite few who think they can escape the havoc about to be let loose on the surface of this planet (covert and open, biological and nuclear warfare, deliberate comet/meteor deflection towards this planet...). When they descend the mile-long elevators into the underground cities the taxpayer has funded, they're in for a surprise. Thanks to certain inside activists, we have been able to booby-trap the air-con systems so that they get poisoned. Fucking Aryans. Some of us "natural" humans are wise to their tricks. I'd love to see their faces, but they're going to kill me and billions of innocent sheep called "citizens", so I won't be able to. Never trust a politician or an activist. At least we can sleep better, knowing if we go, then so do they. No links, 'cos I'm being watched.
    RODS are strange organisms that seem to live in the air. They can travel quickly enough not to be noticeable, but some have been captured on camera. They can be anything from inches to miles long. I reckon we have all seen them during our lives at an unconscious level. Check out the following sites for more info.

    Roswell Rods
    Flying Rods
    Subversive Element
    A Korean site on rods
    Korean coverage of 2002 Soccer World Cup shows a huge rod on the pitch. Seek to 21 minutes and 45 seconds in the media player to have a look.
    X-Project's Page on them
    Google search on flying rods
    and a whole host of other strange phenomena and revelations at
    See some of my comments under the moniker Graphic Equaliser on X-Project's Cryptozoology forum

    Another type of creature spotted recently has been the "sky jellyfish" for want of a better term, and here you can see a UK video of one flying over a lamp-post. The same (or similar) entity can also be seen here, where it is shown in close-up. There's more at THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER. It looks like the invention, cheapness and availability of the home movie camera is unleashing a load of evidence of new life forms we had never noticed before.
    Why is the USA going round the world, sucking the earth dry of oil? If a country resists America's regime of exporting it from their country, the USA uses force to get their way. Anyone with any sense knows that there is a limit to the earth's oil resources, and that will eventually be exhausted. If society has become so dependent on oil (as is evident by the crises that happen whenever an oil-related strike occurs - as in the UK and now Venezuela), then there are going to be real problems when this limit is reached, and everyone is scrabbling for oil. Surely, it would be more opportune to plan now for this inevitability, and start some kind of replacement technology research right now. I think governments must be too short-sighted to care about this unavoidable event. Nature has no mercy, so we need to start thinking about this right now, not going round the globe enforcing a "democratic" government in whatever new country seems to have a newly-discovered reserve of this black gold. For USA, read USER.
    Whenever I am in the midst of people who don't really know me (very often), I get the constant externalisation of what should remain "inner thoughts" from complete strangers who regard me. For example, analysis of overheard conversations in my presence always yield repeated non-sensical phrases or words, with no flow to the conversation because of the constant stopping to await any reaction from me. If there is no reaction from me, I am regarded as having "passed" their tests?!? Sorry, but I ain't dead in the head yet, so stop jerking off in my presence, toss-pots. What is really perturbing is that this is global - no matter what country I visit, I can take a notepad and write down some consistently overheard key words or phrases. Then I can listen to what people say in my presence, and tick them off to count them up, and see what is the most popular today. For example, in one half hour session, I heard heart-attack mentioned over 50 times!?! I wish the common person would realise that other people cannot make your life happen for you - you have to do it. The lyrics from Todd Rundgren's Fair Warning pretty much sum me up.
    Failure to accept the importance of individual human beings, no matter what their position in the mocked up tapestry known as society, is all too common a problem nowadays. Everyone is phenomenally important to at least someone else in life, so fuck all this social hierarchy crap where BT's managing director is someone to be feared, for example. No fear, we're all equal and very important indeed. Get that through your thick heads straight away. But you cannot be important without someone else being there to appreciate your presence. You can't be important solo. Hence, you need other people's acceptance of what you are and what you contribute, before you can gain your individual right to importance. Slug-like beings who currently run large organisations, and contribute nothing (keeping the organisation running requires no assistance nowadays since computers run everything), should be held in lower esteem than someone who helps kids achieve their full potential, like teachers. That should be common knowledge by now.
    We were all born into a world where the Illuminati have nearly reached their goal of complete mass mind control of the world's population, after hundreds of years of planning and execution. All that's left to be done is to trim the global homo sapiens population down to 1 billion spiritless slave-like automata and they've done it. What the hell is anyone supposed to do in these circumstances? Suggestions please. No wonder I sparked off on that Can lyric "When I saw mushroom there, I was born, and I was dead" from the track Mushroom.
    With the US on the brink of attacking Iraq (again!), and with Iraq having gassed thousands of Kurds, I was shocked (but not surprised I suppose) to discover that the US government has started experimenting with their own citizens, by subjecting them to "chemtrails". These are trails of vapour deposited in the air by high altitude planes. Unlike the normal jet vapour trails, which disappear after a couple of minutes, these last for hours, and descend to the ground, causing people "intense headaches" and "pains in the jaw area" according to REBFILE.COM. I have suffered their effects first-hand, after spending 3 hours out on the street in Ruislip, UK. The sky was solid featureless grey cloud from horizon to horizon, and the metallic taste in the air was beginning to make me feel sick. When I got home, I suffered a month long bout of on/off flu with all the classic chemtrail symptoms. The government refuses to give me an answer as to what is going on. Is there a new crime called "being outside"? Perhaps chemtrails are responsible for the small number of sunny days with clear skies we seem to experience in our summers here in the UK of late. Even on clear days in Winter outside my office in Carpenders Park Watford UK, I see the tanker planes come out and turn the cold clear day into a mushy cloudy one. Trails left in the morning are still there (but thicker) five hours later. When I come out of the office, I can taste the metal in the air (I recently gave up smoking, so I am particularly sensitive to smell and taste at the moment). I am glad I am not the only one who is concerned, as you can see in this Anomalies Unlimited article.

    The chemtrails are being regularly left in the skies of all countries in the NATO alliance. They started as far back as late 1997 and governments either deny knowledge of them, or invent ridiculous theories to attempt to vaporise them. The spraying is done by tanker planes at an altitude of 30,000 feet, which deposit aluminium and barium sulphates into the atmosphere, causing a dense cloud to form, which sinks to the ground, affecting the people there.

    Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has submitted bill no. HR 2977 IH, which proposes a ban on the weaponisation of space. One of the weapons systems listed in the bill is "chemtrails".

    The incidences are prolific, and there is global debate as to what NATO is intending to gain from the research. Some say that it is to reduce world population, as per my enlightenment ideas further down this page, whereas others speculate that it is to reduce global warming from CO2. One theory goes along the lines of reducing the effects of global warming, so that the Kyoto treaty can be side-stepped, and the automotive businesses can continue to flourish. But at what cost to the health of the NATO countries' peoples? Have a read of CHEMTRAILS - Covert Climate Control?

    Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground.

    The Russians are worried about other US research according to the document at RENSE.COM. Another useful resource is at Carnicom. So, it looks as if officials are tampering with cloud formation and the ionosphere, with little or no knowledge about the long-term effects for the sake of money and "security". People don't count. Just what is democracy all about, if the countries most apt to represent citizens' rights, are trialling new scientific techniques on their voters, without their knowledge or approval?! This is in the same league as genetic engineering, in that as soon as the technology is available for use, it is deployed with scant regard for the long-term consequences, and despite the lack of knowledge of the long-term effects on the populations and of the new technology itself. We cannot play at God with such newbie levels of technological know-how in these new fields of discovery, but market forces pre-empt any complaints by those with the sense to see this. As far as the "officials" are concerned, if it constitutes a possible new avenue for money-making, then sod the consequences to mankind's health, they've got to have it. Also, check out the 19,000 links thrown up by Google when searching for "chemtrails". And we were worried about hidden mobile phone masts in the UK!

    For an overview of lots of goodies being inflicted on the trusting (they voted them in) and gullible populaces of the world, please (I'm begging you) visit And we should be worried about hidden mobile phone masts in the UK! Subjects such as "Mind Control" with strange new masts that seem to be appearing everywhere, now don't seem so far-fetched! In fact, here in the UK, I have photographed many. Don't be afraid, we have the spiritual and physical means to cope with anything that could be thrown at us - it's just that the governments don't want you to know what they're trying to do, or how easy it is for the freed human mind to handle it. For example, in my mind, all energy and matter can be controlled by thought and your choice of perception. It is hence easy for me to relegate all harmful or mal-intent activities to mere background noise, which eventually dwindles to nothing as enlightenment takes hold on humankind as our global population level reaches the magical figure of 10,000,000,000.
    We're not the sum of all our parts. We're the product!
    The lyrics on Radiohead's ok computer defy the authorities, who would rather you not read too much into them, because of their accuracy :-
    Up above, aliens hover
    Making home movies for the folks back home
    of all these weird creatures who lock up their spirits,
    drill holes in themselves and live for their secrets.
    What the heck happened to them on Kid A? The songwriter seems to have exploded with fear. There's no coherence or direction, just flounder, and psychedelic imagery. Get back to screwing the Illuminati, matey.
    I'm coming to the belief that there may be some forces or energy/matter interactions that act on all the universe instantaneously and simultaneously. Somehow, when the "spin" or other property of a particle is changed locally, then any same particle anywhere, which is being perceived in the same context, will sympathetically change instantly. Certainly, it has been shown recently that quantum entanglement occurs over large distances instantly.

    Other experiments have been around since 1922 to show the effect of perception on experimental results. Here is a quote from that site :-

    "Note that one-half of the incident beam of electrons on the filter emerge from the box, while the other half do not. This is independent of the orientation of the filter; in both of the orientations shown below one-half of the incident electrons emerge, while the other half do not.
    Evidently the direction of "up" is defined by the orientation of the filter doing the measurement. This is sometimes called spatial quantisation, a term I do not like."
    "Here is a final example of combining electron filters.

    One-half of the beam from the electron gun emerges from the first polariser; one-half of those electrons emerge from the second filter. And one-half of those electrons will make it through the third upside-down filter! Note that if the second filter were not present, no electrons will emerge from the upside-down filter. So we see that the middle filter actually changes the definition of "up" for the electrons. This is yet another manifestation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle."

    Putting the two ideas together means that perceiving something will be instantly communicated to anything else waiting for that information, and focused into reality by the receiving agent. The instantaneous transmission is only real if the receiving agent is of the same "mindset". To sum up, you can't prove it exists, unless you're looking for it in the first place. The process of looking for it, changes what you end up seeing. What is mind-boggling is that the change itself must therefore be regarded as geography-less, existing only in time, not in space. This is because the transmission of the change is immediate, and breaks the speed of light barrier set up by Einstein's mind. Einstein used to call quantum entanglement, the "spooky" force.
    Have you noticed that when you're feeling truly alive, you're usually in a state of existence that is a great upheaval to your normal somnolent, secure lifestyle? Perhaps this is why most people prefer to remain asleep, and resent any attempts to wake them up, in case it induces change.
    A tv program on astronomy told me all about the solar wind and how it causes the Aurora Borealis (Northern and Southern Lights) phenomenon.

    The visibility is because of the concentration of the earth's magnetic flux at the poles. See this picture to see how the Aurora reflect the Sun's variable surface conditions. From it, you can see that lines of magnetic flux focus the ionisation discharges into flows which target the Earth's magnetic field, and are only visible at ground zero predominantly around the North and South poles. See the best site on the Sun under the Sun for a breakdown of current knowledge on how the Sun works. It made me realise just how much "stuff" there is passing through us that we just don't apprehend. In fact, what are we really? Do we interact with these invisible particles?
    We may not even resemble anything like the image caused by light bouncing off us, to other life forms. They may be picking up distortions in cosmic rays to discern what their reality is. Human beings just happen to be restricted to a narrow band in the electromagnetic spectrum, called light to discern what is real. The spectrum stretches from long wave radio signals up to highly-energetic x-ray, gamma and cosmic rays. Which species is closer to reality? Who is right? Which form of life is more correct? When put like this, it is obvious that no one is correct, and that all life must be respected for what it is - a survivor in the frantic, chaotic universe. And a universe of illusions, for even size is relative to the species perceiving it, let alone time.
    Whenever mental measurement takes place, variety is introduced. Not all biochemical units react in exactly the same time or manner, even within the same species. Mankind seems to be the last species not to have given up trying to completely rationalise what is around them. The frustration manifests itself as a form of life-long, good-humoured disgruntlement, and a delusion of purposelessness for the majority, and a predilection for sadism for most of the rest.
    It is mathematically provable that any mapping from a collection to a smaller collection (heterogeneous mapping) cannot be reversed to recreate the original collection, although some degree of guesswork may give you a narrowed-down set of possibilities. The same is true of language, in that the boundlessness of possible situations that words try to describe, is narrowed down by language to a finite collection of words, albeit words with multiple meanings and contexts. My point is that it is still finite, and, hence, inadequate as a tool for expressing oneself in any great detail. Why hasn't anything better come along? Perhaps it has, and not too soon.
    If the delay in awareness of perception is really as much as 2 seconds, and at least 0.5 seconds, then there isn't much point in trying to measure millionths of a second difference in perceived events, because the chemical reactions necessary for you to perceive such a difference, occur over a much larger timescale, the crescendo point of which varies by more than a millionth of a second. Perhaps that is why we fail to see any predictable or logical explanations for what we perceive at macro- or micro- cosmological levels, for example, astronomical, quantum and string theories, which seem forever bound to grow more complex, as the weight of new evidence continues to defy the latest theory. The only way to overcome this delay (and see the light) is to accept whatever we perceive immediately as the truth, rather than try to use your conscious mind and its battalion of half-baked, unexamined and always outdated ideas to "explain away" the perception.
    It has been discovered that there are large sections of the DNA sequence which seem to have no purpose or function at all. I postulate that they do have a purpose but in different chemical conditions, for example, in different solar systems. Perhaps the physics governing primeval broth chemistry always results in similar strands of chemicals coming together to create a DNA type of construct, whatever the suitably equipped planet. Because of this architecture, there is generous headroom in the coding possibilities, ensuring full support for diverse planetary environments and the subsequent complexity of life forms that may evolve there. Therefore, even physics is benign, and stamps its beauty into the very fabric of life universally. It also means that the probability of life on other planets has fixed odds, and either we are very lucky, common, or one of the first evolved life forms to reach self-awareness.
    It strikes me that, ethically, we ought to ask the question, "By removing or nullifying a gene sequence in a cell's DNA to improve the organism's health, and then allowing that embryo to develop, in what other ways could the removal or nullification have affected how the organism turns out?", before we start tampering with the sacred DNA mechanisms of life. Just because removal of X prevents disease Y, doesn't mean it can only be beneficial. I also suspect that genetic codings do a lot of phenomenally subtle things that we cannot yet begin to understand. So why is it we want to jump straight in the deep end with genetic engineering? Don't we care anymore about how creatures evolved from these techniques may feel? They are trapped with what they are, and that could be physical or psychological agony, and we wouldn't know or wouldn't care.
    Inspired by "Chicks Dig Jerks" by Bill Hicks from the CD "Relentless"
    :- Why is it that the sweetest guys are left alone in the dance halls while the girls go off with the uncaring brutes who treat them badly? Have women got a death wish? Or perhaps their perception of these idiots is through muscle-tinted glasses? Or is it something to do with the way they gauge manliness - that is, the more testosterone-driven and brain-dead, the better? Isn't it time, in these days of sexual equality, that women changed their target to a more evolved mindset? Sure, the wimps may be more easily beaten up than the muscle-heads, but the wimps can fuck much more delightfully than the 3-minute alcohol-breathed wonders women currently seek.
    It seems to me that, globally, governments are attempting to stop the world population reaching the suddenly enlightened figure of 10,000,000,000 (see The Forum).

  • Wars are now on the increase.
  • Destabilisation of third world countries with high birth rates.
  • Inaction in drought-ridden countries, leaving it to charities like Oxfam to do their jobs.
  • Artificially created decrease of birth rates.
  • Rendering of economic conditions detrimental to high birth rates.
  • Waste of natural resources like food and fuel stocks.
  • Deliberate and covert use of technology in order to worsen general human health levels. For example, the gluten in wheat (born with agriculture) causes disruption of the delicately balanced bacteria ecology living in everyone's gut. You just try avoiding it, and see for yourself how your health improves. Making people's average health levels low, means that they are more easily pleased with "scraps" from the rich and powerful. The range of illnesses from upsetting this intestinal balance is phenomenal. In Africa, they'd never heard of bowel cancer until Western foodstuffs were introduced.

    Enlightenment would subvert current political structures and lead to equality of global wealth. Other techniques in use are senseless prohibition of the enjoyment of naturally-occurring drugs like marijuana and magic mushrooms (they make you randy!), active promotion of drugs that decrease sexual potency and increase probability of death, for example, alcohol, and, poisoning of earth's resources like and water which could, with more sensible policies, be much lessened or even curtailed. The inculcation of illogical ideologies like religion, serve to keep the populace unaware of what is really going on. Institutions like marriage keep the proliferation of sperm from straying too far. The obsessive sexual mentality (a direct result of suppressing natural urges through religion or socially-accepted norms) is the majority feeling among populaces. This keeps people from seeing what are the important issues for maintaining a large world population, as, temporally, they can only see the next fuck ahead. As a result, it is estimated that the world population will never reach 8,000,000,000 and may actually decrease. India is already exhibiting a decrease in birth rate for purely economic reasons. Other countries will eventually follow suit as their populaces adopt progressively more capitalist rationales. It really is a shame, as I feel the more babies I produce, the better. Nature shows us it is a folly to try to stop babies using contraceptives. There is no contraceptive technique known to "technologically advanced" man that either has no harmful side-effects, or does not lessen the spontaneity or sensation of sexual congress. And, natural sex has had the edge taken off of it by the threat of AIDS, a disease so young, that it is hard to believe it hasn't been artificially created and circulated by government agencies.
    Those with a slightly different brain chemistry to those of the socially-conditioned norm, are regarded as cretins, even if the organisation of their brains is superior to the mind-blind. Even when these odd-bods can demonstrate a superiority, the mind-blind, rather than taken aback, persistently seek ways of subverting that superiority, and after failure, try to use brutality as a way of ending any further thoughts on the matter. If the mind-blind had the sense to realise that the difference between them and the odd-bods is a small biochemical dissimilarity, the majority of their minds and bodies being identical, then, surely, this attitude of stigmatisation from the mind-blind would evaporate. Only young children seem to have any interest in new approaches and attitudes to old situations.
    Jesus Christ was considered a threat to the control the Romans had over most of Europe and the Middle East, and was executed by their standard method (crucifixion). They then went on to set in stone the political structures that now govern most of the developed world (democracy in the form of voting for governments, and capitalism in the form of using salt as an empire-wide currency for trade, as well as many other vestiges - baths, roads etc.). Yet many of these developed countries' main religion is Christianity! If Jesus returned, he would see his worshippers as vassals to the very system that had him executed. Hypocrites!
    Capitalism produces goods just well enough, that their lifespan is governed by market forces. A factory could produce a car or light bulb that lasts forever, but this doesn't make business thrive.
    The fight between good and evil boils down to the struggle between common sense with long-term benefits, and brutality with short-term benefits. History shows that brutality always prevails. It also shows that using brutality to fight brutality results in more brutality. When are we ever going to learn?
    No matter how technologically advanced society becomes (quantum computing, AI, genetic engineering), if we are still tinkering with externally-created objects to try to understand the nature of the universe, then we have not progressed at all. The answers are inside our imaginations. I see no difference between a caveman painting on a cave wall, and a computer technician on an elaborate computer. Their end results, in the universal scheme of things, are identical. The universe is in our minds, not outside of our bodies.
    It is a deliberate ploy that, globally, governments allow citizens to consume alcohol, but not pot. Let's consider the effects of alcohol :-

  • In excess, it kills, and in moderation, it poisons.
  • Men get violent on it and usually hit on loved ones to take out their aggression.
  • Men find it difficult or impossible to have sex on it, and the experience is dulled by it. I do not believe any man who tells me it enhances their feelings during intercourse - they are simply lying if they claim so. Alcohol negates passion.

    Alcohol should be one of many drugs available, not the only one on offer globally. It kills more people each year than heroin, amphetamines and cocaine put together. There is also no opposition to advertising alcoholic beverages world-wide. Anti-drugs campaigns never target alcohol. Therefore, governments must have a hidden agenda promoting its widespread use.
    Television appears to me to be a situation generator based around common reality, and a set of actors demonstrating "normal" interpretations of response in these situations. Have I missed the point or is this a way of blinding people to interpreting the "boring" reality they're in ?!, in case they might start to interpret their perceptions using their own imaginations. Whilst out in the sticks, I did not miss this device or many others like it, that seem to be designed to stop you thinking for yourselves. People say that TV is a nice way to relax and "switch off" their minds to. Why? What's wrong with what's going on inside your heads? The best visual generator I know of is your mind's eye or imagination. I would never want to stop this. Why do people feel they need to stop their own imaginations? Perhaps they can't find their mind's eye any more. I ask many people if they can remember their dreams, and the majority have no memory of them, and they don't want to remember them, even if they could. That is like saying, "I don't want to think for myself any longer. I don't need an imagination to eke out my survival in this society, so I don't bother trying." But you must put effort in to get results out. It seems there is no effort towards creativity, unless there is financial gain.
    If the government told me to "fight for my country", I would tell them to "Fuck off. Fighting is for wimps." and that "I don't have a country." and that "I won't act on behalf of someone else's abstract idea of national pride". We are all children of the globe. There should be no jingoism in anyone's heads by now. Come on, it's the 21st century, and countries are becoming less and less important in the arising global economy.
    It strikes me that the general populace of so-called developed nations spend their entire existences doing anything to avoid being themselves, or doing any self-reflection, and would rather constantly observe and judge other people in a conscious sphere of reality. What boring lives! Self-improvement for these morons consists of doing things in response to what others think of them, so as to improve other people's opinions of them in a social context. What shallow lives!
    Society-conditioned people really resent someone being calmer, higher, and more capable of handling any situation. I have even met with physical hostility to my peaceful, unruffled outlook on existence. The sequence of events is usually :-

    1) Identification of subject who seems "different".
    2) Attempts to distract subject from his/her plane of thought.
    3) Taunting and name-calling.
    4) Physical abuse.

    This is how humans work ("If you're not blindly with us, you're a threat"). Animals like apes and other close mammals react like this :-

    1) Identification of subject.
    2) Ascertainment of threat to the animal's existence or family.
    3) Realisation that there is no threat, followed by calm and gentle admiration for each other.

    It seems to me that apes are more enlightened than humans. Perhaps there is a species called homo superior.
    Ever since I was 5 or 6 years old, I have always had the most amazing vivid dreams. The reality of the situations I would find myself in was so convincing that, only on waking up, would I realise that I was dreaming. For anyone to refute the claims of remote viewing specialists, is like saying that you don't see anything when you dream! Or that blind people do not have a mind's eye. In the state halfway between sleeping and being awake, I can RV in the correct relaxed conditions. So intense was one experience, that it was like I had taken over some stranger's eyes. The clarity was astounding, and I was constantly wary of having to be very unobtrusive, so that the subject was unaware I was there! I got a good 60 seconds of pure vision before I drifted out of it. I got up and skipped around the room for a bit, I can tell you. Other visions I have had include a gorgeous 3D in space fly over of an absolutely enormous spaceship in glorious technicolour. Talk about entertainment, I mean, that was incredible, and made the 2D flat screens we usually look at, seem very boring and flat. Still, people find RV hard to swallow because of the requirements of society to be able to empirically justify everything. There is too much awe, beauty and wonder in this universe to go around trying to logically explain every phenomenon we experience. Better to just go ahead and experience it. To date, I have personally experienced RV, levitation, ghosts, telepathy, telekinesis, spiritual time travel, outside of universe viewpoints, and the most amazing love, sympathy and forgiveness for the human creatures who still haven't quite opened their minds up to it yet.
    Recent events concerning depleted uranium and its use in place of the more expensive tungsten-tipped shells, have brought home to me the principles of democratic government - save as much money as possible at the expense of the environment, the soldiers, and the integrity of the government itself. What kind of general would say "Let's turn this war into a nuclear one, because it will be cheaper. Never mind the deaths of the soldiers who take part. Their deaths won't occur until after they have served their purpose." Really makes you want to join the armed forces, way hey !! Try a visit to Depleted Uranium Death Fields etc. or the German news report on how dangerously high radar irradiation levels were ignored by authorities responsible for workers health protection, and, of 99 soldiers, 24 died and 69 got cancer. Their average age was 40 years old. The number of deaths of British soldiers from DU-related causes is over 500 as at 14th January 2001. This will obviously rise far higher, as the effects of radioactive fallout have a massive longevity. If they cause this much damage now, then look at the half-lives. A half-life is the time taken for the radioactive level to reach half of what it started at. Take a look at the following figures on radioactive half-lives for Uranium and Plutonium isotopes

    Radioactive Isotope Half-Lives
    Isotope Usage Half-Life (Years)
    23892 Uranium Naturally-occurring isotope used in shell tips 4,500,000,000 (Nearly the age of Earth)
    23592 Uranium Nuclear reactors and bombs 710,000,000
    23994 Plutonium Nuclear reactors and bombs 24,400

    This really shows what a folly it is to mine and use Uranium in any form for any purpose. Don't think that the solution is to use hydrogen bombs, since they need a fission reaction (causing radioactive fallout) to detonate them! There is a bomb called the neutron bomb (neutrons' half-life outside of the nucleus is only 12 minutes) which destroys people but leaves the environment habitable afterwards. The only reason that this isn't used instead of the nuclear bomb, is that it is far more expensive to build and deploy. Again, governments showing that money is more important than life. I was astounded the other day to discover that in the UK, a single life is valued at £700,000 in terms of monetary benefit to society. This is an arbitrary figure to allow costs of road safety improvements to be balanced with cost to society for loss of life. Fuck me, we have already got our price tags. This is probably why millionaires get such preferential treatment by governments in this warped society.

    Have a look at the Uranium Hexafluoride isolation procedures on Envectra's site which lists all harmful substances. It is a bit of a joke when it says :-

    Radiation presents minimal risk to transport workers, emergency response personnel, and the public during transportation accidents. Packaging durability increases as potential radiation and criticality hazards of the content increase.

    when Nuclear News has archives citing :-


    Organisms organise in endless ways in a random fashion Why then spend so much time trying to cater for future needs for citizens of a society? Why go to so much money and effort, when the only outcome can be a propaganda-controlled mock freedom. Anticipation is also fruitless in this context.
    If mankind evolved from a mixture of both Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens stock, then it is hardly surprising that we may know right from wrong but we rarely practise it.
    Countries are inventions of man's mind. Aliens must think us mad as they watch us produce a passport each time we cross one of these imaginary lines. We have one world and this should be our country. Country definitions are the main cause of war.
    People who turn a blind eye to violence, condone it.
    I have only just realised that nearly every object that has been bar-coded, has the "Mark of the Beast" stamped on it. Bar codes are divided into sections by the 3 occurrences of the number 6 (in bar code format). Take anything you have recently purchased from a supermarket, and have a look for yourself. It is easily recognisable (3 sets of double narrow lines, which correspond to any 6 you may find in the actual bar code itself), and really took me aback. If humans ever became "bar-coded" in order to secure a "credit card" world (and believe me, it's not that improbable), we are nearer to fulfilling the Bible's Book of Revelations' prophecies than I at first thought!
    Why is oil so expensive in England when the same imported oil in the Philippines is less than a third of the price? There's oil in the North Sea, so why aren't we benefiting from it.
    Why is it that despite the advances in modern technology and their immediate application to "defence", we are never shown in the media exactly how far scientists have got with the development of weapons of easy or mass destruction? All portrayals of hero battles in the present crop of action thrillers present the standard selection of armoury, consisting of things that predominantly issue projectiles likely to cause damage. The heroes never seem to run into trouble against a powerful laser-gun that scythes its way through opponents, for example.
    Forces that are shaping the planet today are worryingly artificial. Up to now planet-shaping forces had been done by nature. Does man think he can better nature? I predict the fall of man through genetic tampering.
    It has just struck me that one's place in the world is heavily determined by your ethnic characteristics at birth. I am using the word ethnic to cover not only race and religion, but social standing of family, length of time family in country and a whole host of other yardsticks that could be used to gauge the family's best possible standing in society. Here's what I mean. If you were born into the royal family, you would probably be white, Christian, your family has plenty of money, and hence, political clout, so you would have no ceiling of social standing imposed on you. But, if you were born into a black family whose prime source of income was a family-run market stall, a certain level (and a low one, judging by the racism still apparent in today's society) is imposed on that baby from birth. Put the two babies side by side immediately after birth, and as far as they are concerned, they are equal opportunity human beings with the same needs and aspirations as any other baby from any other family. This leads us to two questions. Who and how? Who imposes this limit on one's ability to ascend through the echelons of society? And how do they impose it in this supposedly free will based society we live in? Well, the who question is hard to answer, but it boils down to an invisible elite who have, over many centuries of development of society, wrested the real power away from publicly-known bodies like councils and the government. They have also left the structure of what supports their power, to become more and more convoluted over time, so that they become impossible to trace. They are the invisible government that many so-called paranoids speak about. Part of the immensely intricate structure that supports them, would brand anyone who got near the true identity of these institutes, as crack-pots, no matter what physical evidence had been brought to light. Hence, the mechanism of their working is geared towards self-preservation, almost as if it were an animal with an instinct for survival. The problem is that this animal no longer has a place in 21st century society, and, if it remains in place for much longer, will bring down homo sapiens with it. This animal is a stinking, self-motivated, greedy, violent, and barbaric global institute that needs to be completely uprooted and dissolved in fluorosulphonic acid. The trouble is, that the roots of this creature remain so intricately hidden, and so forcibly protected, that all of society would need to change, in order to execute it. And, the how question should have answered itself by now, having identified the beast that is the who.
    If human beings needed a way of trusting all to the nature of being a human being (because anyone qualifies under such terms), then they would choose to put all their eggs in one basket and sell their soul to the devil, and represent humanity by one example of it. When we come together, we'll realise what a vain thing this is to do.
    Capitalism means deprivation of the right to know the 'land' we all share together now.
    We are all looking at things the wrong way round. Our daytime existence should be regarded as a mere reflection of our night-time existence, in that our dreamworld is more real than our daily schedules that keep existence possible. That's why conscious life seems a joke and a drag, compared to the freedom experienced in dreamworld.
    The beauty of this planet is all too often mistaken as man-made.
    Imagine a space-time generator which could be programmed to manifest energy and matter into certain equilibrial forms. Whatever operated it would be responsible for the contents of the universe (including the container itself). Evolution and random chance would be thin veils for what is really going on. Some higher form of intelligence is doing experiments on planets throughout this universe, trying to evolve the most intelligent or advanced civilisation, for their own entertainment's sake. Consequently, we (the puppets) always play down the importance and purpose of life. I feel it is our duty to demonstrate to our tormentors just how clever we are, by showing them that we can do the same thing. Unfortunately, we are currently using manifestations of energy and matter in this universe to build on, instead of playing around with the fabric of space-time with our mighty brains. These higher beings laugh when we do the former, and worry when we do the latter. They haven't needed to worry once, in terms of this planet, so far. I reckon I might have caught their eye, though.
    Britain's folly was when it stopped reading books, and started reading minds.
    Life in the current social climate is not judged by humans as high an importance level than what I can instantly think of. For example, I can think of out-of-body experiences that circumnavigate universal structure, through simply being alive. Life of any form is important enough in this violent (anti-life) universe. Be careful how you perceive it.
    No wonder I am so vehemently dead-set against "normal" people. My attitude to sex is that it is a pleasurable function utilised to obtain offspring, and that's all! As a promiscuous recreational pastime, it is a dangerous and emotional folly. I'm right about this and that's all there is to it. I speak common sense. Most others (including my brother and father) regard sex as a pursuit in its own right, spurred on by the pleasure, and burying your head in the sand if babies get produced. Recreational pastimes should exclude sex. The responsibility of a child is too great to regard the procreational activity as "a bit of fun". Women instinctively feel that if they allow a man to have sex with them, then there are strings, and that man should really be around for a while after the act. I stress "instinctively", because nowadays women are having this attitude driven out of them for fear of a "no sex" lifestyle. Men are not willing to commit themselves to a good part of their life being spent with their partner. So many single parents, most of them women, just go to confirm this.
    Take a look at reality - only sick minds dwell there.
    There is no one in the world who can't fall back on family to rely on when the feelings grow sour. You were born! Any joy is owed to your family. Now look at how genetic engineering (including test tube babies) is affecting this basic principle of existence. Loving implies forgiveness.
    To stay something, and then execute it, is something all life has in common.
    To stay = realise, position, perceive, fix, possess.
    To execute = eat, consume, kill, re-use.
    Autumn Glow
    Summer's relics lie cast about
    On woodland all around no doubt.
    The leafy glens all sound out
    the crackle of twigs completely dried out.
    On the floor squirrels scrabble for nuts
    as if the whole world revolved around their guts.
    The wind gets colder and has a double-edged cut.
    With one sweep it freezes, with the other it clears up.
    Communication with people may at first seem difficult, due to the steadfast attitude that "You shall be judged by what you say" is the norm. But, if what you are saying makes sense, the response is both flattering, and educational.
    Next time you are cruising the city in your car, look directly at any pedestrian, and it's odds on that they will be staring at the pavement as they walk along. Radiohead OK Computer Subterranean Homesick Alien states "You watch your feet for cracks in the pavement" but I think it goes deeper. Because nearly everyone does it (except myself - I look gently back), I can only conclude that people really do feel down-trodden by the society around them - the one they elected to support for security's sake. Or too paranoid to ever look up at the world. From a common sense viewpoint, why on earth would anyone want to constantly look at their feet when walking along? It is better for your survival to look around you. My observations also detect that the general norm is a constant state of nervousness amongst the populace, coupled with the false happiness that comes from seeing someone else feeling the same way. My own feelings are a state of serenity whence I can easily see these feeble, socially-engendered games at work. I bet the governments of the world are very happy with the general state of their populations : down-trodden, neurotic and paranoid - easily manipulated. People are even paranoid about being paranoid! Exercise your right to feel. Don't wait to laugh along with everyone else, suppressing everything you are in the meantime. Express yourselves when you feel like it. People are more forgiving than your paranoia will allow you to believe.
    I rue the "quick-fade" attitude of society.
    There we are then, everyone is smug with their own level of distrust and resulting violence.
    Kids around the country are all brought up with the same ideas, teachings and religious doctrines. This is perpetuated by schooling (national curricula), church, the media and the uniformity of society around them. Is it any wonder then, that most of them feel like they have no unique identity, and use other people's reactions as their only form of mental entertainment? If a brain is fed the same stuff, it will grow the same way. We need diversification of input in order to quench the need for individuality.
    The one expression of anger that is acceptable as a kind of personality trait, is deemed unacceptable behaviour by all except the young. The expression must always come with the proviso that the intention is summed up by the thought, "Please realise that I won't do you any harm, but I've got to let my anger out." Governments try to repress these types of outburst.
    It has taken 4,000 million years of evolution for the current crop of terrestrial species to have come into existence. That makes the more complex species something very special indeed. In fact, we do not realise (or are supposed to realise) that we are far more complicated than any science founded on our senses could possibly describe. So, humans are extremely intricate biochemical organisms, putting as general a connotation as possible on the phrase. The next realisation will take some thinking about, but here it is. Human beings can get very close to each other, and I'm not talking purely physically here. Understanding, compassion and sympathy are a start, but I'm talking about being able to feel and think what someone else is going through - really putting yourself into their shoes. Every person has the innate ability to do this. Love blossoms from this natural talent we have for being sensitive to other people's feelings, thoughts and reactions. Society represses the development of this faculty through "invisible" coercion. "You wanna live in this warm, safe environment, then you gotta stop sympathising with people you don't know, and get a hard-nosed attitude". It amazes me how deluded our conscious brain has become. We no longer see natural reality, unless you cast off these indoctrinations. Our lives should be rich, surprising, invigorating, stimulating, fascinating and a lot more. We should be living in such a way that looking back at what has just happened virtually never occurs, and we never say "I'm bored". The conscious brain's perception of our environment should rarely be consulted in a familiar place like home or work. The realisation should be that to get off the life bandwagon and look back at something that just happened, automatically prevents you from seeing it properly, because you cannot stop time, and time waits for no man, and there really is no such thing as time ; events flow one to the other interminably. The "society preservers" get called out to listen to some seer proclaiming all good common sense. They see him as someone making a noise at them, and then going away. This is the historical perspective of general perception that, as I said before, is wholly inaccurate. But they insist on using this yardstick, and will come croppers in the end. The correct yardstick to use is quite obviously intricacy of rapport and sensitivity of feeling towards the other person. Simplifications and generalisations (especially those based on empirical science), on a universal scale, are simply voids with no content or purpose - you have been wasting your time or "eating your head".
    In view of the cold snap recently (Dec/Jan 2000/2001), it struck me that living in an environment where the temperature is mostly controlled to suit the human being (house, car, office, pub, etcetera) for most of your life is unnatural because our flexible design allows for much higher and lower extremes. By shielding ourselves from the outside this way, we weaken ourselves. Influenza viruses are no more virulent than they have ever been (too simple an organism to vary greatly from one generation to the next) : it is humans who are becoming mollycoddled and weak. Too much comfort will kill us all.
    Beer (and alcohol in general) is a complete waste of time and money and health. You pay about 30 pence for the beer in your pint, the rest going to the government. After drinking it, it then sets about damaging vital organs, thinning the blood unnecessarily, and causing personality changes which are wholly unwelcome. After a few, you become a complete bigot, an emotional mess, and sometimes violent for no reason. The next day you feel even worse, and snap at people you usually love. Personally, I intend remaining teetotal now, having spent too much money and brain cells and emotional conflicts with the damned stuff. And despite what people may say about alcohol being a natural drug, this is bullshit. It occurs naturally when some fruit from a tree has fallen to the ground, gone rotten, and fermented in the right way. Then chimps used to enjoy its heady qualities. But it certainly wasn't available day in, day out, in the massive quantities that are commonly imbibed in this hell hole of a tosspot country. All you hippies and greasers out there, listen, hurt the government, don't drink any alcohol. Don't smoke cigarettes, just spliffs. Don't drive anywhere, walk instead. Don't give the government any tax for anything. They just waste the money anyway, the fucking corrupt cunts. Bring them down with our lifestyle!
    If human beings are hypnotisable, we wouldn't know if what we are living is real or being suggested to us. Even mild suggestion, such as that commonly encountered everyday in society, would have an effect on your beliefs and actions. What is irritating is the fact that using common sense and logic, shows what a mockery the current vehicles of suggestion are. For example, advertising seems to be aimed at complete morons, an assumption all too often made about a country's population by governments and big businesses.
    When giants like Marconi start shedding jobs, you've got to wonder whether the government is trying to wrest control of advanced telecoms development away from these businesses. Marconi and dozens of other similar organisations have all developed proprietary solutions to telecommunication problems, and with this sea of different possibilities available to everyone, the government feels uncomfortable in view of the power of the Internet and e-mail. Whereas, with the government in control of all telecoms development, the Internet would be tamed.
    I have no tolerance for stupidity, except in jest. What really irks me is people who are constantly and deliberately stupid, to the point of being obtuse (ie. have gone a long way out of their way to counter what you say). No matter how important what is being said, if it does not involve their own selfish interests, they will make a joke about it. Their only survival technique is under the guise of "ignorance is bliss". They are now learning that this attitude is leaving them vulnerable and weak, as their stupidity and ignorance start to become less common amongst the general populace, and the general level of intelligence increases with time. Thankyou information technology.
    As for the common human's insatiable lust for senseless violence, well, it's a delusion caused by human's perception of history, where only the bad is recorded in any detail.
    Why on earth does anything as important as blood tests take so long to process? With the technology we have nowadays, we ought to be able to completely analyse most things into their inorganic or organic molecular composition, almost instantaneously.
    Spasms of enjoyment of life give rise to energy being spent to advertise it to others. This energy is transmitted in the electromagnetic spectrum to anywhere in the universe. An eddy is a manifestation of a cosmic energy field that sweeps the universe, that is, the space-time continuum. Eddies break out from memories imprinted in space-time, at places where life exists, bringing generosity and forgiveness to all living things. Where an eddy breaks out, pulling together the inlaid memories of its creator, gives an instant path of mutual understanding, through which, immediate translocation of consciousness from the life-source to this place can happen. This is surely a better way of travelling than attempting to propel a life form wholly adapted to its planetary environment, into places completely alien to these very pleasant surroundings. What are we, completely off our rockers?!?!
    The process of being alive is tant amount to remaining buoyant in a sea of space and time. To remain afloat, you must exercise your right to feel.
    If someone is trying to support a good world feeling, rather than his colleagues support him, they throw obstacles in his way. Surely they know the feeling would benefit them too, but jealousy (under the guise of "If you can ignore me, you will definitely succeed") clouds their reason. When all the colleagues follow this tack, so many obstacles have to be overcome, that if he does succeed, he ends up in the minority and the good world feeling he was striving for becomes merely his own good feeling, with his colleagues left guessing as to what he is feeling. Rather than unison being accomplished, division is the result.
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