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Opinions on Society and the Conditioned Masses that Frequent it

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Why I am Unhappy with "Society" Basics - The Truth
Basics - Who We Are The Foundations of Modern Society
The Disappearance of Folklore and Individuality Resultant Behaviour
Mankind's Place in the Universe Philosophy of the Anarchist - Some Early Thoughts

Why I am Unhappy with "Society"

Basics - The Truth

The universe itself is the result of a massive pool of consciousnesses. This pool is not bound by the physical universe, but the cause of its (and possibly other universes') existence. All walks of life in this physical universe seem to exhibit their own unique and individual facets of experience therein, and those that are "aware", instantly report their experiences back to this common pool. This can cause positive and negative feedback loops. All consciousnesses seem to have the qualities required to further deploy other vehicles of consciousness, for example, the qualities of love, nurture and empathy. Individual ideas that go against the further deployment of experiential units, don't seem to last very long, whereas ideas that propagate more units, seem to flourish. Our pleasure and pain centres seem to reflect this state of affairs. In fact, there is a lot to be said for intuition unconsciously guiding you in the right direction, and to create positive feedback loops to the pool itself. Ideas forged in the blindness of self-consciousness and self-improvement to the detriment of others, have been shaping the nature of human society on planet Earth for many centuries now. That is why we are currently born into a thoroughly iniquitous, brutal and psychologically harmful "money cage".

No matter what experiences you may engineer for yourself, at the end of the day, the underlying pool of consciousnesses is where you'll return to. Everyone is part of the same thing, ultimately. Any frustrations you may have with your own particular facet of experiential individuality, usually arise from the delusion that you are separate from "others", and are perpetually self-conscious. Realisation of the shared nature of consciousness is the key to freeing yourself from the prison of self-consciousness. Quantum physics has recently been proving that consciousness is shared over both time and space, infinitely and instantly, and that its perceptions seem to affect what is being perceived. If you are a modern-day scientist, you no longer have any reason to be a selfish and uncaring brat!

Physical reality is not the sum total of the universe and its contents. We are not merely bags of chemicals, and nor is anything else, even inanimate objects. The fabric of the space-time continuum is not as simple as our scientists think it is. It is benign, and is inclined to spawn "life" within its fabric. The universe does not consist of separate parts. It is one thing. Uni-verse. Everything in it is a manifestation of energy fluctuations flowing through its contour-biased fabric. The energy flows change the contours, which, in turn, redirect the energy flows. Free will is the key to consciousness (awareness). As soon as one accepts this axiom about what the universe is, you see that conscious beings have the opportunity to willingly redirect energy movement, and that the best at doing this get the lion's share of whatever they need for their comfort and survival. This also means that other species are aware (or conscious) in that they also take opportunities to redirect energy flows for the benefit of their survival chances or pleasure-seeking activities. The more you "go with the flow", the less evolved you are likely to be. The madness in today's world is that the species pompously named "homo sapiens" does not take these opportunities very often, because everything is riddled with social concern. The thought processes necessary to say "yay or nay" in any given situation have become so intricate (thanks to mass media), that intuition goes largely unheard, and bad decisions are often made. We frequently go against the "grain" of the space-time continuum's fluctuating energy flows and contour mappings, by trying to use our memory of a recent opportunity, instead of the actual window itself. Whatever we think we "know" may as well be scrapped since it is out of synch with the reality we're part of. This instant "scrapping" paradoxically brings enlightenment and understanding!

All our attempts at a scientific explanation and implementation of the physical laws of the universe result in some shortcoming somewhere, which is covered over and kept from prying eyes until a better rigid model comes along. This pointless process has now got us to the point where we are so afraid of each other's intentions, we are inventing new ways to murder and maim each other using the latest technology, rather than freeing ourselves from the burden of work with new discoveries in science. It seems the establishment would rather use any new discovery to further entrench humankind in the quagmire of pointless struggle. We are something that is connected to the totality of the universe through both time and space. We are free spirits, and our bodies mere vessels to return to after a good trip "out there". We can enter other bodies, experience their feelings and thoughts, and perceive through their senses. Once you open up to this truth, you will understand a huge vista of knowledge and wisdom that bolsters these facts, most of which are unprovable. This freedom is boundless and allows complete moment-to-moment realisations of a universe of life in perpetual flux. But because the establishment can have no control over something that is not repeatedly demonstrable and changes all the time, it is "not allowed" as a viable alternative for mainstream thought. And with the masses conditioned to accept nothing short of total security, you can be assured the thought-streams that are the most popular and acceptable to those in power, are also the most crass and stultified.

Mind creates what appears to be reality through interpretation of perception. The way the mind interprets is key to what "reality" is perceived. It is possible that our minds are only functioning at 25% capability (if that!) and have been deliberately maimed to prevent us seeing the whole picture. This would mean that the "reality" we commonly perceive is most likely to be incomplete, and this is borne out by chemical alteration of brain chemistry (LSD, DMT, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms) and idiots savants, where the blocked mental pathways are cleared, and natural thought processes flow freely again. Your senses are more illusory than you think, so it is dangerous and foolish to take what we commonly perceive, and fashion an absolute reality out of it. For example, no one can ever really touch anything. You can move your skin close to the object, but at a microscopic level, it never really touches it. The outer shells of electrons of the topmost atoms of your skin and the object repel each other, as they are brought close to each other, and this interaction causes the sensation of touch. The only reason we know the object is really there, is because your hand won't move any further. But you haven't really physically touched the object. What is phenomenal is the range of identifiable touch responses, from soft and smooth to hard and rough, despite this lack of actual contact, but just by the discernment of physical distortion of the skin, and the measurement of temperature and pressure change at the surface! Touch is more than just one sense.

In fact, most of our senses are not as they seem. Our eyes let light deep into our brain directly, with a few mutations into electrical signals on the way through rods and cones. Seeing is like bathing your brain's innermost neurones with the electromagnetic radiation between 400 and 700 nanometres wavelength. Preconceived ideas then fit this information into some kind of conscious reference framework, when, really, we are living in a sea of multi-coloured light. Similarly for sound waves through tiny bones in the ear to electrical signals deep into the brain - vibrations of the surrounding air in the frequency range 20-20,000 Hertz. Interpretation of these vibrations creates the image of their cause, when really they are just outer ear air oscillations. So far, then, a heavily-interpreted multi-coloured vibrating environment. Taste and smell are less susceptible to the vagaries of conscious interpretation, and rightly so, as our lives depend on how we smell and taste what we ultimately put into our bloodstreams. However, the intensity of the pleasure associated with them is inversely proportional to the appetite's satiety. These senses are chemically regulated.

What is mind-blowing is the refinement and sensitivity of discernment attainable by all these senses. It is a commonly-overlooked majesty that defies complete conscious appraisal just how intricate each of these senses is, yet we use them every day. Heaven is within each and every one of us, for definite.

Sight has the greatest area of brain function, followed by hearing, and then smell, taste and finally touch. So, in terms of sensitivity, touch is probably at the bottom of the table of our five senses. So, if you wanted to affirm the presence of your environment, touch is the least effective way of doing so, yet that's the sense most humans "cling on to reality" with, when their illusion starts to fail. Come on, you can see it's all an illusion really. That's why I hate antagonists who always respond, "If I smash your head against this table, you will see reality." No, I can tell that my molecules won't go through something that's there. It is no better an indication of what is actually there than seeing it.

The truth is that the conscious mind is far more functional and powerful than we are led to believe. It is not simply a window on the world, or a bag of responsive neurones. Spiritually and emotionally, we are not sealed off from the rest of the universe by our skins. We are not merely bags of chemicals, despite what modern science would have you believe. Such negative viewpoints do not engender love for your fellow creatures on this planet, or any curiosity as to your purpose for existence. Just a staid, meaningless, plodding life. You have to realise that we are connected to everything else at a quantum level that transcends time and place. Our highest function is lucid perception of, and management of response with another human being, alternatively known as "love". When a conscious mind perceives an object, the properties of that object change at a microscopic level to match the context of observation. This is backed up by experimental observations made at the quantum level. In fact we are just more energy in a sea of energy, and hence we are connected to everything else. The illusions in our minds may actually be shaping what's out there more than we realise. We have to be more responsible with what we think, for what we believe to be true, is actually true as far as we are concerned, and has effects on things around us. Belief changes reality, really!

The conscious mind knows nothing. It just changes things to match its framework of observation. Hence, no reality mindset can be absolutely right, because we are always looking at things through a framework of thought that distorts the image. The frameworks that are currently commonly educated, cause extremely blinkered ways of thinking, and introduction to new ideas is usually met with anger, rebuke and urgent pleas for proof, rather than curiosity, trust and change.

The unconscious mind is the only thing capable of observing things without changing their true nature. We are a unique animal in that we can act on information supplied by the unconscious mind, in a conscious manner, and, indeed, this is the best way to live your life. This way there is no knowledge, objective or subjective, but there's loads of inherited wisdom.

It is proven (Matti Pitkanen) that neurones are close enough together in the conscious brain (cortex) for quantum effects to occur. This would mean that our very brains do not obey classical Newtonian physics, and quantum effects and consciousness go hand-in-hand. It may be common for the occasional random jump of an impulse from one neurone to a neighbour, causing any manner of change in manifestation of thought pattern. This does not happen in the subconscious brain where the neurones are further apart, and any change in neurone pathway could be more life-threatening in these vital areas of the brain. The notion of "free will" may only be an inherent ability to make a flow of ideas disjunctive, by flooding a neurone until it "jumps". Anyway, if this is true (and it is certainly measurable and repeatable), then any idea set describing itself as "rigorous and exhaustive" is a vain hope. The brain's chemistry does not obey the accepted normal physical laws in certain areas of consciousness, so the resulting organism shouldn't set any store by any consciously-produced ideas as being actual. But the organism has been conditioned to hanker after security. He is expecting security-reassuring repeatable ideas, but with quantum chemistry occurring in everyone's heads, nothing could be regarded as repeatable. The hopelessness of scientific modelling becomes apparent. This truth would cause anarchy, as people would suddenly realise that we are here to enjoy ourselves as much as we can during our lifetimes and not place too much weight on "how it works" subjects. Current society would slowly break down, the laws governing it being stripped away for being too lifestyle-restrictive. A much more gut feeling driven society would evolve. But currently, as brains get filled up with more complex idea sets, the more scope there is for misinterpretation of reality to occur. No man-made idea set is capable of interpreting reality correctly, much as no mathematically coherent system can explain all phenomena of the universe (Goedel's Proof Non-technical and Technical).

The laws of physics, that supposedly govern evolution, are made by man's brain, a product of evolution. Hence, man's laws could not possibly accurately describe what made him. Therefore, any evolutionary theory that does not imbue the laws of physics with some unknown, benign or mystical influence, can only fail. Understanding of whatever shapes life in this universe is far beyond the remit of its creations, although it's darn good fun trying! I once saw a program about the moon and its tidal effects on this planet. If our solitary satellite had not existed, life would not have evolved here at all. The pull of the moon caused volcanic activity and water movement that were absolutely essential to the development of life as we know it here. It makes one wonder just how perfect physical conditions have to be, before life anywhere in the universe can flourish, and how lucky we all are on this golden earth. In fact it's just too good to believe, and I am starting to think that this perfect universe is all just an elaborate creation of our minds to explain how we came to be here, and we haven't got the foggiest idea what we are really part of. That is why we see the galaxies receding from us, at speeds proportional to their distance from us, through our telescopes, because we are simply seeing our own minds' creation, and can never "catch it up" to see what it really is, because it is just us, stretching out trying to see ourselves. Also, we can never perfectly see or theorise the microcosm, in that the more we look, the more we see (of ourselves infinitely), and the more strange it gets (eg. uncertainty theorems) so we end up with molecules, atoms, quarks, sub-quarks, strings, and just when we think we're homing in on it, some anomaly rears up and rubbishes our hard-won theories. All this, simply because we are convinced that something is out there that is separate from our own minds' creation of what's out there, when what's out there will always be a reflection of our biochemistry. We are frantically scrabbling to see the creation of our own stretching minds! I am doing the same as I write this.

Where science falls down (apart from the fact of it being based on a quantum-level organ), is in its assumption that the fabric of space-time is totally governed by a handful of cold laws (physics), even though there seems to be a life-giving benevolence to the universal framework. I seriously doubt these cold laws brought life to this planet on their own, without the charitable bias of the universe's actual governing physical laws. There are too many coincidences, and too much beauty to the way the universe is, for over-simplified human brain-created ideas to completely describe it and the evolution of life in it. This bias is completely absent from any proffered scientific description, as its effect differs for each new set of circumstances, and hence cannot be defined in absolute terms.

So, how did the society that we see around us today come into existence, and get so globally accepted as the only reality that works? Several theories exist, ranging from "humans are intrinsically nasty, and are descendants of the barbaric apes so we end up with an unfair society" to "aliens came down 200,000 years ago and tampered with the DNA of hominoids to create home sapiens sapiens, then came back 7 to 11,000 years ago to invent domesticated plants and animals so society could start, and left some special clandestine ruling bloodlines to ensure their dominance of their creation". Believe it or not, there is more direct evidence to support the latter theory than the former. Mitochondrial DNA evidence can be used to date mankind's DNA to a mere 200,000 years old. Chromosomal analysis shows mankind's 23 pairs having a fused 2nd and 3rd chromosome pair, compared with chimps, gorillas and orang-utans, who all have 24 pairs.

We have 4,000 genetic defects, whereas apes exhibit a mere 20 or so. Wheat has 7 times more chromosomes than its wild grass predecessor, a vast unexplainable jump. See "The Literal Creation of Man" by Lloyd Pye, for a whole list of other human quirks that don't fit evolution theory.

As governments became more powerful, their ideas began to have more profound an effect on common thinking. As modern society started to take shape, the controlling bodies streamlined the rules of interpretation through science, which focused in the common reality that nearly everyone faces nowadays. Our modus operandi (way of thinking and acting) have been pre-chosen for us, and greet us sharply as we leave the womb to enter the world. Then we face indoctrination of scientific principles under the guise of "education" and "upbringing". Examples of forced ways are the 7-day week cycle (who is to tell us how to apportion the natural year), 3 meals a day (surely we eat when we're hungry), consumerist-based schooling of our children ("if you're not wearing the right trainers, you aren't in our gang"), what God to believe in (you have a choice of 5 or so), false or biased history (depending on what country you're born in), and the "9 to 5 followed by ritual poisoning" behaviour of our parents (go to work, then the pub/bar to spend the money). The first thing to hit you about common reality, is that everyone believes it, and that it is cold and brutal. Look beneath the cover, and you will see an overly ornate and strained scientific system of ideas that don't always explain everything, and certainly don't explain exactly what is going on from any philosophical viewpoint. This cold, bleak, stark, scientific view of the beauty around us, hides nearly anything that could cause any emotional non-scientific response, even when that response may be much more natural, and may "feel" much more correct. We are also not told about all scientific discoveries. Those that threaten the major industries (for example, cold fusion, aura research, earth batteries, geoaetheric engines, radiant space energy, and gravitational warp cloaking devices), are swiftly buried and the discoveries secreted for higher echelon use only, or the researchers are stigmatised as crackpots or bumped off. The only good things to come out of science are the visualisation and modelling powers it brings to the mind through its study.

Science is a trap, not a law. Where new evidence turns up that shakes the foundations of science, it is swiftly buried or discredited, before it causes any real revolution in common thinking. The double slit experiment (read all 7 A4 pages of Quantum Philosophy or check out John A. Wheeler of Princeton University 1980 who is quoted as saying, "The deepest lesson of quantum mechanics may be that reality is defined by the questions we put to it.") shows us that measuring what happens during an experiment changes the results of that experiment (making the concept of "scientifically observable" into a joke), and measuring what happens and then immediately and permanently erasing the measurements, leaves the results of the experiment unaffected by the measurement process. How does the experiment know that it is being recorded ?!? Yet, I don't see any science or philosophy media trumpeting these recent discoveries.

Governments instil science into children so that they accept the "common reality" around them as part of "growing up", or becoming an adult. Its coldness and brutality reflect the common perception by homo sapiens of the reality around them. The common notion of maturing into an adult is accepting the harshness with a sense of humour, and not to spend too much time thinking about it, as there is nothing you can do about it. I don't call that "maturing". With a more sensitive, mystical, intuitive and spiritual aspect to upbringing, people would be a lot happier than they are now with this mocked up illusion of helplessness in cold scientific "reality". Wisdom, sensitivity and curiosity should increase with age, not atrophy and wither into bitterness. To those caught in "common reality", there is no reality external to their perceptions, just their idea of what is out there, shared en masse in a collective conscious mindset, which is handed on from one generation to the next through education, science and threat of ostracism or brute force. This state of mind amounts to an obsessive god-complex which attempts complete control of its surroundings and life therein, using the cold and brutal logic of its scientific misconceptions, working in a mere 25 percent conscious window of the mind, with 75 percent (the unconscious) completely ignored. If a perception falls outside of this framework, patience and persistence are used to formulate a mode of understanding the perception that remains true to science, no matter how convoluted or illogical it has to become (cf. evolution). At the end of the day, all evidence must become part of "common reality" through application of scientific principles. If it can't be assimilated, then it is ignored until it can. This amounts to thought control!

Name any other species that attempts to limit the thoughts of its members to a scientifically explainable subset of all possibilities. This kind of obsessive behaviour is disgusting and inexcusable. Variety of thought patterns should be regarded as a treasure trove, not a threat. The streamlining of all thought patterns into one single scientific set, is what has made people bored and fed up with their lots. Wordless interpretations of the nature of this planet and the universe it is housed in are ignored because they cannot be written down using the cumbersome vocabulary we have at hand. Even our language matrices have been deliberately and brutally short-changed during development, because we are not allowed to invent language ourselves. By globalising and streamlining, we limit the creative processes of each of our minds into a boring and anticipatable set of possible pathways. You only need to change the way you think to free yourself from ever being bored again. And there's no need to "prove" anything any more; just enjoy your freed up mental processes for what they give you in terms of wisdom. Any knowledge gained is automatically stored in your subconscious brain in case it's of any future use. This subconscious library taints your conscious perceptions, and hence shapes your perceived reality. Since this is a continuous process, your reality should change from day to day, meaning the same objects generate different ideas each time you see them.

The "common reality" trap serves governments well in controlling the masses. If everyone thinks the same way about something, then mass opinion is very easily controlled. This is how propaganda works. The institutions that are built up through this common mode of interpretation, are protected by force and self-condoning idea patterns. They do not take kindly to criticism or alternatives, which are seen as a threat to their livelihoods. Since their foundations are brutal, so is everything else about them. Part of the admission procedure is "Think like us now, or get out!". These institutions abound in all shapes and forms in modern society, and some are deliberately subtle, so as not to raise too much attention and speculation about them. Once accepted by any human, that individual then becomes stubbornly set in ways founded not with free interpretation of the universe about us, but through a rigid set of ideas commonly known as science. The human then becomes blind to other modes of interpretation because they do not neatly fit into the cold and logical framework set out by science. This pig-headed attitude can be seen in all sorts of modern institutions, especially in government, the police and large corporate boardrooms. Homo sapiens sapiens cannot advance until these foundations have been knocked out, and a freer interpretation of perception is commonly agreed on. With everyone being fed the same laws of interpretation globally, and believing them, common reality will remain fixed around us, and any conclusions drawn from it are in the context of the scientific framework, and hence incomplete, so that this advance can never take place. Everyone will remain desperate and bored.

We all agree there are certain things we know only from gut feeling, but that they hold to be true globally : for example, it doesn't feel nice to be cruel, because of your conscience. Perhaps that is the starting point - common sense with long-term benefits, rather than brutality with short-term benefits and long-term conscience. We need to communicate with each other without the need for clumsy words. Some concepts lie well beyond what words can describe. A simple visualisation can convey a much more accurate overview of a situation than words could, especially if it's a moving visualisation, or an abstract animation showing pathways of understanding that no logic could capture. Wisdom would no longer need to be scientifically proven, just accepted whenever it "fits" naturally. Unlike science, some laws may not be universally applicable. They may only work under certain conditions, but without the verbal luggage, our minds can grasp instantly which are correct situations for the application of these laws. Intuition would become more important.

Basics - Who We Are

Anarchy is a state of being where all efforts to peaceful co-existence are fully taken on-board. The current governmental structures do not seriously allow for this. In an anarchistic society, intelligence and wisdom are the measure of a man, not the amount of money he has. The diversity of mainstream religions would far exceed the mere 5 we have nowadays (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism). The diversity of all ideas, wisdom, knowledge and thought would also surpass our current money-centric or reality-centric views on life. What will happen after that, I don't know, but God knows it's a step in the right direction.

As for ideals and motives, look at Star Trek - The Next Generation. Imagine that the Enterprise is your own imagination's engine, able to carry you who knows where next. They believe in equality of life's species rights to their preferred lifestyle, non-interference with newly-discovered peoples until the right time, moneyless and countryless society (one world), recognition and adulation for intellectual achievements, and always attempting to understand things. Very different to what we see today in all respects. I think it a common misconception that living in an anarchistic society, would automatically mean living a more basic life. Whereas before, money would be used to get more money, anarchists would deploy it into R&D projects, to develop all bright ideas that enable the longer permanence of the society's infrastructure, for example. And designs that are thought out, not rushed out. We all agree that there are certain social development projects that should in no way be influenced by financial considerations of any kind, for example, aircraft, roads and public buildings. Intelligence, love, and being able to "put yourself in their shoes", and communication of that understanding, would be regarded as the most powerful qualities of mankind.

If this sounds too idealistic to become a reality, because people are just not that nice, then that is what makes Anarchists so angry. Just because you do not regard yourself as nice enough, does not mean you can decry and ignore any ideas from people who do. When I say that we should spend lots of money on developing a road surface material that is smooth and incredibly durable (1000 years plus longevity), has access points for pipe and cable layers, and is easily painted and repaired, then why look at me as if I've gone off my head? OK, it would cost a fortune, but that's what taxpayers money is for, so damn well use it, so that the taxpayers exclaim "Wow! What a good idea!". My mind is lush with such ideas, yet there is no easy way for me to get noticed without loads of money. It's like the government does not want to listen to any ideas that would make them poorer.

As for the possibility of such a free and open society actually materialising out of the mish-mash of society today, I'd think you are all in for a big surprise. Since the change required is merely a mental one, a few more generations will see to the setting of the new society's foundation stones. Kids just aren't the same nowadays. They are beginning to recognise fundamental truths that transcend language, for example, every human being's need to be loved. In Victorian times, children were seen and not heard. That's no basis for a beautiful society. However, there is a ray of hope, in that there are natural flora and fauna which can rid you of all known opinion structures, and leave you to experience what is actual in real-time, rather than consciously-appraised time! Let's hope a lot more people take them very soon!

We see human beings as animals who falsely believe they hold to laws which condone what they are doing. These laws are intrinsically flawed since they are man-made. The only law which works is natural law, which says that for everything you destroy, something must be created. Examples of good and bad in terms of natural law are :-
Breathing - Good because carbon dioxide is produced that feeds plants.
Rainforest eradication - Bad because nothing is put back into the resulting emptiness.

The Foundations of Modern Society

Evolution dictates that the moon must have existed for life to have evolved here successfully. In fact, the moon and the earth are about the same age, which means the tidal forces shaping life on this planet, have been here since the start. Most forms of life on Earth need tides and seasons, so the tilt of the planet is also important. Patterns and forces for life emergence must be a permanent fixture in the universe (see Rupert Sheldrake for more info), for molecules to get a "handle" on, to build life on any planet.

As for ancient Sumeria and Sitchin's theories of how the human race started, I think that there is a really big cover up going on here, as with the Russian Phobos probes that disappeared. Look at how the recent Iraqi conflict had "special envoys" sent over to the Baghdad museums in order to snatch certain important relics from the public eye, before the plunderers had a chance. These envoys knew exactly where to go, even to the surprise of the museum staff, who showed us on the documentary, where the envoys had to go in order to take some of the most important artefacts in the world. Catacombs, vaults and underground tunnels had to be navigated, with only a handful of people with knowledge of where anything leads to. It sounds like someone was bribed to show them where to go. Oh, and they were Yanks, from what the staff said.

We are taught to think that the cold, physical reality around us, is cold and absolute, and that we are merely the same. I have freed myself by being honest about this conditioning to myself (which hurts your ego), and seeing the resultant enlightenment burn off the inhibiting thoughtforms, leaving fresh pathways clear in my own mind. I now realise that all matter is condensed energy and we are intimately connected to the universe. Inanimate objects are alive, imbued with energies from living things all around the universe, and the space-time continuum (or whatever it is the universe is based on) can transmit consciousness instantly through time and space any where to any lifeform that wants to pick it up. You "etch" your feelings and understandings into the fabric of the space-time continuum, for all current and subsequent life to call on when needed. Lead a good life, and you will leave a trail of happiness and understanding for others to pick up on. Lead a bad life, and you leave very quickly fading residues - it seems that the fabric of the universe is benevolent, and tends to favour good over bad.
Recent History is Unclear
Ancient civilisation history is not very clear, and there are enough scientifically unexplainable mysteries stemming from those times, that may make this obfuscation seem deliberate. Discoveries are currently being made about how ancient civilisations, like the Egyptians and Olmec, created vast feats of human engineering that we still do not fully understand today. There are ancient Sumerian carvings that seem to depict our entire solar system, and kiln-baked clay cylinders with hieroglyphics so small, nobody knows how they were made. There are carved stones so old, large and heavy (some over 2,000 tonnes of solid granite, hewn out of the quarries!), the related mining tools remain a complete mystery.

The mystery in the photo above is how they performed the final cut on the block. Assuming that they had patiently chiselled around the block, what instrument did they use to do the base-line cut to free it from the quarry. Any saw with 1200 tonnes of the hardest granite in the world resting on it would not be easy to move in any direction! The more one digs around, the more mysteries are unearthed. What is definitely clear, is that current explanations of our origins and development on this planet, do not fit the facts, and no explanation is given to rational, curious human beings as to why so many obscurantist lies abound, except perhaps for the fact that, again science cannot explain the evidence, and "egg on face" is to be avoided. I don't think us mere "plebs" are supposed to find out about these things for certain reasons. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a Horizon documentary on any of these ancient relics, if a scientific explanation cannot be proffered by the end of the programme. This "head in the sand" posture by the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV in the UK, and other media outlets elsewhere, is extremely annoying. I am an intelligent and curious human being, and I would rather watch a long-running series on a subject like ancient civilisation mysteries, than all the debunking one-offs we have to contend with in these unenlightened times. The "weight" of 21st century mysteries we will leave behind, could be blown away by a gnat's sneeze! No wonder we are restless and bored as a global species - our governments refuse to let us know what we are curious to know, and explore where we desire to go. However, they have been good at getting rid of ancient evidence. Sumerian artefacts still abound in Iraq, but now Bush is going in with all guns blazing, there won't be much left to pick over. Some civilisations had over one thousand years of peace before some "superpower" came along and plundered their resources. In this time, their libraries were brimming over with knowledge handed down from one generation to the next. Knowledge that comes from prolonged peace is the most valuable you can get, but the plunderers simply burnt it all down. This is still happening today, so there is no hope for the human beings instituted to govern mankind - they're simply crap and they do not learn by their mistakes. Anyone telling you any different is just paying or quoting lip service to "civilised democracy". Actions speak louder than words, and accurate history records actions not words. Check out 21st century world events and attitudes. Bush et al are repeating the same mistakes that history should have taught them about, and valuable treasures have been plundered or destroyed. It is now time for governors' attitudes to change.

In the last 2,000 years, it has been our lifestyles that are making things unpleasant for the poor majority of the world's fellow species. If we continue in our hedonistic, self-condoned, short-sighted, ideology-based existence, which has its roots in some of the most barbaric peoples ever to have walked the earth, then we are obviously doomed to failure as homo sapiens, because we never seem or want to learn. Ask yourself what do you really need (essential) from your existence to make you happy. There are only two categories the answers can fall into - a) material things like shelter, food and water, and b) spiritual things like love, sleep, music, art, philosophy, sex and social intercourse. Category a) uses earth's resources, but we are blessed with a pearl of a planet, with abundant resources to feed and water everyone. It also doesn't cost much to distribute these resources nowadays. Category b) costs nothing, and everyone agrees that we all like these things. Democracy has fooled Westerners into believing that everything costs money (and hence resources), and therefore the pursuit of money is the goal of existence. Governments attempt to ensure that their subjects are more pre-occupied with category a), and seem to deliberately undermine the provision of category a) items, whenever these are being too easily provided for the general populace (especially third world peoples). They also try to instil a minimum standard of living that is deemed socially acceptable into their Westerners' brains, so as to engender a desire to purchase luxuries which no longer fall into category a) as they are not essentials, but are regarded (through persuasion) to be so. An example being the car, which has now become essential to maintain the way of life that comes from having one. If we could get category a) sorted out so that provision of these essentials is relatively secure (despite governments' attempts to undermine this), then most people would want to concentrate their attentions on category b) items. Currently, we believe a car is more likely to please us than regular philosophical discussion with like-minded individuals. This identifies the change that is needed. Money would become less important and items that eat up resources for the sake of luxury (the car being one of the worst culprits since they not only guzzle fuel but they need roads to run on, and roads make the verdant planet surface grey and dull) would be replaced by bicycles and walking. If this did not suffice, then stay put; it is unnatural for the human body to travel vast distances anyway. What I am trying to say is that we need to re-assess what humans deem important from a purist viewpoint, that is, from the fact that we are merely a collection of mammals on the surface of a beautiful planet, with the means to continue our existence. We should be the ones deciding how we want our children to live, not some barbarically-instituted government. Intelligent discourse on future possibilities should be motivating us, not financial gain. Instead of crowding credulous, disillusioned sheeple into unhappy lives in sprawling cities, and covering the verdant, lush surface of this gorgeous orb with dull, grey, inanimate concrete and roads, we should be utilising nature's example of how to manage environments for large populations. We should look to construct societies that breath and adapt to the changing ways of humans in their spiritual adventures on this planet, not stick to dogmatic, fiscally-governed principles because no one else dares to think of anything better. There should be smaller, self-governing units spaced equally over the surface of a common globe, where no one owns land, and co-operation with neighbouring units is the norm, not a gesture of good will. The main preoccupations of most inhabitants would be for the spiritual health of themselves and all around them, and the physical health of the planet. Personally, I'm fed up of being ignored. We are not born free into a society where we can seriously change things to the amelioration of mankind's lot. For example, no one now born, is going to change the 7-day week structured existence we currently rue.

After most homo sapiens accepted his/her first defeat in freedom as soon as he/she was born into a government-led society, trust was no longer an inherent quality in the species. It had to be earnt, and this left strangers always cast by their suspicious minds. As the species settled on the planet, there then seem to be two main areas of human settlement. Those who became peaceful, rudimentary villagers, and those who wanted ever larger cities and populaces. The latter discovered he could take whatever was deemed valuable (warped minds meant money had already become the goal of life) from the more peaceful populaces around the world. These were usually "raped" of their natural resources (cf. Aztecs) and either killed or left to die out. The perversity of these people's behaviour knew no bounds. Greed pumped throughout the mind-swill of these ignoramuses as they wreaked havoc across the planet, dividing what seemed boundless areas to the peaceful small settlements, into "countries" which the self-righteous (by virtue of their religion) now "owned". Trouble is, religion is man-made. Thus were founded the laws, religion, and social structure that surrounds and controls civilisation today. So if you think something isn't fair, you're probably right. It isn't fair! Nowadays, there are no more peaceful populaces, just the standardised capitalism under the guise of "freedom", or some brutal dictatorship. We see people like Anne Boleyn as martyrs because of their needless execution, because fat arrogant King Henry VIII desired other women. This lard-arsed twat even changed the religion to allow him to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne. From the Britannica, this is how it ended up :-
Anne's arrogant behaviour soon made her unpopular at court. Although Henry lost interest in her and began liaisons with other women, the birth of a son might have saved the marriage. Anne had a miscarriage in 1534, and in January 1536 she gave birth to a stillborn male child. On May 2, 1536, Henry had her committed to the Tower of London on a charge of adultery with various men and even incest with her own brother. She was tried by a court of peers, unanimously convicted, and beheaded on May 19. On May 30 Henry married Jane Seymour. That Anne was guilty as charged is unlikely; she was the apparent victim of a temporary court faction supported by Thomas Cromwell.

Such examples constitute a long chain of selfish and punishing control of the masses, which the masses sheepishly follow. Modern day society has such roots so deeply entrenched, that no one can do anything about it, without completely ripping everything up and starting again.

I'm sorry, but, idealistically-speaking, Democracies and Governments do not co-exist, that is, democratic governments do not serve the people, despite the trumpeted messages of freedom. The excuse for leaving things the way they are is simply to allow the greedy to benefit. If objections are raised, they are reported as a threat to the security provided by society, rather than alternatives to be seriously considered. It seems to me that the structure of society is such as to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor. Think about how the third world countries seem to be continually poor despite the abundance of valuable commodities naturally occurring in these countries. It is now time to start distributing the wealth more evenly around the world, and start to practise the fair society that most people seem to erroneously believe is being achieved now in the richer countries. We must realise that the human species is a unified global force, not an arbitrarily-divided up landscape of artificial ideology differences. As I said before, life is infinitely diverse, not a collection of pigeon-holed creeds.

I've always believed in the saying, "If a job's worth doing, then it's worth doing well." A glance back at the history books reassures us that it is better to spend time and money to get the best technically achievable, than to bodge a fix for the sake of profit margins. Sometimes, on a local community scale, certain jobs are well done. But, in the big business and government spheres, it is thought not possible to achieve these goals within their current financial limitations, and shortcuts are commonly taken, even risking democratic citizen's lives at times. This state of affairs cannot continue without some fearful backlash, whether human or natural.

The majority view is that reality is rubbish, but, as long as you can laugh about it, the situation doesn't matter. This is because most people think that there is nothing much they can do about the state of affairs. Which leads them to think that they only have control of a small area around them, and, in no way do any of their actions have any consequences outside of this area. This short-sighted mode of human operation is so pervasive as to be self-perpetuating. I find it impossible to understand any conclusions based on this mode of thinking. The madness of society is that it is based on this mode of thinking. The reality of society (so-shitey) around you should spur you into realising the need for closeness with all of your species, without exception. It should also be clear that material possessions are of little importance in deciding the future direction of society. In its current state, the only redeeming feature is the infinite variety of programmed shits that frequent it. If only they could really understand this :-
Justifying evil - Krishnamurti - The Book of Life - Feb 24th page.
"Obviously the present crisis throughout the world is exceptional, without precedent. There have been crises of varying types at different periods throughout history- social, national, political. Crises come and go; economic recessions, depressions, come, get modified, and continue in a different form. We know that; we are familiar with that process. Surely the present crisis is different, is it not? It is different first because we are dealing not with money nor with tangible things but with ideas. The crisis is exceptional because it is in the field of ideation. We are quarrelling with ideas, we are justifying murder; everywhere in the world we are justifying murder as a means to a righteous end, which in itself is unprecedented. Before, evil was recognised to be evil, murder was recognised to be murder, but now murder is a means to achieve a noble result. Murder, whether of one person or of a group of people, is justified, because the murderer, or the group that the murderer represent, justifies it as a means of achieving a result that will be beneficial to man. That is we sacrifice the present for the future - and it does not matter what means we employ as long as our declared purpose is to produce a result that we say will be beneficial to man. Therefore, the implication is that a wrong means will produce a right end and you justify the wrong means through ideation.... We have a magnificent structure of ideas to justify evil and surely that is unprecedented. Evil is evil; it cannot bring about good. War is not a means to peace."

I wish I could write as succinctly! - MJ.

The Disappearance of Folklore and Individuality

When the very first civilisations appeared, the people were motivated by myths, legends and religious teachings. Each of these renditions would vary from one teller to the next, and hence a cornucopia of beliefs and ideas pervaded even small areas of civilisations. The people were all gifted in different ways and all were equally important in their contribution to their society. They were perceived by others as personalities, not role players. Nowadays, democracies are the mainstay of various civilisations, and most people are indoctrinated by scientific and provable motivations. The legends that are presented today are watered-down and streamlined to the point where the printed text versions do not differ from each other, even across countries. We are in a situation today, where, globally, everyone is being mentally fed the same material. There are considerably more people too. This makes for a shallow and violent society where no one feels their true worth, and everyone is constantly seeking some salve for the feeling that they are no different to anyone else. Certain people will take advantage of this situation and exploit the "there's nothing we can do about it" attitude instilled in democratic people from birth. This results in the replaceability of a person in this type of society. To management, one factory worker is much the same as the next. They're not interested in personalities.

Resultant Behaviour

Western civilisation perpetuates the isolatory existence of masses in the cities. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of people in normal day-to-day living, a person hides behind a "paranoia" mirror in any social context, reflecting away the feelings and thoughts of other people, and constantly adjusting his/her image to match the socially-adopted norms of behaviour. This leads to a shallow, meaningless existence which achieves nothing in terms of spiritual development. In fact, the person goes around worrying about what is going to happen to him/her next, rather than caring at all about what is happening to other people immediately around them. Common sense tells you that we can see and therefore help better another person, than help yourself. If you thought this way, you wouldn't worry about helping yourself, for you'd be fine.

Mankind's Place in the Universe

If the universe is infinite, there are probably infinite "chemical broth" planets. Most of these fail to yield conscious life forms that are aware of themselves and their place in the universe. But if one in a zillion planets actually did achieve this amazing accomplishment, through the natural laws of the universe, then the resulting life form would surely look at itself, and say, "There must be a God or some higher being, because my coming together from a chemical broth cannot be an accident. It had to be directed somehow. It cannot be random chance...". If the being put on its "universal view" glasses, then it would see that it came about because zillions of these "life experiments" on other planets had failed, but this particular one had succeeded, quite by chance. There was nothing but the universal laws of physics to guide its development. If the being had a good grasp of the meaning of infinite, it could understand the uniqueness of its place in the universe. Overwhelming numbers replace the need for a miracle-worker. If the being's interpretation of the universal laws of physics was too "cold" to explain everything, and a more benevolent nature to the fabric of space-time was actual, the sequence of life-forming miracles would be more plausible. However you look at it, we are here and we are conscious of being here. Either we are the very first conscious life form in the universe, or, more likely, there are others that are conscious too.

As a planet in this galaxy called the Milky Way, we are very remote. Earth is situated at the far end of one of the spiral arms. The majority of stars are concentrated at the centre of the galaxy in a ball-like cluster. We are privileged in being able to see not just our own galaxy, but others too, because we are not based in the central cluster of stars, where viewing outwards would only yield what would appear to be an infinite mass of stars. It is more likely for other aware life to have developed in this central region, rather than in these far out reaches. They would probably be fascinated to venture beyond the star ball they're based in. For such life forms to physically or mentally translocate from their point of origin in this galaxy to earth, would require them to know something that humans don't. For those life forms that do not realise that using all the resources at hand would not transport them the required distance, they will remain ignorant of the magic knowledge. Combustion of materials, no matter how volatile and no matter in what quantity cannot physically transport the life form at great enough velocity or through large enough displacement to reach another star, let alone, one around which other life forms may have evolved. So, even if you burnt up the whole planet propelling yourself, you wouldn't get anywhere. Surely, therefore, man's rocket research is futile and we should be looking at far more radical interpretations of space and time in order to achieve the quest of fruitful universal exploration. By not being open-minded enough, we restrict how far we can travel in this continuum. Science has got to progress past provability and into deep knowledge. Not everything that is knowable, is provable. It is as if a more knowledgeable life form knows that life forms bound to their immediate vicinity cosmologically speaking, have become fixated in prejudice about the flexibility of interpretation of the universe by their limited consciousness or wisdom. Such is present-day mankind - bound up in the mundane practice of materialistic betterment. If humans think, "Oh, give it time and we'll have bigger brains through evolution", the bad news is that this is it. We have reached the level of complete awareness or consciousness required to understand each other infinitely deeply. What are we waiting for? Wake up!

Life forms with greater consciousness have realised something we don't yet know. They attained their level of knowledge by riding the frighteningly exponential curve of open-mindedness and shared wisdom without having to stop and prove each stage. You can't stop or else you fall off the curve and have to start again right from the bottom. There is no room for self-reflectivity here. My own speculations lead me to this : the structure of space-time could be geared towards the development of conscious life forms in a kind of positive feedback loop. Once a creature becomes conscious, some of its brain pathways exist at quantum levels (microscopic enough to exhibit quantum effects). This would connect the life form intimately into the fabric of space-time. It would be instantly connected to everything through all of time, because everything boils down to quanta, and at the quantum level, locality and time do not work the way they seem to do in the macrocosm. At this level of awareness, cause and effect occur simultaneously, and the created becomes the creator. The love and happiness experienced by this unification would be imbued into the space-time continuum (good things tend to be remembered and bad things forgotten), and hence contribute to the fortune favouring development of conscious life elsewhere in the universe.

If such enlightened alien life forms happened on our planet in their travels, they would initially assess our degree of consciousness, and conclude that physically revealing their presence here would be premature to a life-force still half-animal (partly controlled by unconscious urges) and whose governments seem to be so paranoid and fearful of other "countries" that they are a danger to the majority of life on the planet. UFO cover-ups are exactly what a UFO pilot would want us to do. My conclusion is that how one of these life forms appears to us is not at all important. It is important how much knowledge we can exchange with them. Bragging about how darn wise we are is a definite green light affair. Mankind must therefore increase its consciousness to go forward. Now take the word "conscious" apart etymologically and you can see what we must do. "Together" + "knowing". It strikes me that "countries" are a strange invention. The knowledge that people globally regard as common sense, requires no proof and transcends the language barrier. Yet we all know it to be true and right. Without asking why. Can't we use this as our base platform and work up from there?

Philosophy of the Anarchist - Some Early Thoughts

Also see Thoughts for the Day

Democracy is two-faced in that, whilst they defend the rights of innocent civilians around the world, they research, manufacture and sell arms to the oppressors (people like Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadaffi, and anyone else willing to pay the dollars). The research part is very worrying, as the weapons are always extremely well-designed to do the most harm possible. Hence, Democracy makes an effort to maim and kill civilians around the world for financial gain!

In the game of politics, it seems there is a peer pressure on all new entrants to accept the "joke" that their best intentions are unattainable because it is impossible to actually effect their aspirations on the populace as a whole. Therefore, if they don't accept the fact that their efforts are always going to be futile, they will not ascend the political ranks. Politicians who do not accept this are "bumped off" c.f. the Kennedys. Certain politicians are able to spiritually encompass the desires of the people they try to represent. Politically, they are never successful. Hence, all politicians are "two-faced".

If Cowboys and Indians is your bag, who is in the wrong? Consider that most peaceful human coexistences have been with tribes which have been wiped out or conquered by white Europeans motivated by greed. When we realise that white people's governments try nowadays to be fair by half-hearted emulation of what these tribes used to do naturally, we end up with society as it is today - a halfway house towards equality with the emphasis on being able to out-earn our fellow man in the name of freedom of rights!?! White man speak with forked tongue.

It's funny how all our shelters are made of the same materials and look inside and outside very much similar. Perhaps they're trying to make us less individual by making us live here. You certainly have to work hard to get to live in such a shelter.

We can be deflected from the universe and a real basis for thought and existence by the fact that we are taught from young to believe our final image is our goal. In this society, a small zit on a model's face can make her an emotional cripple.

What I am is not a consequence of your actions or thoughts, but the truth since when I was born.
Social Problems
Disaffected is your demeanour. Nothing goes on in your mind. You're proved wrong again but a casual poke of your nose upwards regains you the stance you thought you were losing, but now you're left with a problem - paranoia - so bury your mind in the sandpit of futile reality perception - "Yes, my eyes work almost exactly like yours do!" (admiring some vase or something), agreeing to go mind-blind for the next x seconds.

Clasped in some smelly, sweaty capitalists' hands, you are smiling.

A paroxysm of fear jerks your head back as you realise the wool has been firmly pulled over your eyes.

They're hoping through blindness, for a miracle.

We pay so much to make us ultimately feel bad (drinking alcohol), then we pay even more to make us feel better again (Alka Seltzer). Someone's having a laugh at us.

We are forced to live in a form of controlled nervous tic.

Paradise is for the blessed, not the sex-obsessed. (Anon.)

Cafe Hag - when coffee tastes this good, who needs to advertise it!

These ads about women who :- "Love men, but I hate their guts" or "Don't like men who can't run away" etc.... for Miller lite beer. Well what about "I hate men who can't get an erection 'cos of too much Miller Lite!".

Remember - only the unfaithful scream.

Eyes sink into the back of your skull as your spirit sinks in your soul.

Let's go down - and join the expanding populace of shrinking minds.

All life forms have unconscious levels of communication. Human beings, when mentally at their peak, are fully aware of what these levels are saying. You either face up to the facts or you have no true perception of reality. Stupid man's philosophy : "If you can't perceive it properly, become it".
1) Sacrifice people because land and mineral wealth are more important
2) Kill because two or more ideologies are not the same

Thinking of something critical to say, but it's all quiet on the Western front.

I'm not saying that these bad things shouldn't exist, just that they should be harder to attain.

Everything we experience or theorise is just a manifestation of the nervous system's biochemistry. Because the modern-day system doesn't work naturally, we have to poison our bodies' biochemistry in order to give it the semblance of coherence.

Things humans do to each other :-
At Present
Fuck, smack, cuddle, feed - At the moment, cuddle-centric (God help us if it is fuck-centric!)
In Future (and in addition)
Tickle, caress, adore, love, mollycoddle - At the moment, all-centric, and nothing (where we came from!) too.
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