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In 1991 I wrote a political satire entitled "In the Year 2252" (P. Barber, pseudonym). Copies were circulated prematurely by a Chicago literary agent. As a result, many publishers, editors and writers accessed copies.

Before a second draft was prepared it was clear covert censorship would prevent any possibility of publication... I was already under 24 hour a day surveillance and was fielding feedback from corrupt sections of the entertainment industry; especially the media.

The reasons for their objections are many. The book was critical of many things which criminals in high places use to get what they want (and control others). Corruption, drugs, war, media deception, and all manner of immorality were openly attacked in the novel. I also lobbied on privacy laws. The personal repercussions are outlined below. (What the media did is highlighted under "Feedback")

While reading this account please keep in mind the wide reaching influence of covert agencies and organised crime throughout our community. A few "well placed" people in each area can create havoc for those being silenced. Others working with these criminals are too selfish, scared or apathetic to intervene.

Who Knows?

The following people know who is involved:

  • John Howard (Australian Liberal Prime Minister). Three people (incl. a senior Federal Police executive and an ex agency member) informed me that the Prime Minister "is aware of" the situation but that "his hands are tied". Early in 1996 he did, in fact, ask the AFP to investigate the surveillance but they were unable to (efficiently) for "legal reasons". Although I was told it was because the matter was "politically sensitive".

    NB: If the media could "tune in" so could the AFP. They couldn't help because of who is involved.

  • Ros Chilvers (Ex agency / private investigator) - She spoke with Paul Keating when he was Labor Prime Minister and told me he was actually part of the vendetta against me.

  • Warren College (Federal Cabinet Secretary's Office) - He spoke with current PM, John Howard, who said the situation was "too awkward" (for him to intervene). It's "awkward" because Federal Labor politicians, agency officials and the media ARE involved as are their counterparts in the US. It is, in fact, a criminal conspiracy of silence.

  • Steve Duffield (Ex Sen. Alston's office) - He knew and tried to help. Within a week he was gone and cannot be found.

  • Ms J. Bonner (Ex J. Howard's office) - Knew but now refuses to discuss it; even with liberal staffers.

  • Matt Francis (Sen. Newman's office) - Said many working in politics knew I was monitored/harassed because of the book, adding it had " opened his eyes" to realise the full extent of what actually goes on (i.e. political crimes).

  • Mick Roberts (Ex AFP) - On his retirement he told me that he'd always believed me totally but there was a wall of secrecy which he couldn't break through. No one would talk and it all "smells of journalists and politicians" he said.

  • Nelson Chad (Investigator/Ex policeman) - Channel 9 journalists (in particular Ray Martin and others working on "A Current Affair") were involved. This was even confirmed by one ACP director, Mr. G. Cubbin.

    Note: Channel 9 owner, Kerry Packer is not the only media magnate who wants me silenced. No media player would want the general public becoming fully aware of the invasions of privacy and crimes which journalists and agency officials commit. Remember, I lobbied heavily on privacy laws for years with John Howard himself supporting my views, in writing.

Various means of harassment & persecution


For much of the last nine years I have been kept from gainful employment. This is despite the fact I have degrees in Law and Economics and a solid working background that includes time with The Chamber of Commerce, a major bank and the Australian taxation office. "Instructions" were probably circulated by those involved in criminal activities. (One private investigator told me the word was out that everyone was to "wash their hands" of the matter. No-one would dare help.) Many obstacles stand between me and real work although I have been "allowed" simple work: telemarketing.

Overt Intimidation

  • I've been followed and harassed by corrupt P.I.'s and police, however they have not accosted me at any stage.

  • At crucial moments, crank phone calls come through to my home. Nothing is ever said. Silence... then they hang up.

  • My mail (esp. from the USA) is often intercepted. IF I get it then it's either opened/annotated or a reply of little consequence. eg: one letter had a drawing of a surveillance satellite monitoring me and the words "Have a nice day".

  • Helicopters and small planes deliberately "buzz" my home and follow (or even hover overhead) as I walk/drive. This can happen countless times on any given day or night in clear view of friends/relatives. This can be triggered by an event (eg. Going to the mailbox), a political statement I make in private (sometimes bringing in up to three "choppers" immediately) or a time of day (e.g. when a particular Channel 9 or Channel 7 current affairs program is running).

  • Siren "wailing" can also be triggered in a similar manner to the aircraft harassment. Embarrassingly, these often coincide with trips to the bathroom etc. If I'm on the street, ambulances will wait on corners or stop their sirens as they approach me; often turning around (clearly going nowhere in particular).
  • NB: False alarms, corrupt dispatchers and bribes to pilots (for flight deviations) all help effect these forms of harassment. My enquiries revealed all of these are common practices.


From 1991 until this day I have been under 24 hour a day satellite audio/visual surveillance. The results have been made available to politicians and journalists. Private investigators confirmed that ex PM, P. Keating and Channel 9 "A Current Affair" personnel were actively involved, but there were many others. (Notably some Labor politicians worked for Kerry Packer's Channel 9 after retiring eg: Richardson, Hawke).

Without their knowledge, my relatives were also frequently monitored in the early '90's. Notably by late 1996 the direct media monitoring of the (agency) signals stopped as more advanced satellite systems were employed. It is suspected this may be due to the fact that the Liberal government (elected March '96) were not actively involved in the harassment so other means of attacking me were found. However I am uncertain of the precise reason.


  • Countless speeches, news items, advertisements, scripts and "writings" have been peppered with my ideas/words/phrases. These came not only from the surveillance results but also the book which, though covertly "banned" by the criminals concerned, was also extensively "used" by many writers / editors; especially those working for Rupert Murdoch (eg: Harper Collins, the Telegraph etc). Not only did I find some TV executives that admitted such thefts and harassment techniques are used, but one even openly admitted his own people were partially to blame.

  • Much of the feedback involves subtle but constant death threats.

  • Many media personnel in Sydney were clearly informed of the relevant audio surveillance frequencies and were monitoring directly until late 1996. This was made most obvious by comments made by "live to air" broadcasters (TV / radio). Clearly the presenters were signalled and "fed".

    In my case, the switch (to more advanced monitoring systems) also coincided with the PM's office instructing that I would no longer receive replies to my correspondence; though the significance may be minor. For all I know I may merely have been taking the place of another politically selected experimental target; for an illegal human research programme.

Examples of feedback (by Channel 9)

  1. PROMOS - eg: Kerry Packer's ACP Director, Mr Graeme Cubbin, admitted that the "I AM CHANNEL 9" promo was in fact aimed AT me. Many of the on air presenters working at 9 featured in that ad; I believe most knew what they were doing.

  2. PHRASES - eg: Just before "A Current Affair" ended on Channel 9 for 1992, then presenter Jana Wendt was quoted in a magazine as saying: "I guess I'll go to my grave not being able to think past the end of my nose", a comment I made (knowing it would be overheard) just prior to that interview (not exactly a common saying). And it was not the only reference in the article. Coincidences? Imagine such coincidences happening a dozen times a day - for years - and you'll appreciate why this "parroting" is so useful to them. It's extremely oppressive.

  3. DIRECT FEEDBACK - eg: On at least two memorable occasions I responded to "live" taunts by Channel 9 employees only to have the entire transmission cut completely and immediately.

  4. OTHER "COINCIDENCES" - eg: ACA, Ch.9 presenter, Ray Martin, ran an item on politicians who don't answer correspondence. They suggested viewers use a company called Voterlobby.

    The link is that I'd just contacted the Prime Minister's chief of staff about my many (and various) unanswered letters to Mr Howard and his Cabinet AND had used Voterlobby to question MPs on the need for enforceable privacy laws. (Prior to being elected in March 1996 Mr Howard had been supportive of my views)

Meetings (Jan 97)

    Eg. 1 Mike Minehan (Ex Ch.9, ACA, UTS)
    A security guard tried to prevent our appointment taking place; under instructions from an "unknown" outside caller. Similarly, Minehan was interrupted constantly by phone calls. On the last call he slammed the phone down exclaiming: "They're telling me to get out. Now!" However he had already told me that my situation was "not uncommon". He suggested I see Jana Wendt. He seemed genuinely worried.

    Eg. 2 Jana Wendt (Ex Ch.9, ACA, Ch.7 etc)
    She was dismissed from Ch.7 just before our appointment so I visited her family home instead. She said her secretary would make another appointment but warned me that TV execs control things. (Stephen Rice was her boss at Ch.9 then Ch.7).
    Eastwood police later harrassed me, at the request of their "friends" at Ch.7. They refused to speak to Wendt personally. I was told not to make any appointment and was taken to a psychiatric hospital as a "warning". Before I was assessed and released (by a bemused psychiatrist who saw no reason for my being there at all) "knowledgeable" staff told me that at least six others who sought assistance from Wendt had also been sent there. "This is what you get for crossing them "said one senior nurse. (They knew yet co-operated). Since this worrying episode I have learnt much about the role of mainstream media identities from agency officials, on-air targets etc. Little wonder suppression and oppression are rife in this country (and many other western "democracies"). The media mafia has far too much power.

    Eg. 3 Kerry Packer (media magnate, ACP etc)
    While I waited at reception Mr Packer and his son exited the car park and took the lift; James Packer looking back at me before disappearing into the elevator. Six goons then surrounded me, the leader claiming I'd been up to Packer's 3rd floor office six times. (I wasn't even sure Packer would be there. Also, this was my only visit and I was on the ground floor). When I scoffed, asking for proof of this lie, he said "Oh just get out anyway". I did. I wasn't going to give them an excuse to set something up.

    N.B. Because of these experiences no further attempts have been made to resolve this situation face to face. Employees of media magnates, Singleton, Packer and Murdoch are all involved in my situation. Some, I'm told, are also involved heavily in the drug trade (hence the mafia / C.I.A links, and the technology access). It's also worth noting that in 1990-91, when this all started, all three media bosses were staunchly behind the Australian Labor Party; the central source of the problem.


    My own situation is known to many and some of the more bizarre/significant "coincidences" have been deliberately omitted. However, the brief illustration has hopefully served its purpose.

    Like the covert agencies themselves (especially the CIA), those using surveillance results to torment innocent people are little more than modern day (electronic) Nazis. Many are prominent public figures with no fear of the law and little or no respect for others. Controlling public perception / opinion through such people is a priority for both the agencies and those whose interests they protect. Obviously only those who are "co-operative" gain prominent positions within the relevant media circles. In fact some sections of the media are responsible for gross human rights abuses including (ironically) the suppression of free speech.

    Once again, freedom of the press should not grant a freedom to oppress.

    NB: If a target is relatively unaffected by the media feedback or "tunes out" to all media / entertainment output (to avoid the feedback / harassment) then other, more advanced forms of harassment (like the neurophone and brain wave analysers) can take their place. This switch may also occur if the agency / criminals responsible wish to prevent direct monitoring of their frequencies by the media, Federal Police etc (for whatever reason).

Religious Persecution

Although I am of the Catholic faith, and was subtly ridiculed for that, the Catholic Church (which is closely aligned with the Australian Labor Party, which fostered the situation) has also harassed me using the results of the surveillance.

While some priests were sympathetic (one even admitting he'd heard about the "banned" book), others did as the church hierarchy instructed. The links between the church, the Labor party and overseas crime figures are well known. There may have been some "pressure" applied.

It is interesting that one of the guilty priests, an ex bikie named Kevin Lee, was chosen as a contestant on the Pentridge Jail Challenge run by A. Denton, Radio 2mmm, Nov 2001. Apparently he won. Odd coincidences like this were common in the early 90s. (I wonder who else he harrassed).

Neurophone/Aural Harassment

Since September 1996, I've been receiving constant/clear threats and propaganda from an unknown agency/criminal source; probably the CIA.

This method of "torture" (which seems to be known to many political/media entities) is usually delivered courtesy of a satellite which tracks you, personally. A laser directs live talk, noise and computer-generated music at the body. It travels the nervous system as electrical impulses and registers in the brain; bypassing normal hearing mechanisms. Only the target hears it.

Prominent journalists and senior federal police say it's "not uncommon" and I know there are thousands of political victims in the USA and hundreds here.

The motives for this form of oppression seem to go beyond providing an "annoyance". The hope "seems" to be that the victim will be discredited if they react badly to the verbal taunts OR approach the wrong people for assistance. For example, media "mafia" personnel, politically na´ve medicos or ignorant police could make matters worse. In the US, where the authorities refuse to concede their own government encourages such activities, the complainants are often committed.

Meanwhile, senior federal police, some political aides and human rights activists are the most supportive here. Many are honest enough to admit they know which technologies big brother agencies and criminals can access. However practical help cannot be offered.

Experimentation - Brain wave Monitoring

Also since September 1996, I've been humiliated as a target of an experimental technology (again, satellite based) which allows the magnetic field around your head to be monitored. This powerful scanning and tracking system delivers the results to an unknown (probably US) facility with an advanced computer system capable of interpreting the brain wave patterns it receives; instantaneously.

The aural feedback then makes for a means of remote interrogation and/or psychological torture. Combined with audio/visual surveillance the overall situation is like being in an electronic POW camp. One senior AFP executive said this may continue for many years and they are powerless to stop it.

The human rights abuses I'm experiencing are considerable. However, what concerns me most is that ostensibly democratic governments can allow the development and "use" of such evil technologies to stifle free speech.


    Many public figures betray us by their silence on these matters. Many politicians/journalists are actively oppressing others themselves; by stealth. And you won't read about it because the media are themselves part of the problem.

    Finally, it may be worth noting the comments of a senior investigator from NASA's Inspector General's office. Having conceded the existence of the technologies mentioned in these pages AND commenting on the evil uses made of such anti-personnel weaponry he advised: "I suggest you pray".

    Please contact the UN, the International Red Cross or Amnesty International to express your concerns.


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