T H E   E I G H T F O L D   M O D E L   O F   H U M A N   C O N S C I O U S N E S S

Various charts and tabular representations of the human energy octave from the works of Leary, Wilson, Alli, Gurdjieff and Roddenberry.

A message is the ordering of a signal. This message is the framework of an alternative education system, one which arranges living planetary signals into meaningful messages. These signals come in octaves, or cycles of eight. Languages throughout history have translated these signals as: The Overtones of Music Theory, The DNA Code, The I Ching, Computer Binary Notation, The 8 Mayan Calenders, The Game of Chess and other interpretations of the universal law of octaves. Antero Alli

From Info-Psychology by Dr. Timothy Leary
Exo-Psychology, NeuroLogic
The Eight Circuits of the Nervous System
(also known as Eight Brains, Intelligences, Functions)
The Terrestrial Circuits
1. The Biosurvival Circuit: Imprinted in infancy. Concerned with sucking, nourishment, cuddling, biosecurity. Physical
2. The Emotional-Territorial Circuit: Imprinted in the toddling stage. Concerned with territorial demands, emotional power tactics, political domination-and-submission strategies. Emotional
3. The Semantic Circuit: Imprinted by human artifacts and symbol systems. Concerned with handling the environment, invention, calculation, prediction, building a 'map' of the universe. Conceptual
4. The Socio-Sexual Circuit: Imprinted by the first orgasm-mating experiences and tribal 'morals.' Concerned with sexual pleasure, local definitions of 'moral' and 'immoral,' reproduction, nurture of the young. Social
The Extraterrestrial Circuits
5. The Neurosomatic Circuit: Imprinted by ecstatc experience via physiological or chemical yogas. Concerned with neurological-somatic (body-brain) feedbacks, feeling high, somatic reprogramming. Sensory
6. The Neuroelectric Circuit: Imprinted by advanced yogas. Concerned with reimprinting and reprogramming all earlier circuits, relativity of 'realities' perceived, cybernetic consciousness. Psychic
7. The Neurogenetic Circuit: Imprinted by advanced yogas. Concerned with evolutionary consciousness (past and future), DNA-RNA-Brain feedbacks, Jung's 'Collective Unconscious.' Mythic
8. The Neuroatomic Circuit: Imprinted by shock or near-death experience. Concerned with quantum consciousness, non-local awareness (beyond spacetime), so-called 'PSI' or 'magick' powers, illumination. Spiritual

From The Game of Life by Dr. Timothy Leary
Level of Intelligence Medium of Operation Ecological Niche Reality Goal
Spiritual Subatomic Mysteries Atomic/Gravity fields Cosmic mind
Mythic DNA and the Planet DNA structure DNA Mind
Psychic CNS One's own Brain Mind Control
Sensory The Body's 5 Senses One's own Body Body Control
Social Code of Ethics Monotheistic Hive: City Socio/Sex Role
Conceptual Conceptual Framework Man-made Symbol/Artifact Hive Sanity
Emotional Belief Systems Land Herd Security
Physical The Organism Water Safety
CHAPEL PERILOUS is an initiatory phase marking the transition between the first four intelligences and the latter four. It relates to post-Factor X activities in that both refer to 'out-of-body' states. However, CHAPEL PERILOUS is where souls go when they are lost and Factor X communications refer to how souls are found. CHAPEL PERILOUS is the place 'souls' go after leaving their robot bodies...while these bodies are still alive and walking the planet's surface. Also known as 'The Dark Night of the Soul.' Can also be seen as a negative activation of the 'neurosomatic circuit,' which is endured for as long as it takes the neophyte to effect a positive activation, or permanent body rapture.

From The Game of Life by Dr. Timothy Leary
Additional Labels for the functions:
Level of Intelligence Childhood Self-Actualization Migration to new hive
Mythic Insect Awareness The DNA Mind Conscious Symbiosis
Psychic Electronic Consumer Reality Fabrication Brain Fusing
Sensory Self-Indulgence Body Control Tantric Linkage
Social Impersonation Domestication Egalitatrian
Conceptual Paleolithic Neolithic Tribal
Emotional Small animal Large Animal Monkey-Gestural
Physical Amoeboid Fish Amphibian

From Angel Tech by Antero Alli
Level of Intelligence Absorbing Organizing Communicating
Spiritual Paradox Dreaming Factor X
Mythic Synchronicity Alchemy Astrology
Psychic Clairvoyance Reality Selection Designing a Tarot
Sensory Rature Ritual Charisma
Social Adolescence Adulthood Collectivization
Conceptual Paying Attention Map-making & Naming Articulation
Emotional Self-expression Status Personal Power
Physical Passivity Safety Nourishment

From Angel Tech by Antero Alli
External Internal
Physical Intelligence Dependence Sensory Intelligence
Passivity supports Rapture
Safety supports Ritual
Nourishment supports Charisma
Emotional Intelligence Freedom Psychic Intelligence
Self-Expression supports Clairvoyance
Status supports Reality Selection
Personal Power supports Designing a Tarot
Conceptual Intelligence Networking Mythic Intelligence
Paying Attention supports Synchronicity
Map Making and Naming supports Alchemy
Articulation supports Astrology
Social Intelligence Projection Spiritual Intelligence
Adolescence supports Paradox
Adulthood supports Dreaming
Collectivization supports Factor X

From Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton WIlson
RAW's Gurdjieff-Leary correspondence
The Gurdjieff vibration numbers and the levels of consciousness:
384 Movement center Circuit 1 Invertebrate reality
192 False emotional center Circuit 2 Mammalian reality
96 False intellectual center Circuit 3 Paleolithic reality
48 False personality Circuit 4 Civilized reality
24 Magnetic Center Circuit 5 Hedonic reality
12 True Emotional Center Circuit 6 Psionic reality
6 True Intellectual Center Circuit 7 Immortal reality
3 The Essence Circuit 8 Cosmic reality

From The Center of the Cyclone by Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.
States of Consciousness Samadhi* Description
3 + 3 Dharma-Megha Samadhi Making the Ma'hdi. Classical Satori. Fusion with universal mind, union with God; being one with the creators of energy from the void, in the Ma'h spiritual center above the head.
6 + 6 Sasmita - nir bija Making the Buddha. A point source of consciousness, energy, light, and love. Point of consciousness, astral travel, traveling clairvoyance, traveling clairaudience, fusion with other entities in time. In the mental center in the head.
12 +12 Sananda Blissful state, making the Christ, the green qutub, realization of baraka, the reception of divine grace, cosmic love, cosmic energy, heightened bodily awareness, highest function of bodily and planetside consciousness, being in love, being in a positive LSD energy state. In the 0th emotional center in the chest.
24 +24 Vicara The level of professional Satori or of basic Satori. All the needed programs are in the unconscious of the biocomputer, operating smoothly, the self is lost in pleasurable activities that one knows best and like to do. In the Kath moving center in the lower belly.
48 +/-48 Vitarka The neutral biocomputer state, the state for the absorbtion and the transmission of new ideas; for the reception and transmission of new data and new programs; doing teaching and learning with maximum facilitation, neither in a positive of a negative state, neutral. On the earth.
96 -24** N/A Negative state; pain, guilt fear, doing what one has to do but in a state of pain, guilt, fear; the state of slightly too much alcohol; of a small amount of opium, of the first stages of lack of sleep.
192 -12 N/A Extremely negative body state where one is still in the body, as in an intense migraine attack, in which one's own consciousness is shrunk down and inhibited and the awareness is only in the present in one's pain. The pain is such that one cannot work or do one's usual duties. A limitation is placed upon one's self, one is isolated, a bad inner state.
384 - 6 N/A Similar to +6 except that it is extremely negative. A purgatory-like situation in which one is only a point source of consciousness and energy; fear, pain, guilt in the extreme; meaninglessness prominent.
768 - 3 N/A Like +3 in that one is fused with other entities throughout the universe but these are all bad and one's self is bad and meaningless. This is the quintessence of evil, the deepest hell of which one can conceive. This can be an extremely high energy state lasting eternally, though by planetside clock one is there only for a few minutes. No hope in this state. No hope of escape from it. One is there forever. (See the Cosmic Computer write-up in the chapter The Guided Tour of Hell in Center of the Cyclone, 1972)
* These are from the Science of Yoga, by I.K. Taimni
** Negative spaces have no real location; each is imagined as located in same region as corresponding positive space.

From Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson - Roddenberry
Star Trek
ETransporter beam, Sensors
MindComputer, Prime Directive
Socialalternately paternalistic/romantic Captain Kirk
Conceptuallogical science-officer Mr. Spock
Emotionalemotional and sentimental Dr. McCoy
Physicallife-support and defense-system engineer Scotty

The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness

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