My Personal Experiences of being targeted along with my seven year old daughter as a
Remote Mind Control Experiment by the Intelligence Agencies.

by George Farquhar

My name is George Farquhar, born Edinburgh, Scotland, 6th July 1955

This report briefly details my experiences of being targeted along with my seven year old daughter as a Remote Mind Control experiment by certain departments of the intelligence agencies, whom I refer to as the "Mind Control Police" (MCP).



First report published March 1999 
This extended version published August 2001

An overview:

I believe I have been remotely monitored and experimented upon by the intelligence agencies "Mind Control Police" shortly after attempting to visit Pine Gap Citizen Spy Base in Australia in 1984. Intense microwave radiation attacks and Remote Mind Control Experiments via the use of Frequency Weapons started in 1997 while in Canada with my seven year old daughter and have continued in Europe. I have also experienced:

My Experiences

The following is an outline of a very complex and bizarre story of my past. The details, taken from my journal, are far deeper than is expressed in this report. 

 In 1982 I left my native land, Scotland, and emigrated to Australia where my family live. Initially, I worked for many years in various employments including running my own handyman business. However, In 1991 I became involved in a variety of crimes to make enough money to enable me to pay off land which I owned at the time. In March 1992 I was arrested and charged with the offences and thereafter let out on bail.

I soon decided that I did not wish to stand trial and left Australia two weeks after my arrest to live in the U.K. Soon after arriving in the U.K. My family informed me that the police had been to my house to re-arrest me only 2 hours after I had left to travel to the airport. At the time, I believed this to be a close "getaway".

I now know that the police Intelligence knew of my intention to leave the country, and were willing to let me go because of their pre-planned ulterior motives. Although the mass media, via TV and newspapers, had informed the Australian public otherwise, the police Intelligence intentionally let me go "on the run", and have known my every movement and exact whereabouts since the day I left Australia over nine years ago.


In March 1994, in Perth, Scotland, I started a seven-month prison term for a simple fraud offence. Approximately three weeks prior to my arrest and imprisonment I realised that I was under 24-hour police surveillance, including being constantly circled and harassed by the anti-terrorist, tactical response "Black" helicopter. So, why would an anti-terrorist tactical response aircraft be used for the surveillance of a simple fraud offence?

Due to my research:

Strong evidence suggests that "Black" helicopters and other military aircraft have a far more sinister application than just tactical response. They have been purpose built for the control of society in a National Emergency and many will carry electromagnetic frequency weapons to Remote Mind Control any dissidents, as they do today.


After around two weeks of this constant police surveillance and intimidation, I attempted to escape their clutches one particular day, with the intention of travelling to Europe. My brother Alex, whom I was living with at the time (innocently unknowing of the experiences we were about to endure), decided to travel with me, therefore he is a direct witness to the following events.

After the usual 24 hr surveillance without managing to get away, we ended up in an area of dense forest just outside Edinburgh by nightfall. Prior to reaching the forest, I noticed that one of the surveillance vehicles used to track me was a large unmarked van, which appeared several times in different locations while I was "on the run". It was completely white in colour, no markings, with two large white satellite discs on top. As I intentionally passed the van on foot to glance into the cabin, two men sitting inside wearing black overalls glared straight through me. I knew these people had something to do with my surveillance, but I did not know to what degree.

Due to my research:

I now believe this vehicle to be a electromagnetic frequency Remote Mind Control technology and weaponry carrier , purpose-built by the intelligence agencies to monitor and manipulate society toward behavioural control.

After several hours of trekking through the forest at about 2 a.m., cut, bruised, exhausted, trapped by brambles and able to go no further, my brother and I eventually became completely surrounded by well over a dozen military or police Intelligence. They came as close as 30 metres, flashlights bearing down on us, when they stopped, signalled to each other by whistling, and then turned out their flashlights one by one. I was now expecting to be arrested immediately. However, this was not to be.

To my amazement, at daybreak there was not a military or police agent in sight, and I was not arrested until one week later. At the time I was completely baffled by the motives of this Intelligence 'hunt' to overtly intimidate and terrorize me, then simply back off?

I now realise these terrorist tactics were a pre-programming to my future targeting toward Frequency Weapon Remote Mind Control experimentation. The abundance of evidence from people targeted by Frequency Weapons all over the world holds many parallels regarding intimidation/harassment/terrorist tactics as a prerequisite to Frequency Weapon assault and experiment. This prerequisite is partly executed to obtain knowledge on how the targeted individual will respond to terrorist tactics. The response of the individual determines to some degree, how the future mind control experiment will be deployed.


During this period, prior to my arrest, my parents holiday apartment where I was living with my brother Alex, had been burgled on a number of occasions by the police. For example, I would arrive home in the afternoon and find family photo albums had been opened and photos intentionally scattered around, yet nothing (that I know of) was actually taken. The police were making it blatantly obvious that they wanted me to know I was under surveillance. I was bewildered how they could possibly benefit from this unbelievable overkill of surveillance for a simple fraud offence. I was not to discover the reason why until over four years later.


When I was eventually arrested in Perth, Scotland, my girlfriend was simultaneously arrested, although I had not seen her for four weeks and was living 300 miles away in Manchester, England. She had nothing at all to do with my offences and the police categorically knew this. Yet they promptly went to Manchester University where she was sitting final exams for her degree, arrested, charged and imprisoned her for conspiring with me. She was later released and all charges were dropped. Although we were very much in love, the last time Wendy and I saw each other was through a hole in a prison-cell door. This was yet another 'Intelligence' harassment technique designed to see how I would react .

I had visited three criminal lawyers a total of five times prior to my arrest in order to try and understand from a professional viewpoint why it would be necessary for the police to behave in such an oppressive and aggressive manner, with no apparent motives.

One lawyer, George Moore from Edinburgh, who eventually represented my case, told me that in over thirty years of practice as a criminal defence solicitor, he had never experienced anyone who had been so blatantly harassed and intimidated by the police.


After my court case was over, the media did their usual, expressing the "facts" to the public on my case. They had failed though, to mention the fact that I had been under constant and intense surveillance for several weeks prior to my arrest. According to "official" police statements, I was immediately arrested on a (so called) tip off.

So, why were the police blatantly lying? What was their true agenda, and what did they have to hide? Again, it was four years later I was to find out.

After my trial I was taken to Perth Maximum Security Prison to serve a term of seven months.I soon vowed this first experience of prison would be my last. My personal days of deceit, lies and corruption were coming to a final end. During this period I encountered many powerful and extraordinary inner experiences of conciousness expansion.

Firstly, I encountered many deep and enlightening inner experiences which led me to the full realisation that I and every other human being were not only our bodies, mind, emotions and ego, as I had previously believed, but we were also multidimensional spiritual beings, with limitless capabilities.

Secondly, as my mind was opening up to my newly discovered and beautiful knowledge, I realised also that the physical world that we are all part of is going through a dramatic change. This change includes the surfacing of information regarding the long hidden fact that the human race is being totally manipulated through a hierarchical structure of control by a Permanent World Government. This deceitful and compartmentalised structure is concealed from humanity at large and is designed to give the majority of the power to a very small minority of the population.


Some of my understanding of this came from many in-depth conversations with several of my fellow prison-mates who knew far more about the deceitful activities which are being perpetrated behind the scenes than that of which the general public are aware. These conversations led me to realise the truth of a number of facts, including the atrocity that the police hierarchy are in collusion with the IRA hierarchy. Terrorist activities are planned and orchestrated by both parties .

I also received a direct and first hand account from my cellmate that chief police psychiatrists are intentionally allowing drug-addicted, psychopathic "potential" mass-murderers (known to have a firearms supply) to roam free without treatment. In fact, treatment was refused by a particular Scottish chief police psychiatrist when requested by one particular "potential mass murderer" who openly expresses his desire to murder en masse, man, woman and child. This atrocity is well documented in my journal, and it's only a matter of time before these facts become total public knowledge.

Due to my research:

I realise that these "potential mass murderers" are deliberately untreated and free to be "triggered" at some specific time in the future, inciting their latent desire for a mass-murder spree. The 'triggering' may well come from the intelligence agencies Frequency -directed Remote Mind-Control weaponry, when the Permanent World Government get closer to fully implementing their New World Order agenda of total social control.

The New World Order agenda is being engineered toward a World Centralised Government, Army (NATO), Banking System (WTO), Electronic currency and a Microchipped Population within this decade, all of which have fundamental implications for human freedom.

Due to these realisations, I strongly felt and intended, that when I was released from prison I would travel the world to gain a deeper understanding of myself, and therefore others. I also felt strongly impelled to tell anyone who had an open mind, about the covert structure of manipulation and control that exists in our world today, to keep society imprisoned.


After my seven month prison term was almost over, just two days prior to my release, the chief warden called me into her office to tell me she had just received a fax from Interpol. The fax stated that I was wanted in Australia by the authorities due to my crimes there two years previously, and I was not to be released on my proposed liberation date. The chief warden informed me she had no intention of following these instructions from Interpol stating that Interpol had no power over the prison authorities to demand that they keep me in prison after my official liberation date.

Because of this information I was sue I would be arrested by Interpol on my release. Only later was I to realise that this was just one of the many intimidation ploys by police/military Intelligence I was yet to endure.


After my release from prison in September 1994, I immediately became aware that I was yet again under 24-hour surveillance by undercover police. This continued for a two-week period up until I left the UK to live in Tenerife, Canary Islands for a while. During this two week period, I was circled by police helicopters on about ten different occasions. Again it was clearly evident this blatant surveillance was not about covertly watching me to see what I was doing, but to inform me that I was being watched and intimidated.

After arriving in Tenerife, I soon realised that police surveillance was still evident, but to a more subtle degree in comparison to my two weeks after liberation from prison. My apartment was circled by police helicopters every other day, and I received a number of covert visits from Spanish plain-clothed police.

For example, on one occasion a single police officer came to my apartment asking who I was, under the pretence that he was searching for someone else. On another occasion, four plain-clothed police officers came into the gym where I was working out and strongly and repeatedly requested that I came down to the police station to supposedly help them out with an identity parade. While continually leering and sneering at me directly, they never at any time approached anyone else. Although there were several people in the gym at the time, they specifically stressed that they only wanted me. Of course I refused.

After four months of living in Tenerife, I decided to move on. I wanted to start travelling, backpacking the world to broaden my horizons. I was also feeling quite desperate to get away from the police harassment that I was being subjected to. However, this was to prove impossible.


In March 1995 I left Tenerife and travelled to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for the purpose of expanding my knowledge of yoga, meditation and inner development, which I had started in prison. During these travels I would occasionally be subjected to covert undercover police visits to "check me out", with the occasional intensive police-helicopter harassment. By now I knew undoubtedly that Interpol were involved.

After around eighteen months, I left India to continue my travels through Asia, visiting Thailand, Bali, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Japan, totalling two years and four months. During this time, undercover police surveillance and harassment continued. Police helicopter harassment was at times very intense, particularly when I was in meditation retreats.

Throughout Asia I had practised at seven meditation retreats in Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Japan, for up to four weeks in each retreat. In every retreat that I was in, I was harassed by police helicopters. There was also a distinct pattern identical to these harassment's. On the second day of each of my retreats, the intimidation's would commence. First the helicopter would start by flying in large circles around the meditation or monastery complex for around thirty minutes to one hour. It would then hover extremely low, directly above the roof of the exact building that I was in for 3-5 minutes. The helicopter would be so low that it sounded as if the pilot wanted to land on the roof! It would then take off, circling again around the complex for up to a few hours. The police helicopter would return every other day in order to act out similar harassment procedures.

By now I totally realised, without a shadow of doubt, that I was directly experiencing the totally negative, dominating and authoritarian "Big Brother" mentality that exists in this world. For what reasons however, I did not know. . . . yet!

From Japan I travelled to Canada to live in Vancouver for six months. During this time I experienced very little with regard to police surveillance as they were intentionally keeping low key. However I did encounter one series of helicopter harassment's during a one week meditation retreat with virtually identical tactics to my Asian experiences.

I have around a dozen friends and acquaintances who were shocked by the event and can verify this incident. Apart from this particular harassment, I was relieved that my surveillance in general was now much less intense than I had encountered in the past. There was a reason for this however, which I was soon to discover.


During the time I lived in Vancouver from July until December 1997, I experienced virtually every evening the following range of physiological and psychological symptoms:

Nervousness and irritable physical sensations throughout the body, difficulty in thinking clearly, headaches, loud snapping noises in my head, short-term memory loss, disordered thought patterns, lethargy, apathy, nausea and insomnia.

During a three-week period in the months of September and October, my father brought my seven year old daughter from Australia to visit me. During this time I also experienced the following symptoms which increased with more intensity right up until my father and daughter left.

Very negative and unpleasant physical sensations, best described as a crawling feeling throughout the body, nervous shaking, difficulty in concentrating and very short attention span, highly irregular and extreme out-of-character thought, emotional and behavioural patterns, grossly impaired reasoning faculties, and spontaneous mental blanks, while attempting to rationalise these alien absurdities.

All these symptoms only appeared in the late afternoon or early evening. During the day I would be my normal, relaxed, laid back self.

After my father and daughter returned to Australia, I came to the distinct conclusion that I had become spontaneously insane at certain times during this 3 week period due to the uncharacteristic psychological patterns that I had experienced. My realisations of insanity were born from the fact that during some evenings of my family's three week stay I would have absurd mental and emotional desires to hurt my own seven year old daughter. Yet again, these absurd desires which I experienced, would spontaneously and suddenly manifest only in the evenings, and over very short spans of time. During all other times I would be my normal self. A loving, caring and protective father.

Due to my research:

I now know without any doubt, that during my stay in Canada, I was being bombarded with microwave radiations, and that I was being mentally and emotionally manipulated by EMF Remote Mind Control Weaponry. I also believe that these attacks may have been executed via the US National Security Agency's Kinnecome Group, Fort Meade, who are known for such attacks on the American people.

I soon decided that after my father and daughter returned to Australia that I would not be seeing my daughter again until I had gotten to the bottom of understanding the root cause of 'my' psychological imbalances. Although I was soon to find out that the root cause of my psychological imbalances was in fact the 'Core of Rape' element within the Intelligence services, I have realised it is not appropriate at this time to see my daughter, and have not met with her since the Frequency Weapon assault upon us in Canada. There are numerous reasons for this, which I will expand upon later.


In December 1997, I travelled on to Europe. My intention was to backpack around many countries before returning to Canada. My European travels took me to Slovenia, where I spent several weeks snowboarding. In February 1998 during my stay I met many decent and genuine people whom I befriended. I also became 'aquainted' with four people who I now know without doubt, that at least three of them are MI6 Government agents. I was given the 'story' by them that their relationship was man, wife, wife's sister and sister's male friend. The man, wife and sister are undoubtedly MI6 agents, assigned to the proposed stitch-up. I beleive the male friend of the sister could have been an innocent party, unknowing of his 'friends' being involved in such a disgusting atrocity, to stitch up an innocent man as a paedophile.

The full details of the proposed stitch-up are very complex. However, the basic details are expressed as follows:

My newfound MI6 'friends' had been contracted to intice me back to Newcastle, England, where they live. The 'wife' told me she was bored with her 'husband', whom she was about to divorce, and she very much wanted me to visit her in Newcastle. She gave me the impression that she liked me a lot, and I was naive enough at the time to beleive it. I was told by the 'wife' and 'sister' that if I came to visit her in Newcastle I would be welcome to stay with the 'sister', who just happened to have two lovely young daughters aged nine and ten. However, I clearly and genuinely expressed on a number of occasions that I would prefer to stay in a hostel while in Newcastle, as I did not wish to impose on anyone. Every time I expresed the hostel idea, I was confronted by - "no, you can't do that, you must stay with my sister", "as you know, she has two young lovely daughters". I was perplexed at the time why the 'daughters' would continually crop up in this context and other conversations. But now I know why!

When leaving to return to Newcastle, the MI6 mob said their goodbyes to me. The 'husband' said with confrontation and sarcasm in his voice, "WE will be seeing YOU, George, a lot sooner than YOU think.". I now know the purpose of this MI6 assignment was to entice me to Newcastle to stay with the 'sister' and the "two lovely young daughters aged nine and ten" I fully beleive that the intention of this assignment was to have led me to be further targeted in Newcastle via Frequency Weapons toward remote mind control experimentation.

I beleive this contract was to be an extension to my initial targeting in Canada along with my young daughter.

I beleive the intention of the Mind Control Police within MI5 was to irradiate me to a much greater degree in Newcastle than I had experienced in Canada. Their intention, yet again, was to irradiate me with specific frequencies related to their sick, twisted, psychopathic, paedophile mentality, that they are themselves! This time however, I beleive the experiement would essentially be to fully irradiate me with specific psychopathic frequencies and along with presenting a mass of false information (which the Government Intelligence services are very good at) stitch me up as a 'paedophile' in a Freemasonic-run court of law.

As completely naive as I was at the time, I very much realised that something was not quite right about the whole scenario, and decided soon after the MI6 agents returned to England, that I would not visit Newcastle. Click here for exposé on two of the MI6 agents involved.


On April 9th 1998, I reached Amsterdam. I very soon realised I was under 24 hour police surveillance yet again, which included being constantly photographed with normal and hidden cameras and video cameras. This time however, it was with the most ferocious intensity and blatant show of force I had yet encountered, even as far back as prior to my arrest in the UK four years earlier. I was completely bewildered by the motives behind this surveillance bombardment, but I was very soon to discover the reason why.

Again I started to encounter negative physical and psychological symptoms which were identical to Canada, this time with additional phenomena. Some of these newly imposed phenomena were:

Hearing someone talking some distance away which would normally be totally inaudible due to the distance of the person and the surrounding noises in the environment. This hearing was not through the ear, but heard within my head!

When speaking to travelling friends I had met ,I would want to make a particular statement, yet actually say something else in contradiction to my initial thoughts. Also having the desire to say yes about something but saying no instead, and vice-versa.

At one point, during a conversation on the Permanent World Government's agenda towards total social domination with fellow travellers from South Africa, one of them said spontaneously with complete confidence,
"Did you know that the police know what you are thinking before you have even thought of it".
Bewildered, I asked him to repeat what he had said, which he did. He then said, with a completely puzzled look on his face, "I did not even know I knew that. I asked him again what he meant by these statements. Still looking very perplexed, he replied, "I don't know".

I appeared to be having extremely varied emotional responses to the fact I was being so intensely monitored. My responses would swing wildly and instantaneously from bewilderment to fear to nonchalance, to aggression, all within very short spans of time. I know now that this was a result of specific frequencies being targeted against me.

Although I experienced these and many other bizarre psychological and emotional irregularities during my stay in Amsterdam, I quite remarkably did not appear to be consciously aware of this obscure phenomena to any great extent. Every time I would try to reason an uncharacteristic thought, emotion or reaction, my mind would suddenly go blank and I would forget what had happened! These spontaneous mental blanks while trying to understand and reason my extreme character changes were also prevalent during my daughter's stay in Canada.

Finally, on the evening of 13th April 1998, I discovered at long last the reason behind what had been causing all this strange phenomena and character imbalance. This was to be my last night in Amsterdam before moving on with my travels through Europe. The events of this night changed my life for ever.


I spent many hours walking around the quiet streets to try and relax, which was very difficult due to the constant and extremely intense police surveillance I was under. I eventually came to a quiet coffee shop near the hostel where I was staying. I walked in, bought a coffee and sat down. Within a few minutes one of two men sitting at the bar turned around and started to blatantly and openly videotape me. Knowing that he was yet another parasitical Government agent, I requested him in no uncertain terms to back off! He and his accomplice then swiftly took off out the door. Very shortly after this, I suddenly started to receive a bombardment of what I can only describe as telepathically transferred messages - from the police. The following is the basic content and sequence of these messages:

This Mind Control Police agent had posed as a backpacker and told me his name was Alex, (coincidentally?) the same name as my brother. He had also impressed on me emphatically that he was a computer programmer; that he and his associates were presently designing a particular program that was unique, only one of its type in the world; that this program could be totally manipulated by computers from anywhere in the world; and that this program was very soon to reach a final stage of completion.

I now knew that the "program" this mind-control police agent was talking about was in fact, myself and the manipulation of my mind, and the completion stage of this "program" was the telepathic transference of the messages that I had just encountered.

The many idiosyncratic events that occured during my meeting with this Slovenian/Interpol member of the Mind Control Police on my way to Amsterdam was now becoming clearly apparent.

At one point, I asked him how he spells his name (Alex, Alek, Alec?). He appeared confused, and he had to think about it before he could answer me. As he was obviously an intelligent man, with perfect English, I found it odd that he could not spell his own name. His name was obviously not Alex at all, and he was using this name (as it is my brother's) to coerce me into beleiving he was just another friendly backpacker, and not a psychopathic torturer, rapist and murderer.

At another point, whilst getting off the bus at an intermediary stop in Germany, I picked up his large, brand new backpack to hand it to him, which 'appeared' to be very well packed, and weighing about 10-15 kilos. However, on picking up the pack, large as it was, it was so light it obviously had nothing in it at all apart from light packing materials. It weighed not much more than one kilogram! From Slovenia to Holland - with a full, yet empty backpack - why? His reaction to me picking up his bag was one of shock - I remember he held his breath as I handed it to him. Many more of these idiosyncratic events with this particular Mind Control Police operative are documented in my journal.

Although difficult to clearly describe, these telepathically transferred messages from the MCP came not in the form of words but in the form of images projected onto the screen of my mind. These were accompanied by a very intense and clear comprehension of the facts as they were being presented to me. Following this event, I was in complete shock. I knew from this moment on my life could never be the same again.

Confused and bewildered (yet sharp enough to see I was still under surveillance), I left the coffee shop and wandered in the quiet back streets, trying to piece together and rationalise what I had just experienced. Three questions continually ran through my mind: How are they (the police) doing this? Why are they doing this? Why was I specifically chosen? At first I could find no answers. I did however, after some very deep soul searching, realise a number of very important factors, some of which gave me much strength during the following months of coming to terms with my new found knowledge.

Some of these realisations were:

I now realised, within the very core of my being, that I was the target of a Remote Mind Control Experiment by MI5/MI6 Intelligence.

My plans to leave Amsterdam the following day had to change. I knew I had to stay in one place for the time being in order for me to assimilate my new-found knowledge and situation. This newly-given awareness was the catalyst for the most traumatic period of my life. I had been terrorised to the point that I was emotionally and mentally devastated. The psychopaths within the Intelligence network had pushed me to the edge of the abyss. At one point I felt very close to going over.

However, this knowledge and awareness of my harassment and torture eventually became the catalyst for gaining immense personal inner strength and courage, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of myself, humanity and creation as a whole.

The following weeks were very difficult to get through, partly as I was still under constant 24-hour surveillance, occasionally circled by police helicopters, as well as being bombarded by what I now believe to be microwave radiation. My encounters with these microwave radiation attacks would start very suddenly, during conversations with others. My whole body would shake violently and uncontrollably, which made speaking virtually impossible. I knew the MCP psychopaths were responsible for these attacks, but I was completely bewildered at the time as to how they were achieving this.


One week after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, I became emotionally and mentally strong enough to start writing a documented journal of what I had experienced and encountered.

Two weeks after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, the under cover police surveillance gradually became less intense, and I was starting to recover my inner strength. However, I was still being harassed every other day by police helicopter whilst walking around the city. The usual pattern would be that it would fly very low in large circles above me, then into very small circles, then again in larger circles. These circlings were witnessed by a number of my new friends whom I had acquainted at the travellers' hostel where I was staying in order to regain my strength. Much to my relief microwave radiation attacks had now stopped.

Several weeks after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, I started to come to terms with my situation, getting stronger day by day. I now vowed from the bottom of my heart that I would find out exactly who these Mind Control Police were. Which organisations were involved? What technology do they use? Why do they physically and psychologically attack innocent members of society with their Remote Mind Control Weapons? Finally, I vowed to realise effective methods of self defence against Psychotronic attacks, also to fully expose to the public those who are directly and indirectly involved. Click here for MI5/MI6 exposé.


I felt utterly compelled and responsible to research this information, and to let my fellow human beings know that these Mind Control Police within Intelligence agencies do exist and that we can protect ourselves from them.

I now know that FULL public awareness and the exposure of those indirectly and directly involved in the Intelligence network is the key to stopping this major Human Rights abuse - ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Due to my new responsibilities, I had no choice but to stop travelling the world, find a place to settle and live so I could start researching world government corruption and their agenda. In particular to expose Frequency-directed Remote Mind Control technology and its use against humanity, by Government Intelligence.

I have also since realised that Ritual Child Abuse and Paedophile networks run by the Freemasonic Intelligence Core are inextricably linked to the Mind Control Police network, which I term the 'CORE OF RAPE '. ALL MCP operatives are a mixture of psychopaths, torturers, murderers and rapists. Many are also sexual deviants inclined to the rape of children.

This Human Rights Abuse, in particular against our children, must be stopped at all costs.


For almost three weeks after the 13th April, on a nightly basis, the MCP would subject me to a number of programmed dream scenarios while I was sleeping. These dreams were extremely lucid and all of a very negative content relating to their manipulation of me in the past, in Canada. When I awoke immediately after every dream scenario, I would feel immense fear and guilt. I knew these dreams were not my own, as all my lucid dreams in the past (which were very rare) had a very positive atmosphere and content. Night after night these 'imposed' lucid dreams were extremely negative in content and were all connected to the MCP's manipulation of me in Canada.

As soon as I realised exactly what the MCP's intentions were, which was to create an emotional fear and guilt trip in me, I wrote down that fact in my journal. From that night onward the programmed dream scenarios stopped. The MCP obviously realised their 'guilt trip' frequency attacks were not working.

Not long after this, early one morning while I was contemplating and planning returning to England to research and expose those responsible, I received yet another telepathic message from the MCP. It was simple yet direct and to the point. Over and over again one word was imposed repeatedly through my mind:


This was an obvious sign that they did not like what I was thinking, and they were threatening me with assassination. This made no difference to what I had now decided to do. I had fully made up my mind to travel to England, research and expose this highly negative and psychopathic mentality that is covertly manipulating and controlling certain individuals within humanity - toward social control experimentation.


On the 9th May 1998, I sent a copy of my up-to-date journal of my experiences to my brother Alex, who lives in Perth, Australia along with the rest of my immediate family. At this point he had been the only person I had ever told about my experiences of police surveillance since being released from prison. I wanted him to know about my further experiences and recent knowledge of being targeted as a Remote Mind Control experiment by the police/military Intelligence hierarchy. The main reason I sent him a copy was so that he would fully understand my situation in detail, which in turn, could possibly give me some protection from being assassinated.

Ever since the night of 13th April, I have believed that this was and always could be a possibility.

I also know that the closer I get to exposing the truth of the terrorists, child rapists and murderers who control our society, the closer I will inevitably get to becoming the target of a Government assassin. I have been threatened with being 'topped' , indirectly and directly on a number of occasions by MI5 agents. However, I have now fully accepted this fact and feel totally comfortable with it. I would rather die a free young man, than a fearful old man.

As soon as my brother received my journal, he suddenly became afflicted with the same torment as I have encountered over the years. He is now under police surveillance, and is frequently harassed by police helicopters hovering over him.

At the present time, he is also being constantly attacked with specific psychologically altering 'voice-to-skull' frequencies by the Mind Control Police, which he is finding immensely difficult to come to terms with. I know the MCP are targeting my brother partially because he is a direct witness to many of the events of Government Intelligence intimidation and harassment I have been exposed to in 1994. I fully believe they are trying to push him over the edge of the abyss as they tried to do with me in Amsterdam in 1998.

Recently, other members of my family have also complained about being intensely watched by what they term as "strange people", yet they knew nothing at that time whatsoever of myself and my brother being under constant police surveillance. I know that this is just an attempt by the Police/Military Hierarchy to instill fear in me (their greatest weapon) by harassing and torturing certain members of my family. However, all that this actually achieves is to make me more determined than ever to expose the psychopath/paedophile parasites that they are.


Two months after my telepathically transferred messages from the MCP, I felt strong enough to travel to England, find a place to live, start researching, and expose the truth of my experiences.

I arrived in London on the 21st June 1998, and soon settled in Glastonbury. I have since spent much time studying many subjects that I feel are relevant for me to understand the 'big picture agenda' behind the use of Frequency Weapons on an unsuspecting public. In particular, I have analysed various researched information on the Permanent Unelected World Government's planned agenda toward their New World Order of total control and domination over Humanity.

I have since realised that the Secret Police/Intelligence Agencies' use of Remote Mind Control weaponry, is only the tip of an iceberg, of ways and means to manipulate and dominate the masses of Humanity towards behavioural control. Full public awareness is the only way this Human Rights abuse will stop. Until the masses of Humanity become fully aware of what is going on behind our backs, the torture, murder and rape of countless innocent men, women and children will continue.

Since I arrived in England, police surveillance on me had initially dropped quite drastically, and helicopter harassments had been rare in comparison. I have however, during this time of surveillance 'backoff', taken a number of photos of military aircraft including 'black' helicopters circling above my remotely located cottage.

However, as time has passed, I have realised that physical MI5 surveillance and helicopter harassments appear to increase very much leading up to any campaign or direct action events, which I do from time to time toward promoting public awareness of these Human Rights atrocities.

In particular, during the present time, July 2001, physical and helicopter surveillance has yet again been heavily orchestrated against me. I beleive the main reason for this is my recent intention to fully expose the Intelligence-run Ritual Child Abuse/Paedophile network. My newly-created website and my proposed campaign during the Edinburgh International Festival (August 2001) has certainly been reason enough for this recent surveillance increase. This surveillance increase has also included the recent infiltration by a female MI5 agent to become my neighbour. I fully realise that not only is she a surveillance pawn, but she has direct knowledge of her Intelligence Ritual Child Abuse and Murder network and is therefore wholeheartedly involved in the 'Core of Rape'.

Since I arrived in England the MI5 MCP have virtually stopped their frequency assaults upon me. I do however experience occasional 'zappings' during and around the time of protests or campaigns. These occasional frequency zappings only further empower me to realise, I'm on the right track.


I have now focussed deep enough into my distant past to realise how I probably became an Remote Mind Control experiment in the first place. I believe that I have been remotely monitored and experimented upon since 1984. During this year when I was living in Australia I travelled around extensively, including visiting Ayers Rock in Alice Springs, which is a very ancient and spiritually powerful place in the desert.

Situated relatively nearby is 'Pine Gap', Australia's very own Citizen Spy Base & Frequency Weapons Remote Mind Control centre, run by the US National Security Agency. Codenamed 'Echelon' it is a 'mirror' base to the Echelon Citizen Spy Base at Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England, where Project Freedom has more recently delivered their second and third campaigns against the use of Frequency Weapons upon society.

At this time however, I (like the general population) had been fooled into believing Echelon was only a satellite communications centre. Curious as I am, I innocently and naively went up to the main gate of the perimeter and asked if I could be admitted to have a look around. The security guard scowled at me as if to say, "How dare you ask such a question". The answer was an obvious NO! So I went on my way. In light of what I now understand, I believe it to be highly probable that I would have been remote-neural-monitored whilst at the gate. Once locked into their highly advanced Remote Mind Control super-computer technology, I would be 'tagged' within their 'network' for life.

It has since been documented that peace activists have contracted various symptoms such as burns, leukaemia and fast acting cancers by microwave radiation whilst protesting around the perimeter of 'Pine Gap'. These psychopathic terrorist attacks on innocent protesters parallel the vitually identical torture methods on the now well-known 'Greenham Common Women' protesters during the eighties. A number of these women also, are beleived to have died from various cancer-related diseases induced by laser-directed microwave frequencies.

Ironically, I do have reason to be thankful to the MCP within the Intelligence network. Highly intelligent as these people are, their arrogant, egomaniac and psychopathic mentality, by bombarding me telepathically with information pertaining to the fact that I was being targeted as a Remote Mind Control experiment, has been counter-productive.

If they had not done this, I would be none the wiser that this technology even exists. I would be going through life continually in fear every time I realised that I was under surveillance or being intimidated by police or military helicopter. I would always be totally unaware that I could at any time be mentally and emotionally manipulated into becoming a fully controlled "robot", which they have succeeded in doing in the past, to myself as well as countless thousands of other targeted individuals worldwide . However, as yet, only a tiny minority have publicly documented their experiences.

I now fully realise that knowledge and awareness of the existence of Frequency Weapons and their use upon society toward behavioural control experimentation is the first line of defence. Without this awareness, society, individually and as a whole, are wide open to the total manipulation of their being, and are virtually a 'sitting target'.

Without this awareness I could not be, emotionally or  mentally, as strong as I am today through having survived the truly traumatic experiences of being continually terrorised over many years. By being physically and psychologically abused and tortured, then eventually being 'told' via Frequency Weapons telepathic technology that I am the target of a top-secret Military Intelligence experiment.

Instead of the psychopathic, torturing, murdering, child raping Intelligence network's intention to create more fear in me, their greatest weapon of all, they have in fact achieved the exact opposite.

I am stronger and freer now than I have ever been in my whole life - realising that FULL PUBLIC AWARENESS of the Freemasonic Intelligence psychopathic/torturing/murdering activities via the use of Frequency Weapons and their massive Ritual Child Abuse & Murder Network is imperative, not only to stopping these horrendous atrocities - but also to the survival of the Human Race.

 George Farquhar, Project Freedom Network.

One of the countless military helicopter harassments I have endured since March 1994.

This photo was taken late 1998 of an anti-terrorist tactical response 'black' helicopter circling above my rural cottage, Avalon valley, Somerset, England.

Just for the record: I am a very fit and healthy 46 year old and would, under normal circumstances, have full intention to live to a very ripe old age. My living to a ripe old age however is unlikely due to my dedication to expose the atrocities of the Freemasonic-run Intelligence network (our Authorities).
In the meantime - I have no intention whatsoever of going missing, having a fatal accident, committing suicide or contracting a fast acting microwave radiation induced cancer.


I have known since April 1998 that British Intelligence, MI5 and MI6, working in collusion with the U.S. National Security Agency have had a contracted agenda to set me up as a paedophile.

Since this first realisation, my investigations and research has enlightened me to the fact that our Western Governments via the Masonic Intelligence Network are running their own Paedophile Rings. This same network is inextricably interconnected with the Paedophile Government agents, who have been contacted to set me up toward this agenda, as well as others who have used various techniques, to thwart and discredit my work, of exposing them.

I originally believed that this "contract" upon me, was first executed in Canada in September 1997, when my young daughter who was 7 years old at that time, came to visit me.

Over the last several years, repressed subconscious memories have been resurfacing into my conscious mind regarding uncharacteristic sexual thoughts and emotions of a deviant nature that I experienced during my stay in Australia. These alien manifested thoughts that I was experiencing, started almost immediately after I attempted to enter into the U.S. National Security Agency Citizen Spy Base in Alice Springs in 1984. As the U.S. N.S.A. have been implementing these frequency weapons en masse upon innocent civilians since 1971, and individually since the early 40's, they are undoubtedly, directly involved.

More recently, in September this year, I started to have further breakdowns of repressed memories regards to my actions, when I was a teenager. As the memories of these actions were fragmented, and therefore not completely clear, I decided to use techniques, from the ancient arts of Yoga and Shamanism (which I have been practicing for 10 years) to access the depths of my subconscious mind. On the 21st September 2002, after fasting for 2 days, I went into the hills with the full intention of getting to the root of these fragmented memories.

The realisations that surfaced traumatised me immensely, yet at the same time, enlightened me to the fact that the Masons have in fact been monitoring and manipulating my being, via their Black Occult techniques since I was a very young child.

These manipulation techniques were executed upon me because of spontaneous blackouts and "fits" that I frequently experienced as a child, since the age of three. Over the last few years, I have personally realised that these "blackouts", were in fact, spiritual awakenings. I now also realize that these fits were "treated" by a Masonic doctor. Because of their deep understanding and abuse of sacred knowledge.

The Secret Societies know full well that many people that experience fits are in fact experiencing an altered state of consciousness. It is well documented that many people who have spiritual powers, knowledge or extraordinary psychic abilities, had spontaneous fits and blackouts as a child. As the Secret Societies are very interested in those, outside the brotherhood, who may have extraordinary abilities I would have therefore been a perfect candidate for monitoring, as well as a Remote mind and emotional manipulation experiment, for the rest of my life. Even although my father, is a low level, (non-practising) mason himself.

Other repressed memories that surfaced were the fact that I had sexually abused several of my girlfriends when I was a teenager. The bizarre facts regarding these abuses are that, at the time, I did not think, believe or feel that I had done any wrong. I felt no guilt or shame whatsoever. I now know these despicable uncharacteristic actions were a manifestation of the manipulation of Black Occult techniques by the Masonic Government Intelligence Network.
I also now realise the "guiltless" attitude I experienced was also induced, which help to repress these memories for 30 years.

 TO CONCLUDE: My spontaneous blackouts, as a child were in fact, trance states of spiritual awareness:
These trance states were known and "treated" by a doctor who was a mason: The sexual manipulation of my girlfriends, without guilt or remorse was due to a Masonic Intelligence induced program into my subconscious mind, and repression of these memories for 30 years. Not any more.

MY PAST - part 1

In my past, I committed the most serious and heinous of crimes. When I was a teenager, I dated numerous girls, some of whom I took advantage of sexually, and a few, who were at that time, under the age of consent. As I left my teens, these atrocities against females stopped altogether. As the years passed, the memories of my psychotic actions against the innocent girls who trusted me enough to date them, became fully repressed. Compartmentalised and forgotten.
From my late teenage years into my early twenties, I would have numerous violent physical confrontations in the street against others who were also aggressively inclined.
In my twenties and thirties I was an occasional petty criminal, until I reached the age of 37 when I committed several large illegal and criminal offences all in the span of time of approximately 12 months, in Perth, Australia. These offences were being constantly monitored by the police, which I knew of at some level, but refused to stop, until the day I was busted.

While out on bail, I decided to abscond, and left Australia, to go to the UK where I again, got involved in more petty crime. This time, I got no bail, and spent 7 months in prison in Perth, Scotland. This time also, I lost not only my freedom, but also a very wonderful lady of whom I loved very much. This shocked me into reason. I now had 7 months to reflect on my life and how it had been completely destroyed - by me.
When I was released out of prison, I was a changed man. No longer had I any inclinations whatsoever to live a life of crime. My intention now was to find my true self and be as honest and truthful as I could toward everyone. This is the journey I am now on, still searching for who I really am and intent to do so for the rest of my life.

When I was released from prison in 1994, I was made immediately and openly aware that, I along with my brother (who had nothing to do with any of my crimes) were being overtly harassed and surveillance by government intelligence. This harassment is still continuing against both of us till this present day. Apart from specific, Government intelligence surveillance and harassment techniques as described above, which have been used against thousands of innocent civilians and dissidents all over the world, we have also encountered severe mental and emotional manipulation via non-lethal weapons technology, created and deployed by military intelligence, MI5. My brother's, attacks have been most severe as he is also being targeted physically, which has destroyed the hearing in his right ear.

Since I found out that my daughter, along with myself, had also been "targeted" while she was visiting me in Canada in 1997, I realised if they can attack a child of 7 years old, they are capable of anything.
Because of this I have since been researching, documenting and campaigning against the use of these Frequency Weapons upon innocent civilians, as well as the Government Intelligence Network of Child Abuse, which is all part and parcel of the same organisation run by the Secret Societies.
All Frequency Weapon perpetrators are Black Occultist's and murderers and I fully believe that many of these agents also have paedophile intentions. They are licensed to rape torture and kill, man women or child.
For several years, I had believed, my mental, emotional and sexual engineering had been perpetrated on myself at least since 1984, shortly after I "visited" the U.S. N.S.A. Citizen Spy Base, Alice Springs, Australia.
I now know however, that I have been targeted since I was a child, hence my occasional psychotic behaviour, repressed memories, as well as actions of obsessive behaviour, toward creating my criminal offences. I have many reasons which brought me to this realization and which I am presently investigating, into the heart of the details.

Mind Control Programming is an insidious part of Government Intelligence and is well documented. Frequency Weapons have been in use against innocent civilians for experimentation, since the end of the Second World War, but not fully implemented en-mass since 1971.
The factions of MI5 who are involved in Frequency Weapons and the Governments Child Abuse Network is destined to be completely destroyed. In the demise of its destruction, myself along with everyone else who is presently a target of this "Core of Rape" Network, will become fully enlightened to the truth of all the fine details of our individual "programming", which we have be subjected to, unwillingly and in most cases unwittingly.

No matter what influenced my past psychotic behaviour against these innocent young ladies, and my other uncharacteristic actions of criminal behaviour in the past, I still take full responsibility for my actions. May the eternal laws of truth and justice hold me accountable for my crimes. To all those I have harmed in any way. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly and sincerely sorry for what I have done. Please forgive me.

MY PAST - part 2

Prior to my 7-month prison term in 1994, I was not the person I am today.

I was corrupt, ignorant, and self-seeking. My prison term was a blessing in disguise. My time was spent with much reflection on where I was going with my life and what needed to be changed. I had no intention to return to prison ever again, and realised drastic changes were necessary for me to live a more honest and holistic way of life. These changes have taken time, and I am still in this constant flow of change, for the better. Better for myself and therefore everyone I may meet.
Every day I make mistakes, yet everyday I learn and realise more about who I am and what needs to be changed or transformed. This transformation  and destruction of my "socially conditioned" and "programmed" character will continue till my last breath in this life. I have learnt many lessons since my "prison" days. One of which is, that human kind is destined to be free from all corruption, greed and rape, whether it be against an individual or a nation. I believe this reality is not too far off in the future, as the walls of ignorance, and corruption are already breaking down, for EVERYONE to see more clearly.
We are all destined to be free as an individual and as a collective race, living in harmony with each other and with nature.





Personal Report Updates


 July 2002: Full-on frequency weapon assaults as a “punishment” for witnessing and publicly exposing the Masonic Black Occult Rituals involving 6-month-old baby boy at Stonehenge Solstice Celebrations.



 15th August 2000: My investigations into the Freemasonic-run Psychiatric industry

 4th March 2000:  Correspondence from ex intelligence whistle blower associate, shortly after Echelon Protest [4th March 2000] regarding a planned "accident"

 3rd December 1999: Government Undercover Surveillance - I Approach Them & Tell Them Exactly Who I Am

 26th October 1999: House of Commons Protest: Government Undercover Surveillance & Frequency Weapon Attacks Continue

 17th September 1999: Undercover Police Surveillance - Government Agents on the Run

 Correspondence to MI5/MI6 and the U.S. National Security Agencies requesting all data pertaining to my police surveillance and harassment. Also the Frequency Weapon Torture and Assaults toward behavioural manipulation experiments from July 1997 against myself and my seven year old daughter in Canada until June 1998 in Europe.