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Updated May 13, 2003

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Updates occur monthly or so. If you subscribed for email notification you'll receive a short message when new content is online. Meanwhile the entire site experience s constant unannounced correction, enhancement and improvement.
The update service is maintained by deoxy.org for the sole purpose of informing you of updates to this site. Unlike the previous 'free' update service this one has no strings or spam attached, and allows inclusion of the actual update text in the message. You'll receive more immediate updates, and it's easier for you to join, leave, or change address for the list at any time.
Mozilla of Netscape

After many months of being unable to update the site and two weeks of DNS mishaps deoxy is finally back online! We're on a new server with lots of capabilities so expect things to get better and more interesting around here. Sincere thanks to our previous host for making this site possible.

The forums have returned, and Chatter has been re-embedded in a few top level pages. In other news deoxy.org is moving to a powerful new host soon so you can expect amazing new features constantly!
2 new zones with 25 documents: Crimethinc and SABBATS. Wrote a chatbox for the forum and embedded it in yippie, deoxy and the root.

Added Liberty and the Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit and The Reunification of the Sacred and Natural to PDFA. Cooked up a dynamic mirro r of the hilarious yet sadly defunct Bush or Chimp? Sincere condolences to the victims of terrorism everywhere. The previous update was made on 9-11-01, 3 hours before all hell broke loose, in strict acc ordance with Princeton University's EGG network readings!

Like much of the web deoxy is suffering periodic outages due to the latest plague of micro$oft worms. If the site is down just try again later.

We've lost another great soul, John Lilly died on September 30, 2001.

The overhaul continues. Shamanism, Omega, Lilly, RAW, IRC and all Hyperspa ce pages have their links checked with some additions. Philosophos gets fixed too and has audio added as does The Appeal of Anarchy. PDFA keeps gro wing. Enhanced the Alan Watts page with new links and a weekly netcast schedule that allows you to hear him every day of the week! Added Bewilderness, Aphorisms Against Work and a webchat that doesn't require java!
A complete revision is underway to fix broken links and such. The McKenna and hyperspace chem pages have been cleaned up, the former gaining many new links to excellent resources. A new discussion forum is online and The Partnership for Drug Freedom in America mercilessly blows a few more holes in the already tattered cause of prohibition.

Terence McKenna joined the ancestors on April 3, 2000.

A brand new Hyperdiscussion is ready for your use, and reciprocalinks comes of age. Many thanks to the Lycaeum for providing scriptable webspace.
the exception to the rulers! Complete browsable and searchable Hyperdiscussion archives are now online, over 2800 messages. A new message area based on much more powerful software is in the works! WBAI Powertool v2.0 allows you to persue the world's greatest non-commercial radio station from anywhere on Earth. The live realaudio stream is now very reliable. The McKenna at Wetlands audio file has been restored to functionality. D2K is just around the corner, and you won't believe what's coming early next year. Please go read The Appeal of Anarchy again because it's just that good !
Added a transcript of the excellent Art Bell interview Terence did on 4/1/99. Here's a preview of the next update


Consider The Appeal of Anarchy, and rejoice in The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself. Made some changes to Omega and Political Corrections.
Many little fixes and new audio all over the place. Highlights include folding Psychological Heresy into a revamped Thought Crime; improved local Shamanism docs especially The Ayahuas ca-Alien Connection and The Sound of Rushing Water; added A Feeling of Weirdness to the enhanced John Lilly page; additions to the Tryptamine Carriers FAQ and a new DMT nexus; made a simple but powerful frameset to maximize non-linearity; streamlined the main index; cast a futique spell upon The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness and Music of the Sun; witness the bifurcation of Leary and RAW; added traffic analysis; collected i nformation advisories and warnings; did something about those languishing reciprocalinks; finally modernized The Real McCoy ; generated a new PGP key; and updated WBAI RealAudio information.
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