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The universe itself is the result of a massive pool of consciousnesses. This pool is not bound by the physical universe, but the cause of its (and possibly other universes') existence. All walks of life in this physical universe seem to exhibit their own unique and individual facets of experience therein, and those that are "aware", instantly report their experiences back to this common pool. This can cause positive and negative feedback loops. All consciousnesses seem to have the qualities required to further deploy other vehicles of consciousness, for example, the qualities of love, nurture and empathy. Individual ideas that go against the further deployment of experiential units, don't seem to last very long, whereas ideas that propagate more units, seem to flourish. Our pleasure and pain centres seem to reflect this state of affairs. In fact, there is a lot to be said for intuition unconsciously guiding you in the right direction, and to create positive feedback loops to the pool itself. Ideas forged in the blindness of self-consciousness and self-improvement to the detriment of others, have been shaping the nature of human society on planet Earth for many centuries now. That is why we are currently born into a thoroughly iniquitous, brutal and psychologically harmful "money cage".

No matter what experiences you may engineer for yourself, at the end of the day, the underlying pool of consciousnesses is where you'll return to. Everyone is part of the same thing, ultimately. Any frustrations you may have with your own particular facet of experiential individuality, usually arise from the delusion that you are separate from "others", and are perpetually self-conscious. Realisation of the shared nature of consciousness is the key to freeing yourself from the prison of self-consciousness. Quantum physics has recently been proving that consciousness is shared over both time and space, infinitely and instantly, and that its perceptions seem to affect what is being perceived. If you are a modern-day scientist, you no longer have any reason to be a selfish and uncaring brat, because you thought that science logically absolved you from your responsibilities to your fellow man! Your thoughts and opinions about other people, instantly affect their feelings!

You are merely what you are conscious of. You are not separate from your consciousness - it is who you are! Cells in our bodies renew themselves many times during our lives. Our entire body's cells are replaced every 7 years. You don't change. You are therefore not your body. Your body therefore doesn't generate your personality or your consciousness. Your brain cells are regenerated but you are still the same "person". Your body is a vehicle which your persona inhabits. The sensory arrays afford survival, so that your spirit can achieve something during the lifetime of the vehicle it inhabits. Looking for where consciousness arises in your brain is like trying to find an announcer inside a radio set. The 3D universe our senses tell us about, is not the whole story - it is just enough information about our environment to survive on this planet for a lifetime, while we strive for enlightenment and the pleasures associated with it.

It is quite possible that planet Earth is a destination for consciousnesses from the pool that need to learn something about their true nature, but have been stubbornly refusing to accept. For me, it was a penchant for cruelty to others in order to maintain a sense of power. When I was young, I was not nice to others, and even bullied my own brother. It seems that most kids are cruel and selfish at first, and some learn as they age, to be caring and altruistic. The physical vessels (bodies) that our consciousnesses inhabit are sensitive to the environment and easily damaged. For a long and happy stay here on planet Earth, we have to maintain and care for our vessels. We also care for vessels around us through a sense of altruism. Those who experience pleasure from hurting others either learn about the pain they are inflicting through their conscience, or endure a life of fear and loathing. The cantankerous old are the ones who haven't learnt during their spell here, and will probably reincarnate here again, for another lesson in life. Earth at least has other species living here that demonstrate a purer and more natural spiritual leaning, to all those who care to look. Perhaps there are other planets that are even worse than here, that serve to inculcate a better sense of wisdom in some overly wayward spirits. Perhaps there are planets that serve to reward consciousnesses that are already good in nature, by allowing a longer lifespan in more blissful terrains. I really hope so!

In summary, we're evil spirits reborn into consciousness vehicles on this prison planet in order to learn the error of the ways that got us put here. If you remain warped and evil by the end of your life cycle here, you'll reincarnate back here again until you learn. Your spirit lives forever, improve its nature and you'll understand your effect on others, and ascend to universal consciousness with its infinite depth of beauty, love and wisdom. Remain implacable and resolutely evil if you want to repeatedly come back here.

As humans, we are taught that time is an irreversible sequence of events, and certain events cause others to happen (causality). This is wrong, because animals' concept of causality and time, is that it's all one thing, not a line or sequence, but a whole in and of itself, wherein you can know any part, past, present or future. Animals don't seek retribution for something that has happened. They'll defend an infant, and they'll feel sad if you kill one of their clan, but they don't plot revenge on you.

Without this sequencing of events and causes, the only explanation for why things happen is because of expectations of conditioned consciousnesses. A consciousness expects something to behave a certain way, and with consensus of other consciousnesses, that's what happens. From birth, we are taught how things behave by watching our teachers' expectations and seeing them come to fruition, thereby conditioning our consciousnesses to expect the same thing in future. Mind creates reality through mass consciousness. Events can be rearranged any way you like, if you have the mental freedom and perspicacity to do so. When you understand this, blame and revenge are meaningless. As humans, you come back into phase with what is real. Your alienation from nature ceases to be, and nobody can manipulate you with their causality-based theories. ✊ 🌞

Eyebrow Raisers

Latest Tracks - Chronological Order

  1. Cadge Hole (20:38)
  2. Throng the Join (22:48)
  3. Segway Out (34:05)
  4. Bird Seed Anomaly (36:11)
  5. Tenor Penny (41:29)
  6. Humans are Artificial (37:23)
  7. Neanderthal Chromosome Count (45:14)
  8. Heightened Species (54:08)
  9. Passion Ache (42:50)
  10. Get High to Know (20:02)
  11. Old Factory (31:20)
  12. Carriage Multiplexer (39:35)
  13. Uncollapsible Quantum Wave (46:53)
  14. Forcefield (47:57)
  15. Ringverse (38:22)
  16. The True Cause of Our Greatness (31:48)
  17. Jubilant Jaunt (50:04)
  18. Breach Out (23:46)
  19. Short Suite (23:56)
  20. Ivory Towers (44:22)
  21. Politrough (37:16)
  22. Chrant (58:25)
  23. Untrammelled (46:34)
  24. Fanfair (48:04)
  25. Grenuit (48:12)
  26. Foot on a Submerged Balloon (54:43)
  27. Scowling (29:55)
  28. Distance Insistence (42:00)
  29. Valentine Sweet (74:44)
  30. Shelllike (39:48)
  31. Stuck Out (34:58)
  32. Chopper Class (31:36)
  33. Revisited (33:45)
  34. Extentify (28:11)
  35. Continuance (37:14)
  36. Pulse Bank (20:40)
  37. Warnmed (24:11)
  38. Collider Scope (20:08)
  39. Plunder Bus (49:05)
  40. Eye Rhea (23:08)
  41. Normalight (49:51)
  42. Whale Harp (36:00)
  43. Flutter Droid (32:10)
  44. No Reason At All (35:09)
  45. Bwamplifier (37:06)
  46. Two Types of Moaning (29:47)
  47. Long Haul (19:24)
  48. Mellifluent Appeal (32:01)
  49. Universal Connectivity (46:55)
  50. Fountain of Parallels (39:40)
  51. Into Leave (35:00)
  52. Tail Away (39:48)
  53. Sensible (26:53)
  54. Reggae Riff (49:41)
  55. while inwardly, (44:06)
  56. Staggered (2:42)
  57. Edinburgh Tattoo (4:01)
  58. Saxonophy (4:35)
  59. Brutally Tender (25:52)
  60. Lonely Pair (25:06)
  61. Hey Mmh Feel (5:12)
  62. Principled (41:23)
  63. Babee (5:52)
  64. Egyptian Call (3:25)
  65. Falling (3:36)
  66. Fader_2_CCITTULAW16000 (17:45)
  67. Fader_2_CCITTULAW44100 (6:05)
  68. Exciting Pathways (31:59)
  69. Fader_2_OggVorbis22050_320kps (33:00)
  70. Tright (66:36)
  71. Fader 3 CCITTULAW44100 (16:16)
  72. Fader 11KHz A Law (32:00)
  73. Reassurance (46:03)
  74. Courage of Conviction (21:41)
  75. Redevelopment (47:27)
  76. Mysterious Jungle (3:24)
  77. Tinkle Tinker (3:04)
  78. Get What You're Given (28:39)
  79. Electrogroove (3:37)
  80. Cerebrotonia (42:16)
  81. Pickle Lily (34:53)
  82. Fader 22K ULaw (11:17)
  83. Join Division (46:35)
  84. Aspects of Orange (26:04)
  85. Canvast (33:37)
  86. FaderCCITTALAW44 (20:34)
  87. As Luck Would Have It (43:53)
  88. Sparkle Recovery (33:46)
  89. Cullture (54:50)
  90. Y-tomorrow (52:53)
  91. Dudio (54:11)
  92. Behold (34:19)
  93. Fr8Line (30:09)
  94. Rattle Battle (43:10)
  95. Florid Essence (37:51)
  96. Persuality (45:43)
  97. Xylophonic (46:59)
  98. Frangent (33:55)
  99. Grooveway Resonance (53:57)
  100. Lloyd (55:03)
  101. Out of the Sky (27:55)
  102. Hornery (51:07)
  103. Quenched (20:54)
  104. Accretion Disc (33:52)
  105. Like No Other (28:36)
  106. Lalulalu (45:03)
  107. VR Crazy (48:05)
  108. Utterly So (25:53)
  109. Everyday Actions Undermine Suppression (48:16)
  110. Precarious Concessions (48:13)
  111. Fallopian Prowess (28:45)
  112. Simple Ton (19:02)
  113. On the Off-Chance (37:52)
  114. Rock-a-bye-baby (46:22)
  115. Feeling Washback (40:55)

A Quick Tour of What's Here

The Story So Far (Updated 24th November 2016) :-

This was supposed to be plausible, but the truth has a habit of being far-fetched; that's why it's always hard to get at. Anyway, here goes :-

My mind is ever-changing on human evolution. Being a species-independent consciousness, I favour intervention theory. Morphic resonance may explain why life always seems to evolve in the patterns of form that they do - a combination of universal memory built in to the space-time continuum, and patterns that survive well, being etched into this memory for future generations (or current ones) to repeat. I like James Howard's theories about how key hormones played a major part in hominid to human development with some correlation with others branches of investigation into primate syndromes (SIDS, MS); and Lloyd Pye's alien intervention theory has physical evidence backing it up in the form of the the Starchild Skull. Here is a video of a talk (53.9MB) given by Lloyd Pye in London in 2010 about this fascinating 900 year old skull found in a South American cave a few decades ago :-

Then, there's the Aquatic Ape Theory as propounded by Elaine Morgan, and related meanderings like The Passionate Ape by Craig Hagstrom. This might explain the chromosomal fusion found in humans, being also present in Denisovans and Neanderthals, because fusion sometimes occurs when there is a sudden (on an evolutionary timescale) environmental change in the species. The fusion of chromosomes 2 and 3 may have occurred a few million years ago, at about the time our precursors entered the sea, seeking other food sources. Fusion seems to occur when speciation is required - different evolutionary tracts spring off the original design to see which ones survive best in the new environment. But it doesn't explain some of the other mutations found in our genes, like various, seemingly carefully-selected pattern inversions. Also, recent research has shown that there are flaws with this natural fusion theory. Also, this article goes into much more depth, and scientifically seems to suggest that our chromosome 2 is not the result of fusion, but of some intelligent design! Download the PDF here.

Alien Intervention Theory

First, see the Lloyd Pye Genetics Video (23.4MB) for some background information.

Mitochondrial DNA evidence can be used to date mankind's DNA to a mere 200,000 or so years old. Chromosomal analysis shows mankind's 23 pairs having a fused 2nd and 3rd chromosome pair, compared with chimps, gorillas and orang-utans, who all have 24 pairs.

My own personal take on intervention theory - look at yourself honestly and see how much of this rings a bell. As a species, humans seem out of place on this planet. Whereas other species endure what we would consider phenomenal hardship in order just to survive, but somehow manage, quite oblivious to the odds and the normal high death tolls associated with their existences, humans struggle in their biological form to keep themselves warm, watered and fed, let alone sheltered. We are comparatively (to the chimp, for example) weak, fragile, easily injured and prone to infection and death without things like antibiotics. We dramatically lament any loss of an individual species member, trying everything in our power to ensure such a loss doesn't recur, yet we'll abort a foetus in a trice. We have to employ mechanical and technological inventions in order to keep alive on this planet, and need domesticated animals and plants in order to sustain us in large numbers. Where did such plants (like wheat with 4 times the number of chromosomes of its nearest wild relative) and animals come from? We were too primitive to engineer them ourselves when they sprang into existence, and we didn't have generations of time to in-breed them : for example, dogs which could not have evolved directly from wolves. Perhaps, like us, these plants and animals were also created for us by aliens, using advanced gene technology, their DNA and the DNA of similar plants and animals extant on Earth.

We also seem to be the only species that congratulates each other when one of us does good for others. Lions don't congratulate the hunt leader when that lioness makes the kill that will feed them all for the next week or so. A penguin returning from a thirty mile swim to get a gut-load of food for its offspring doesn't get a nice warm welcome from its mate when successfully arriving at the nest. They may make sounds and actions of appreciation at the time, but, unlike humans, they don't spend a lot of time celebrating and back-slapping like we do. They just get on with what they have to do to survive, without making a big fuss about it. We trump up our existences well beyond what they really are. We are so far removed mentally and physically from other naturally-evolved species here, that it begs the question, "Were we genetically engineered?". DNA evidence now points at 3 species (humans, Denisovans and Neanderthals) that have 46 chromosomes instead of 48. The fusion of chromosomes 2 and 3 commensurate with numerous inversions of DNA patterns within other chromosomes, certainly lends to this, at first, absurd-sounding theory. From Mother Jones :-
In modern humans and these other hominins, chromosome 2 shows clear genetic evidence of a fusion event that must have happened after our lineage split from chimpanzees and bonobos, but before our divergence with Neanderthals and Denisovans. The proof is right there in the DNA.
It's as if aliens created us from hominoids around at the time, and tried a couple of more natural variations which were genetically recessive compared to human DNA. Their reasons for doing this remain a complete and profound mystery, although Sitchin and others have their theories, many based around the ancient Sumerian clay tablets from 5000 BC. Our consciousness, and ability to control our environments leads me to conclude that we have some advanced alien DNA mixed up inside us, leading to that feeling of not really belonging to this planet, and hence to our lackadaisical approach to planetary guardianship and husbandry. Because we are not pure (neither alien nor hominoid), we adopt an extremely peculiar stance when it comes to our existences here on Earth. We tend to be selfish to an extent which would normally detract from our own species' survival were it not for our obsession with breeding, and a mania-induced brutality to other species and artificial hierarchies within our own species. We are dangerous and deluded idiots! As a mongrel species, we are constantly monitored by aliens who now have to ensure their experiment doesn't detrimentally disturb other nearby lifeforms. See historical paintings and depictions of UFOs . As soon as we detonated nuclear devices, they came in droves to monitor us more closely, and some of them crashed (Roswell etc.). They even ensure nukes don't go off by accident. Despite reports worldwide and throughout all human history of UFO sightings, the official tack is that we are alone in the universe as a conscious, sentient species, and that we are made in the image of "God". Poppycock! This smacks of those in control of the masses through the exploitation of money (something that doesn't naturally exist), maintaining that control by perverting history and reality representation through the use of mass education and media presented as fact. It's as if these aliens are in cahoots with the controlling elite because they don't see any other way of stopping their experiment-gone-wrong getting out of hand. Despite these aliens being really advanced, they did not do a perfect job, and humans had many genetic defects : perpetual hair and nail growth, birth defects, downs syndrome (lapse back to extra chromosome), immune system attacks host in many ailments (for example Multiple Sclerosis), allergies, weaker bones and muscles, gullible, impressionable, easily governed and controlled, general feeling of malaise and not being at one with nature etcetera. Other species are not so vastly afflicted with problems, with only 30 or 40 genetic defects compared with humans' 4 thousand or so. Other species of plants and animals were fashioned to help us survive (wheat, domesticated animals), before they left this planet behind to watch their experiment continue from afar.

As mentioned before, during WW2, this experimental human species discovered ways to rip apart the space-time continuum with fission reactions, and this piqued the aliens' interest. As they came closer to observe and safeguard us from folly, some crashed on the surface of Earth (brought down by high-powered radar systems), and eventually their existence became known to the governments around the developed world. The ruling powers decided to trade alien technology for Earth specimens with them. The need for the truth to be kept secret from the public has become ever more important, if those ruling powers want to keep control over the human populaces of the world. If humans ever realised their true origins, it would make us wake up and see that we are all equal but different, and that a hierarchical society may work for certain species, but not for one engineered for enlightened spiritual existence, and guardianship of the life on this planet. We must surely love all creatures great and small. Instead, our consciousness has been conditioned to accept obvious fallacies as the "truth". For example, that the hemp plant is "dangerous to your health", whereas rotten fruit allowed to ferment to produce alcohol is not, and the direct evidence of what happened on 9-11 being completely misinterpreted as terrorists flying planes into steel and concrete towers, causing them to melt and pancake collapse at freefall speeds. This mass acceptance keeps us inert, distracted, timid and non-threatening to the powers that top this anti-nature hierarchical society. Someone somewhere is pushing fairy tales and we are lapping them all up as reality! You only have to look at the manic and violently-enforced level of "faith" people have in the fairy tales known as institutionalised religions, to know that we are being ridiculously deceived from birth, and left to spend our adult lives in a state of pure, deluded insanity, blind to the reality and hypocrisy around us!

Extract from Zeitgeist about Religion (~31 minutes 72.5MB)

The Story

Life on planet Earth was engineered by the benevolent, conscious-life-favouring leaning of the laws of this universe. Not one, but two types of prokaryotes (primitive single-celled bacteria) appeared on a volatile volcanic planet 4 billion years ago. These produced oxygen. Later, eukaryotes (much more delicate) appeared just as suddenly, and started preparing the planet for more advanced life forms. Then a huge smattering of phyla sprang up miraculously, the only modern day relic being the horseshoe crab. Then a history of sudden appearances of new species, followed by extinction of old ones, paving the way for increases in organism complexity. Scientific evolution explains gradual change, not sudden flourishing of vast amounts of new species, that just happen to fit into the correct progression of life to ultimately form intelligent beings. Earth is testimony that the laws governing the flow of energy in this universe, are stacked in such a way as to favour the development of conscious entities within it. As a clever by-product, these creatures would have to reflect the kind and gentle nature of the laws that created them, otherwise they would not successfully survive and evolve without destroying each other. To contend that the "physics" of the universe boil down to some mathematical principles formulated in the mind of one of its products, is utter foolishness and stinks of egotism. For that product to inherit the mantle of planetary caretaker, and to then abuse that responsibility the way it has, is willful and survival-threatening ignorance. With kind and dynamic laws of physics in place, the universe is conscious, and universal consciousness is everything's reality.

James Howard's Theories

James Howard's theories on the role played by testosterone, DHEA and melatonin in human evolution are very interesting and seem to explain an enormous number of human traits and developments. They may well be key to showing the path from hominids to humans without recourse to alien intervention or any aquatic period. Recent discoveries in DNA mechanics in humans compared with all other species, seem to support some of these theories.
"One deletion removes a sensory vibrissae and penile spine enhancer from the human androgen receptor (AR) gene, a molecular change correlated with anatomical loss of androgen-dependent sensory vibrissae and penile spines in the human lineage. Another deletion removes a forebrain subventricular zone enhancer near the tumour suppressor gene growth arrest and DNA- damage-inducible, gamma (GADD45G), a loss correlated with expansion of specific brain regions in humans."

Aquatic Ape Theory

The aquatic ape theory is another possible explanation as to how humans came to be here. It's worth having a look at Elaine Morgan's classic book "The Scars of Evolution", which fits many human quirks and anomalies into a plausible framework for the classic Darwinian evolutionary process to produce us. The most up-to-date Morgan publication is The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis which details the theory with more references and facts backing it up. A list of human anomalies addressed include :- Here is a good summary of regarding ourselves as aquatically-evolved :-

Habitual bipedalismYes---
Loss of body hairYes-Yes
(rhino and elephant)
Skin-bonded fat depositsYes--Yes
Ventro-ventral copulationYesYes
Diminution of apocrine glandsYes--Yes
Enlarged sebaceous glandsYes--Yes
Psychic tearsYes--Yes
Loss of vibrissaeYes--Yes
Volitional breath controlYes--Yes
Eccrine thermoregulationYes--Yes
Descended larynxYes--Yes
The aquatic phase took place more than 5 million years ago and lasted millions of years. Since then, Humans, Denisovans and Neanderthals had hundreds of thousands of years to re-adapt to terrestrial life. It is not surprising that the traces of aquatic adaptation have become partially obliterated and have gone unrecognised for so long. But the traces are still there as the table indicates.

A lot of direct evidence is cited which can easily be verified, but cannot easily be explained, unless the aquatic theory is adopted. An example is the dropping of the larynx in babies at about 3 to 6 months old, so that breathing can be done through just the mouth. Before the drop occurs, breathing is only normally and easily done through the nose (where the air is filtered), and this allows the baby to breast feed whilst breathing. When the descent causes problems, we get many cot deaths at around this age. However, I am beginning to subscribe more to the theory that SIDS has its causes in James Howard's conjectures about increased testosterone levels : a theory that additionally explains baldness through testosterone deflecting DHEA away from its intended target tissues in the body, and which also accounts for ethnic differences in SIDS incidence, as well as higher frequency amongst smoking mothers.

What makes this theory so appealing is that most human anomalies can be seen in aquatic mammals, and seem to be explained if we assume that our predecessors spent a few million years in an aquatic environment, like the sea, where we would even sleep in water. The savannah theory looks very shaky when we mention these human quirks, and the explanations given by the likes of Desmond Morris are weak and contrived.

More on the Intervention Theory

Some slides are available on Lloyd Pye's site. Also, there is a good book on the subject.

Ancient Sumerian tablets detail aliens that came here thousands of years ago and genetically engineered us from the extant hominoids. They later made wheat and various domesticated animals to sustain us, since they made us deliberately weak, subservient and faulty, so as to be controlled by them. We were too weak and fearful to effectively survive on this planet without their help. They were gods to us - our creators and able to punish or reward as they saw fit. You can see how this meshes with what don Juan the Yaqui Indian shaman was saying in one of the "Quotes of the Year". However, Juan states that "the sorcerers of ancient Mexico ... reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man." They say that humans had already evolved before aliens imposed their consciousness onto us and subdued us. This is also an interesting theory, and may explain such ancient artefacts as the pyramids and the stones of Baalbek. Anyway, here are some objections to AAT :-

The Current State of Play

We anti-nature clever apes currently have a society which has developed weird control-infatuated institutions that irradiate their citi-sheeps' brains with carefully-researched thought-controlling electromagnetic radiation under the guise of mobile phones and the like, has plans to slowly introduce chips into everyone's bodies, disguised as the right to "buy and sell" securely, and sprays poisonous substances into the air we breathe from photographed planes that "don't exist", to make us ill and less able to put up a fight against loss of civil liberties. We are currently researching how to make tiny body-invasive nanobots which can take control of any corporeal or mental function, under the guise of curing the incurable. If I could choose the direction of research today, it wouldn't be military, genetic, nanobotic, or clandestine. It would be in making a better, longer-lasting and more stimulating environment for healthy human beings to share their lives in; not the poisonous, grey concrete jungles we are all forcibly herded into under the "free" choice of work or starve, and where money becomes your goal, not natural, spiritual fulfilment. Certain plants that grow naturally upon the Earth's surface are deemed illegal in this society, though it is obvious to anyone with sense that this is madness, especially when the only legal recreational drugs are proven poisonous to our bodies, and can kill in overdose (nicotine and alcohol). The propaganda surrounding other drugs like heroin, is venomously negative, and the actual experiences expose it as lies. The law-makers and propagandists consistently demonstrate confusion between the effect of the drug and the effect of the black market. This deliberate ignorance betrays a hidden agenda; that such laws and conditioning are only enforced to keep the clandestine elite (the government-controlling Illuminati) in power, and the rest of us blind to the facts due to secretly-instilled debilitation and bad education. All sorts of ways of keeping a stupid creature (who only actively uses a quarter of their cerebral mass) even more stupid, have been devised and implemented. It is getting to the point now where things which give me great spiritual pleasure and enlightenment, cause great consternation and anger in the microwave-controlled masses surrounding me. The Illuminati's agenda of complete world population control strikes me as them being bored with destroying everything with hate. There's nothing left for the elite to pursue but control. They think that love is too flimsy a foundation for society, and that force always gets results quickly, albeit for the short term future. However, one only has to look at human physiology to see that, above all other mammals on this planet, we are the ones who are designed to love each other sexually and passionately.
Most of these observations can only indicate the ungovernable need for physical love in human beings - something the imposed human society isn't conducive to. Instead, a myriad of "cute" ways to avoid the elephant in the room. We're designed to be far out, incredible, wondrous, blissful, meek and wise. Instead, we're allowed to be awkwardly polite to each other. No wonder so much suppressed sexual perversity exists.

All these observations point to the fact that humans seem to be designed for love, sometimes at the cost of a safer survival blueprint, because love, benevolence, and compassion parallel the feelings of the energy of the very atoms that make everything up. Everyone "knows" that consciously going against the energy flows always results in bad events later (yet they never seem to learn from this, which is why they think that "life is a bad lot, but, hey what the hell..." rather than "wow, there's never a dull moment!"). And it's quite obvious that, compared to other species, humans are as soft as shit! So, perhaps our society is supposed to be founded on love and sex, not mistrust, paranoia and sexual suppression / distortion. When you realise this, the perception that the common man is unimportant compared with government figures, evaporates. Everyone innately has the same potential for love - this is a physiological fact. So we should be living as a set of equal worth cooperatives, not a gigantic global hierarchy. The Illuminati can never see any strength in love as a foundation stone of societies. What a waste of potential spiritual development, and over all those centuries, through inaction, fear and lethargy, we are still allowing exactly the same blinkered punishment / reward existence to flourish. We still let their hate frighten us. Jesus tried to redirect the masses along the correct path, but the elite roused enough hate and fear in the emotions of the masses, that crucifying him seemed a course of action the masses could become resigned to. I can hear the crowd's thinking now - "Execution is only to be expected if you motivate people away from the hate-based society we are accustomed to." Surely it should have dawned on us impressionable creatures by now, that those who try to share the truth with everyone else, end up marginalised, stigmatised, ostracised or dead, and that this cannot be allowed to continue. The wise and open-minded should be elevated to the positions of chief directors, educators and judges, not those who are rich through brutality, bloodlines and a knack for obfuscation. We have to move from hate to love.

The Abnormal Ways of Mankind

The way the world is now, seems very strange to a purist viewpoint like mine. All humans have to accept the ways and customs of an iniquitous society, in which, for no forgivable reason, the "Westerners" have all the food and resources, while billions in the third world starve and struggle for education. This madness is accepted because the invisible monster that society has become, is regarded by most to be outside of their control, and, hence, has to be tolerated as is. Facts : 1) Unless you contribute something towards this amorphous faceless structure that seems like an unfair cage, then you will starve to death. You have to go to work, even though you are only making a number bigger. You have to educate the kids in the ways of society, even though you may not agree with its track record of malignancy. 2) Try to change this state of affairs, and force will be used to suppress you. Some spiritually enlightened humans have been able to see outside of this box, realising things like the need for a 7-day week structure to fit our lives around are ludicrous, and that language and science are methods of refining the thought-forms of humans into commonly understood and anticipatable categories. It amazes me how upset people get by their own brain's conditioned interpretation of air vibrations on their eardrums, when the words are insulting, but the intentions jocular or opposite. Too much importance has been placed on words. People commonly think that humans are the most important species of life on this planet. If you accept the introduction of new species to this planet (or the genetic alteration of species extant here) by outside forces or life forms, then how arrogant of us to think that the buck would necessarily stop here at the "human" stage, when we can't even trust ourselves, and, rather than advance life's lot, employ our best knowledge to create ever bigger guns and locks. The governments of the world may be party to the exact nature of the external forces at work in shaping life on Earth. After all, there are plenty of better thinkers and philosophies out there to choose a wiser way forward, but they are always deliberately suppressed or marginalised, as if a threat rather than an improvement. The next stage may be imminent and a massive depopulation of humans will become necessary to advance to this next stage of life's development. Judging by current climes, it seems this mass culling is already slowly taking place. If humans are just a stepping stone towards who knows what, then don't fool yourself into thinking that the governments' puppeteers have respect for human life; anything you get from the media is just lip service in the light of the bigger picture. The figureheads in government are as powerless as you or I, inside this cage called society. The Nazis said "Arbeit macht Frei" (work makes freedom), and this is what we are forced to do to feed ourselves and our loved ones. The Jews who walked under that banner, inevitably ended up dead in disgusting conditions. Judging by society's desperate lurches towards depravity, this is the way we all end up. Look at some of the recent ideas of advancement that are coming out now - genetic engineering of humans and cloning, biochemical interference with natural processes like sleep and sexual congress, augmentation of bodies with electronic devices, and technological alteration of all foodstuffs worldwide. This is utter madness - it shouldn't have to be such that all species of life are ultimately mere vassals to corporate society's unnatural and perverted money-making whims.

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