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    I D E A S

    the Gaian Mind - the Gaian Mind, Photosynthetic Sloths of Amazonia, Great Mother of the Gods, Forests as Sanctuaries, Instructions for the Kali Yuga, Kids Lib Now!.

    Hyperspace - Physics, Celtics, Vedics, Tantrics, Psychics, Chemical Experiences of a Hyperspatial Nature, Incunabula, IRC.

    Omega - Akashic Record Player, World Scientists Warning to Humanity, Yoga for Yahoos, earthmanifestation, Critical Mass of Enlightenment.

    Music of the Sun - The Sun.

    Shamanism - FAQs, South American Ayahuasca Practice, Further American Traditions, Shamanism Links.

    Thought Crime - Work, Heresiology, Psychology, Capitalism.

    Philosophos - The Appeal of Anarchy, Radio Sermonettes, MILLENNIUM.

    Political Corrections - Constitution for the United States of America, International War Crimes Tribunal - United States War Crimes Against Iraq.

    The Partnership for Drug Freedom in America
    Drug War Truce, What No One Wants To Know About Marijuana, The Painted Bird, Plan-Plant-Planet, What's the point of being drug-free?, Audio.

    P E O P L E

    H Y P E R D I S C U S S I O N anyone who wants to be, is here

    Alan Watts - Bibliography, RealAudio clips, Transcribed Lectures, Essays.

    Earth Coincidence Control Officer John Lilly - Bibliography, Levels of Samadhi.

    Terence McKenna Land - Bibliography, Written Word, Spoken Word, Interviews, Reviews, Required Reading.

    Timothy Leary - Bibliography, READ THIS FIRST, Metaprograms, 8-Circuit Model, Cybercraft.

    Robert Anton Wilson - Bibliography, Files, Interviews, links.

    The Gracie and Zarkov Experience - ..technical notes from the underground..
    Further Reading.

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